Escapades of Eva Ch. 13

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Sir Dan looked at Eva for a while. As he admired his submissive and the way she had taken his domination one more idea occurred to him. Reaching once again into his toy box he pulled out two of his favorite floggers. “Now for some sensuous play Pet.” She looked at what he was doing being very careful not to look into his eyes.

He had taken her hands down from suspension and rubbed them for a while to keep them from getting numb. He had given her something to drink and held her for a while. After they had rested Sir Dan looked surprised and then he chuckled as Eva, with her eyes downcast, began to wiggle her bottom around and moan softly. “My, my what a greedy little slut I have created,” he laughed. “Well then, I guess I need to show you what happens to greedy sluts my pet.” Then he hooked her back up with her hands high above her head. Grabbing her cunt he squeezed firmly until she began to squirm and moan. Then he pushed the pillow back between her legs. Before continuing he grabbed her hair and pulled her head to him as he gave her a long sensual kiss. Then he moved to his toys once again.

The first flogger he pulled out was long and thick. It was heavy black suede. The second one was similar to that but was of thick black leather. The falls on that one were only about twelve inches long. The thing that she noticed that was different from his other floggers was that each of these had a thick handle of clear glass in the shape of a dildo. She couldn’t imagine what he planned to do with them, but she was feeling so good in sub space that she did not care. All she knew was that she wanted more of him.

Sir Dan started with the long flogger and began hitting Eva’s bottom. His strokes were easy and the heavy suede felt wonderful against her skin. He flogged her ass and then started porno indir on her shoulders, being careful not to strike her on the spine. He continued to flog back and forth between her ass and her shoulders. Then he began to flog harder. Eva rewarded him with some sensual moaning and she gently moved her body in rhythm with his strokes. Once again he flogged harder. He was delivering some heavy blows and he noticed that she was pretty much out of it in her sub space state. Then realizing that she would not know when to use a safe word in this state, he backed off and flogged a little easier. Several times she begged for more and for him to flog harder. Once in a while he would give her a few really hard strokes and then he would revert back to a more sensual play.

After a while he moved to the front of Eva and began to strike the front of her with the smaller flogger. He flogged her tits and her stomach. Then he went further down and flogged her torso. He took his time and applied strokes heavy enough to show the red streaks on her skin, but not strong enough to cause any damage. Eva’s moaning was almost melodic as she almost sang the moans in time with his strokes. Every now and then he would flog between her legs, bringing her to new heights of moaning. He flogged a little harder as she begged, “More please Sir. Please give me more. I love this Sir,”

Finally he walked behind her with the floggers and the lubricant. Unknown to her he lubed the glass handles of the floggers well. Then he pulled the pillow out from under her and grasped the dildos once again. He quickly slid the smooth flogger handles into her cunt. Gently, as she gasped and whimpered, he fucked her with both dildos again. The increased activity in her cunt made her cry out for rokettube more once again. Sir Dan was glad that he had made his playroom sound proof in case any of the security guards happened by. Eva’s moans and cries had gotten louder. He fucked her ass and her cunt a few more times and pulled them both out at the same time.

“Ohhhhhh…. Sir please don’t stop. Please Sir. Please, please, please fuck me some more.”

He laughed out loud and said, “Patience my dear. I am not through with you yet.” With that he grabbed the floggers and from the side of the bench he flogged her with both floggers at the same time. He flogged and lashed out all over her body. He struck fast and hard while Eva cried out for more. He hit her and lashed her over and over. Suddenly, he stopped flogging and positioned the glass dildo shaped handles of the floggers at the opening of her cunt and her ass and slowly shoved them up into her.

The flogger handles were cool and made her gasp again as Sir Dan drove them into her. The glass dildos slid in and out easily and Eva was so turned on that she started humping back and forth against his fucking. The glass handles felt wonderful and very sensuous. Her Sir matched her humps with his fucking. He was careful not to fuck against her hard enough to cause any damage, but just hard and fast enough to make her cry out, “Please Sir, please may I cum?”

“No, not yet,” he said as he continued to shove the glass cocks in and out of her ass and cunt. He continued to fuck her occasionally varying the intensity and speed.

Again she begged, “Please, please Sir. I am begging you to let me cum. PLEASE!”

“Cum NOW,” she heard and he twisted the flogger handles around and around inside her as she came and came. Finally, he seks filmi shoved the dildo handles all the way inside of her. Grabbing the pillow he shoved it under her genitals again to hold the floggers in place. Then he jumped up on the bench in front of her.

With his raging cock standing out hard he got on his knees in front of her. After looking quickly to see if her hands were all right he grabbed her by her hair and demanded, “Suck me bitch.” He shoved his cock into her face. As she took him into her mouth all she could do was suck. She was still hanging by her hands with the glass dildos shoved up in her ass and cunt. She could not move. All she could do was keep her mouth open and suck on her Sir’s cock for all she was worth. He grabbed her head with both hands and fucked up into her mouth. She sucked and licked as fast as she could. He was pummeling her face as hard as he had fucked her ass a few moments ago. “Take all of it slut.” He fucked and fucked holding her by her hair. She could hear his balls slapping against her face and she continued to suck. He rammed, and shoved, and fucked her mouth over and over. Then as he grabbed her face his legs tensed and he shoved his cock all the way into the back of her throat, gagging her a little. As he banged the head of his cock against her she sucked on his shaft. In short powerful thrusts he slammed his cock into her as his cum started to flow into her mouth. She swallowed and sucked, sucked and swallowed as he came over and over until he had no more to give. She swallowed one last time and as she felt his cock softening she licked him clean. She even licked off cum that had escaped her mouth and dribbled onto his balls. “That’s it Pet. Lick me clean.”

As she licked the last of his cum off his cock and balls he sank to his knees. He wrapped his arms around her once again and kissed her tenderly. As he kissed her he reached up and released her cuffs. Her arms automatically surrounded him. Still kissing he slid the glass-handled floggers out of her ass and cunt and rubbed and spanked her clit into one last orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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