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I can’t fucking believe I’m doing this.

There are twelve guys in the next room waiting to fuck me. I have all but the last 3″ of a double ended 18″ dildo in my ass. I am lubing up again before I go out there in the living room. I can barely walk with this thing in me.

I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t think of myself as gay, but I discovered that I really, really like my ass fucked. Fingers, toys, and one time a huge cock from some guy I met online. But this is over the top.

I walk out into the main room and all these guys are there. This is enough guys to field a football offense plus one. They are all different sizes, both in terms of body size and dick size. I see one guy who must be 6′ 3″and another who can’t be more than 5′ 5″. One guy has a smallish looking cock, around 4″, and that one dude in the corner has a dick that must be 8″ and really thick. I do not think a regular condom is going to fit over that thing. It’s a little bigger than the biggest one (only one) I ever had.

And I am going to fuck them all.

I got into this by chatting on a site that let people from around the world let their freak fly. If this site is any indication, apparently there are a lot of sexually frustrated guys in Australia. But, I linked up with one guy who lived close to me and said he had a lake house for an upcoming weekend and wanted to get a party going. He was looking for guys to come (heh) and a theme.

I said, “What about Excalibur?”

He said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I can close my eyes and see me walking into a big room full of guys, with a huge dildo stuffed in my ass. I lay down and the first guy to pull out the dildo is King. The rest are the knights. Everyone fucks me, but the King decides the batting order.”

He didn’t write back for an hour. I thought I’d gone too far for him. I mean, I never met the guy. But, he replied with address info and a date n time, saying that if I showed up, I’d get my fantasy fulfilled.

I have only ever been with a few guys and those were one at a time. I blew three and let one of them fuck me. That was my experience before this.

I like to play but this is no game. Last night I fucked myself with my biggest toy for two hours, not letting myself cum for the first hour, then resisting the urge to pull the dildo out so I could feel what it was like to get fucked when I wasn’t as aroused because I already came. I fucked myself with that thing until I got hard and came again, just from the prostate stimulation.

I can’t wait to be double stuffed.

I lay down on the ottoman in the middle of the room on my back and spread my legs. No one said a word. Then, I wiggled the end of the dildo that was sticking out of my ass and said, “Where is my King?”

One guy stepped forward. He was about as tall as me (6′ even) but thin. His dick was about 6″ but kinda thick, like mine. He said, Bayrampaşa Escort “Lay back and let me claim my kingdom!” I let my head drape over the back of the ottoman and grabbed my ankles. Upside down I could see five of them rubbing their cocks and watching as the King grabbed the dildo and slowly, slowly pulled it from my asshole. They started hooting and cheering when they saw how much of it there was. Finally, the head popped out of me. He immediately slapped the thing over my belly, surprising me. Then he poured some lube onto (and into) my ass. He used his finger to push some lube in, then two fingers.

I said, “King, I am yours. What is your bidding?”

He said, “You stop talking and just hold still. The rest of you are going to fuck him before I do, smallest dicks to biggest.”

The first guy was nervous and I needed to suck him for a minute before he was hard enough. Once I got him going, he kept me on my back and slipped his dick between my ass cheeks, rubbing the head up and down my asshole and making sure everything was lubed up. When he pushed his dick into me it felt really good but a little ticklish, given the monster size of the dildo that had just been removed. He used slow, long strokes for the first half minute, then started going harder and faster. We had all agreed ahead of time that we would be using condoms, and his started to slip and slide a little. I could feel it tugging. The other guys were all watching and cheering like this was a football game on TV. When he came, he pushed super hard into me and grabbed my legs to pin me down. I made some noises that he seemed to like, based on how his cock twitched.

When he was done he pulled out. The next guy was right behind him, rubbing himself. He told me to get on my knees and bend over the ottoman. So I did. He then just shoved his cock into my ass, all at once, without warning. I yelped and he said, “Somebody get their cock in his mouth and shut him up!” Suddenly there was a dick in my face. I let him put it in my mouth and he immediately started to fuck my face. I was getting tag teamed and I loved it. I came on the towel that was draped over the ottoman as he fucked me.

Now I could see three other guys watching and stroking their cocks in anticipation of their turns. Being looked at with such raw lust was exhilarating. The guy fucking my ass started going hard, his fingertips digging into my hips. The guy fucking my face just let my mouth slide over him to the rhythm the other guy was setting. When the guy in my ass came, he drilled his dick into me and held it there deep. A moment later the guy fucking my face grabbed my head and started to cum. They both squeezed into me as far as they could go.

They both pulled out of me at the same time. I realized that the King had been issuing instructions to the guys but I didn’t hear what he said. The really big guy came over and told Bayrampaşa Escort me to stand up, so I did. He picked up the ottoman and moved it out of the way. He then laid down on his back on the carpet and told me to ride him cowgirl style. I licked and sucked his dick for a minute, gently petting his balls. Then I climbed up onto him, straddling his hips. I was about to impale myself on his cock when someone behind me reached between my ass cheeks and applied more lube. It seemed like he was using a lot of lube, pushing some into my asshole with his fingers (two at a time). When he was done, I sat on the big guy’s dick. It sank in easily but it felt great. He told me to bounce on his dick and push down onto him with my ass. I started to ride him, leaning back and letting his cock penetrate me as much as it could. When I leaned forward and kissed the big guy under me, I found out what the instructions had been from the King.

Two other guys walked over to us. One went to where my head was and presented his dick to be sucked. I started blowing him nice and slow, holding a similar rhythm with the guy under me. Then, the big guy wrapped his arms around my chest and held me down, pinned to him. I felt the third guy put his hand on my back, and his other hand was caressing around my asshole, stroking the big guy’s dick and my ass at the same time. Then he slid a finger into my ass next to the dick that was already there. I wasn’t expecting that and I was about to pull the dick out of my mouth and ask what he was doing, but just then the King whispered in my ear, “Don’t forget, you do not speak.” Then the third guy put two fingers in me in addition to the cock. Suddenly he whipped his fingers out fast, then I felt the head of his dick pushing at my asshole next to the first one. I was about to be double penetrated! Triple if you count the one in my mouth.

I almost balked at this. I was a little scared. But, I decided that if all those porn people could do it, so could I. The feeling of stretching as the third guy pushed his dick into my ass, squeezing past the first dick, was incredible. It hurt, but not as bad as I had feared. It took him a minute to get it all the way in but he made it. I was officially fucking three guys at once.

Things got a bit blurry after that. Dicks came and got replaced. I even got moved onto my back and had my legs up in the air again. I was starting to wonder if the big dick guy was still around, as I hadn’t encountered him yet. The guy fucking my ass came loudly and held inside me hard. The slutty noises and moaning in the room helped him along. Most of them were coming from me.

Then he pulled out and no one came over to replace him. I laid there for a moment with my eyes closed, catching my breath. Then the King said, “All right, now it’s my turn.” He came around to me and pushed my legs back, displaying my very stretched asshole. Escort Bayrampaşa He looked at it and smiled. He lined up his cock and slid into me easily. He just had me lay there and let him fuck me for about two minutes before he looked off to the side and said, “Go ahead and do it” to someone I couldn’t see.

Then the guy with the horse cock came over and squatted over my face, putting his balls by my mouth. I opened my mouth and started to lick them and suck them a little when he pulled away. He shifted and leaned over me like he wanted to see the King fucking me. Turns out what he really wanted was a blowjob. With me on my back and him sticking that huge cock in my mouth. I licked the head as he presented it and tried to grab a hold of his shaft to control how hard he went, but suddenly two other guys who had already had me grabbed my arms and pinned them to the ground. Mr. big dick was gentle for the most part, but I was still gagging whenever he tried to push into my throat.

Then the King announced that he was cumming. He pumped faster, jiggling my ass and the rest of my body with his thrusts. When he pulled out, the big dick in my mouth was withdrawn as well. But, before I could wonder if it was over, the horse cock guy came around to my ass and wanted his turn there. He kept me on my back on the floor. It still stung a little as he pushed his dick into me, and he was not gentle. He railed that thing in and out of me, penetrating me past where anyone else had been. I was moaning and cooing like I’d seen in porn, and I felt like I understood why those people looked so cheesy. Sometimes, you have to be there.

After what seemed like forever, the big dick started to twitch in my ass. I could feel it swell as he came. He made one last deep push, his balls twitching against my outer asshole. Then, finally, he pulled out. I thought we were done, and I was almost right.

The King came over with the huge dildo I had brought. “Time to put this back!” he said. Then he lubed it up, rubbed the excess on what was left of my ass, and slid it in about halfway. Then he told me to just lay there and look around. I was on display, legs spread, a dildo in my ass, and the guys were alternating between the sideshow fucking that had broken out around us and looking at me like I was some perverted art display.

I was stunned. My ass was sore and twitching around the dildo. Guys were sucking each other, fucking each other in all kinds of ways. My dick was hard again and I started to stroke myself when the King came over and said, “You don’t have to do that yourself” and started stroking my dick. He licked the tip and slid my dick into his mouth, without a condom. He sucked me until I started to make noise that I was cumming, and he pulled off my dick and stroked it short and fast. I came all over his fist and my belly, my asshole spasming around the dildo as I did.

Guys started getting dressed and going outside. I slid the dildo out slowly, sighing as I did. I laid it on the ottoman and just laid back down on the floor for a minute. They left me to rest for a bit, then I finally got up and decided to find my own clothes and go outside for a cigarette. I felt like I had earned it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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