Fabienne and June Ch. 07

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The decision about what to do with the lawyers was not an easy one.

On one side was the position taken by Elle in a text to me:

“They are bastards, Fabienne, you should fight them. Mum thinks the same. We can organise a petition. Stand up to them!”

June had made a similar point in so far as it was unfair of the school to paint me as a predator. It was clear that they were discriminating against me because I was a lesbian.

As Mrs Pritchard pointed out at our pre-meeting before seeing Mrs Gordon and the school’s lawyer:

“It’s up to you, Fabienne. You have a good case. This is what I am going to tell their lawyer. Run your eyes over it.”

Mrs Pritchard had found four points where the school had broken the law and its own HR policies, and she was asking for monetary compensation for loss of earnings, a good reference, and a promise that they would, in future, abide by their own rules.

“My suspicion is they will roll over. It is open and shut – if you agree not to take it any further. But if you want to, well they will fight. Is there anything I need to know?”

Though they had no evidence that I had been sleeping with Elle, I had (though not much actual sleeping had been involved). Though she had seduced me, I was the older woman, her teacher, and it would be easy to portray me as a predator. I was a foreigner, one of colour at that, and while I had a case, would it be wise to press it?

These were questions I had skirted around with Mrs Pritchard, mainly because of a guilty conscience, But as she had asked, I had to answer:

“Is it covered by client/lawyer privilege?”


I told her about Elle and Anne.

“And so what do YOU want, Fabienne?”

“To settle. I don’t want to be a martyr, nor do I want to drag others into this. It may be that if I sue them, I will win because they have no evidence, but if they were to dig and find some?”

She looked at me.

“Bless you. I can see the conflict in your eyes, but if you want my view, even without what you have just told me, it would be wise to settle. The alternative is a long, drawn-out process which you would win, but which would drag on for months. Shall we get this over with? I will make sure they pay for it.”

I sighed with relief.

“So you don’t think I am being a coward?”

“No, I don’t, I think you are in a difficult position. Nothing you did with Elle was illegal, but should it get out then it will be misinterpreted, and much harm could be done. There are times to fight and hills to die on; this is not the time, nor is it the hill.’

Her smiled reassured me.

Mrs Gordon seemed almost embarrassed when she and her (male) lawyer came in.

Mrs Pritchard had already let him see the outlines of our settlement. He hummed and hawed.

“If, and it is a big if, we were to agree to this, would your client regard this as a final settlement of any claims? We should want that in writing.”

“If, and it is a big if, you were to agree to it and give her a strong reference, she might agree to put what you want in writing.”

Mrs Pritchard parried his thrust neatly,

There was a bit more legal fencing, but it was clear to me from the get-go that the school knew it was on weak ground and just wanted to get off without damage. He asked for a moment to consult Mrs Gordon. We let them leave and waited until he knocked.

“We agree to your terms. Three month’s salary in lieu, payment in full to Mrs Jerome, a good reference, and your client will agree in writing that this is a full and final settlement?”

Mrs Pritchard looked at me. I nodded.

“And you pay all costs?”

He looked at Mrs Gordon, who nodded.

And that was that. Done.

Once they had gone, Mrs Pritchard smiled.

“That went well, and if you are thinking that they seemed relieved, they were, but I know that slippery character, and they would have put an investigator onto this if you had decided to fight. Well done. I am told by Ali that she’s offered you a job?”

I grinned with relief.

“Thank you so much. Yes, she has.”

“She wanted you to ring her when this was done, you can do so now, I’ll leave.”

I rang. Ali answered. I told her what had happened.

“You escort sound relieved.”

“I am. But there is something you need to know.”

“What, that you and one of the students did have an affair?”


“I just did, and I knew when I offered you the job. Look, I trust you, Fabienne, so don’t worry. But you were wise to settle. If I knew, others would have found out.”

I discovered later that one of the women at the club where Elle and I had been knew Ali and had told her. In a way it was another source of relief. I had made the right decision – and so had Ali. At least I was determined that I would show that was the case.

I thanked Mrs Pritchard, who said that she would deal with what she called the “tidying up.”

Walking away, I realised that I was free. For the next few months I should be paid, but apart from the minor commitment at St Bede’s, I was free to be with June. It struck me, as I walked along the rover path back to Wolfie’s, that I’d phrased that in an interesting way.

I needed to sort out Paris. I could give notice on my apartment, and to the school in Genvilliers, and then tell my family. Then what?

I was, I realised, deciding to recast the course of my life totally. That seemed too profound a thought for a week-day afternoon. My feet seemed to have travelled of their own accord to the Cathedral. I knew June would be busy. I had texted that “the deed was done” and received a “I love you xxx” text back. I needed to talk to Penny, and to Elle and Anne. The former would, I thought, be delighted that she would be paid in full and for longer than she could have anticipated. Elle would, I knew, be disappointed, but I was sure she would understand. I was, however, not sure that I understood.

I found myself in the Lady Chapel. I had wanted to see the tomb of Bede, and not realised it was in the ancient Norman Lady Chapel. Mid-afternoon it was empty. I sat. I looked at the austere modern statue of the Virgin, and of a sudden, it seemed to me that I was one with all those women who had sat here for nearly a thousand years. It felt as though it was embracing me, comforting me, womblike. I closed my eyes and knelt. I felt a wave of calm pass through me. From somewhere in my past I found myself saying the Rosary prayer for Tuesdays – the Sorrowful mysteries. There was in them a comfort.

I knelt for what seemed both a moment and an age, and, on rising, felt lighter.

As I walked out, I saw Jen. She smiled.

“I heard from Ali. All is good. What are you doing here?”

“Good,” I said, “I am doing good.”

She looked at me.

“I’d say so. We can’t keep meeting like this,” she giggled, “would you care for a coffee and some cake?”

“Love to,” I said eagerly.

As we sat, I told her what had just happened to me.

She looked at me.

“Don’t try to analyse or explain, Fabienne, accept it – for the forgiveness it brings.”

That, I realised, was it. That was why I felt lighter.

Jen asked me about how it had gone with the lawyers, and knowing it would be a good way of letting Ali know, I told her everything, including what I had done with Elle.

“That worries you?”

“It did, but I feel lighter now.”

“You judge yourself too harshly. From what you have told me there was no exploitation, and love, well love has to respect legal boundaries, but what you and she did was from love as well as lust. Stop beating yourself up. That is what others are for.”

I blurted out what June and I were doing. She grinned broadly.

“You don’t think we’re mad?”

“Love is sometimes said to be a form of madness,” Jen said. “After all, it rests on an act of ultimate faith, as indeed my own Faith does. I cannot prove God loves me. But I can feel it. I cannot prove Ali loves me. But I can feel it. That is faith. Is it any different for you and June?”

“No,” I said, “I adore her, and I trust her.”

“What more is there?” Jen smiled at me and held my hand. “All you can do is trust, and beyond that, well that’s what faith, with a big or small F is.”

The mood of unease, even dis-ease, which had settled on me in the solicitor’s office had, thanks to the Lady Chapel and Jen, quite disappeared bursa eve gelen escort by the time I got back to the restaurant.

June looked concerned.

“Darling, I was worried. You went off radar. You, okay?”

I nodded and flung myself into her arms.

It felt good to be pressed in against her breasts, and to feel her hands stroke my hair. She whispered:

“We’ve got a couple of hours before we open again… come back with me?”

I wasn’t sure if it was a question of a command, but it surely was an invitation I did not want to miss. I hugged her tight and simply said:


Her passion stoked mine, and by the time we got back home every part of me wanted her.

She looked into my eyes as she closed the door.

I had thought I had known what would happen next, but I surprised myself.

I looked back at her and smiled.

“Upstairs, now!”

She looked surprised – but went.

I loved watching her bum as she walked ahead of me upstairs, Her skirt was short enough to tease, but not short that it spoiled the surprise.

“Strip for me, June. I adore you!”


“But nothing, do it!”

She grinned and looked again at me, pulling her tee-shirt up and off, messing her hair and showcasing her lacy white bra with their delicious contents. Her heavy breathing made her breasts move delicately. I could see her nipples hardening. Smiling at me, she unzipped her skirt and, as she bent to pick it up, moved her breasts provocatively so they swayed.

Standing there in her bra and knickers, she was so gorgeous and sexy that I wanted nothing more than to devour her on the spot. But I didn’t.

“Bra!” I said, smiling and licking my lips as she unclasped it, releasing those perfect breasts, and giving them a shake before cupping them and playing with her nipples which were reddening and hard.

“You are so sexy,” I said.

“You like?”

“Darling, you have the most perfect breasts of anyone I have ever met.”

She grinned.

“Suck my nipples then!”

I was the perfect height for that.

I loved the sensations created in me by sucking her nipple, and I could sense what it was doing to her.

June sighed heavily.

My hand slipped between her thighs and patted there; her knickers were damp. As my fingers slipped under the dampness, she moaned, and when I pressed two fingers against her, it got louder.

I looked up.

“Wet for me?”

“Fuck, yes!” She whimpered.

I patted her pussy.

“Who does this belong to?”

“You, you, it belongs to you!”

I could see her eyes were clouding with lust.

I curled the two fingers up into her, parting her gooey wetness; she rose on her toes.

“Oh, oh fuck!”

“You are MINE!” I said, in a throaty whisper.

“Yes, yes!”

“Yes, what?”

Our eyes met.

“Yes Miss!”

I grinned.

“For now, yes! But I am yours too – Miss!”

She moaned, but then as my fingers had begun to work inside her, that was hardly surprising.

I sucked on her nipples as I thrust my fingers into her; she pressed back against the wall. There were times when my height was just perfect.

I thrust hard, making her rise, and at the same time, used my lips and tongue to pleasure her breasts. As I pushed in and out, the lower part of my palm pressed against her clit, which made her squirm onto my hand.

I looked up.

“You are going to have to ask to cum. You know that?”

June looked down, her face flushed.

“Yes, Miss!” She gasped.

As she said that, I pushed in, the flat of my hand pressing against her clit as my fingers found her special place. I sucked hard on her right nipple, scratching it with my teeth.

I could sense the tension rise in her – it was in me, and that connection of ours was never wrong.

My teeth teased and scratched her nipples as I fingered her deep and passionately. I loved her moans and knew what was coming.

“Fuck, please, please Miss, can I cum?” June moaned loudly,

“Yes,” I said, as my hand pressed home.

She shuddered. I felt her grip my fingers tightly as she came. As her nectar soaked into my hand, I sighed görükle escort with satisfaction. She moaned and continued to clench.

“Fuck fuck, fuck,” she groaned.

I stayed with her and looked up.

“I love you June,” I said, moving my fingers slowly, which produced more moaning.

“You too,” she whimpered, “where did that…”

“I wanted you.”

“That was so, well, SO.”

I looked into her eyes, withdrawing my fingers and offering them to her.

She opened her mouth and sucked.

Then I kissed her.

We collapsed together onto the sofa.

“Don’t worry,” I said.

“About what?”

“My wanting to be your Mistress.”

She blushed.

“It’s just…”

“Well, you know that cupboard space you offered me, did you know that was where the collar and lead had ended up?”

She blushed furiously.

“It’s okay,” I said, “tell me as little or as much as you like, it does not matter unless you think it would help us. I know you like your lover to take control sometimes.”

“So do you,” she said.

“Well,” I responded, “we are alike. But what I meant my love was that yes, you can be mine whenever you need, and that will never not mean I am yours – no Mistresses and subs here except when one of us needs.”

June leaned in and kissed me.

“Thank you for understanding.”

“It’s okay. Just know this my love, that the one thing I could not do is to hurt you.”

“What,” she smiled, not even spank me?”

She pouted. I laughed.

“Oh a good spanking is well on the cards for you being such a cheeky girl, but I meant real hurt. I couldn’t, well…”

“I know,” she kissed me, “and I am glad. That was where it went wrong before. She, well, she wanted more and, well, that was not where I could go, and so…”

“I understand,” I said, hugging her tightly. “We will go only where we wish to go together. After all, it’s not like I don’t enjoy being spanked.”

“Fabienne, can I ask you something?”

From the shift in tone, I could see that she was about to ask something important.

“Of course, but if it is the question about whether, having always had more than one lover, can I be satisfied only with you, let me save you the trouble.”

“How did you know?”

“Many seem tempted by me, darling, and I am tempted by fewer anyway, though a desire to please can lead me further than I sometimes meant to go. But this, us, is about you and me, and for that, I can be a good, and a loyal girl.”

“Thank you!”

She kissed me and for a while we kissed and cuddled on the sofa.

Eventually she asked what time was. I told her.

“Geez, we’ve only got an hour before we need to be back.”

“Well maybe you need to shower,” I giggled.


I watched as she dashed upstairs.

I never got tired of seeking her naked. Erotic poetry in motion.

While she showered, I washed and told her about the agreement.

As she dried herself, declining my “help” on the ground we now only had forty minutes, she told me that she thought I’d made the right decision.

“Are you sure you want…”

“To commit to you, to us, yes!”

It was a good job that we had to go, as otherwise, the bra and knickers she had just put on would have been whipped off and I’d have taken her again. I told her that.

“You’re good for a girl’s morale, darling!”

“If bad for her morals,” I quipped.

We dressed for work and took ourselves off.

Wolfie asked how it had gone and was suitably pleased.

Fortunately, at least from the point of view of my energy, if not the tips and takings, it was a quieter night, but to my delighted surprise, Elle and Anne came in.

“We thought we’d have a quick bite – but also see how you were.”

I took the order and then the food. June told me to take a break and sit with them.

It was so nice to see them, and I appreciated their concern.

Elle was very emotional.

“It was so unfair, Fabienne, I still wish you’d have fought the cunts.”

“That’s unfair on cunts,” Anne joked.

That cut the atmosphere and we all laughed.

June joined us with the coffees.

“Oh Teach, I’ll miss you at school. Amy sends this,” and with that she kissed my cheek, “but we all agree on one thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“That you and June here make the cutest couple!”

Anne grinned.

“And if you ever want a third…” she smiled at June.

“I am a one woman woman,” she said, hugging me, “and this is my woman.”

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