Evelyn , Ted Fuck in the Hot Tub

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“If I’d known you had a Jacuzzi I would’ve brought my bikini,” Evelyn said, shivering slightly in the chilly evening air. Ted shrugged and wiggled his eyebrows playfully. “What if your mum finds us?”

“Trust me, she’s good, but she’s not that good. Right now, she thinks we’re tucked up in bed. And after the amount of wine she drank, she won’t be checking,” Ted chortled, going around the back of the hot tub and retrieving two towels and much to Evelyn’s surprise, a bottle of champagne.

“Is it Moet by any chance?” Evelyn teased.

“Shush you,” Ted winked, popping the cork and pouring out two glasses. He balanced them carefully on the side of the hot tub. He quickly dipped his hand inside to check to see if it was warm enough and then pulled off his t-shirt.

“When did you do all of this?” Evelyn questioned, stripping down to her underwear. Her snowy skin was covered in goose pimples. She looked over at Ted who was cupping his crotch, now completely naked. She stifled her laugh and waved him into the hot tub. She quickly joined him, submerging her bare shivering body in the hot water.

“Earlier when everyone was washing up. This thing takes ages to warm up when it’s this cold outside,” Ted said, sidling up to her on the seat and handing Evelyn her glass of champagne.

“This is-,” Evelyn was speechless. She had just been expecting Ted to slip into her room and for them to have sex in his single bed. This was a thousand times better. “Amazing. You’ve really outdone yourself,” she giggled, allowing Ted to drape his arm around her shoulders as he sipped his champagne.

“Yeah…yeah, I did, didn’t I?” he said smugly, kissing her sweetly on the tip of her nose.

Immersed in Ted’s tender love and the warm, bubbling water, Evelyn allowed herself to relax completely in his arms. Closing her eyes and savouring every mouthful of champagne, Evelyn was pretty sure she was in heaven.

When they had Esenyurt escort both finished their glasses, Ted went to pour some more when she stopped him. Evelyn ran her wet fingers down from his cheek to his shoulder, grazing her touch over his chest. Ted watched her closely, sitting back on the seat and closing his eyes. He had missed her hands…her body…those beautiful eyes. Evelyn smiled at him gently, easing herself onto his lap. Sliding her arms around his neck, she leaned forward and kissed him tenderly. Ted moaned against her lips, reaching up into her hair, which was tied into a messy bun on the top of her head. He grasped her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. He needed to feel her body pressed against his, her soft skin caressing his. He shivered with pleasure as Evelyn kissed down his neck to just below his Adam’s apple, making him loll back his head. He moaned her name feeling as her thighs tightened around him. Running his hands down from Evelyn’s shoulders, he felt the curve of her waist, where he tugged her nearer. Over her gyrating hips and down to her behind, his fingers groped and clutched, losing himself in the moment. It had only been a week and yet Ted ached for her now, hungry for her. But she was teasing him…sucking and nibbling at his neck, her hands never straying lower than his chest. Ted groaned with satisfaction and impatience. He cupped her face in his hands, gazing up into her eyes.

“Have you missed me?” he whispered, stroking his thumb down over her plump lips.

All Evelyn could do was nod, her grin growing.

With her wet breasts pushed to his chest, her nipples hardening in the cool air, Evelyn returned her lips to his. Hips moving in circular motions beneath the bubbling water, she felt him hardening between her legs. Excited to feel him inside of her again – the last time being in the shadows of the cloisters during the Winter Formal – Evelyn reached down Esenyurt escort Bayan to wrap her fingers around his erection. Ted shuddered under her touch, resting his head all the way back as she kissed and sucked his skin. The bubbles caressing her back were tantalizing, soothing any worries she had in her mind. The champagne was still fresh on her tongue, its bubbles had gone straight to her head. She moaned quietly as she felt one of Ted’s hands rub across her behind and the other slip between her legs. Quaking on her knees as she straddled him in the hot tub, Evelyn rested her forehead in the crook of his neck as his forefinger pressed and slid in circles across her clit.

“Is that good?” Ted whispered into her ear, his lips brushing her skin, his hot breath sending shivers down her back. “Do you like that?” Evelyn could only nod her head as she continued to grasp Ted’s hard on, sliding her hand up and down rhythmically, gradually getting faster and faster.

When she finally looked up, Ted was biting his bottom lip, restraining his moans of satisfaction.

“More,” Evelyn kissed tenderly up his neck and to his cheek. “More.”

“More?” Ted grinned, eyes closed in his ecstasy.

“More!” Evelyn said louder, inching her hips forwards until she was sitting above his cock. Ted grasped her hips firmly causing Evelyn to stop, open-mouthed and gaze down into his eyes as he gently pressed her body downwards.

Crumpling forwards, her arms looping around his neck, Evelyn gave up her control and allowed Ted to slide deep inside of her. Their moans came in unison, both of them digging their nails into one another as the pleasure grew. She tried to straighten up so she could look into his eyes, but her body was weak and trembling as with each thrust from his hips, she became more breathless, her heart quickened and she was overwhelmed by the pleasure driving through her.

Ted Escort Esenyurt felt as though he would come at any minute but it would be only half as satisfying if only he reached his climax. Urgently, he twisted Evelyn around until she was sitting away from him.

“But I want to look into your eyes,” Evelyn said reluctantly.

“You can…come here,” Ted said in a hushed voice as he gently slipped back inside of her, watching the way Evelyn’s face contorted with delight as he did so. He pulled her body back until she was resting against him. Evelyn turned her head to one side, her back arched and feeling as one of Ted’s warm wet hands grasped her breast, the other ran down her tummy and between her legs, finding her clit once again. All the while, she gazed into his eyes, sharing each other’s breath as he thrust upwards, more powerfully this time, finding her g-spot and making her squirm.

Holding onto his arms, Evelyn pushed downwards to meet his cock, moving her hips in circles again, every inch of his erection stroking her pussy. Their lips grazed, tongues caressing, screams and whispers of agonising pleasure between them. And soon, Evelyn’s body was rocking quicker. Ted pummeled his hips upwards, watching as her breasts bounced, his grip tightened. He stared with satisfaction at Evelyn’s mouth agape, silent raspy breaths as she gave herself to him. He knew she was close…so was he. Taking his hand away from her breast, he clutched her face making sure he could gaze into her eyes when she orgasmed. He wanted to see the pleasure flood across her eyes.

“Look at me, Evelyn,” Ted said breathlessly, his cock throbbing as the pleasure became too much.

“Edward,” Evelyn moaned, keeping her gaze focused upon him, unable to move from his tight clutches; she adored being there, in his grasp, nowhere to move, she could only freeze as her toes curled, her body trembled and the orgasm rippled throughout her body.

And just as she was about to scream – so loudly it may have woken the neighbours – Ted pressed his lips to hers, her scream muffled by his mouth. Evelyn’s hand rose to his face, where she held him to her, his finger still rubbing her sensitive clit, his cock still easing back and forth into her tender pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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