Falling into slavery: Chapter 5

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I couldn’t believe the evidence that was in my hand. Monica would never cheat on me. Like I’d never chat on her, but I did, with or own thirteen year old daughter.

I was stunned, I had been working to get away from the sins I committed just a week before. But what was a working to move toward; a fallacy of a marriage? I didn’t need this right now.

I put the soiled panties back in the hamper and went back to bed with my cheating wife. But how could I be mad at her, I had done the same thing. No, I had done something worse.

I didn’t sleep well. I woke sore and lethargic. Until I could decide what to do I acted like nothing was wrong. I kissed my wife goodbye when she left for work; I dropped Elli of at school and went to work like normal.

A couple hours into I received a text from s number I want familiar with. It simply stated, “you’re sick go home”

“Who is this?” I responded.

“Your Goddess” Oh fuck, Sarina must have got my number when she was playing with my phone.

“I can’t get away from work, sorry.” I didn’t need to be around her until I decided on what I was going to do about my wife. My wife’s indiscretion could push me back to where I didn’t want to be with Sarina.

“I’m sure you’ll find a way.” Sarina’s message had a photo attached. One that made my stomach turn; it was an image of me fucking Elli. You could distinctly see one of my tattoos and Elli’s birthmark on her arm.

I was frozen in fear. For what seemed like forever I just stared at the image on my phone.

I packed up my stuff and told my boss I want feeling well. The anxiety of the situation must have made me look as bad as I felt. My boss even asked if I wanted someone to drive me home, to which I declined.

Once in my car I texted the Black bitch back, “On my way home, please don’t show that to anyone I could get in big trouble.”

Sarina didn’t reply and I drove home. The front door was unlocked when I got there. The plump demon was sitting on the couch watching a video on the 64″ flat screen of me violating my daughter. The video was set to replay.

I stood there in horror, over and over and over the video played. It showed me at the lowest point of my life. Each time the video ended with Sarina laughing while humiliating me, “Was that a good 43 seconds for you? Now get dressed and get the fuck out you worthless faggot.”

Sarina had already seen me come in, she wanted the fullness of the position she had me in to set in before she addressed me, “Strip faggot and get you Goddess.”

I needed this to end before it got worse, “How much do you want to gaziantep escort kızlar delete this video and just go away?”

“I don’t think you understand your place slave. You chose to serve me as your Goddess. I’m just making sure you follow through. If you resist me, this video goes to your wife. If you continue to resist, it goes to the cops. Now get out of your clothes your worthless white piece of trash.” Get voice was commanding without yelling.

I looked back to the video replay itself again and then to my blackmailer’s face. I didn’t have much choice besides going to prison and running my family’s life. So I started unbuttoning my shirt. This Black teen held all the cards.

Once nude I approached her, got on all fours and planted one light kiss on each foot. I looked up at the wondering what she wanted from blackmailing me.

She rose to her feet and said, “Stay.” She walked over to her bag, dug around and pulled out a black dog collar and lead. She came back and affixed the collar around my neck and attached the lead.

She gave a tug and stated walking. I was smart enough to understand what she wanted, so I followed without standing. She walked me into a more open area of the living room, “Spread your legs a bit.” I complied. “You refused an order earlier and I need you to know, while expected, it was still wrong. So you will now be punished.”

She dropped the lead and walled behind me. I dared not look in fear of what the punishment was going to be. Her foot came into full contact with my balls shooting pain through my body. I rolled into a ball clutching my assaulted testicles.

My anger lashed out before I could stop it, “You fucking bitch!” I realized my mistake before she took action, “I’m sorry Goddess, I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry.”

She grabbed my hair and pulled me back onto all fours. She spread my legs with her foot. Then another, harder, kick to the balls. I collapsed to the floor again but before I could grasp my balls she struck me with and even harder kick to the testis.

“You will learn your place as an inferior white boi, I’ll make sure of that.” Her words sounded of disgust ending in a hint of pride. She went and sat on the couch, “When you’re done clutching your useless balls crawl over her faggot.” She changed the TV from the molestation of my young daughter to a pay per view of porn.

Eventually I made my way over to kneel in front of the woman controlling my life. After sitting for a few minutes Sarina spoke up, “On all fours.” Which I did. She repositioned me with her feet and then rated her feet on my back. She turned me into a foot stool.

At least I could watch the porn out of the cornet of my eye. It was interracial lesbian sex, white girls with fake tits getting fucked by beautiful Black Women with strapon.

By the second scene both Sarina and I had the same idea; I just couldn’t act upon it. The plump Goddess stood and took off her shorts and panties, sat back down and put one for on me while spreading her legs. She then started rubbing her pussy.

Monica’s grunts and moans of pleasure got more frequent when the white girls were being fucked roughly. The second scene included a Black Woman brutally fisting a poor white girl’s cunt and ass at the same time.

The Black Goddess using me as a piece of furniture must have really liked it. Her hand moved rapidly across her clit, her leg resting on me tensed up and she exploded in a powerful orgasm that included spraying her cum all over me and the carpet in front of the TV.

She rested a minute before turning around on the couch and getting on her knees. It was looking like she was about to ask me to fuck her. This blackmail thing might not be all bad.

I was not expecting the next words out of her mouth, “Faggot, come worship my divine Black Ass. And I better not feel your mouth or tongue on my pussy bitch.”

I moved from my place as her foot stool and knelt behind her. My muscles were sore from being in the same position for the past half hour plus. I wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted so I guessed.

I began to kiss her ass, literally. I kissed everywhere on her cheeks. She got frustrated, “Stop that pansy ass shit. I didn’t say make love to my ass, I said worship my ass. Spread my cheeks and lick my ass hole you stupid white faggot, gawd do I have to treat you like a child?”

I was stunned by her desire; I didn’t think real people did that kind of thing. Of course I didn’t think real people fucked their daughters. She took a fist full of my hair and shoved my face into her ass crack. “Worship your Goddess, stiff your tongue as far as you can up my ass.” She released her grip on me, “You have a lot to learn slave.”

I did my best to please her. I pretended her ass was a pussy. If I made her happy she might decide to not show anyone the video of my perverted indiscretion.

She shifted her position on the couch a bit, I didn’t date remove myself from between her ass. Then I felt her feet on my hard dick. I didn’t realize I was still hard. Some part of me must have liked what u was doing to this sixteen year old BBW.

I instinctively thrust my hips from the attention my cock was receiving. She didn’t get upset with the thrust because she continued to play with my hard on with her bare feet. So I thrust again, then again. Soon I was fucking her soft Black feet while I rimmed her ass.

Sarina sensed I was getting close to cumming, “When you cum I want you to jerk your little boi juice of onto my feet.”

From between her cheeks I mumbled, “Yes Goddess.”

It wasn’t long before I pulled my face away from her ample ass and stated to tug on my own cock. Sarina to the opportunity to degrade me while I was nearing my orgasm high, “You’re a sick fuck white boi, you’re jerking it from eating an under aged girls ass out.” My first rope of cum shot out landing on her feet. “Make it good faggot,” The second rope landing, “this is going to be the last time you get to cum for a while.” The third and fourth shot hitting their mark.

My white body shook with pleasure. The Black Goddess didn’t let me ride the high for very long, “You know the drill faggot, clean your nasty white boi ooze off my divine feet.”

Compared to eating her ass for almost a half hour, licking up my own cum off the bottoms of her feet was easy. There was a good amount of jizz and I didn’t want to miss any, so I took my time licking her feet clan.

Once she was satisfied she turned back to sit properly on the couch. She smiled wickedly, her white teeth contrasting against her dark complexion. She pointed toward her bag, “Next to my bag is a box, go get it.” I stood and moved in that direction, “It’s in black wrapping paper.”

I picked up the package and returned to kneel beside her. Still grinning she motioned, “Open it.”

The wrapping paper quickly came off; the box was opened soon thereafter. Inside was a bubble wrapped metal contraption. I looked puzzled at Sarina.

“It’s a gift for you from me, or rather is a gift for me that you paid for. Which reminds me, you’re gonna see a few charges on your credit card. Let’s put it on you.” Sarina was the most excited I had ever seen her.

“What is it Goddess?” I was still confused at the device and now a bit annoyed that she stole my credit card information.

“It’s a chastity device.” She took the box and removed the device from its wrapping. It took a while for her to get it on me. My balls were bound, my shaft suck in a cage with a curved rod uncomfortably shoved up my urethra.

“Interesting,” I commented looking down at my caged groin, “can we take it off now Goddess?”

She laughed, “Yeah right, stupid fucking white boi.” She reached down and put a small dog tag in the shape of a spade on the chastity device next to the small pad lock.

The tag read, “Property of Goddess Sarina.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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