Evy’s Love

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Black Stockings

This story was originally posted to the Romance category under the name “Regaining Lost Ground”. It was removed from that category and substantially re-written, but the story remains the same.

My thanks to Eve2015 for beta-reading this story


“To Anchorage tonight?” Aaron repeated into his phone with a tone of disbelief, then glanced over his shoulder at his wife. Mindy was calm for now. She sat in a pool of light in an otherwise dark room and sipped tea while she worked on her laptop. “I’ll have to talk to Mindy before I can say. I know you don’t want to send Ben, but can he back me up in case I can’t go? I see.”

It was only Sunday night and already it looked like it was going to be a bad week. Aaron’s company had a construction project in Alaska that ran into trouble and they needed an experienced engineer on site. Aaron found it hard to leave his wife alone for very long and his senior partner knew that, but the stakes were high.

“Honey, we need to talk.” Aaron said. He pulled a chair into the light and sat down facing Mindy. Aaron set Mindy’s computer aside and asked “How are you feeling?”

“I’m good.” Mindy nodded. “I’ve been a little high lately–kind of off and on–but the new prescription is working better.”

Mindy’s up phase worried Aaron. They were married for three years before Mindy started showing the signs of her bipolar disorder and in the two years since she had only swung into her up phase a few times. He barely understood her condition, but one thing he knew for sure was that when Mindy was high she could be sexy and insatiable. He needed her medication to work and he needed her to take it.

“I don’t want you to skip doses.” Aaron frowned a warning at his wife. He took care of Mindy’s needs when he was home, but he worried about what might happen if he wasn’t around.

“I won’t skip. I promise.” Mindy smiled. She held up three fingers in the Girl Scout’s sign and added, “Scout’s honor. Can I help you pack?”

“Please.” Aaron answered as he stood and kissed Mindy’s forehead. “I need to get to the airport as soon as I can.”


Mindy tried to be the wife that Aaron wanted, but that sexy feeling was too seductive. She only took half her dose on Monday and she couldn’t sleep that night. On Tuesday morning she curled in their bed and inhaled the hint of her husband’s scent from his pillow. Mindy’s thighs closed around her hands while her fingers brought her to climax again.

“Oh God,” Mindy groaned aloud. She rolled on her back and watched her hand while she formed the Girl Scout sign then tasted her wet fingers. Aaron wouldn’t have the wife he wanted unless he suddenly appeared by their bed.

“Was it three weeks ago?” Mindy asked herself. She thought back to the last time that she lost control. Aaron was exhausted from trying to satisfy her and needed something to distract her. He took her to a party, hoping that the other people around might keep her mind off sex.

Aaron’s scheme backfired, but Mindy wasn’t at all embarrassed by her recollection. His friend Carl was there with his family. She pressured Carl until he gave in to her and for her the sex was good–it wasn’t enough, but it was good.

The morning passed with Mindy confused over what she was going to do and even confused over what day or time it was. Finally, she gave in to her urge and set out in the heat of early afternoon to find Carl.

Mindy hesitated at Carl’s front door and that gave Evy enough time to reach her before she rang the doorbell. “Shh.” Evy said, and motioned with her finger to her lips. “I just got Kyle down for a nap.” She didn’t know Mindy very well, but she recognized her as a friend. Evy was surprised when Mindy brushed past her, then stopped in the foyer and turned. She had never visited before and Evy wondered why she would visit now.

“Is Carl home?” Mindy asked. To Evy, Mindy looked confused, and dressed the way she was Mindy shouldn’t be asking for her husband. Mindy’s breasts moved under a gauzy blouse and Evy could see her pink aureoles through the open fabric. Mindy’s flowered skirt fell around her hips and moved around her calves in ways that made Evy wonder if Mindy wore anything at all under the skirt.

Evy shook her head and led Mindy to the kitchen where their voices wouldn’t wake Kyle. Her pint-sized terrier Nano followed along, sniffing at Mindy’s heels. “It’s Tuesday.” Evy explained and watched Mindy’s reaction. “Carl is at work, Donny’s at school and I was starting some house cleaning. You look lost. Do you need help?”

“No, no…” Mindy started. Her look of confusion faded, to be replaced with an open smile. “I thought it might be a good time for us to get to know each other. Our husbands are friends but we’ve hardly ever talked. Aaron is out of town and Carl is at work, so why not now?”

“You should have called.” Evy smiled, glad to see Mindy pull together. “I need to wash dishes and vacuum, and…”

“That’s perfect!” Mindy interrupted. Her voice Halkalı escort was hurried and a little strained. “I don’t have to do anything else, so I’ll help and we can talk.” She didn’t wait for Evy to answer. Mindy gathered the remains of Kyle’s lunch from the kitchen table. She placed dirty dishes by the sink then opened the refrigerator. Mindy stood at the door for a moment, then turned back to Evy and held up a jar of mustard. “Where does this go?”

“Third shelf down on the door.” Evy answered. She wasn’t sure what to make of Mindy but she was willing to let her help. Evy set Mindy to cleaning counters and sweeping the floor while Evy loaded the dishwasher and scrubbed the sink. Nano followed their foot steps, always optimistic that a scrap of food might fall her way.

All the time as they worked Evy watched Mindy touch herself–sometimes through her blouse, sometimes through her skirt–and wondered what was wrong with her.

Kyle woke from his nap while Mindy vacuumed, so Mindy put the vacuum cleaner away and entertained the four-year-old while Evy put towels away. Evy listened to Kyle and Mindy, unsure of who was giggling more and unwilling to interrupt until Kyle started to wind down. She found Nano’s pull toy and shook it to call the dog. When the little terrier bounced at her feet Evy gave the toy to Kyle and sent Nano and the boy to the back yard. She closed the door behind Kyle then turned to Mindy. “Coffee?” she asked.

“Sure.” Mindy said, as she caught her breath. Evy directed her to the kitchen table where they could talk while she brewed coffee.

“Are you usually a stay-at-home wife?” Evy asked. She was curious; most of the women she knew had jobs.

“Yes and no.” Mindy laughed. “I work part-time as a database manager when I can, but I usually don’t have to leave home for that. I snuggle up in my easy chair with my laptop. How about you?”

“Nurse.” Evy said with a shrug. “I work shifts when Carl can take care of the kids. I’ll go back to a regular schedule once Kyle is in school.”

Mindy scanned Evy’s firm body then asked “What keeps you in such good shape?”

“Chasing two little boys?” Evy laughed as she picked two coffee cups from the cupboard. She went on, talking while she filled the cups and started to the table, “Actually, I run.”

“I’ve never been a runner.” Mindy shrugged. “It would be good for me, but I don’t need it for weight control so I guess the motivation isn’t there. I have too much nervous energy to gain weight.” Evy set a coffee cup in front of Mindy and as she leaned forward she realized that Mindy was watching her breasts.

“Isn’t it kind of awkward,” Mindy asked, cupping her hands under own breasts, “with your boobs moving around while you run? I mean, you aren’t exactly small.”

“I keep them pretty well tied down.” Evy answered. She slipped into the chair opposite from Mindy and looked down at her own breasts. “I guess I don’t think much about the girls, especially since after two kids they’re not what they used to be. At least Carl is still pretty happy with them.”

Mindy laughed, “Aaron would like mine to be bigger, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Evy studied Mindy through her blouse and disagreed with Aaron. Mindy’s breasts weren’t big, but they were even and nicely shaped. “Men can be ridiculous sometimes.” Evy shrugged. She watched Mindy move her hand from where it rested between her thighs to pinch and tug at her nipple.

“Why do you do that?” Evy asked, and Mindy jerked her hand away. Mindy had dark hair that she tied at the back of her neck, but the front locks were too short to stay back and they fell, curving around her jaw. When Mindy looked up at Evy her hair once again framed a confused expression.

“It feels good.” Mindy admitted. “I can’t stop myself sometimes, and I don’t always know when I’m doing it.” Evy let her face relax into a smile. Mindy seemed somehow sweet and a little helpless.

“I do wish I could be more like you.” Mindy went on. “Not just tall and blond and pretty like you. I mean strong and graceful–under control.” She looked away and finished “I used to be more like that, but now I’m not.”

Evy shrugged off Mindy’s compliments. “You need someone to take care of you, don’t you.” Evy said, and leaned across the table to touch Mindy’s hand. “And that’s usually Aaron, but he’s not here.” Mindy’s need appealed to Evy; the mother in her and the nurse in her both wanted to keep Mindy safe and to make her better.

Mindy nodded. “I expect Aaron to be back on Thursday and until then I’m on my own. I’m a grown woman. I’ll be okay.”

The front door banged open and Donny–Evy’s seven-year-old–threw his back pack on the couch and called “Mommy!”

“Kitchen.” Evy called back, then turned to Mindy and stood to step around the table. She tucked her hand under Mindy’s elbow and encouraged her to stand, saying, “Thanks for your help this afternoon. It’s been fun, but I have to see to the boys Halkalı Escort Bayan and to dinner.”

Evy let Mindy go at the front door and Mindy stopped to ask, “Are you doing anything tomorrow?”

“The routine,” Evy shrugged. “Gym and grocery shopping in the morning. Kyle and the house usually keep me busy in the afternoon.”


Evy was still in her running gear Wednesday morning when she found Mindy at the grocery store. She guided her cart through a slalom course of blue crates scattered in the aisles and rounded a corner. Mindy stood with her back to Evy and a stock boy stared from the opposite end of the aisle with a foolish grin on his face. It took Evy only a second to realize what was going on.

“Kyle! Sit down here.” Evy used a tone that the boy could not ignore and motioned to the floor. She put her hand on Mindy’s shoulder to turn her around and pulled her shirt down over her bare breasts. Mindy had been flashing the stock boy. Evy rasped under her breath “Oh God, Mindy! What are you thinking? Why are you here?” She had never seen Mindy at that supermarket before.

“I came here to find you, and I found him” Mindy pointed to the stock boy. Her eyes were bright and wide with excitement. She giggled, “Showing off is such a turn-on. I love the way they stare.”

“Kyle, no!” Evy snapped. She bent to take away a cereal box that he pulled from the bottom shelf then turned back to Mindy. Her hair was disheveled and her scent was unwashed. “You really can’t take care of yourself, can you?” Evy asked, but she didn’t wait for an answer. She wrapped Mindy’s hand around her arm and told her. “Hold on to me. I have a couple things left on my list then we’ll go to my house where you won’t get into trouble.”

Evy left Kyle to play at a friend’s house, then while Mindy helped put the groceries away Evy asked “What have you had to eat today?”

“Today?” Mindy thought. “Nothing today. I haven’t been home since midnight. I was too excited to sleep.” She fixed her eyes on Evy in a way that somehow made Evy self-conscious.

“Go sit down at the table.” Evy directed. “Where did you go last night?” Evy asked. She poured Mindy a bowl of cereal and popped an English muffin in the toaster.

Mindy’s reply was hesitant at first, but her enthusiasm grew as she talked. “I went to the bus station. There are usually men there.” Evy turned to watch Mindy, afraid of what might come next. “There were two boys waiting for a connection. I took them to my car. They were pretty eager.” She motioned to her crotch. “And now I’m kind of a mess.”

“Oh, Mindy!” Evy groaned and turned away, unable to make eye contact. Mindy went on and talked with glee about how the boys shared her, and Evy’s stomach churned while she tried to sort out her feelings. Finally, Evy’s need to take care of Mindy overwhelmed her disgust at what Mindy did.

Evy looked back again with a glare. “That’s such a risk!” she hissed. “Not just for you, but for Aaron, too.” Evy paused for a moment, then asked, “This isn’t a new thing for you, is it? Are you supposed to be medicated?”

Mindy was surprised by Evy’s reaction and she pleaded, “Please don’t be mad at me!” She searched Evy’s face, then explained, “I have a prescription, but I’m not taking all I’m supposed to take.” She reached to her right breast as she talked and pinched her nipple through her shirt. “I like the sexy way I feel when I let go a little.”

Evy set breakfast in front of Mindy then stood beside her to ask, “Do you have your pills with you, or do we need to go to your place to get them?”

Mindy pushed her hand into her pocket and produced a small pill box that she popped open to show the three pills inside. Evy took the box from Mindy, then when Mindy finished her breakfast Evy led her down the hall and Nano trotted behind them.

“We’re going to get you cleaned up and back on schedule.” Evy explained as she pulled Mindy to her bathroom. She stood behind Mindy and watched in the mirror while Mindy took one of her pills, then she turned Mindy around to face her.

Evy undressed Mindy for her shower as she might undress Kyle for his bath. She told Mindy to lift her arms then pulled her shirt over her head. She unsnapped then unzipped Mindy’s pants and pushed her pants and her stained panties down around her thighs. Evy pressed Mindy back to sit on the toilet seat then knelt in front of her. She slipped Mindy’s sandals off and tugged her clothes to the floor.

Mindy dragged the hair tie off her pony tail while Evy stepped away to start the shower. She shook her hair out so it fell onto her shoulders, then Evy guided her into the spray. “Use my shower wash and shampoo and conditioner. I’ll get your clothes into the washer and then I’ll be right back.” Evy said.

Nano sat in the bathroom door, wagged her tail and cocked her ear to listen while Mindy kept up a one-sided conversation from the shower. Evy stopped outside the bedroom and heard Mindy cooing, “Are Escort Halkalı you Evy’s little girl? Is that who you are? Does she cuddle you and make you happy?” Mindy stepped from the shower to dry off and stood naked in the middle of the bedroom, silhouetted against the window. She lifted the wiggling little dog up over her head to kiss her nose and told her “That would make me happy too!”

“We need to get you something to wear.” Evy said and stepped through the door as if she heard nothing. She found Mindy a pair of flannel pajama pants and a fleece sweatshirt, then Mindy sat on the edge of the bed to dress and to dry her hair.

Evy pulled her shirt and then her sports bra over her head and dropped them on the floor. Her breasts settled into place while she pushed her running shorts and her panties down and kicked them away. Evy glanced at Mindy as she tied her hair up and realized that she probably should have been more modest. Mindy was touching herself again.

Nano waited for Evy to climb back out of the shower and dry off. The dog danced around Evy’s feet while Evy wrapped herself in a towel and smoothed lotion on her arms and legs and then on her chest. She stepped to where Mindy sat on the bed and showed her the dab of lotion in the palm of her hand.

“Give me your hands.” Evy said. She wrapped Mindy’s hands in hers and worked the lotion between Mindy’s fingers and smoothed it over her skin. Evy enjoyed Mindy’s hands and she watched Mindy’s eyes while she talked and rubbed the lotion in. “I’ll dry your clothes and fix lunch, then after Donny gets home we’ll take you back to the supermarket to get your car. That leaves us the afternoon to kill. How about a movie?”

After lunch Mindy studied Evy’s collection of movies then said, “This one.” and turned to Evy. She grinned and held out an old romantic comedy. “I saw this with Aaron before we were married and I’ve always liked it.”

Evy set the movie to play but then Mindy couldn’t settle down to watch. She cleaned the kitchen and straightened the living room until Evy complained, “Mindy, stop it. You’re busier than Kyle.”

Evy pulled Mindy onto the couch in front of her. Mindy laid her head back against Evy’s shoulder to watch the movie and tugged Evy’s arm around her like a security blanket. Evy was flushed with a sense of success from having Mindy calm and quiet in her arms. She toyed with Mindy’s hair, inhaled her warm scent and enjoyed their shared intimacy.

The credits were rolling when Evy made Mindy face her. They sat cross-legged on the couch, knee-to-knee, and talked and played with the dog between them until Evy checked the clock. “Donny will be home in twenty minutes or so.” She said. “You should change back into your own clothes. They’re dry now.” She shook her finger at Mindy, “I’m going to check on you tomorrow. You’d better take your pills on schedule.”

Late that night Evy tossed in bed with Carl beside her and Mindy still on her mind. She had never before been so needed by another woman–or so attracted to one. Evy ran her hand up from Carl’s hip and down his arm to touch his rough hand and wondered if he could relieve her, but he barely moved. She rolled away from her husband with a sigh and pushed her own fingers into her pajamas and squeezed them between her legs.


Morning came too early for Evy; she felt like she was barely asleep before Carl woke. He was always willing to get his own breakfast but Evy liked to make breakfast for her husband. She fried sausage and scrambled eggs while Carl showered, and his breakfast was ready when he reached the table.

“Ow, that’s hot!” Carl complained, and set his coffee down. He watched Evy clean the stove and asked “I’m taking Donny to karate after school, right?” Evy pulled her hair back in one hand–a nervous gesture that Carl was familiar with–and turned to look at him.

“Yeah, and could you pick Kyle up at daycare, too?” Evy asked. “It’s Thursday and he’ll be there.” Carl nodded and started to say something, but his phone rang. He talked with his office assistant and his subcontractors until the remains of his breakfast were cold.

Donny jumped down the stairs as Carl stood to leave. Evy shushed the boy then turned back to her husband. “Don’t forget to take Donny’s uniform with you. It’s by the door.”

Carl glanced toward the door and said, “Got it.” then bent to kiss Evy’s lips and searched her face. “You didn’t eat anything and you look tired.” he said. “Are you okay?”

Evy was not okay. She got Donny off to school then sat alone at the kitchen table with a cooling coffee mug between her hands and her phone beside her elbow. Nano and Kyle chased each other around the back yard and she tried to sort her thoughts over the noise they made.

“Maybe,” she told herself, “it would be best if I didn’t see Mindy again–not now, anyway.” She tipped the mug and watched the last of the black coffee swirl around the bottom. “What if she still needs me?” Evy asked, then with a shudder, “What if I need her?”

A few drops of the coffee splashed onto the table. Evy stood up from her chair and made her decision as she wiped up the little spill. She reached for her phone, then jumped and caught her breath when it rang before she touched it. Evy read the screen; Mindy was calling.

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