Farmer Pt. 04

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Part 04. White mother copulates with a black stallion.

Special thanks to the Literotica member for editing assistance and excellent creative input. Thanks to the efforts of merrySM, new colors have appeared in this story.

* * *

Ail did not like accidents and trifles that could disrupt his plans or change the course of action in the plays that he wrote for his actors and actresses. For him his flock was the theater where each mare play their role in a long play of debauchery. Therefore, Ail decided not to interfere with Elena and Bisoye to meet today. He just decided to adjust their plans a little, so now he stood at the gate and watched as the Bisoye machine slowed down in front of the gate.

“Hi Bisoye. I heard that you and Elena are going to listen to music from your collection today. I’m not wrong?” Without greeting him, he waited for an answer.

The young black immigrant who did not expect such a reception was a little taken aback, but having coped with the excitement he quickly spoke. “Yes, today we decided to go to my home. It turns out she likes the blues and I wanted to show her my collection. But if the owner is against it, then I will leave now.”

“You’ll now stop 40-50 yards from her house. I hope you aren’t crazy enough to be noticed by anyone. I ordered you a motel room on Heaven Road.” Farmer interrupted the interlocutor and handed him a registration card.

Bisoye looked puzzled on his face, but he took the card. “Sir, but my collection of blues is at home. I can’t bring her to the motel.”

“By the way, hurry up. I saw her mother arrive an hour ago. I do not think that she will wait all day for a daughter who knows where to hang around. You do not have much time. So, don’t waste it.” Such a long conversation on a trifling matter has already begun to annoy Ail.

“Sir, but my collection of blues is at home. I can’t bring her to the motel. I have only a player and a few disks with African folklore in my car.” Bisoye obviously hasn’t recovered from this news flow.

“Shut up. These are your problems as you explain to Elena the change in her route. But remember – she should not guess anything until you are alone in a motel room. Well?” And then Ail squinting his eyes at his young shepherd. “Then do with it what you want. You understood me? I allow you to do with it today everything you want. There will be problems – call me.”

Bisoye watched Farmer and when the gate closed, he returned to the car. After 2-3 minutes the car started off, drove past Elena’s house and stopped in the shade of a tree. After thinking for a few more minutes, the black Ail’s shepherd took out the phone. And when it answered, in Bisoye’s voice, there was no longer any shadow of doubt.

Sitting in his favorite armchair on the balcony, Ail saw that after some time Elena walked out of the doors of the neighboring house. She was obviously in a hurry, but when she came out of the gate and saw the Bisoye car in the distance, she shrugged in displeasure before going in this direction.

Ail looked at his watch. It was 9:55 AM, it was time to make some more business calls before he went to lunch with Mary.

* * *

On the way, they drove to the store where Bisoye bought several bags of juice and fruit. Elena looked at him in surprise when their car turned into a narrow dirt street that stretched to the outskirts of the city. “Where are we going? You did tell me that you were renting an apartment near the cafe where Ail introduced us.”

“Yes, and this is a nice apartment. But now the house is being renovated and all tenants have to do for two weeks without the former convenience. For example, I rented a motel room. This is the end of Heaven Road. The motel is not the best, but no one climbs into the privacy of guests. By the way, we arrived.” Car turned the corner and stopped at the intersection with the main road.

Waiting for a green traffic light signal, Elena considered the buildings of the motel, which was now in front of them. And must say that she clearly did not experience the delight. Behind the territory, enclosed by a metal lattice, two two -storeyed buildings could be seen whose walls had not been painted for at least 5-7 years. Numerous doors of the rooms went straight out into the street, and the guests’ cars were right in front of these doors. Bisoye’s car crossed the intersection, lingered in front of the automatic gates, and when their doors opened, they drove to the end of the courtyard and stopped at the brown door number 13.

“So here we are. Externally, the motel leaves much to be desired, but there is no fuss around.” Bisoye gestured around the deserted territory. The castle clicked softly and Elena followed Bisoye into a small room lit by dim rays of sunlight that had penetrated fairly thick curtains on a single window of this room. Behind the lock of the door clicked and the satellites found themselves inside a small bursa escort room. It was obvious that there was no air conditioning in the room. And the stains on the carpet said that the owners of the motel do not bother with frequent cleaning. Elena looked around the room and did not find signs of settled housing in it. Not concealing the surprise of the discovery, she turned to her companion, awaiting an explanation.

“Do not be surprised. I told you that this is my temporary shelter. Settle down, while I’ll open the juice and wash the fruit.” Bisoye began to unpack the bags with these words. He tried to act at ease, but anxiety began to arise in the depths of his soul. On the one hand, everything was completely different from what he had imagined. But on the other side, events getting closer to the legitimate decoupling and not take advantage of such luck would be unwise.

Demonstrating peace of mind, Bisoye unpacked bags of fruit and juice. The room was hot and the young man took off his shirt without embarrassment. Standing at the coffee table, he turned on the player. After a few seconds, the room was filled with quiet African melodies and a female voice sang a song in a language unfamiliar to Elena, where she could not distinguish words in a continuous stream of sound changing tone. For a while no one said a word until Elena could stand it and was the first to break the silence.

“What is this joke? As I remember, you promised me to show your collection of singles. Now I don’t ask why you brought me to this shit… But what did you include this howl?” Her voice did not bode well.

“This is not a howl. Our Nigerian women believe that such melodies enhance the pleasure of having sex. Therefore, I thought that for a white woman these melodies will help to get more pleasure too if she mates with a black man. And I want to give you a sea of pleasure, when I undress you now and we lie down on the bed.” Bisoye’s face expressed determination, and his eyes pierced through Hell. He unbuttoned and lowered the trousers to the ankles and with a double movement of his leg threw them away. This was his impromptu. These words and subsequent actions spontaneously escaped. And nothing could be changed. Now everything depended on the reaction of his girlfriend.

Elena looked with horror at the young black bull, who slowly began to approach her. Under the black skin of the chest, the relief muscles were trembling. White strip of cloth was powerless to withstand the pressure of a huge phallus, whose dick head broke out, and now as a light brown and pinkish spot gleamed below the navel. On the sides of this scanty white triangle, heavy eggs rolled out, which the scrotum wrapped tightly around, and it seemed that these balls were ready to explode from the energy that had been pounding them. A cry froze on the lips of the young woman, she rushed to the door and with despair pulled the door handle trying to break free. But the lock was secure and the door only creaked with every jerk. Again behind her back came the low voice of her new friend. Now this voice was ingratiating and almost tender.

“Elena, stop hysterical. Do not try to do stupid things and be reasonable. Yes, you can scream and run out into the street. How will this help you? We are in the black area of the city. There are only two options for events. First, the black inhabitants of the motel respond to your cry. White woman, a lot of black men – Are you sure that they will help you and not be interested in your body? Option two – the police will arrive. But what will be the result? Yes, start an unpleasant procedure at the police station. But as a result, your husband will know about your trip, and later he will learn much more from Ail. Do you want it?”

Bisoye approached the woman back to back. “Elena, believe me. I will not hurt you. If you want, then I will only do what you allow. Ail will kill me if I hurt you. And if you don’t believe me, then call Ail.” With these words, he handed her the phone…

* * *

Both at lunch were laconic after yesterday’s events. A slight blush on cheeks betrayed the excitement of the woman and there were reasons for that. The husband and the children returned from a trip in the early morning, when she was still in bed. It was awesome, but she absolutely did not react to his usual rudeness. Moreover, once she caught herself thinking that she was laughing and feeling superior to him. It was the superiority of women and it was feeling of winner who first knows that her revenge may not be the last. As a reminder of this morning meeting, she again felt a stab of pain of fatigue in her hips. Tired hips of a mature woman whose legs have lost the habit of hugging the body of a man fucking her. The thought made her blush again and she sneaked a glance at Ail, who returned to the table with the next cup of coffee. And when the cups appeared on the table, phone Ail aggressively rang

“Honey, malatya escort calm down. I promise you that Bisoye will not hurt you. Both of you will find a compromise now. This compromise will guarantee your privacy. And I really ask you to calm down and be a good girl I know.” Interrupting another stream of words, he ended the conversation with words. “I promise you that if today’s communication with a young man turns out to be unacceptable for you, then this meeting will be the last and you will soon forget about it. This is my guarantee to you. Now calm down, trust me and please do not call anymore. In the evening, you will tell me everything.” He turned off the phone.

Now a small smile playing on his lips and he met the eyes of Mary in which he read the question. Curiosity won out and Mary asked, – “Do you have problems?”

“Problems? Not. You must understand that many wives have difficulties in seven. And like you, other women have these difficulties. I’m trying to help a young woman I just talked to. As I help you too. In such situations, every woman should find a man who can lift a woman to the heaven of bliss. A man who can give a woman a sense of her domination over a man and awaken a cry of pleasure in her.” Ail sipped a sip of coffee and looked at his watch. “Now I think this young woman is moaning from enjoying under a strong man whose friendship I offered her. And I hope that their first meeting will be followed by a second, third. And her life will be filled with colors. That will be paint and love, pleasure, and the broken taboos.”

Mary froze from these frank words. Chaos of thoughts swirled in her head. Ail ‘s voice interrupted this cycle and made the woman flinch. “You saw Joseph. Joseph is your man. He is a man with whom you will experience the highest bliss. In this bliss, you will find everything – domination over a husband, domination over a black slave, domination over his fat rooster that will fill your spacious mother’s vagina to the brim. the highest pleasure will burst into your life – the pleasure to scream during your orgasm and the pleasure to command your husband in which kill the tyrant.”

There was a pause. Mary’s hands trembled as she brought the cup to her lips. The first thought that brought despair was the thought of betrayal. It was a thought that Ail had deceived her trust and was mocking her now. But the second thought brought doubts. This thought made her feel a blow in the abdomen. She clearly imagined how hot and fat boas penetrated into the interior and from this thought the walls of her vagina spontaneously squeezed, as if trying to embrace the guest, but… Now there was a void inside and a convulsive sigh escaped from her chest. Ail’s palm lay on her hand.

“You need to calm down. And when you calm down you will reflect on my words. I am your true friend. And I know that the male member not only hits the uterus with dull punches like your husband does. Male cock can gently stroke the walls of the female vagina. The wife herself takes off her panties for the performance of marital debt, but there are men who cover the female bosom with kisses exposing him. There are husbands who call their wives breasts a goat’s udder. But there are men for whom the mother’s heavy breasts in the palms are happiness and cause delight. Husbands may scoff at the stretch marks of a wife’s hips, but there are those who lose their minds from the desire to touch the mature woman’s buttocks and hide her face between her buttocks. This woman and wife is you. This man who is ready to be your slave is called Joseph.” Ail’s finger slid down her cheek.

Lunch time inexorably close to the end. They went outside and stood in the shade of a shed when Mary tried to protest. “You say scary things. I said yesterday that I can be frank only with you. But I will never allow a stranger to me. Never. Especially, the first black men and will never touch me. I’m not a whore. I am a faithful wife and I am a mother of four children whom I love. I treasure my honest name.” Lunch time inexorably close to the end.

Ail said. “Please don’t continue this conversation today, And never say a word NEVER. There are no men who desire white women more than black men want white women. That’s why only black men’s nature has bestowed huyami who are able to fill all of the vagina of women giving birth. And only a black man is ready to become a slave of a white woman in exchange for the happiness of admiring her body.” They came to the car where the last words touched her ear. “Come to my house tomorrow. We will drink delicious coffee and continue this conversation.” She nodded in agreement.

Mary got into the car and started the engine. At that moment the door opened. Ail said goodbye to the words – “You will drink delicious coffee and stir the sugar with the biggest spoon I will find in the house. Imagine a big spoon in a small cup. You agree?”

“I always çanakkale escort dreamed of a big spoon in a small cup.” Mary supported the joke Ail. And only a second later, she understood the ambiguous meaning of words. For Ail her answer sounded like “YES”. She drove down the street in her memory surfaced pictures of porn, where black cocks pushed into the white vaginas of actresses. On the monitor screen, black cocks seemed huge and against their background female white cunt looked small and defenseless. And this memory gave rise to uncontrollable arousal inside her, and the wet panties protested against her determination to say the word “NO.”

* * *

Bisoye snatched the phone from Elena’s hand and threw it onto the sofa. The next movement of his hand squeezed the hem of her sundress and a few seconds after the silent but weak struggle, this sundress repeated the fate of the phone. Now only thin underwear was the last protection for this slim white body. A woman stood with her right leg forward and her arms wrapped around her shoulders. They tried to hide her young white breasts from the eyes of this black beast. But this attempt at despair was in vain. The white breasts of the mother feeding her milk were not empty. The usual time of feeding her baby was approaching, and the milk ruthlessly filled these two luxurious cups, causing the breasts to burst out of the bra cups and their roundness towered above the hands of the unfortunate victim. Thin blue streams of veins clearly emerged through the delicate skin and this white untouched by the sun ignited the blood of the black stallion with wild desire. On Elena’s face, a mask of fear and despair froze. But at that moment something unimaginable happened.

The face of the beast suddenly lost its cruel features. A young man approached Elena from whose eyes tenderness and warmth flowed. Bisoye gently hugged her shoulders. Hand touched her black hair and lips touched her temples with light kisses. She felt his strong black body, her cheek lay on his shoulder next to his neck and these hands. One hand guarded her lower back while the other hand slid over and over her hair again and again. Seconds passed, then minutes… They stood in the middle of the room and their woven bodies froze in stillness. Fear began to recede and her feelings began to return to Elena. She was afraid to admit to herself that the tense body began to weaken. Strange, but she did not oppose the hot male body clinging to her and the emotions were replaced by a feeling of restraint at the thought that she would have to distance herself from the man who would see her naked body again. She believed the danger was over. She believed and was mistaken.

When Bisoye was a young boy, his uncle sometimes took him on a hunt. There he learned to manage emotions and endure. When it seems that the antelope is near and you can make a shot, you should calm down and relax. One wrong move, and the antelope will rapidly elude you. And only when she will bend his head to the grass, the moment of the shot will come. Now he is hugging a white young antelope, which today will be his prey. But he restrained his emotions and waited for the moment when the body in his hands would relax and believe in safety. And then, then he will shoot at this white antelope. With incredible efforts, he restrained his desire to tear apart this white body. This is a wild desire to see her naked, to see her full breasts in his palms, to see her womb overgrown with black thin hair, to push her white buttocks with black palms… He inhaled the smell of perfume, he felt her trembling and his black young rooster pulsed in anticipation of the command to act. Bisoye was always excited when he saw pretty young white girls. And now he was close to his dream. Not only the young white girl was next to him, there was a young breastfeeding mother next to him and this sensation made my head spin. Animal desire to rape a married white female, animal desire to suck her nipples and taste of her milk and beat the cock in her mother’s womb and shoot sperm into her young pussy… for this was worth to suffer.

A black hand touched her hair, the sensation of a palm that gently stroked her lower back. Elena did not move. She didn’t move when other people’s fingers tugged at her curls, she didn’t resist when she felt like a palm over and over again began to slide over the tops of her buttocks, she didn’t remove his cheek from his shoulder when she heard his insinuating neck sweat. She was afraid of Ail, but she believed him at the same time. And Ail said she didn’t need to be afraid.

“My dear princess, you are a very beautiful young woman. I understand that these words from the mouth of a black man makes you anxious. But I will not do anything wrong. But you must understand me too. Your white body, your lips, your hips – drives me crazy. Your white husband cannot appreciate the wealth they possess. But I am not your husband and I want to be ready to talk about your beauty forever. Can I admire you anytime and anywhere?” Bisoye pulled away from Elena and went to the bed and sat her on the edge. Now he was kneeling before her, his palms were on her hips, but she did not dare to remove their.

“I do not believe you. Swear that you will not offend me.” She looked intently into his eyes.

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