Farm Life Ch. 01

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Jo (Jo Ann)– mother of Jeb and Mabel (May belle) and wife of Josh. Lives with her family on a farm outside a small town in Kentucky.

Josh – husband of Jo and father of eighteen-year-old Jeb and nineteen year old Mabel

Lou (Lou Ann) – identical twin sister of Jo – lives in Chicago with her son, Robert (Bobby 19) and daughter Roberta (Bobbi Jo 18).

Lisa – close friend of May belle. Lives on adjoining farm.

Chap 1

“Ow, ow, godamm May belle leggo. You’re hurtin me awful. Pa come in here and make her turn me loose.”

Josh entered his daughter’s room to find his naked kids in a sixty-nine position on his daughter’s bed. Jeb’s large cock was being held firmly between the teeth of his slim red haired daughter. “What the hell’s going on here?” he shouted. Why is she biting your cock?”

“She wanted me to eat her pussy and I was going to, but it don’t taste right.”

“Now honey, you let go of your brothers dick, I’ll eat your sweet pussy.”

Josh ran his rough hands up the inside of the girl’s shapely legs and gently fingered the puffy outer lips of her sweet pussy. The girl trembled and opened her mouth in a soft moan as the older man skillfully inserted his tongue into her steamy channel.

Jeb quickly rolled from the bed holding his now fiery red cock.

“Boy, you had better go in the kitchen and let your Ma take a look at that genç porno thing – make sure there’s no real damage done.” Josh said, as he briefly lifted his head from between the legs of the trembling redhead, before returning to the succulent clit of his daughter.

“Oh Pa,” May bell exclaimed, “you do eat pussy good. I’m gonna cum any minute. Oh shit, fuck, I’m cumming now – suck it harder, harderrr. God damm that was sooo good.”

The girl reached between her legs, grasping her father’s head in both hands, she pulled his mouth to hers. “I want to taste my pussy before you fuck me.” She said in a breathless whisper and probed his mouth with her hot tongue.

Josh grinned and lowered his mouth to the girl’s pert breasts. While not large, they were perfectly shaped, firm with pouty aureoles and topped by rosebud nipples – now hard as marbles. He alternately sucked one nipple while rotating the other between his thumb and forefinger.

May belle’s breath was coming in short gasps as she lifted and wiggled her shapely ass trying to capture her fathers long, thick cock with her steaming pussy. Josh took the shaft of his cock and leaning back, watched as the crown slid between the puffy lips of the girl’s slick, wet pussy. He breathed heavily as nine inches of the hot, hard, throbbing shaft were driven into the lovely girl’s hot channel.

Bucking and thrusting full hd porno her ass upward, May belle wrapped her slim legs around her father’s waist uttering “fuck me daddy, harder fuck me harder and faster. I’m cummingggg now.”

With a mighty thrust, Josh drove the entire length of his cock into the girl’s depths and his balls slapped against her tight ass.

In a few moments, May belle’s thrusting and trembling began to subside and looking into her fathers sweating face with hot green eyes still filled with lust whispered “Fuck my ass daddy, I want you to be my first.”

Josh’s eyes opened wide in surprise. “Honey, I don’t think you know what you’re asking for – I could bad hurt you.”

“No,” was the girls reply, Lisa and I have been playing with some of her dildos and I think I’m ready for a real man thing in my ass.”

“Well I’m real proud.” Josh responded. “Yours is about the sweetest looking ass I’ve ever seen and to tell the truth I’ve wanted to fuck it for a long time. Put your ankles on my shoulders, sweetheart, I want to see your face when Daddy slides his hard cock into your tight ass.”

Holding the calves of her legs above his head, Josh lifted his daughter until he could probe the tight ring of her sphincter with his tongue. Due to her practice with Lisa, May belle quickly relaxed her ass hole in preparation for her father’s onslaught. gangbang porno

The hot juices from her orgasm had well lubricated the opening to her dark tunnel and Josh’s cock met little resistance as it’s crown popped inside May bell’s tight ass.

“Ohhh daddy, that feels so damm good – let me have some more of your hard cock. Let me have it all.” She moaned and thrust her ass upward to meet Josh’s downward plunge.

“Godamm May bell,” Josh uttered, “that’s about the hottest and tightest piece of ass I’ve ever been in. I don’t think I can last much longer.”

Josh pounded his cock into May belle’s clinched ass in long strokes. He was fast approaching orgasm.

May bell’s voice was hoarse as she shouted, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, daddy! shoot your load in my face.”

Josh quickly withdrew his throbbing member from the hot depths of the girl’s puckered ass and letting her legs drop from his shoulders began to pump his hot sperm onto her face and onto her pert breasts. “Just like your mother.” He said, “Thinking that’s what gives you the rosy soft complexion.”

“Well, it don’t hurt none.” The girl replied as she took the crown of her father’s waning cock between her hands and licked the last of his expenditure from it before taking the crown into her talented mouth. She savored the alkaline taste of his cum.

“Daddy, that was so good, can we just stay in here and fuck all day?” May belle asked.

“No sugar, as much as I would like to, you know Jed and I have got to bury that old horse that died yesterday – he was older than you and like a member of the family. No rendering plant for him, we got to give him a decent burial.”

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