Eva’s Family Ch. 01

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Carol, my mom, Lisa, my best friend since grade school, Gabriel and Kate, her parents, George, her older brother, and Paul, George’s best friend from the service, are all introduced.

All persons in this story have been carefully aged for at least eighteen years in warm tropical sunshine.

Eva’s Family — 01 — by Polly+Anna (2263 words) Lisa, My Best Friend (2/16/20) dominance – hetero – loving sibling incest – masturbation – petting – restraint – submission – toys

My mom, Carol runs a church here in town, the one my father officiates at, My sisters and I are very close to her. Lisa is also very close to her mom, Kate, who with her dad, Gabriel, runs a small airline here. They pretty much adopted Jamie. See how a pattern of close-knit families is emerging. Kristin worked with her mom Sherry for years and in the coming years Sherry will work for Kristin. Diane’s mom Judith is…

Diane’s mom is a powerhouse who took her father Nicholas’ many business holdings and greatly expanded them. Judith looks after those whom she cares about, and everybody really respects her. There, that was nice… Mom always says that if you can’t say something nice…

After I had orgasmed the other day mom asked me if I was alright. I just smiled at her. She demonstrated how to clean and care for “Buzz,” as I had already named him. Then I called Lisa, right before – not after, I washed my sweet-smelling lubricant from my legs, thighs, belly and arms. My hands were particularly sticky and oh, so…

I was a woman possessed. I masturbated again in the shower.

I followed mom’s lead and tried it all over. As I did, she told me that it wasn’t just gals who like the sensation. Guys do too. That my father enjoys it when she rubs it on his thighs and nipples, on the underside of his penis and his ‘taint. To feel it around but not in his butt. Shit, that image was good for another orgasm, thinking about mommy and daddy as I stroked my breasts and nipples and on the insides of my thighs.

In bed I had been so wet. Buzz felt so nice, much better than my fingers on my labia. When two orgasms into our “romance,” I inserted him into me, I felt my body’s immediate barrier being passed, pushed aside without significant pain. Buzz was working hard, and I was breathing hard. I rubbed the external parts of my clitoris as he delved deep and I was rewarded by another orgasm.

That was on the mattress, now in the shower I was totally preoccupied with my nether regions. I didn’t know if Buzz was waterproof, so I used one finger to retrace his explorations until I was aroused once more. I slowly ran my finger around my shaft, through the folds of my hood, over the head of my clit. Then it went deep, my finger working in my vagina. It wasn’t the same electrical energy as it had been with Buzz, but it was immensely pleasurable.

Dad had to officiate at an official breakfast the next morning. He joked that the Government Ministers had invited him in the mistaken belief that they would not be smote by the hand of God lest he be a collateral casualty. bursa bayan eskort But he understood that through his association with them he took his chances. Mom was busily instructing me on one of the finer points of entertaining. She had already taught me how to organize and operate a church or any one of many similar social organizations.

Lisa’s grandparents have a house on the beach. But as they got older her Aunt Judy moved them into her much larger place nearby. Leaving a villa and boat house with a small garden and sandy beach in-between empty. The cottage had two big sleeping patios in front and back of a living room-dining room combination, kitchen and bathroom. A second bath and two bedrooms were upstairs. There was also a bedroom suite in the otherwise empty former boathouse that Kate and Gabriel were moving in to. As soon as it was finished.

It was as if the music had stopped at our high school graduation and everybody was switching seats. Judy had owed her little brother half of a larger house and grounds for years. When their parents vacated the beachfront, Judy offered it to him. Gabe accepted but then negotiated an airplane out of the long delay, admittedly smaller size and somewhat contradictory appraisals.

Lisa’s cousins Christopher, Robert, Diane and Kimea live just west down the coast road on 20 acres or so. George and Paul, who have just come back from military service, live downstairs and go to an aviation mechanics school. Sometimes Lisa and Jamie share a room upstairs. Kristin and Lisa’s parents live a bit to the east, nearer to town. It’s all close enough together to travel around on those little mopeds that are everywhere in deference to the high gasoline taxes.

Lisa’s parents had always been cool, but with us being legal adults now and their being away more, they took cool to the next level. George and Paul were organizing a reconstruction of the old boathouse. As we arrived, they and a couple of their old buddies from the Globe and Laurel were just knocking off. That was quite a sight, four buff young Jollies bathing on the boat ramp jutting into the Caribbean.

The owners had not returned, and Paul suggested we play hide and seek in teams. While they both showed a lot of poise standing there. They were nude — controlling their natural urges as Lisa, Jamie, Kristin and Claire were all picked by one or the other before me. Eventually the guys put athletic shorts on for the chase while we five gals hid. Anywhere on the property was game.

It was a silly, but terribly fun game that we had made up ourselves. Since I was, intentionally no doubt, picked last — I was queen, the “Wild-Card.” Either Paul or George would claim me last to secure a win. But only after finding the two others their opponent had chosen. In theory I was the only one allowed to roam free unable to be taken until the end. In practice our fun devolved quickly into Keep Away.

I wandered around the property seeing Kristin, Jamie and George in turn. George took Lisa captive as we bursa evi olan escort collided. She had suddenly stepped out in front of me from inside the bathroom she had hidden in. He dragged his sister into his room and tossed her on his bed as she reached into his shorts and grabbed his ass. They kissed briefly and then he asked for her promise to remain while he searched for Jamie.

“No way, Jor-ge.”

“I’ll tie you there if you don’t,” he said. She was sitting on his bed.

She kicked off her sandals and laid down upon the mattress. Wearing a short dark green dress that contrasted nicely with her pale skin, freckles and red hair, my bestie was definitely good enough to eat. I wondered what she tasted like.

“I dare you,” she said.

In the background I heard Paul and Kristin whispering to one another. So, each of the guys had one of their first two. I wondered if Paul was as distracted from the pursuit as his buddy now was. George had taken his little sister’s wrists and tied them together over her head with one of the half dozen clean white socks that he had retrieved from his dresser. Another sock went into her mouth and one bound her elbows together.

I was actually slightly disappointed when he tied her ankles together rather than apart with one sock and then used two to tie her knees together. Well they were brother and sister. He probably wasn’t going to fuck her, although his hands were slow, sensuous and deliberate as they traced her skin when he tied her up.

“You asked me to,” he said softly, sweetly when he was done.

“Murrummff,” she responded.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I love you sis. I won’t leave you here alone with that thing in your mouth. But if I don’t go get Kristin… Well, my Oppo is going to win, and we can’t have that can we.”


“Tell you what,” he said, as he stroked her bare leg. “If I take that gag out…”

Lisa shook her head “no.”

“You want it to stay?”

She shook her head “yes.”

“Okay,” he said as his fingers traced from her thigh to her waist and across to the other side.

When his hand returned it dragged up her thigh lifting her dress. George placed his hand on her thigh and rubbed her butt a little kneading it gently. Then the hand crossed her tummy and lifted…

Oh my God, my bestie was being groped by her delicious hunk of a big brother, and… And she so very wanted him to do it. Well, exactly like I wanted Paul… Paul or George, or Lisa, or Paul and George, or Lisa, Paul and George, to grope me. I was so turned on, I wondered if her panties were as moist as mine. Probably worse I thought, I was just enjoying George’s hand vicariously.

Paul didn’t have to sneak up behind me. I was totally focused on my bestie and her brother on his bed. Distracted, I was taken without effort from behind. Paul grabbed my wrists and I offered no resistance. He looked into George’s room and smiled. Then he looked at me and I smiled at him. Technically the game was now over. bursa rus escort I had been captured. But neither of us wanted that. He took my wrist and led me across to his room. When we got there, I offered him my wrists, holding them together out in front of me.

Paul retrieved a clean sock wadded it up and put it in my mouth. He took another and made a blindfold that only slightly obscured my vision. Gently he backed me to his bed. When I laid down on the bed, I spread my arms and legs. Oooh baby, I was going to get molested by my sweet, buff Jollie. He accepted the offer and took my wrists and tied them and then my ankles to the corners of the bed. Too bad my mouth was full. I would have suggested that he remove my panties first.

I laid there motionless on his bed, I am certain he knew how to tie a knot and I didn’t think the ones he used could have really held me if I really struggled. He gently touched me, first on my bare legs, then he ran his fingertips up my thighs covered by my soft cotton floral print dress. He wasn’t trying to, but he was tickling me. His hands wandered across my abdomen to the other side and back down my leg. I was in heaven.

His hands came back up my other side, to do so he had to crawn onto the mattress and his erection tented his shorts impressively. Up to my pit and left arm, back all the way to my left ankle. I wasn’t still anymore as my hips started to grind. He went back and forth, up and down. Ankle, abdomen, ankle, hip, waist, pit, elbow… I could feel myself getting wet as his hands set my loins on fire. Back down passing my right hip to my knee.

Oh my God, he played with that spot behind my knee, and I moaned audibly through my sock gag.

“Oh, like that do we,” he said.

Should I answer? I asked myself. I thought about nodding; But instead I moaned.

“A bit more then, doctor’s orders,” he said as he continued.

I felt his hands on my tummy and waist and I moaned again. His hands went to my butt and then returned to my waist. They crossed my tummy and fell upon my breasts. He touched them with the back of his hand, and then the palm before he softly squeezed and kissed them through my bra and dress. With a bit more force he kneaded my breasts and played with my nipples. My hips started grinding again.

I arched my back, being careful not to actually break free from the socks holding me to the bed. I tried to arch my whole body, tits first, into his hands. He responded by squeezing my breasts just a little harder, and I responded by moaning just a little harder. Paul really had me going, through the fabric of my dress and my bra he played with my pointy nips. I was moaning in pleasure. But this like all good things came to an end.

“Uh, Paul…” The voice said tentatively. It was Lisa’s.

She was standing there in her undies, sans dress. George was standing just behind her. He had his arm draped casually over his little sister’s right shoulder, softly holding her bra covered breast.

“Sorry Paul,” George said, “my folks just pulled into the driveway.”

“It will be so much easier once the new kitchen is built in the boathouse,” Lisa said.

Lisa then looked at me still tied to the bed. She removed the sock from my mouth and, whispering in my ear, asked if I would like to borrow her room to use my new vibrator. When I said it was at home, she offered to lend me one.

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