Family Fire Ch. 03

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As my aunt and my mother finished making love, I tried to make sense of it all. Mom had wanted me to see them. Did that mean she was telling me it was over for her and me? I didn’t want that. That moment intensified my love for her and I knew I wanted to be with her, any way I could.

Mom reached her hand out to me. I took it and she said, “Can you still love me baby?”

I said, “Of course mom.”

She said, “I need you both.”

Lila said, “We’re both here.” She also took my hand and urged me down on the bed. Lila began sucking on one of mom’s breasts and I did the same. Mom was smiling and touching both of us wherever she could reach. I moved down and began eating my mother’s pussy. I was excited to do it. I wanted to show her how much I loved her. She tasted so good to me. I managed to get my clothes off and continue to minister to my mother at the same time.

I took her clit between my lips and she said, “Oh yes baby, that’s good, that makes momma feel so good.” Lila came behind me and I felt her bush on my ass. She was masturbating herself on me and rubbing her tits on my back. I tried to concentrate on my mother and not get distracted. I rounded my mother’s nub with my tongue and the reaction was immediate. I could feel her rising towards climax by her moans and sudden tensing.

I didn’t get to make her come at that moment because Lila urged me off mom onto my back. They both came for my cock. Four lips moved on my shaft between their kisses. When mom took the head into her mouth, Aunt Lila licked my sack and sucked on my balls. At that moment, I wanted to come in my mother’s mouth. They had other ideas. Mom turned onto her hands and knees and said, “Be in my pussy, baby.”

I took my mother as I had taken my aunt not long before and I felt the difference. My mother’s pussy was a perfect fit for me. It held me and massaged me as if it were made for me. I leaned over to her ear and told her. I turned mom over and began kissing her. We couldn’t stop kissing as I entered her. She wrapped her legs around me and kept saying, “I love you baby, I love you baby.”

Lila got up, and as she took her clothes in hand, she said with a smile, “You two were made for each other.” I guess she had heard me. She kissed my back and mom’s leg and said, “Have fun, babies.”

I wasn’t sorry to be alone with mom. I was where I wanted to be, inside my mother’s pussy. My strokes into her were firm and controlled. And with an easy rhythm I was in the best of all possible places feeling the best of all possible things. I was home free.

Did you ever have a thought like that? Maybe something like ‘Now I’ve got it,’ ‘Now I’m there,’ or ‘Now I’ll be happy?’ Take it from me; it’s an insane thought. Don’t pay any attention to it. The lightening bolt is on its way.

And it was, only I didn’t know it. Mom unclasped her legs and pushed herself up. She said, “I want you to hold me.” I wasn’t sure what she meant but she maneuvered us into a position where she sat on my cock and we could have our arms around each other. She rocked gently and said, “Oh Johnny, I want you so much, I want to love you, and I want you love me.”

I said, “I do baby, I do.” It was the first time I’d called my mother ‘Baby.’ I liked it and I held her and told her she was my girl.

She gave a little laugh and said I was her boy and then she said, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just be for each other?” Well, a few minutes before she had said that she wanted Aunt Lila and me. I didn’t think it was the time to point out the contradiction since she was moving on my cock and getting us both closer to coming.

So I just said, “Yes mom, it sounds great, I love you.”

“And I love you baby, so much.” She said it as we began a kiss that would last until we both came. The thought occurred to hatay escort me that, although sex was fun with Lila, I didn’t need it the way I needed it with my mother. With arms encircled we rocked. Since she was sitting on me, she had more control. She moved in different directions and sometimes raised and lowered herself on my shaft. Her tits felt good pressing into my chest and I let one of my hands roam over the bulging flesh and down to her ass as it moved on my thighs and cock.

As she moved on me she said, “I want to be all you need baby; I want to be everything to you.” Her tone was emotional because she was getting closer to orgasm.

I said, “Yes mom, I only need you, only you, you’re the best for me.’

“Yes, tell me love,” she said.

I said, “Even when I was inside aunt Lila, I was thinking about you, about how much better it felt to be in your pussy.”

“Is that true baby?” She wanted to hear me say it again, so I did.

“Yes it’s true. Just looking at you gets me so excited. Seeing you with your legs open for me is the most beautiful thing I ever saw. But being inside you feels better than I could have imagined. You’re the best for me mom.”

“Oh Johnny, yes, and you for me, you were made for me, you fit inside me so good, you make me come so good, so good…” By then she was bouncing and squirming on me so excitedly I knew it wouldn’t be long for me. Happily, it wasn’t for her either. She dug her nails into my back and said, “Fill me sweetheart, fill momma with your sweet sperm, your sweet cum, fill me up…Johnny I’m coming, I’m coming.”

She grabbed me and hugged tight while at the same time she moved up and down on my shaft as we both came. I did fill her and my cream was all over both of us when we finished.

During the next few days, mom was talking all the time, about us, about everything. She seemed in a hyper state and I noticed her wincing and holding her head. When I asked about it, she said she was fine, but finally admitted to having some headaches. This is normal for most people, but mom gets so few headaches she probably has no idea where we keep the aspirin. We made love every night and I noticed she seemed worse when we finished. Finally after a few weeks without any let-up in her discomfort, I persuaded her to see a doctor.

First came the unease. We fed each other’s anxiety when this test showed it might be this, that test showed it may be that, and the other one was inconclusive. Then came the thunderbolt. After a CT scan, they said she probably had a small leak in a vessel, but that it would absorb back in, and the headaches should disappear. The scary part was that she could be susceptible and that it might occur again. When? Nobody knows.

Within a few days the headaches went away and after a quiet dinner mom said, “Baby, I miss you, come to my bed.”

I said, “I’m worried about you mom, what if…?”

She said, “Listen to me honey, I’ve been thinking about this for days. The doctor said that I could have sex. We’ve both gotten in a state, and I realize this is no way to live. I’m not going to let this ruin my life, your life…our life. I’m no different from anybody out there; none of us know what happens tomorrow. But I know one thing. I have you, and you have me, today. And I know now that all I want is you, just us together. Am I enough for you baby?

I said, “Yes mom, of course you are.” We kissed and I began touching her and drawing her in to press against my growing hard-on. She pulled back to talk some more.

She said, “I’ve relied on Lila whenever I needed emotional support, but I know you’re here for me baby. You’re the only one I need to make love with. I believe in us sweetheart. This is our chance. Will you be with me this way baby?”

I said, “Yes mom, it’s what I want too; I only need you.”

“Then come to my bed sweetheart,” she said, “…come to our bed.”

We went to her room, she kissed me and said, “Honey, the world is a crazy place with all the terrible things going on, so let’s do a crazy good thing, be my love and I’ll be yours…marry me tonight.” She looked at my confusion and said, “I mean that we promise each other, to each other…for as long as we can do it…if you want to baby.”

“Yes mom, I want to, I want us to be together like that, just us.”

“And nobody else will touch me,” she said. “I promise you that baby; I’m for you, I give myself to you.”

I held her in my arms and she melted into me. We kissed and it was different. The strength of her love was something I could touch as my hands began to roam over her breasts. I said, “Mom, I love to touch you.”

She said, “Yes baby, that’s what I want.” I exposed her breasts and leaned down to suck on my mother’s nipples. I teased the rubbery tips between my teeth as I pressed the flesh with my fingers. Mom moaned.

I kissed my way up between her warm breasts to her neck and face and ears and told her, “Mom, I want you so bad, nobody could do what you do for me. I want to be in your mouth and your pussy, only your mouth and your pussy.”

She said, “Yes darling they’re for you, only for you; my mouth, my pussy, my body is all for you, momma’s heart is all for you, whatever you want baby, just love me, only me, only me.”

I said, “Yes mom, only you, you’re mine.” I knew my mother saying that she would do whatever I wanted her to do, was true. And I also knew that we would do all of those things that would bring each other pleasure no matter what the outside world thought of us.

All that was for later, that night was our true beginning. Mom was struggling to get her clothes off as I held her, so I helped her remove everything. Of course I’d seen her naked before, but seeing your mother wet and waiting for you to fuck her is an amazing sight for a son to see, something I never get tired of.

Mom sat on the bed and I finished undressing. I was fully erect when I approached her. She put two hands on my cock and said, “My beautiful boy.” She took the head into her mouth and sucked. Her tongue massaged the swollen knob, and after a few minutes of exquisite teasing, she began moving her lips along the shaft. I reflexively moved my hips to push more of my cock into her mouth.

It was a slow rhythm at first and she stopped to lick along the shaft and on my sack. She said, “I love you…I love your cock.” I didn’t think I could get any harder. My dick was usually ramrod straight, but as my mother sucked me, it seemed to curve slightly upward, straining to get back into her mouth where her tongue did its work.

Since we’d been making love, I had never come in my mother’s mouth. I wasn’t sure if she would want me to; I had never said anything, but I always thought about it. She was working me with her hands and mouth faster and I knew I would have to come soon. As if she was reading my mind, mom said, “I want you to come in my mouth baby.”

All I could manage was, “Oh mom…” She took my balls in her hand and gently massaged them as she sucked. I reached and took her two tits in my hands as her movement along my shaft became more frenetic. As a boy, I had imagined, I had fantasized, but I wasn’t prepared for the explosive force and feeling of firing off my cum into my mother’s loving mouth. I didn’t know what I was saying as each release filled her mouth with more of my sperm.

When I finally felt the intensity ease, I heard her moaning as she continued to suck me. It’s a difficult moment to describe because sometimes there really are no words. I felt it everywhere I could feel it. I knew I would want to feel it again, and I knew that only my mother could make me feel it again. With the last drops drawn between her lips and onto her tongue, I almost collapsed on her as we fell back onto the bed. All I said was “Wow…wow…wow…” Mom laughed happily.

We stayed in each other’s arms for a quiet moment and I began running my hand along her skin. I pulled back and used my palm and fingers to touch every part of her. Her nipples were erect and her pussy had tiny droplets of moisture even on the hairs of her trimmed bush. Mom smiled with her eyes closed as my fingers found their way between her soft vaginal lips. My fingertip was slick with her juice as I spread her hood and exposed her clit to my touch. She whimpered as I circled and pressed the nub of flesh that was so sensitive.

She lifted her knees but kept her legs spread. My mother is beautiful between her legs. When her legs are up and opened, she’s all creamy, and soft with pink, where her excited pussy gets engorged. She looked better there than any eighteen-year-old I’d seen. She was always cleanly trimmed and I wanted to taste the moisture that was building on her lips.

I took my tongue to her and she grabbed my hair as I teased around her pussy and finally landed on the button. Her “Mmmm…” was somewhere between a moan and a cry. I was stiffened and wanting to do everything to her.

I said, “I love you mom.”

She stroked my hair and said, “Yes darling, yes, and momma loves you, forever.”

I urged her onto her stomach and stroked her creamy skin. When my hand caressed between her legs, she raised her ass and the desire to be inside her overwhelmed me. I went behind her and entered her pussy. She raised herself higher and I went in deeper. All of me filled all of her until I was up against the soft globes of her ass. She pushed back and moaned as she was completely stretched and opened by my stiff rod. I stroked her and we both climbed. She said, “Oh Johnny, oh Johnny…” in a way that had signaled her orgasms in the past.

There’s a time for fucking and a time for lovemaking, and we would use many different positions later on, but at that moment, I wanted her in the simplest and most loving way. I came out of her and turned her onto her back. She opened herself for me and beckoned me into her arms. I wanted to love her watching her face and kissing her. She took me and guided the cock she had made so hard into her waiting flesh. I was inside my mother, and she was inside me.

It was more than a man and a woman making love, and it was more than a husband and wife making love. It was even more than a mother and her son making love. It was all of them at once. I was the lover who was joined with his mate. I was the husband who could give his wife a child. I was the son who could pleasure his mother.

Mom said, “I’m so proud of you love, so proud you’re my son, and I’m so happy we can love each other like this…it’s so beautiful.”

I said, “Yes mom, you’re so beautiful.” She made noises and I could no longer make out what she was saying. We climbed with each stroke I pushed into my mother’s belly, and we climbed again with each raising of her hips to take me deeper. We got lost in each other. I wasn’t thinking about when we would come as we instinctively took each other to the precipice. It was at the same time that I told her I was coming that she said, “Yes darling…yes…make mommy come…”

I drove my shaft into my mother’s pussy with firm long strokes that released a hard cord of cum with each entry. The juices of our love filled her to overflowing as I pushed in and she writhed in the pleasure she was taking from her son. She said, “I love you,” more times than I could keep with. She laughed with the release of her final spasms and kissed me long and hard in a way that told me that we would be making love again soon, and I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about tomorrow, because we had today. We all have today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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