Eva’s Dark Longing Ch. 04

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Anthony, smiling impishly, watched Eva as she washed down her first few bites with some merlot. “I suppose I owe Cecilia a big thank-you for lending you that book” Anthony said with a chuckle. Eva blushed at the memory of Anthony catching her getting off to that book. Anthony had yet to tell Eva that he asked Cecilia to lend her the book, but now there were more pressing matters at hand.

“I have drawn up a temporary charter, Eva. When I say temporary, I mean that for the next 90 days, I will be training you on how to serve me properly. If at the end of the 90 days, we both mutually wish to continue, then a more permanent contract will be drawn up, but even then your training will be continuous.” Anthony reached behind him and produced a document for Eva to read.

“If you decide that you no longer want to continue, then no harm no foul, but if you do wish to go on, it will be by my terms. Do you understand?” Anthony asked a wide eyed Eva while cupping her chin. Eva nodded in response.

Eva put her fork down and gave the charter her attention. It outlined exactly how she was to behave, both in the home and outside of the home. It outlined her duties to Anthony and her rights as his slave. Eva noted what a concise charter it was, covering almost all bases from household and financial responsibilities, to the type of clothing Eva was permitted to wear when clothing was a necessity, to how she should compose herself in public with or without Anthony present. Oh and he was certainly not amiss in her sexual duties. Anthony set to explain to her that after her training was complete, she would be educated enough in his needs and wants that she would be able to anticipate his needs and desires without being commanded.

“I am going to leave you alone with that so that you can give it some thought and let me know if there are any terms that you feel you need to address with me.” With that, Anthony stood up, taking his wine with him into the study. He lit a sweet smelling incense cone and, in nervous anticipation, pulled out all of his books on the lifestyle from their respective hiding places; deciding on which one to have Eva read first.

Eva sipped her wine, full but not quite sated, and relaxed back onto the pillows while she read the charter over. She knew in her heart of hearts that she would agree to just about anything Anthony wished of her and trusted that he would not put her in harms way. What she had not expected however was just how exacting the charter was. ” while in the home or as conditions permit, Slave shall only speak when granted permission…” Eva was so used to speaking her mind at any time she pleased and never was there any recourse in the past. “When in the home or as conditions permit, slave shall speak in the third person using the words ‘this girl’ or ‘this slut’ to refer to herself and always in a light, pleasing tone…” What? This can’t be serious Eva thought. She read on to the next section on her sexual duties “slave shall not masturbate or otherwise pleasure herself with out Masters prior knowledge and consent.” Oh she was certainly going to have to ask him about this. How else would she have made it through all those lonely nights of Anthony working without getting herself off? Eva read through the chart in its entirety, twice, before going to Anthony’s study and rapping on the door.

Anthony remained seated in the deep burgundy confines of his chair, as he bid her entrance. His face was solemn as Eva entered, the look of irritation was clear in her furrowed brow. Eva began speaking before she was even through the door.

“Anthony, what is this business about not speaking until given permission and this garbage about speaking in the third person and not masturbating without permission?” her voice grew several octaves higher the closer she got. Anthony didn’t flinch. Expressionless, he just stared at Eva as she neared, until she was arms length away. Anthony quickly grabbed the leash still attached to Eva’s collar and tugged sharply down so that she was forced to the floor on her knees. Her face buried sideways in his crotch quickly went from irritation to fear as He glared at her for what seemed like several minutes.

“Eva your first lesson that you will learn is to listen fully to me when I speak to you and not pay attention to something else at the same time. If you had listened to me before I left the room, you would have understood that I told you to address any concerns with me. Didn’t I?” Anthony asked in an unusually calm tone as he leaned in closer to Eva.

Eva began to stammer in her response before Anthony curtly cut her off “DIDN’T I?” He bellowed “Yes Sir” Eva replied sheepishly.

“Do you think that I just arbitrarily made up these rules to torture you Eva?” Anthony relaxed his tone a bit.

“Well Sir..”Eva began.

“Yes or No Eva, nothing more” Anthony censured.

“No Sir” Eva answered, hanging her head.

Anthony lifted her face to look him directly in the eye “The tecavüz porno rules I have outlined here are for training purposes. Some of the rules will be relaxed as I see fit once your training period is over, but know that all of these rules have a definite purpose that you and I both will find great benefit from. Do you wish to continue Eva? Or are you going to hand me your collar now?” “Just as I told you before, I will love you no less if that is what you choose” a small hint of worry passed over Anthony’s eyes as he awaited Eva’s response. Eva shook her head, tears now flowing freely from her eyes, both from the embarrassment she felt at her own knee-jerk reaction as well as the disappointment she caused Anthony. This was a brand new feeling for her and she found it hard to stifle her sobs.

“Eva come up here into my lap” Anthony beaconed warmly.

Eva slowly got up and slipped into his lap, her form heaving, overloaded by emotion. Anthony shushed her, rubbing her back as she buried her tear streaked face in his neck.

“I’m sorry Sir” she whispered in a small trembling voice, close to Anthony’s ear.

“I know you are kitten. These tears please me though, it shows me you genuinely want this and want to make me happy and I am so unbelievably grateful for that.” Anthony smiled sweetly, his eyes gentle towards Eva, gently coaxing her face from the sanctuary of his neck. Eva felt so very small in his lap, as he wrapped his arms around her and his mouth covered hers. His tongue parted her lips forcefully and his hands roaming her naked flesh. Anthony felt Eva’s heat rising within her once more as she began to rock against the growing bulge in his pants. Anthony broke the kiss abruptly and nudged her to the floor still gripping her leash in his right hand.

“Eva, the only thing left for you to do now is to sign the charter. I will keep a copy of it and give a copy to you for your reference. Once the charter is signed, all of the rules become effective and you will be held responsible for knowing them. Did you read the rules carefully?”

“Yes Sir” Eva responded.

Anthony handed Eva a pen and she signed and dated the charter, then gave it to Anthony for his signature. Once signed, Anthony pulled out another gift wrapped box for Eva. Eva fidgeted, wanting so badly to know what was inside.

“Remember I told you I would give you a more discreet collar for daytime wear? Well it’s not exactly a collar, but you will know it as a symbol of my ownership none the less and rather than placing it on you every morning as I had originally planned, you may wear this permanently.” Anthony handed the box to Eva with the grin of a chesire-cat, knowing the contents of the box would delight her.

Eva carefully unwrapped the ornate paper that concealed a small square white box. Inside was a silver anklet , with tiny bells that tinkled softly as she lifted it out. In the center of the anklet was a heart shaped padlock to act as a clasp and a small silver key enclosed in the box that would unlock it. Anthony assisted in locking the anklet into place and Eva stretched out her leg to admire it.

“Sir it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Sir” Eva gushed

“It serves a dual purpose, Eva. The jingle will also alert me to where you are in the house, so no more of your sneaking up to startle me in the shower” Anthony said, his eyes crinkled in amusement.

“Ok little girl, now the fun begins. Since tomorrow is Saturday, I’m going to let you get your rest tonight. In the morning, be prepared to adhere to the charter. Also, plan on arranging some time off of work in the near future as we’ll be having a few field trips.” Anthony said with a lighthearted smile. “Oh and by the way, I was going to save this as a surprise, but I’ve been given the opportunity to re-arrange my schedule at work, so no more working nights. I will have plenty of time to focus on training you.” Eva squealed and jumped up planting kisses all over Anthony’s face as he laughed.

Anthony stood, ready to retreat to the bedroom and Eva started to do the same when Anthony turned heel and stopped dead taking Eva’s leash in hand. Eva stared at him befuddled for a moment.

“Get on your hands and knees and crawl” He said with a tug on the leash. Eva complied, blushing as she lowered herself to the floor.

Anthony led Eva slowly and purposefully through the hall to their bedroom. Eva was thankful she had the hard tile floors in the hall carpeted. When they entered the bedroom Anthony stood in front of Eva, who was on all fours staring up at him. He gazed, admiring her form in this stance which enhanced the round of her ass and the feminine curve of her spine and forced her heavy tits to sway at every move.

“Kneel up slave.” Anthony commanded Eva who was looking confused. “What do you think that means Eva?” Anthony asked.

“Like this Sir?” Eva said as she got on her knees, resting her behind on her heels.

“Straighten üvey anne porno up girl.” He said gesturing upwards with his hand. Eva straightened her spine.

“Undress me, starting with my boots.” Anthony told her. Eva began unlacing them with her nimble fingers, pulling each boot off one by one, then his socks which she placed in his boots and set them to the side. She reached up to the button of his jeans when He stopped her.

“With your teeth little girl” he said, taking his free hand and forcefully guiding her head forward to his fly. Eva fumbled her mouth on the button, but managed to get it undone and followed suit with the zipper.

“Good girl” Anthony whispered eliciting an involuntary torrent of wetness from Eva’s sex.

Eva slid his jeans down over his hips, admiring the jutting erection through his boxers. She leaned forward and looked up at Anthony seductively before asking “Shall I remove these Sir?” nipping at the leg of his shorts with her teeth.

“Do you really have to ask such a silly question pet?” Anthony said with a deviant smile.

Eva leaned forward, snatched his waistband with her teeth and savagely tugged his boxers down on one side and then the other, letting them fall to the floor as his hard cock sprung forth.

“Now get up on the bed and lie down” Anthony ordered and Eva practically jumped from her knees before scurrying up onto the bed. Anthony walked slowly around the bed, pacing, staring at Eva with a thoughtful look on his face. Eva lay still, waiting for his further instruction. Anthony took Eva’s leash and pulled it up behind her head, securing it with a small padlock to an anchor on the headboard of the bed.

“This wasn’t in my plan for tonight, but I think you can use some early training.” Anthony said as he rounded the bed again for the third time. Anthony mounted the bed, stalking Eva on all fours. He watched Eva’s chest heaving, smelling the perfume of her aroused pussy and in one fluid motion parted her legs wide, baring her smoothly shaven cleft.

“You will always keep your legs open for me, I shouldn’t have to ask, nor open them” Anthony said as he drove his fingers into Eva’s dewy cunt. Eva’s back arched and her throat elicited a moan that took even herself by surprise.

“Oh you had better not come without permission slut” Anthony said looming over Eva’s belly, the arousal evident in his breaking voice and his flushed face. Anthony massaged the inside of Eva’s velvet passage with two fingers as his thumb encircled her clit staring deep into her eyes with intent.

“Don’t take your eyes off of mine girl” Anthony said, boring into her soul with his stare.

“Tonight you are going to learn a thing or two about control.” Anthony told Eva as his fingers quickened and his steel-hard cock prodded Eva’s thigh. Eva began grinding down on Anthony’s hand, her muscles gripping his fingers deeper into her. As Anthony felt her dangerously near the edge he withdrew his hand, leaving Eva writhing on the bed and gripping at the sheets.

“Relax precious” Anthony whispered stroking her shapely legs. Eva began to get her breathing back under control and her grip on the sheets loosened.

“Now close your eyes” Anthony instructed as he backed down towards the foot of the bed.

Eva closed her eyes as she felt Anthony’s heat radiating against the flesh of her thighs. His strong hands parted her lips and she felt his breath trail down her mons, rocking her hips slightly as Anthony’s tongue softly danced around her engorged clit. Anthony took her bud between his lips, sucking it in slowly letting his tongue circle as he pulled. Eva moaned, her pussy throbbing in synch with Anthony’s sucking. Her hands found their way to Anthony’s head in attempt to push his face deeper and he removed them, tossing them to each side. Anthony brought Eva precipitously close again. This time, Eva begged Anthony “Please Master may I come?” Anthony stopped at once and replied “No”.

Eva cried out in frustration, her entire body was rigid; her swollen and used sex aching for release. Anthony just laughed as he threw his leg over Eva’s chest and straddled Eva’s face. Her facial expression and her body’s response to his ministrations alone had Anthony near orgasm. He pried his cock between Eva’s lips, driving into her warm mouth. Her hands reached up to Anthony’s hips, welcoming his cock into her throat, her unsated pussy persistent in need. It took only three short thrusts before Eva felt the swell of cum fill her mouth. She greedily swallowed, hoping Anthony would have mercy on her aching sex for her troubles. Eva realized she was sorely mistaken when Anthony dismounted her face and began to get ready for bed.

Anthony decided he would add one final touch to the evening when he asked Eva if she needed to relieve herself before bed.

“If you have to go, you had better go now as I won’t getting out of bed before morning to let you up.” üvey erkek kardeş porno Anthony advised Eva. Eva knew if she didn’t go, her bladder would be waking her up well before dawn, so she agreed and waited for Anthony to unleash her. To her chagrin, Anthony had no intention of unleashing her, but accompanied her to the bathroom instead and hovered nearby as she lowered herself onto the commode. Not only did he want to instill in Eva that no space was private for her anymore, but also wanted to make sure that little girls didn’t play where they weren’t allowed. Above all else, the look of pure humiliation on her face was what topped it all off.

“Sir, please don’t watch. Please let me go alone Master” Eva pleaded. Anthony just chuckled and crossed his arms in waiting. Eva scowled, growing even redder and her defiant side began to stand out.

“Eva, I don’t hear anything, maybe you’ll just hold it until morning then. ” Anthony teased. Eva knew he meant business and did not want to embarrass herself further by wetting the bed so she relented and finally released her bladder, turning her head away shamefully as she did so.Anthony laughed heartily, adding to her humiliation.

“Such a shy act for such a slut” Anthony said grinning.

Eva was burning with self-consciousness at the thought of an audience in her most private moments as she cleaned herself up. After she was through Anthony drew her close to him and held her tight against his chest.

“It is going to be such a pleasure training you pet” Anthony told Eva with a hint of deviance in his voice. With that, Anthony led Eva back to their bed where he once again secured her leash, placing the key on his night stand. He ushered her into bed, wrapping his arms around her and began to snore softly almost instantly. Eva was restless. Her clit still hard and throbbing and her nether lips engorged, Eva was still aroused to the most uncomfortable degree. With Anthony wrapped around her and her leash locked to the headboard, she had almost resigned herself to sleep when Anthony rolled over, and turned his back to Eva. She knew if she was quiet, Anthony would be none the wiser if she just rubbed her clit a little bit to relieve the pressure. She tested the stability of the bed by rocking her hips slightly, to see if it would jar Anthony awake. She lay still, waiting for movement, but Anthony was well into the aether of sleep.

Slowly, Eva reached down, so not to disturb the chain of her leash and began to massage her exposed clit. Her nipples stood erect in the moonlight as her fingers danced in her folds, savoring the sensation of her sticky cunt; her juices glistening on her thighs and hand. Eva felt her belly tense as the first surge of orgasm erupted from her loins. Eva stifled the moan that welled deep inside her, knowing if Anthony awoke, he would surely be angry. Her body thrashed as a second wave crashed over her, and her involuntary whimper was not unnoticed. Eva froze, hearing Anthony’s snoring stop, her cunt still convulsing as she tried to lay perfectly still. Anthony sprung up and grabbed Eva’s hand and brought it to his nose, taking in the tell-tale aroma of Eva’s indiscipline.

“You little slut, you blatantly disobeyed me!” Anthony said in disbelief.. Eva was frozen, unable to deny she had been caught.

“This is mine slut and you didn’t ask permission to play with it.” Anthony growled through clenched teeth as he slapped Eva’s mound. Eva squealed at the bite of his blow.

“Sir I am so sorry, please Sir don’t be angry!” Eva began to beg.

“Get up” Anthony snarled as he unhooked the leash from Eva’s collar. Eva stood up at full attention at the side of the bed

“Go get the duffle bag right now” Anthony commanded with great authority.

Eva did not hesitate and ran to the living room where the bag had been left earlier. All the while, Eva couldn’t imagine what Anthony could possibly have in store for her. Eva came back and handed the bag over and stood silently waiting for her due.

“I am not going to bind you, but if you move or otherwise try to dodge me, we will start over.” Anthony said as he rummaged through the contents of the bag. Eva waited anxiously for Anthony to reveal her punishment.

“Bend over next to the bed, put your hands flat on the mattress and don’t you dare move, you little slut” Anthony said with an icy stare. Eva turned tail and headed straight for the bed, positioning herself as she was told.

“Don’t look back, keep your face forward at all times” Anthony ordered. “You will count each stroke and thank me until I am certain that you understand why it is you are being punished.”

Eva felt the first blow and immediately recognized the grainy wood of her paddle shaped hairbrush and groaned at the burn of her tender flesh. “One, thank you Sir.”

Anthony laid a second blow, slightly harder than the first “Didn’t I tell you that your lesson tonight was about control?” He asked.

“Two, thank you Sir.” Eva counted and then replied “Yes Sir, I am so sorry Sir” Eva was desperate to calm him.

“Then why did you play with yourself, knowing that?” Anthony questioned.

“Sir, it hurt so bad and I couldn’t sleep and I’m so sorry Sir” Eva began to ramble and a third blow landed on her ass “Three, thank you Sir”

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