Fast and Rough

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I love cock…its as simple as that. I love everything about it the taste, the smell, the feeling of being powerless to resist it. I love the feeling of a man holding my head with both hands as I bob my eager mouth up and down, swallowing as much cock I can over and over again. I love the feeling of a cock ploughing into my ass, making me squeal for more. Oh and cum how I love cum ever so much, so sticky, salty and warm. The feeling an eruption deep in my ass, mouth or on my face gives me is amazing.

But I’ve never loved a man…which is why Alistair was so good for me. He wasn’t looking for love he just wanted a slutty cock loving whore he could bury his cock in anytime he wanted. This was my perfect relationship, I’d never even found a man attractive or entertained thoughts of having a meaningful relationship I just want cock as much as I can get and Alistair’s 10 inches was like my own big slice of heaven.

He called me earlier and simply told me to be there as soon as I can before hanging up and I instantly got excited as there’s only reason he ever wants to see me. So as quick as I could I showered, making sure to clean myself up for him. I then Başakşehir Escort quickly got dressed, sliding a pair of very short shorts over a lacy white thong and completing the outfit with a white tee shirt and then hurried out the door.

Now I was standing at his front door knocking, waiting for him to answer as I rubbed my rock hard cock through my shorts. But still nothing so I knocked again and waited…and waited. Surely he isn’t cruel enough to get my hopes up like this and not let me pleasure his cock? Yes I do call him master at times, but he’s not really, he just likes it when I do. I’m free to suck on any cock I want whenever I want. I went to knock a third time when finally the door swung open and he stood there with that smile of his, I was so horny at this point that I threw myself at him but he quickly pushed me aside and bet me over the back of his couch. I barely had time to realise what was happening before the door was shut, my shorts were around my ankles and my thong was ripped off my body, I just screamed with delight as all 10 inches of his rock hard cock were buried into my eager little asshole.

He Başakşehir Escort has ploughed into me so violently that he’d lifted me off the ground and now as I moaned while impaled on his mighty cock he slid one hand around my waist on the other on my back, holding me in place as he began to thrust into me. “Oh god” I squealed over and over again as he slowly but deeply fucked my ass, burying himself inside me and slapping his hips up against my ass. Every thrust jolted me forward and felt like my body was being split in two.

Deeper and deeper, harder and harder he went, grunting and groaning with each thrust as my eyes watered and my ass screamed for more. And he gave me more as his balls slapped against mine and he thrust into me faster and faster. He pushed me down further into the couch and then gripped my hips with both hands, slamming his waist into my ass over and over as his massive cock split my ass in two and made me beg him for more.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as he fucked me as hard as he could, my knees were weak and my ass now red from his body slamming into it and he just kept fucking me harder. Escort Başakşehir I was screaming out at this point as his 10 inch dick violated my ass and he used my slutty body to satisfy his urges. As he continued to ravage my asshole I glanced over my shoulder up at him with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes as I moaned with his every deep thrust. He smiled down at me and slapped me on the ass hard, making it sting even more as he continued splitting me in half.

“Good boy” he muttered down to me as I screamed out how good it felt as he slammed his body into mine as hard as he could. The pain was intense but the pleasure was incredible. That massive cock just kept ploughing into me without mercy and I loved every second of it until he thrust every single last inch of it inside me and groaned loudly. “Oh god, you’re such a good boy” he exclaimed loudly as he dumped his seed inside me.

I put my feet back on the ground and we just stood there for several moments me still bent over as his cock softened in my ass before he finally pulled out and spanked me on the ass hard again. I squealed out in pain and knew without looking that my ass would be bright red, a souvenir from tonight’s epic fuck. He finally let me stand up and kissed me once before ushering me to the door and sending me outside.

The door closed shut as I stood there with his seed leaking out of ass and pulled my shorts back up with a smile before heading home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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