Father and Son Take a Slave

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Aaron smile as his father placed a hand on his shoulder, nudging him forward to unwrap the box in front of him. He knew what it was, all his brothers had gotten theirs on their 18th birthdays, and now it was finally his turn. Isolated in his family’s mansion, Aaron had barely ever known a girl that wasn’t related by blood or marriage. Everybody except for his father had left the house today, to set up a celebration for the evening. He pretended, for his mother’s sake, that her festivities were what he’d been looking forward to the most today, but now that the box was in front of him, he was mad with anticipation.

He tore into the wrapping paper, using air holes in the side for leverage. Before he even peeked through them, he knew that his brothers would be jealous. His box was the smallest yet, and they always said the smaller the better. He wanted to tell himself that it was a sign of his father’s favor, but really he knew it was luck. It just depended on which of the stock happened to share his 18th birthday; father assured them all that he picked the best of the batch for each of them. He peeled back the cardboard, ecstatic. His hard cock was threatening to pop the zipper of his dress pants.

The girl inside had been surgically “perfected” to suit the most modern tastes. She looked almost photoshopped, from the precise bronzing of her skin to her unnatural silhouette. Her breasts were hard, spherical silicon, her eyes unnaturally large and round in contrast to her pinched, dainty features. Best of all she appeared tranquil, well-trained. Aaron had spent his entire adolescence in complete chastity for this moment.

His father had always believed that unwasted seed yielded the best offspring, and had three genious nephews to prove his eccentric theory. Now, he wanted a fourth. On Aaron’s 18th birthday, xslot he would become a man. He would become not only an owner, but a father to pass the ritual on for generations to come. His son knew what was at risk; with three other brothers in the running, the fastest way to lose his share of the inheritance would be to fail on the first try or, even worse, have a daughter.

Aaron was terrified that, as he lifted her naked body from the box, he would cum too soon and ruin everything. His father had already disowned one son for the “crime”. He only wanted real men carrying on his name, he’d said. As he carried her across the bedroom, she blinked up at him with innocent eyes. Right when he thought he would lose it, he threw her onto the mattress.

She landed clumsily, waiting to be put into position. Seeing that Aaron had no idea what he was supposed to do, she got onto her hands and knees and presented him her virgin pussy from behind. As he kicked his pants off, Aaron got the scent of her; like butterscotch. Different from how he imagined, somehow so much better and the only thing that kept him from cumming right then and there was the fear of it. Despite everything, his raw anxiety threatened to be dick-wilting on its own. He felt like he was walking a tightrope, the heat of her unbearable against this sensitive tip as he lined up to thrust into her.

The feeling was incredible, almost blinding. So all-consuming that he wasn’t bothered by her surprised, sharp cry as he tore through the very innocence that drove him so wild. At first she was so tight that it almost hurt, he felt like his cock was going to come out black and blue. After a few minutes, she relaxed and started rocking back onto him. Her moans sent small vibrations through her, and he felt her insides begin to quiver as he grazed a certain xslot Giriş spot.

“Oh yes, master!” She purred, gyrating her sculpted as back onto him. “Please fill me up with your cum!” He almost lost it then and there, but he felt like it was a test. Like she’d given him a command, and now he simply couldn’t. Now he had to fuck her raw. He had to make her writhe in ecstasy, make her horse and breathless from her cries of passion. He moved with violence; not for himself, not for her, but because he knew his father was watching. He knew the man was calculating, keeping tally of who the real men in the family were. He was going to prove himself. He looked down to see virgin blood staining his cock. Forcing the slave’s face into the mattress with one hand, he reached down and sampled the fluid with the other. The essence of her innocence mixed with her slutty pussy juice lingered on his tongue, a bittersweet tang he would never forget.

He went back to hammering the spot again, delighting in how the docile girl was now panting, screaming, unrestrained. He’d brought her undone, stabbing himself into her as if her were trying to kill something. In return she cried out like a dying animal, like he’d heard mice do when the claws of a housecat sank into them. Finally, he felt her convulsions milk the cum from his cock.

The once angelic girls’ face was a red mess. As he withdrew, he knew that he had killed something. In just minutes, he’d reduced a virgin to a whore. His whore. As she tried to collect her bearings, Aaron’s father joined them on the bed. This was his favorite part of the ceremony. After all, she was going to be living in his house, on his money, paid for with his work. Her pussy may have been Aaron’s, but her ass was his.

“Back into position!” The command echoed throughout the xslot Güncel Giriş empty mansion. With no reluctance, the girl obeyed. He reached under her and guided her so that she was ass-up on the edge on the bed, and motioned to Aaron to go around front. Already hard again, the teen eagerly obeyed. He straddled either side of her and leaned back as she lowered her head into his mouth. Her tongue swirled around him at first, gingerly licking off her own pussy juices. Impatiently, the older man grabbed the back of her head and forced his son’s cock down her throat. She gagged and choked, but knew better than to pull away. Still forcing the girl’s head down, her nose flush against his son’s pubic bone, the man of the house slammed his cock into her lubricated asshole. He could feel the vibrations of her scream travel up his arm, tightening her throat around Aaron. As he picked up a rhythm he started to alternate moving her up and down, jerking off his son with the slave’s throat.

He could feel her wet pussy starting to drip onto his torso every time he pulled her back. Even he was impressed with this slave, who not only knew but apparently enjoyed her place as the fuckmeat in their spitroast. In the end that’s what they all were; fuckholes and incubators to keep the stronger sex going. He watched his son’s face flush as he came again into the slave’s mouth. She swallowed hungrily, not wasting a drop of his precious seed.

When her mouth was free to moan, she buried her face in the mattress and let out a passionate grunt with every thrust. Her pussy juice was staining the bedsheets, but still she refrained from relieving herself until he wordlessly grabbed a hand and guided it between her legs. With his permission she began to revenge herself. One hand pinching her nipple, the other three fingers deep inside of her drenched hole. She took the blanket between her teeth as she came, trembling. The man of the house emptied out inside of her, and zipped himself up.

Aaron left his new wife to get ready for his party later, accompanied by his father.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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