Fantasy Overload Pt. 01

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I have a lady friend Anna who is a single mother. Very active, beautiful & sexy. 37yrs old 4’11” 130lbs hispanic/white dark brown (almost black) hair mid back. Perfect 38-C’s beautiful smile with perfect white teeth. Well defined thick ass, powerful legs & the cutest size 5 feet.

We usually just hang out, movies & dinner or sometimes just talk.

I have never seen her nude or even in a swimsuit. We can talk about anything but have never been intimate.

One day I asked “would you ever use a restroom trailer that sends all the waste into my mouth when you use it?”

Laughing she asked “what if i have to poop? you’ll stay there & take it?”

I replied “I’ll be locked under the trailer for as long as you want.”

She laughed harder saying “OMG! You’ll be helpless!? how Awesome! What if I eat something really nasty? That will be so funny! I would love to do it!”

“When would be a good time?” I asked.

She replied “the girls are having a sleepover Friday so, I’ll do it all day Saturday, can you handle that?”

“Sure! For as long as you want.” I said

She smiled “of course it will be as long as I want. Maybe you’ll take us to dinner Friday night in exchange?”

Of course I was so excited I was ready to do anything. So I came by Friday to pick her up. I assumed it would be just her & her girls as usual but 2 of their friends came along. The vote for “On The Border” was unanimous. It cost a bit more than expected with 4 teenagers. Of course she apparently told them to get anything including dessert. What could I say? I didn’t want to be rude or have her cancel on me. She was definitely worth it. Anna kept smiling while we ate & I knew why.

She was eating enchiladas, beans & nachos in preparation for tomorrow. Seeing her knowing smile just made the anticipation that much greater.

Later that evening she called and asked “Are we still on for tomorrow?”

I said: “of course! You should have İstanbul Escort seen the smile on your face at dinner tonight. You looked like you were already enjoying yourself.”

She laughed & said “you know it! I can’t wait to use you. You always look like you want me so bad. Im gonna enjoy giving you a good taste of me tomorrow, hope you can take it, I’ll own you all day.”

I said “you know you’re hot enough to get away with it.”

She replied with a sweet laugh “yes & I’ll prove it.”

We agreed on 7am said our goodbyes & hung up.

In the morning everything went as planned I got under the trailer & she tied my hands & feet to the corners & quickly lowered the jack so the weight of the trailer pushed the pipe into my mouth locking me in place helpless & ready to serve her every need.

My phone was mounted above me so she could text & I would see her messages.

She went inside to use it immediately. “Ding” I get a text: “I own you now! I deserve a clean toilet )!” A few minutes later she flushed & toilet cleaner filled my mouth along with toilet paper.

She really cleaned the toilet? Wow! She doesn’t care what she flushes. Seriously using me I’m in for a long merciless day. I was relieved to hear the sink come on & soon the taste of hand soap flooded my mouth, toothpaste, then what? shampoo! She wasn’t going to give me a break. At least it got rid of the toilet cleaner taste.

After several minutes she walked back to the house. With a sigh of relief I relaxed.

“Ding” another text “girls are up! hope you’re ready LOL! They’re having shredded wheat for breakfast! High fiber!” I’m like: what? I hope she’s joking. Only Anna was supposed to use it!

I hear girls approaching, talking & laughing. I was so helpless & had no choice. I got a glimpse of their feet as ALL 4 girls went inside talking about the trailer & how Anna was getting their bathroom fixed.

OH NO! Kadıköy Escort I thought, they WILL use it all day. The same girls that enjoyed a big dinner the night before. Anna set me up! how could I be so blind? No wonder she wanted to do it today. Duh! Sleepover meant the girls would be here most of today. That’s why she was smiling so much! She was making sure all the girls were ready for today. Wow what a woman. It was soon to became a harsh reality but then again it was really kinda hot that she would do this to me & laugh about it.

They were laughing & talking obviously unaware that I was there. They were all sweet girls too & would have been mortified had they known. Her daughters Sarah & Mariah were 18 & 19 110lbs beautiful & looked just like their mother. Sporty yoga pants & sneakers. Their friends Megan & Amanda were both 18 about 5’4″ 120lbs Megan was very feminine nails & makeup wearing a really nice sport skirt with tights & sneakers. Amanda was mild goth with the torn jeans over black tights converse sneakers black & purple hair very adorable.

All these sweet girls were into themselves & I was helpless as their weight pressed the pipe into the back of my throat making me gasp for air. Finally Megan said “I need to go so ya’ll get out!” Thank God! I was about to pass out from all of them pressing down on me.

She was in there for awhile, then I heard a splash & water trickled into my mouth from the displacement.

When she flushed, the toilet stopped up. She used the plunger over & over flushing 3 times. The other girls were banging on the door teasing her for taking so long.

She vigorously worked the plunger brutally forcing her poop down my throat making me choke.

I heard her sniffle. Bless her heart, she had no idea what she was doing to save herself from embarrassment. She finally flushed again & walked out. The others took turns peeing, brushing their teeth, & washing their hands. Making Ataşehir Escort me choke on Megan’s poop each time they flushed. It got quiet for awhile after that.

I still had Megan’s poop in my mouth. It wasn’t as sweet as she looked but, I worked on swallowing it. It was a slow process since I couldn’t chew.

I started to think about this sweet girl, she is most feminine of them all, so soft spoken & sweet, she would die if she knew what she had done. Yet she forced me to eat her poop & walked away without a care in the world to enjoy her day with her friends. I started to enjoy the taste of her poop & it suddenly became an honor to eat it for her.

I started to look forward to the rest of the day as I swallowed the last of it. It was a privilege to be there all of them so beautiful & sweet. I couldn’t wait for the next visit.

Anna came to pee again. When she flushed it was so wonderful I got a boner. I heard her car leaving shortly after.

“Ding” a text from Anna!

“Hope you enjoyed your breakfast! Meg was in there for awhile LOL! You had no idea I could do this. The best is yet to come 😉 I’m going to workout. Be back in an hour. The girls will keep you occupied & I’ll definitely need you when I back lol!”

The time 8:00am it had only been 1hr?

It seemed like ages & nobody used the bathroom while she was gone. I heard Anna’s car pull up 9:45am

Anna entered the trailer singing. She knew what she was doing & seemed to enjoy it.

She flushed & It clogged up again. She flushed again & I heard her laugh. Then she used the plunger just as a huge turd rushed into my mouth. She put a lot of force behind it making me choke. I thought she was going to kill me. She did it much harder than Megan had done. Anna knew I was there too yet it didn’t phase her. She flushed one last time & walked out.

“Ding” another text “Wow! That was wild! I don’t think I’ve shit like that in awhile. Felt so good to let it out. Hope you like it. It was fun using the plunger BTW. I have no idea what its like for you but it sure is funny to think about LOL!”

Like she promised she never checked on me once.

It was 11am & I heard footsteps approaching…

More to follow

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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