Family Assets

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Warning: This story contains body part transformation. If this is not something you are interested in, please do not read this story. Thanks!

All characters are 18 or older.


The Wilson family had once been a fairly normal family. While their father had passed away some years previous, Leyna lived with her three children. Scarlett had just graduated college and returned home to live with Mom while looking for a job. Jeff opted to stay at the family home while attending community college, and Zoe only had one semester left to graduate high school. Leyna cherished the time she had to spend with her children, knowing it wouldn’t be too long before the three of them moved on.

One Saturday night, Leyna had decided to go for a night drive through the country. While driving, she reminisced about the times she and her late husband had driven the same roads twenty years earlier. While driving, Leyna saw a shooting star. She decided to make a wish – “I wish my children could stay a part of my life forever.”

The next day, Leyna, Jeff, and Zoe spent the day living their own lives. No one had seen Scarlett, but that wasn’t too odd for her. Leyna did have more trouble than usual getting her top on that morning, thinking her breasts were bigger than usual. Leyna didn’t pay that much mind, though. The three gathered to play board games, a staple of a the Wilson family’s Sunday nights. Still no Scarlett. Odd, but not too odd, Leyna concluded with a sigh. She knew her children would grow up some day.

The next morning, Scarlett barged into her mother’s room. Scarlett told some odd story about feeling like she had turned into someone’s tits. Her mother’s, to be precise. While Leyna thought Scarlett had come up with some crazy story, neither Jeff nor Zoe showed up for breakfast. Leyna’s thighs and butt did seem to have grown a couple sizes as well.

The Wilson family quickly figured out what had been happening – Leyna’s children would turn into different parts of her body each day. Whatever part her kids would turn into would grow larger. Multiple cup sizes, a few more inches on her pants – her children now seemed destined to fill out her body. What the Wilson children didn’t know was why. Leyna knew. She knew her wish had turned into her children’s curse. At least there was a silver lining – she might get to spend more time with her kids.

The days stretched into weeks as the Wilsons tried to get used to their new situation. Leyna and whichever of her children that got transformed into parts of her body could “think” to each other and communicate that way. Her children also gained the ability to see and hear from their position on their mother’s body. While no one in the family understood why this happened, they were all grateful. These new skills allowed Leyna to keep her children more comfortable, as much as she could. Eventually, though, this somehow started to become their new normal. Leyna started looking forward to spending time with her kids, even in this bizarre way. They’ll say humans could get used to anything, and the Wilson family was proof enough.


Leyna woke up tossing and turning, and took a glance at her alarm clock. 5:29, just moments before the alarm would start blaring. She turned off the alarm and moved to get out of bed. She threw the sheet off, revealing her naked body to the cold. Since the Incident, Leyna started sleeping in the nude. Scarlett had once merged with her ass and destroyed her favorite pair of pajamas. She wouldn’t let that happen again.

Leyna was excited (but couldn’t let her children know!) to see what her children had transformed into today. She could feel her more voluptuous body, knowing today would be a good day. Leyna walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. She saw her tits were bigger than normal and one of her children was going to spend their day attached to her chest. She could tell Jeff had merged into her breasts due to a few specific freckles on her left boob. She squeezed Jeff, happy they could spend the day together.

She took a step back and immediately recognized Scarlett dangling between her legs. Scarlett’s bright red hair was now her pubic hair and Scarlett herself had become a six inch penis and a pair of plump balls. Leyna knew Scarlett’s party was supposed to be tonight and she would be disappointed to find that she had turned into a body part of her mother, let alone her cock and balls.

Leyna quickly checked for Zoe, but didn’t see anywhere that she could be. Ah well, she though. She had loved when all three of her children had become part of her body and they got to spend all day together. Too bad, she thought. Jeff and Scarlett spending the day with her would make this a great day.


Jeff woke to the feeling of hot water rushing over his body. Jeff panicked at first, thinking that he was going to drown in his own bed somehow. Jeff then felt a pair of soft hands, rubbing over… all of him?

“Good morning honey,” Şerifali Escort Leyna cooed. Jeff realized he had transformed into some part of his mom. Even though this had been happening for months, first waking up is still a confusing experience.

“Good morning mom,” he replied. Even as part of his mom, Jeff and his sisters still had most of their senses. They still looked like regular body parts (other than their personal flair, like his freckles or Scarlett’s hair), but could still see, hear, and touch. He couldn’t talk but they could “talk” telepathically with his mom or any of his other siblings, if they were both merged with his mom’s body.

Jeff took a glance at the mirror mounted in the shower. He came face-to-face (or tit-to-tit?) with his mother’s massive breasts. Jeff felt elated. He had not gotten merged with his mother much recently. Jeff’s favorite part of his mother was her breasts, and getting to live a day as her bosom was something he always loved.

As Jeff woke up and grew happy hanging off his mother’s chest, he started perking up. He had some control over her breasts and he liked to keep them as perky as possible. He was still a man, after all, and he had always loved big boobs.

Jeff looked down and saw his mom’s cock. He chuckled when he saw the red pubic hair, knowing it was Scarlett. He smiled, he know today would be a great day.


“Good morning honey,” Scarlett heard from way above her. She tried looking around to see what had happened. Scarlett saw a soapy bathtub beneath her and thick thighs on each side of her. Her mom clarified “You’re my cock and balls today Scarlett. I’ve already called Angela to provide… personal services that you love so much. For you and Jeffie here.” Leyna gave her chest a little shake.

Scarlett laughed. “Mom, you don’t have to call it ‘personal services’. Its just a blowjob and getting your tits sucked. And we all know you love it as much as we do.” Scarlett saw her mom start to blush in the mirror and started laughing again.

“Scarlett, you know mom gets embarrassed when you start talking like that.”

“Jeffie, if she wants to go get her dick sucked before work then she can say that. I’m her cock, not her priest, she doesn’t have to beat around the bush.”

“Beat around your bright red bush?”

“Both of you, Jeff, Scarlett, knock it off!”

Scarlett felt her mom start washing her. Scarlett knew, though. She could feel her mom’s blood rushing through her. Despite her mom’s puritan views on sex before her children started hanging from her crotch, her mom really enjoyed the dirty talk. Let alone the blowjob later. Its amazing what having your daughter as a dirty talking cock can do.


Leyna finished dying herself off, listening to her kids throw barbs at each other the entire time. She loved her kids but having them around for a full day could get a bit old sometimes. The playful bickering only stopped when she was drying her children, but it started up again very soon.

“You know I’m a better cock than you!” Scarlett threw out. “I’m bigger than you ever are and mom loves my red pubes!”

“Well you know that mom likes having me around more!” Jeff returned. “You’ve always been such a slut! You make mom deal with how horny you are! Its not fair to her!”

“Ha, you think mom doesn’t love having me as a cock? I’ve helped give her the best sex life she could ever-” Scarlett got interrupted by their mom shaking her hips around.

“Jeffie, Scarlett, I love both of you. You’re both amazing as my penis, vagina, breasts, butt, wherever any of you show up.”

“I love you too, mom. It’s nice to spend more-” “Yeah bro, we know you’re a momma’s boy, let’s get a move on.”

Leyna took this as an opportunity to head downstairs to start making breakfast. As she walked down the stairs, her tits and cock bounced around. Leyna felt so dirty with her massive boobs bouncing around, but all of her children hated being constrained. Leyna reached the kitchen and started getting ready to make her breakfast cereal. She reached down to grab the milk.

“Ow!” Leyna flinched as Zoe slapped her ass.

“Hi mom. You done with breakfast yet or too busy playing with Scarlett?”

“I was about to finish before you interrupted,” Leyna said, rubbing where Zoe had slapped her.

“Oh OK. Well I’m going to go to Liz’s house. She found this new album and has been wanting to show it to me for a while but I’ve been your ass or pussy for a week now. Bye mom!” Leyna couldn’t get a word in before her youngest daughter slammed the door behind her. She couldn’t blame her youngest daughter, though. A week away from her friends wouldn’t be the easiest to deal with.

Leyna grabbed her cereal and headed to the couch to finish breakfast. She glanced at the clock. Running later than she wanted to. She probably still had time to see Angela, but it would be cutting it pretty close. She had skipped seeing Angela a few times but her and her kid’s combined hormones caused her to act out at work. One time Zoe as her cock Göztepe Escort convinced her to get the boss’s secretary to blow them behind the building. Another, Jeff as her ass kept her so distracted by work that she got the hot security guard to pound her ass. Leyna sighed and knew she would have to visit Angela’s. She wouldn’t be able to get any work done otherwise.


“Mom! Its almost seven! We need to get going!”

“Calm down, honey! We’re not gonna be late.”

“Whatever, mom. You know you’d be late without me.”

Leyna laughed and got up to start getting dressed. She grabbed a change of clothes for work and put on a bra, a shirt with nice cleavage to show off her chest, and sweatpants. Scarlett thought her mother should be proud of her bulge. Scarlett knew she was winning that battle but didn’t want to risk anything today. They weren’t going to arrive late to their well-deserved blowjob.

Since she and her siblings had started merging into her mother’s body, Scarlett had loved experiencing sex in novel ways. At first, she had to fight her prudish mom to live a little. With her, Jeff, and Zoe fusing with her body, their mother had become absolutely beautiful. Scarlett had to keep pointing this out. As a fantastic pair of tits, Scarlett had to keep pointing out the men (and women!) were ogling them. As they should, she’d love to see a pair of tits as nice as she was.

After a few days of this, her mother had a family discussion. That day, Scarlett spent the day as her boobs and Zoe was her pussy. The three of them sharing their mother’s body caused all of them to be overrun with hormones. Their mother had already been abstaining from sex due to sharing a body with her children.

They had decided (although very influenced by Scarlett) that there’s no way their mother would be able to deal with so many hormones without being able to relieve herself. While the others weren’t comfortable having sex with each other (when not part of their mother’s body), if they were part of their mother’s body she should be able to have sex. Scarlett had already lined Angela up too.

The car door slam broke Scarlett out of her daydream.

“Look Scarlett, we’re here. 7:20, right on time.”

“Wow mom, you actually made it somewhere on time. I’m impressed,” Scarlett joked back.

Jeff butted in, “Look guys, we don’t have too long here. Let’s get going.”

“Wow, even Jeff knows what to do.”

Leyna starts to head inside.


As his mom walked up to the door, Jeff couldn’t wait to get out of the bra and into Angela’s soft hands. It had been weeks since Jeff was last his mother’s boobs and he had dearly missed Angela’s massages. Mom knocked and Jeff immediately heard Angela.

“Miss Wilson! Please come in!” Angela shouted through the door. Jeff felt his mom walk in, feeling somewhat flustered. Scarlett had convinced her best friend to help their family ‘relieve their needs’, as his mother called it. Unlike him or his mom, Angela knew her way around the body. From the very start Angela had provided angelic massages, oral, sex, anything their family wanted. Scarlett really knew how to pick them.

“Good morning Angela, thanks for agreeing to meet today. We really appreciate your willingness to help with our needs as a family,” his mother told Angela. Angela rolled her eyes and Jeff let out a chuckle.

“Miss Wilson, please, we’ve been over this. I love helping you and your family out. You’re one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever met and your kids only add more beauty to your figure. And the nice surprise I get sometimes too.” Angela reached down and groped Scarlett through the sweatpants. Jeff could hear Scarlett moan already. “Looks like you brought it for me today.” Jeff felt his mom shrink back a bit.

“Miss Wilson, please. We both know why you come over every day.” Angela grabbed his mom and roughly pulled her into a kiss. During the kiss, Jeff felt Angela start groping him. Even through the shirt, her hands felt amazing. She grabbed a handful of his right breast, keeping her other arm wrapped around his mom’s neck to keep her in the kiss. Angela’s hand moved soon though. He felt her get even closer, then he felt her unhook the bra.

“Time to see those moneymakers Miss Wilson.” Jeff felt mom blush even harder. In a quick pull, the shirt and bra came off. Jeff, finally, felt free.

“They’re so perky. Jeff’s such a great rack. You really would do well in porn Miss Wilson, tits this big are never as firm as Jeff.” Jeff beamed from the compliment. He could sense Scarlett chuckling, but he didn’t care what she though. He was proud to be an awe-inspiring rack.

Jeff felt Angela’s face between him. She started by kissing between the breasts and rubbing them against either side of her face. She slowly worked her way towards the left boob, sucking different parts of the breast as she went. This was Jeff’s favorite part. Easily. Feeling her soft face buried between him, the warm wetness of her mouth, her hands reaching around and groping every part of Ümraniye Escort the breasts. Jeff knew that transforming into his mom’s boobs is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Jeff let out a loud moan when Angela reached his nipple. She started by taking his nipple into her mouth and sucking on it. Just as they liked it. She even nibbled on his nipple a little. After a few minutes of nursing on his left breast, she let go and moved over to the right breast. This time, Angela started at the nipple and tried to get as much of the boob in her mouth as possible. Jeff could feel her tongue circling around, just briefly touching the nipple before retreating away. Such a tease. If Jeff could, he would force her head down. But as his mom’s boobs, he had to endure her teases.

Eventually, Angela pulled away, much to Jeff’s disappointment.

“Now, let’s see my other present today.” Angela pulled his mom up and yanked mom’s sweatpants down, releasing Scarlett from her clothing prison. Jeff looked down and saw Scarlett rock hard, already leaking precum.

Angela needed no further prompting and reached down to grab Scarlett. Angela knelt down and grabbed a pillow to give a blowjob.


Scarlett sprung out as Angela yanked her mom’s sweatpants down. Finally free, and what an amazing view too. Above, Scarlett could see her mom, mouth hanging open, trying to catch her breath from the amazing boob sucking Angela had graced her with. Jeff showed the proof of that. Covered in lipstick and light bite marks, Angela really knew how to leave her mark. Angela had treated him so well Jeff couldn’t even keep himself firm anymore.

Below, Scarlett saw Angela kneeling between mom’s legs. Angela wasted no time, kissing, nibbling, and sucking on mom’s juicy thighs. Scarlett knew such a tease would need to be dealt with.

“Mom, snap out of it. We need to teach this cock tease a lesson.” Scarlett felt her mom catch her breath.

“Just tell me what to do with this slut honey,” Mom replied. Out loud. Scarlett burst out laughing and heard Angela mock gasp below.

“You really fucked it up now, mom.”

Angela jumped to her feet and put her face right up against Mom’s. “I’m the slut, huh? Not the good Christian woman who uses my mouth to get off almost every day? Not the one who not-so-secretly loves when her firstborn daughter turns into her cock so her daughter’s best friend can give you a toe-curling BJ?” Mom’s already red cheeks somehow turned an even darker shade. Scarlett knew it was just more teasing but Mom clearly didn’t. “I even swallow your load each and every time, you know how many men would kill for me?” Scarlett could barely contain her laughter. Mom is so out of her depth. Mom stumbled back. “You expect so much from me but never give the same help back!” Angela shouted as she followed Mom. Scarlett thought she saw Angela’s expression almost crack into laughter but she held it together. Scarlett knew she was blessed to have such a talented, slutty actor as a friend.

“Wow Mom, you’ve really fucked up now.” Jeff quipped. Even Jeff knew and Mom was oblivious. Typical, but hilarious.

Scarlett could see the classic ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ look in her mom’s eyes. Mom kept trying to back up and stammer an explanation as Angela kept pace, keeping their faces just a few inches part. Mom backed right into a wall, almost knocking a picture off the wall.

“Now I’ve got you right where I want you.” Angela breathed into Mom’s ear. “We’re going to find a way for you to make this up today, aren’t we?” Angela cocked her head and smiled at Mom. Mom gulped and nodded. “Yes Ma’am,” Mom let out. Scarlett and Jeff both burst into laughter while Angela cracked a smile. Angela looked down at Scarlett. “Looks like you and Scarlett agree. She’s practically dripping! Such a poor thing!” Angela cooed with mock concern. Angela looked back up at Mom. “We’re gonna figure out a plan for how you can repay me. Right here. Let’s make it fun for Scarlett here though. She can figure it out, right, my little cock?” Angela gave Scarlett a squeeze. What a fucking tease, Scarlett thought.

Angela pushed Mom even closer to the wall and pushed her own body against Mom. With all the hormones pulsing through her, Scarlett could have stared at those two amazing racks pushing against each other. Scarlett felt Angela grab her and put Scarlett between her legs. God, her thighs feel so soft. Scarlett even felt a warm liquid running down Angela’s leg and onto her. Angela truly loves her work.

Scarlett could tell Angela was telling Mom her plan, but Angela’s thighs eliminated any chance of her understanding anything. She just had to wait, painfully hard, dripping precum between Angela’s thighs.

After what felt like an hour but probably only lasted two minutes, Angela stepped away and let Scarlett hand free, somehow even harder than before. Scarlett tried to get a look around but quickly got grabbed by Angela. “This way, Miss Wilson!” Angela called out, leading all three of them by the cock. Angela headed up the stairs, up to Angela’s bedroom. They entered and Angela headed straight for her closet, attempting to pull out a huge mirror. “Miss Wilson, your favorite slut needs help!” Mom rushed over and helped Angela get the mirror out of the closet and set it up against a wall. Scarlett knew this would be good.

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