Erotic Pleasure With The Boss

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I have written a few stories of my early extra-marital adventures, which were the start of discovering my true sexuality and the pleasures that some variety has brought me. Mike and I have found that having the freedom to explore other erotic opportunities has kept the excitement going in our marriage – and we keep our relationship strong through openly sharing the excitement and eroticism of our experiences. We have agreed, and resolutely stuck to our agreement, to never have sex with any individual more than three times to avoid the risk of getting into an emotional affair.

This has worked for us over many years and we enjoy very fulfilled sex lives. More recently we experienced a variation of our sexual escapades due to some adventures with our common boss. This is how it started.


I leaned across Rodger’s desk to forward to point out the relevant details on the documents in front of him. As I explained I realized that he was not following me but was staring down the front of my blouse. Leaning forward as I was, my blouse hung slightly open at the front allowing him to see my bra and the top of my breasts. I remembered that I was wearing a rather sheer bra and so Rodger could possibly even see the outline of my nipples.

A bit embarrassed I blushed and straightened up. To my surprise Rodger did not try to hide that he had been having a good look. Giving me a devilish little smile, he said, “Ann, you are a very good looking and sexy woman. Your husband is a lucky man. I am sure that is why he seems so happy and content.”

I enjoyed the compliment but blushed again at the sexy reference. I replied awkwardly, “Thanks for the compliment Rodger. I like to stay in shape for Mike. He is a great husband and we enjoy each other’s company very much.”

Mike had been working for Rodger for a number of years now and enjoyed his job as marketing director. About 2 years ago Rodger had asked if I could help out with the office administration work on a part time basis. His wife, Jill, had tragically died in a car accident shortly before that and she used to do all these tasks for Rodger. I was happy to get something to do as the kids were now out of the house and my life felt a bit empty.

Mike and I liked Rodger not only as a boss but as an individual as well. He was determined businessman, but a kind and considerate individual. Rodger was also a lot of fun, and only occasionally did he reveal the inner loneliness that he experienced after the loss of his wife.

Mike was away on one of his regular business trips and I was particularly glad for the distraction of my job when he was travelling. At closing time Rodger asked if I would like to stay for a drink. We did this from time to time, especially if Mike was there. It was always a pleasant way to ease out of the work day. Since I faced going home to an empty home that evening I happily accepted Rodger’s offer.

Rodger and I sat on the couch in his office and chatted happily as we sipped the ice cold wine he had taken out of the boardroom fridge. At one point Rodger smiled at me and said,” Ann, I really got a bit of thrill being able to look down your blouse this morning. I hope you don’t feel offended, and understand that since Jill died I don’t get much of that sort of pleasure.”

Not knowing quite how to respond to Rodger’s brief revelation of his life after Jill, I simply replied, “I’m not at all offended Rodger. I take it as a compliment that you still find something attractive in an older woman like me!!” I tried to lighten things up.

I did feel a bit of a thrill that Rodger had found his glimpse down my blouse exciting. It made me feel good that even though I was nearing 50 that I was able to stir some reaction in Rodger who was nearly 10 years younger.

“Your active lifestyle and time in the gym clearly keeps you in great shape Ann. Here’s a toast to your wonderful figure …………. You don’t look nearly your age!!!” Rodger gave me a big wink and raised his glass to me.

“Oh Rodger, thank you again – but at least I can hide my flaws under my clothes.” I gave a knowing little giggle.

“Oh I’m sure you are just perfect under those formal work clothes. Why don’t you un-button your blouse and let me see if I am right.” Rodger gave me a big grin and looked me straight in the eyes as he said this.

I was quite taken aback. Rodger was being quite forward in his suggestion, but something in me made me want to prove that he was actually right. I believed I had nicely shaped tits, and at 36C I was quite happy with them. I did feel unsure of getting a little risqué with my – and my husband’s – boss, but on the other hand I loved his compliments and felt sure that he would have more good things to say if he saw me in my bra. The fact that I was wearing quite a sheer bra made me rather hesitant though.

My uncertainty showed as I answered Rodger. “Rodger, I’m not sure that is a good idea. After all this is the office and you are my boss – and my husband’s boss.”

He gave me killing county izle his little mischievous grin again. “I won’t tell, if you don’t tell,” he chuckled. I responded with a non-committal giggle. Rodger looked straight at me again and spoke quietly but in a little more serious tone.

“Ann, I have had limited desire for other woman since Jill died, but you cause something to stir in me. I want you to know that I have tremendous respect for Mike, and I would not like to do anything which may cause problems between you two, or in our working relationship. Having said all this I would really get a thrill out of seeing you with you blouse off. I need to see a sexy woman again!!”

I swallowed hard. Rodger made me feel desired, which eroded my resistance. Added to that he had hinted at his emotional loneliness which he implied I could help him overcome. Although still uncertain, I relented.

“Okay Rodger – but only because you are such a special boss,” I teased him. I put down my wine glass, turned on the couch to face Rodger and reached for the top button of my blouse. As I did this, I thought to myself, “My God Ann, what are you doing? You know that your bra is sheer and your boss is going to see your nipples as well.” As I undid the top button I experienced an exciting tingle in my body. I had not let another man see this much of me for a good number of years. Although Mike and I had a fairly open marriage I had not been with another man for quite a while and this situation just reminded me of the thrill it could be.

I was reaching for the second button when Rodger put his hand on mine. “I would like to do that Ann, if I may,” he said in a tone just firm enough for me to know that he really meant it.

This was an added development but I could not think of any reason to turn him down. After all I had already agreed to let him see me in my bra. I put my hands in my lap and gave him a wry smile. Rodger looked deep into my eyes as he slowly undid each button, as if trying to assess my feelings about what was happening. If he could read anything in my eyes he would have seen my excitement level slowly rising. I was feeling quite naughty allowing my boss to undo my top.

Having undone the last button Rodger gently but firmly pushed my blouse off my shoulders and down my arms to just above my elbows. I had expected that he would just part the front of my blouse to expose my bra and tits. In this way he now had my arms trapped at my side. I felt particularly exposed and vulnerable. I was surprised at the slightly perverse thrill this gave me and noted a familiar tingle in my nipples as they hardened a little.

“My goodness Ann, you are even more beautiful than I imagined. You look stunning – and the sheer bra makes you look ever so sexy!!” He smiled in appreciation and sighed as he stared unashamedly at my breasts.

Embarrassingly my nipples hardened further in response to Rodger’s comments. Feeling a bit awkward at my body’s reactions I tried to rescue the situation. I gave Rodger a soft smile “I’m glad you like what you see Rodger, but I think I should put my blouse back on now.”

“Oh no Ann – I want to enjoy this sexy sight while you finish your wine.” After pausing briefly to sense my response, he added jokingly, “And that is an instruction from your boss.”

We laughed together as Rodger proposed a toast to my sensual figure. I felt flattered by all his compliments and leaned back in the couch deciding to let him enjoy the view for a while. With my arms still restrained by my blouse I could only just sip from my glass, and had to be careful not to spill. Rodger chuckled at my situation but said that it made me look all the more sexy.

“Does it give you a bit of a thrill to do be doing this?” he asked of me, looking down at my round nubs pressing against the sheer bra material. I nodded in reply.

“I guess it does a bit. But I really shouldn’t be doing this.” I replied sheepishly to his direct question.

“Let’s see if you get a trill from being a little more naughty,” Rodger winked at me and reached out cupping my one breast in his hand. My instinctive reaction was to stop him, but I was restricted by my blouse and the wine glass in my hand. I looked incongruously at the hand touching me, and didn’t know how to respond.

“Your tits feel fantastic. Many woman 20 years younger than you would love to have a body like yours!” Rodger continued his flattery as he gently massaged my breast through the thin bra material.

I have always found any fondling of my tits very sensual and now was no exception. I was torn between knowing this was getting very naughty and wanting to submit to the pleasure. I was still undecided about whether to stop Rodger when he brushed his thumb back and forth across my sensitive nipple. I gasped as the powerful stimulation rippled through my body. My nipples immediately turned rock hard.

“Do you like that?” Rodger teased me brushing my nipple again.

I could not kıyma izle hide my reaction to his touch, so quietly admitted that it did feel good. He smiled and gently nipped my nipple between two fingers, eliciting a soft moan from me.

Rodger reached up with his other hand, fondling both my tits. “Oh God Rodger, what are you doing to me?” I moaned as my nipples sent erotic signals through me. I was getting very aroused, but knew in the back of my mind that this should not really go further.

“It’s exciting seeing you getting turned on Ann. And I can see that you are enjoying it!” With that he reached up and hooked his fingers under my bra straps. Looking into my eyes for any sign of resistance he slowly slid the straps off my shoulders and pulled them down my arms until my tits popped out and the straps fell right down.

I felt a huge rush of erotic excitement at being exposed to this man. I had not been topless with any man other than my husband for a good number of years. I thought I was beyond taking a lover at my age, but the rush of excitement I was now feeling made me wonder. Rodger reinforced this feeling by simply saying “God Ann, you are absolutely stunning and a real turn on!!” It always makes a woman feel really good when she knows that another man desires her sexually.

Rodger gently fondled both my tits as he admired them. I loved the touch of his skin on mine. It felt so much more erotic than through the bra material. I let out little moans of pleasure as he caressed the sides and underneath of my breasts and sighed more deeply as he softly tugged at my nipples.

“Rodger, we really shouldn’t be doing this.” I said meekly, knowing that I should be stopping him.

“Do you really want me to stop now? Or do you want to submit to your sexual arousal?” He tugged at both nipples as he challenged me.

“Oh God Rodger – that feels good!!!” I sighed as the erotic thrill overcame any thoughts I had of cutting things short.

“Ann, I can see that you want to submit to your sexual desire -and I want excite and pleasure you. If I promise not to fuck you will you let me pleasure you Ann?” he asked rolling my nipples between his fingers.

“Ahhhhh Rodger. I really shouldn’t. But ….. Yesssss,” I sighed as I felt my pussy start to moisten. I was already very aroused and the thought of submitting to whatever pleasures Rodger had in mind turned me on even more. I somehow felt relaxed at accepting his advances now as he had promised not to fuck me.

Roger gave me a big smile. “Take off your blouse and bra – so I can see your tits fully exposed.”

I stood up to get them off, glad to get more comfortable and feel less restrained. Rodger told me to face him while I did this. “I want see a married woman being naughty and taking her top off for another man,” he chuckled. “Now cup your tits and tweak your nipples. I always think it looks so sexy when woman do that.”

I sensed he was getting a lot of pleasure from seeing me topless so I obliged him and fondled my tits as he watched. It felt raunchy and sexy showing off for Rodger.

“Does that feel good when you do it? Do you do that when you are on your own?” Rodger looked at me for an answer. I just nodded, meaning to answer the first part of the question.

Rodger got up and gently kneaded my tits. “You are irresistibly sexy!!” he said with meaning. Strong sexual signals coursed through me as he fondled my tits and teased my nipples. Rodger leaned in to kiss the side of my neck giving me goose bumps. He whispered in my ear, “You are still overdressed. Take your skirt off for me.”

Although I very briefly hesitated, the thrill of exposing myself to Rodger made me reach for the zipper at the back. It briefly dawned on me that only a short while ago I was resisting Rodger’s suggestion that he see me in my bra. Now I was topless and about to drop my skirt for him, leaving me only in a smallish thong.

I felt an exhilarating thrill as Rodger watched me drop the skirt to the floor and step out of it. I was glad that I had trimmed my bush the day before so that I looked neat around my thong.

Rodger let out a low whistle. “If I didn’t respect you and Mike I would fuck you right here and now. You look so incredibly sexy wearing just that tiny little thong. Does it feel exciting to show off your body – to take your clothes off for me? Does it turn you on?”

I smiled at him, “Yes!” It did feel deliciously naughty and I was excited by it.

Rodger beckoned me over to the couch. I was more than ready to submit to more pleasures from Rodger, so I readily lay back with my head the one end and my feet over the other edge. As I lay back Rodger sat on the edge and let his hands brush over my nipples. Quickly they got really hard again. Seeing this Rodger leaned forward and took one of them in his mouth. Having given the one nipple expert stimulation, Rodger moved his mouth onto the other one and gave it the same erotic selection of sucking, licking and gentle nibbling.

I koala man izle just love having my nipples sucked and licked and was soon moaning from the erotic sensations. “Oh Rodger – you just don’t know how good that feels. AHHHHHHH!!!” I let out a deep sensual sigh.

He lifted his head slightly and smiled at me. “Is it making your pussy wet?”

I baulked briefly at his direct question, but just responded quickly so as not to interrupt the pleasuring I was getting. “Oh yes, I am wet alright!!”

With that Rodger started softly caressing the inside of my thigh while continuing to suck my nipples. His touch was so sensual and so exciting as his caresses moved higher up my thigh that I gave a little shiver in anticipation of him touching me between my legs. I eased my legs apart to give him free access. I desperately wanted to feel his hand on my pussy.

When his fingers finally reached my panties and softly traced the outline of my labia, I gasped and my body shuddered. Rodger gently stroked all around my thong covered pussy and then slowly applied a little more pressure over clit. I opened my legs even more to give him the best possible access.

The sensations rippling through me were amazing. I had not felt this aroused in a long time. I just hoped that Rodger would stick to his promise not to fuck me, because I certainly would not be able to resist that ultimate erotic thrill. Although my husband had been happy for me to fuck other men, I was not sure that he would feel the same about his boss screwing me.

Rodger straightened up and let his fingers on one hand continue playing with my tits and nipples while the other continued a slow circular rubbing of my clit. I was moaning and trying to hump his hand. I was on an erotic high and heading towards a huge orgasm.

“It’s so exciting to see you submitting to your erotic desires. I think you are a sexual submissive deep down. You stripped quite willingly for me today. Do you submit to other men as well?” Rodger looked me in the eyes waiting for an answer as he stepped up the pressure on my clit and tugged at a nipple increasing my stimulation even further.

My hips rocked and my tits tingled. I was really focused on reaching my peak now and my body was wracked with erotic sensations.

“What do you mean? What do you want know?” I stammered between my short breaths.

Sensing some hesitation Rodger pushed my thong aside and then slowly ran a finger around my hard, exposed clit. I moaned in pleasure as his bare finger touched my most sensitive spot.

“You really want to cum, don’t you Ann?”

“Oh God….. yes pleeeeease Rodger. I am so turned on!!!!”

He was now rubbing my clit slowly between two fingers getting me very close to my climax. Rodger suddenly withdrew his hand, looked at me and said, “I want you tell me a bit about your sex life if you want me to make you cum. Have other men persuaded you to strip? Have you had sex with other men?”

I groaned. “Oh Rodger – don’t do this to me now. Please just make me cum.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” I let out a low deep satisfied sigh as I felt Rodger slip a finger into my pussy. He slid it in and out a few times then stopped, keeping me right on the edge.

“Ann, I want to know if a sexy woman like you enjoys a full sex life. Do you fuck other men? I am not going to tell your husband – unless we are going to tell him about this as well. I’ll make you cum if you tell me a bit about that side of you. Do you want to cum?” He stroked my clit to keep me on the edge.

In an erotic stupor and not caring anymore I relented. “Oh God Rodger, you realIy are torturing me.” I moaned, and relented. “Yes I have submitted to and fucked a few other men – but Mike and I have an open marriage and tell each other about these things.” I hoped that this would satisfy Rodger and make him understand that I did not cheat on Mike.

Rodger gave a big smile as he plunged 2 fingers right up my sopping cunt. Just a few thrusts of his fingers combined with his thumb on my clit took me over the edge.

My body shook and I yelled. “AAHHHHHH……..YESSSSSSSSSSS……….AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” My pussy clenched onto his fingers and my sensitive nipples went rock hard as my ripples of indescribable raw sexual pleasure ran through me.

As I came down from my sexual high I was aware of Rodger still caressing my leg and smiling at me. He just stroked me gently until my body had relaxed and I had got my breath back.

“You are incredibly sexy Ann – and it’s exciting to know that Mike allows you to enjoy and explore your sexuality within your marriage. Does Mike ever watch you with other men?”

Rodger was being quite forward in his questioning me about Mike and my sexual behavior. I wondered if I should let this conversation take its course or should try to cut it short. I realized my dilemma was not that I was shy or embarrassed about my sexual behavior, but more that I still felt that it could affect the “boss” relationship.

Rodger sensed my uncertainty and did not push me. He continued his sensual caressing and tried a different approach. “I bet you have had many men make a pass at you. You are a lucky woman to have a husband that lets you take advantage of that. Do you also allow him to go with other women? Is your relationship open both ways?”

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