Everybody Say Merry Christmas Ch. 03

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[Time Remaining: 66:10:03]

After about an hour of silently crying into her blindfold Kelly heard the sounds of Mike coming back up the stairs. As he walked into the room she heard him walk right up to the front of the base and unscrew the gag dildo from the locking ring.

“Ok kitten, get me off so I can grab a shower and get to work.” Mike said as as removed the gag dildo and stuffed his mostly flaccid cock through the ring gag.

Kelly was past trying to be rebellious and she simply started licking Mike’s cock as it slowly got harder in her mouth. Although she was upset that he was making her do this ‘right before his shower’. As Mike got hard in her mouth he started sliding back and forth, and in short order her tongue had him shooting off again into the back of Kelly’s mouth. This time without even waiting for her to lick him clean, Mike pulled out and screwed the gag dildo back into the locking ring.

Then Kelly heard him walk into the bathroom and she heard the water start for the shower. As she heard Mike in the shower she suddenly had another thought. She had completely forgot that Mike would have to go to work at some point. Originally she didn’t think there was enough time on the counter for that to be a problem, but now it looked like he was going to leave her here for hours while he was at his job.

As she just hung there dejected she heard the shower stop, and heard Mike walk back in after a minute or two in the bathroom. As he walked into the room he ran his fingers over the sole of her left foot, briefly tickling her through the latex. Otherwise he completely ignored her as he got himself ready for work.

As she heard him walking, with his heavy soled work shoes toward the door, she heard him stop.

“Right, almost forgot.” she heard him say as she heard him kneel down by the stand. “Hey! There’s extra time. Alright!” he said when he saw the count down clock.

Right then she heard the click of the gag dildo, and a similar click of the pussy dildo as the two started pumping into her. Then she felt Mike fiddling with something else, and at the last moment before it turned on, she realized that it was the vibrator again. Then she felt it turned on, and all her other thoughts went out the window as she was once again thrown into a high state of arousal.

“Have fun while I am at work kitten, I’ll be back to play later!” she heard Mike say.

The next thing she heard was him walking downstairs, and then the door opening and closing, and then all she heard was the noises she herself was making as the first orgasm of what would be a long afternoon took her, and she was lost to arousal and climax.

[Time Remaining: 65:35:38]

Kelly heard the door burst open as the vibrator and pussy dildo were still doing their work on her. The sudden jolt though calmed her enough that she was able to hear the door slam and Mike tromp up the stairs before the orgasm consumed her and she thrashed and moaned in her bonds.

“Well I’m glad someone is having fun.” Mike said angrily as she felt him turn off the vibrator.

“You get to sit here having fun all day and I have to go to work and get bitched at all day, but I’m glad you were having fun.” Kelly heard him shout.

The next thing she felt was both the pussy and gag dildo pumps being switched off, as well as the vibrator being turned off, and then she heard Mike throw something, probably a piece of clothing, into his closet, hard enough to make a noise that she audibly heard.

“But I am glad that you got to have fun all day.” Mike complained loudly as she felt the gag dildo being unscrewed and removed.

“Well now it is my turn to have fun today.” he said.

With that Mike slammed his cock through the ring and into her mouth.

“Well come on kitten, do something already.” Mike shouted.

Kelly was actually a bit scared, she didn’t know what was going on, or why Mike was so angry, but she knew better then to disobey so she started licking and pleasing Mike’s cock as well as she could. But after only about a minute she heard Mike throw a sigh.

“Fuck it, I’ll do it myself!” he said in anger.

As soon as he said it Kelly felt him place both hands behind her head as he began to fuck her face hard and fast. It was too hard and fast for Kelly and she started choking as Mike continued his assault on her mouth. Luckily Mike quickly came, shouting his load into Kelly’s choking throat. For a moment Kelly thought that she would choke to death on Mike’s cum, but after a few hard coughs it all went done her throat and she could breath again.

For his part Mike didn’t seem to notice her plight as she heard him violently pull the drawer on the stand open. Hearing him pushing things out of the way, he seemed to have found what he was looking for as she heard him grab something and pull it out of the drawer roughly before she heard the drawer slam closed. She then hear him throw whatever it was on the bed before she heard him stomp out of the room. Kelly Anadolu Yakası Escort had no idea what was going on, but she was sure that Mike had gone through a terrible day at work.

Usually he would call her and complain about it and calm down, but at the moment that wasn’t an option. In her position, Kelly knew that there was nothing she could really do to help him. As she was thinking this she heard him stomping back up the stairs, slightly less heavy sounding though, he must have taken his shoes off.

As he came back into the room she heard him walk over and put a few things on his desk before walking over towards her. The next thing she knew he was forcing the gag dildo back through the locking ring and screwing it back in. Then she heard him basically throw himself into his desk chair, before, not gently, he swung his feet up on to her back.

She grunted into her gag, but Mike seemed to ignore it. She heard him lift one of the items off of the desk, and she heard the sound of liquid being poured into a glass of ice. Kelly also realized that Mike hadn’t poured much liquid, and that’s when she caught a whiff of what it was Mike was pouring, it was some kind of strong liquor.

Now Kelly was really worried, she really didn’t want to be around Mike while he was in this mood, especially if he was going to drink, but there was nothing that she could really do at the moment.

She listened to the silence as Mike drank one glass and then poured another. Kelly hoped that Mike had calmed down, he hadn’t said anything in about 20 minutes when she heard him put the glass down again on the desk. Then all of a sudden he swung his legs off of her, switched on the pump controlling the pussy dildo and cranked up the speed to about 2/3rd its max.

It had been at about 1/3rd to 1/2 power until now, and the new speed was instantly arousing. Kelly was so distracted by the dildo in her pussy that she didn’t hear Mike move and the starting of her gag dildo, also at a higher speed came as a complete shock. It wasn’t going to fast for her to handle, but she was not prepared for it.

Suddenly Mike started talking, slurring just a bit. “Well Kelly it was in the drawer, so I am assuming that you want me to use it, and at the moment it is the only one that looks like fun.”

With that she heard a quick movement from Mike, and then a split second later absolute pain filled her world.

There were 3 items in the drawer that were meant to be used as pain play toys. The riding crop produced a lightning bolt of pain, but it was confined to a very small area and faded quickly.

The wooden rod, was thin and flexible and struck a straight line of fire that lingered just enough that a second strike in the same area built upon the fire of the first, working itself into an inferno of pain.

What had struck Kelly square on the ass was the 3rd item, the paddle. It was a wide flat wooden paddle, and it hit like a truck. It covered a large area and when it struck the pain echoed, and worse it didn’t fade away.

Worse then that, in Mike’s current state, he had swung it a bit harder then he needed too, and probably a bit harder then he had meant too.

Kelly tried to scream out in pain, but due to the gag filling her mouth, all that came out was a loud moan, which Mike took as the opposite of what it was supposed to convey.

“Oh you like that do you?” he said as the paddle crashed down on Kelly’s ass, drawing out another scream turned moan.

“My little kitten pain slut, you just like everything don’t you. You make me sick.” he said as he crashed the paddle down against her, again and again.

It was minutes of this as Mike continued to paddle Kelly. He was silent, but Kelly was anything but as each stroke of the paddle produced another screaming moan.

Most surprising to Kelly was the fact that in spite of the pain, she was still aroused as Mike continued to beat her. After about 10 minutes of though Mike seemed to get upset, and Kelly heard the paddle thrown across the room.

Once again she was scared as she heard Mike stomp towards the front of the base and again turn off the pump as he unscrewed the gag dildo. Knowing what was coming next, Kelly was licking Mike’s cock as soon as it crossed through the ring.

“Oh so now you are my willing toy huh? Is that how this works?” he said meanly as Kelly did everything she could to please him.

“Well we will see who gets the last laugh.” he said as he pulled out of her mouth.

Kelly was confused, Mike hadn’t cum, she had basically had just enough time to get his dick moist with her saliva. That’s when she felt something she hadn’t expected, Mike was unscrewing her ass plug. For the first time since this all had started Kelly found herself with nothing in her mouth.

“Uggghhhhhhhhh.” was the only noise she was able to make as she felt the plug coming out of her ass.

She heard Mike throw the anal plug across the room and she heard it hit the wall. As Kadıköy Escort it did, scared, Kelly stopped making noise.

“Oh, I’m sorry kitten, did you not want this? Because in your note it said all three of your holes were mine, and this is the one I want.” he paused.

“So SHUT THE FUCK UP!” he yelled, “You are here to please me, not the other way around!”

As he said this Mike grabbed her heels, which were in perfect position for him to use to center himself, and roughly thrust himself into her ass.

Kelly couldn’t help it, and as he thrust into her ass for the first time she let out a long and loud moan from her ring gagged mouth. Mixed with equal parts pain, and to her shame, pleasure. Mike thrust repeatedly in and out as Kelly kept moaning.

“What? Do you like that kitten slut? Of course you do, you are such a whore I bet you just love this.” Mike shouted as he kept fucking Kelly’s ass.

As much as Kelly wanted him to be wrong, the feeling of a dildo in her pussy and Mike in her ass was VERY arousing, and she was very close to cumming. Kelly was trying her best not to though, as she knew that Mike would never EVER let her forget it if she did.

It seemed that Mike’s pleasure was growing as well, as Kelly heard his breath coming faster and more ragged. It seemed the pleasure was growing and growing and growing, Kelly let out a long pleasurable moan, and moments later Mike did as well.

“Ohhhhhh yeah.” Mike sighed out as he came in Kelly’s ass.

“Did you like that Kitten Slut?” Mike laughed at her mockingly, “Of course you did.”

Kelly felt Mike pull out of her ass and move back towards the front of the stand. She sensed him bending down next to her, and then heard him walking once again toward the back of the stand. Then she felt the plug being pushed back into her ass.

She knew immediately though that this wasn’t the one that had been in there recently, it was bigger. Kelly then realized that Mike must have picked up her gag dildo and used that to plug her ass.

As Kelly was having this moment of clarity she felt Mike unscrewing the plug in her pussy. Kelly could not figure out why though until Mike walked to the front of the base and stuck the still dripping pussy dildo into her open and waiting mouth before he screwed it all the way into the locking ring.

Kelly only wondered briefly what he was going to do with her pussy opening before she heard the drawer open and close. She had just enough time to brace herself before one of the larger dildos from inside the drawer was roughly shoved into her, thankfully, dripping pussy, the new dildo filled her completely. With that, Mike started both pumps, at the same higher settings from earlier.

“Enjoy Kitten… I am going to get some sleep.” he slurred still fairly inebriated, “Things are gonna be different from now on…”

With that last sentence, Kelly heard Mike get into bed. She had no idea what he meant, but she knew she did not like it, but she had no time to think about it, as the new dildo in her pussy was fucking her hard and fast, and she was being taken harder and faster then she ever remembered.

As she came to her first orgasm with the new dildo, Kelly knew it was going to be a long night.

[Time Remaining: 43:12:42]

Kelly awoke the next morning, choking, and it took her a moment to realize that it was Mike’s cock that she was choking on. She must have passed out from exhaustion during the night, because she had not even felt Mike stopping the pumps, or removing her gag.

“Come on bitch, get me off before I get angry.” Kelly heard Mike growl out.

Frantically she tried to control her breathing as she did everything she could with her tongue to please Mike. However not even 2 minutes later, Mike pulled out of her with a growl of frustration.

“Fine have it your way Kitten, you always seem to work better after some “inspiration” anyway.” Mike said, with sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Kelly heard the drawer open, and braced herself for what was coming. As she felt the sting of the riding crop against her ass, she was just thrilled that Mike had not chosen the paddle, but then she felt the fire from the rod against her left sole, and she knew that she was in trouble.

As Mike went alternatively with the rod on her feet, and the crop on her ass, Kelly could not help but scream moans threw her ring-gagged mouth. To which Mike simply laughed and continued, seemingly enjoying the sounds he was forcing her to produce.

After about 20 minutes Mike finally spoke again.

“Ok Kitten, lets try this again.” he said, and shoved his rock hard cock into her open and waiting mouth.

Kelly immediately went about trying to please him, but to her surprise, Mike continued the onslaught with rod and crop. Hoping that it would stop if Mike came, Kelly did he best, moaning in pain as she took Mike as deep as he would push into her.

When Mike finally came, Kelly was crying once again into the İstanbul Escort blindfold, not that Mike would ever know. She then felt the gag dildo being screwed back into place, as she heard Mike set up the pumps, and to her surprise, the vibrator as well.

As he turned on both pumps, and the vibrator, Kelly was once again forced into a high state of arousal, the pain lingering from her ass and feet just driving the fires within her higher. Unlike earlier times though, Mike did not leave her. She heard him sit in his chair, and soon after felt his feet resting on her back as she heard his Xbox turn on, and Mike seemed to be settling into some game. It did not even take long enough for the game to load though before Kelly found herself moaning long and deep into her gag as the first orgasm took her.

She heard Mike, back to his same self-assured mocking laugh, “I am glad you are enjoying yourself Kitten, I will love to hear the noises you make as I play my game.”

Kelly almost did not even comprehend the words Mike had said, her body was focused entirely on one thing, and one thing only. The high speed, and size of the pussy dildo, mixed with the ministrations of the vibrator, and Kelly was aware of nothing else.

She did not even realize immediately that Mike had removed his feet from her and had left the room until he swung them forcefully back on top of her later, and she only had the mildest of notions of when Mike momentarily paused her gag dildo to fill it with the nourishment paste.

However with the bigger dildo, Kelly did not even taste the paste as it was pushed directly down her throat. It was all she could do to swallow it without choking as the pleasure continued to crash over her wave after wave…

[As the clock continues…]

The days seemed to fly by for Kelly, and she had no idea had many of them had passed, as the pumps only stopped when Mike wanted to use her for his own personal pleasure.

The vibrator, well it never stopped. Kelly found herself in a state of constant arousal and climax.

Whenever Mike was at home, he treated her like the toy that she had asked to become. When he wanted to use her, he did. When he was upset or angry he took it out on her with the rod, the crop or the paddle.

When he was bored with her, he would use her as a foot rest as he played Xbox or just watched TV.

When he went to work she was left with the pumps running at full speed, and the vibrator set on high, and by the time he got home she was always just a mess.

Mike had to admit, he liked having Kitten at his mercy, fulfilling all of his needs and desires. But he was starting to miss having a fiancée, I mean Kitten was great, but he needed more then just a fuck toy…

Part 5: Time Runs Out

[Time Remaining: 00:01:00 — Unknown number of days later…]

Pleasure was all Kelly knew. She had lost track of all means of trying to keep track of time. All she knew was the pleasure of the dildos and the vibrator.

The wave of constant pleasure has her always at the peak and the orgasms were almost constant. Just as she was cresting a particularly powerful climax she heard three beeps… and then the pumps and the vibrator all shut themselves off.

For the first time it what felt like forever, nothing was stimulating her. Exhausted, and with no external stimulus, Kelly passed out.

[ Time Remaining: 00:00:00 — Some time later…]

As Kelly came to, she realized that although still full, the dildos and the vibrator were still turned off. Having finally got a restful amount of sleep, she was alert, and trying to figure out what had happened.

That’s when it hit her. The beeps. It was the noise the stand made when the timer ran down to 0. Kelly couldn’t believe it, she had made it. She was so excited. She waggled her feet, as it was the only movement she could make. It was then she realized that she was all alone. She stopped trying to move and focuses intently on listening for any noise… she didn’t hear anything.

Mike must be out of the house. Well, she thought to herself, she would just have to wait for him to get home.

[Time Remaining: 00:00:00 Some time later…]

Kelly jolted awake as she heard the door slam downstairs. She realized that she must have fallen asleep while waiting for Mike to get home. She could tell he was definitely home now though as she heard him talking down at the bottom of the stairs. She figured he must be on the phone, and could not wait for him to get upstairs. But as she heard him start walking up the stairs, Kelly heard something she never expected.

Another voice.

Mike was having a conversation with a real person, and they were walking up the stairs. Kelly started freaking out. She did NOT want anyone else to see her like this. She started listening more intently as Mike and the visitor made it to the top of the stairs. It seemed that Mike was telling a story, but just now was Kelly catching some words.

“… so it was like, Merry Christmas to me, ya know.” she heard Mike say.

Any response from the visitor though was drowned out by a single soft beep the Kelly heard from the base.

Hearing the beep Kelly was a little bit confused. But it was what she heard next that was even worse.

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