Feeding The Fantasy

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It was a quiet week and I was sitting down to write part two of my latest story, Jess was cleaning up after dinner when I received an email. It said “Hi, I am in town, want to get together for some fun?”

It was from an email address I had never seen before, so I replied, “Depends, who is this?”

About 2 minutes later the reply came back. “Just a fan of TheChameleon, I replied to one of your stories a few months back, and I am here on a business trip and wanted to know if you are as good as you come across in your stories. I want to be your sextoy, just like in the story.”

Jess, asked who I was emailing, and I told her “Some fan that claims to be in town and wants to see if I am who I claim I am in my stories.”

Jess smiled, and said “She is in for the surprise of her life!”

I said,” I am not so sure, hell how do I know she is real, could be a woman, girl, or some disgruntled husband for all I know. After all, it is the internet; we never really know who we are dealing with.”

I replied to the email asking “How do I know this is sincere and who you are, which stories did you comment are, which fan name did you use?”

A moment later I got the reply.

“I never gave you my name, but here is what I sent.

Dear TheChameleon,

The following feedback for your story: Still Want to be My Sextoy? has been received from: Not Given

With e-mail address of: Not Given has been sent.

I hope they have been postive and constructive!

IF they have given an e-mail address, you can now just hit reply to respond.

I really love your stories, not just because they make me hot but because you know my mind. I swear you are in my head reading my fantasies. Thank you.

I searched through the backlog of emails and sure enough I found this one. It had intrigued me because normally someone that writes a comment like that usually wants to learn more, interact and this one did not.

“So who are you, how do I know if you are a woman, a man or whatever and where are you staying” I asked, “How do I know who you really are?” I quizzed.

It wasn’t long the next reply came in. “No names, just trust me, I am all women and for the first time in my life, I want to let go and be like those women you write about, please meet me. I am staying at the Delta South Convention Inn, room 1208. I am married, work for a large corporation in HR and have to be discreet. You are the only writer that I would trust to do this with.”

I showed the last email to Jess, and she asked “Well what are you going to do, are you going to fulfill her fantasy?”

“I am not sure what to do, what do you think?” I asked her.

Jess calmly stated “I think you should go for it, trust your gut feeling. We trust each other, you are my master and give me everything I fantasize, and you should take the opportunity provided. It is not every day you get to prove to your readers that you are as real as you seem in your stories.”

I sat back and thought about it for a bit and then said “On one condition, you are there, downstairs in the lounge, you become part of this scenario, you witness it, then you become part of the story, that is the only way I will do it.”

Jess eagerly agreed to my terms since she knew we would both be exploring new territory, and there was nothing my slut girlfriend enjoyed more than exploring new things, especially when it came to nasty sex adventures.

I sent back a quick not saying I would be over about 9 PM, and to make sure she was ready for what was to happen, that is she did not obey every command, I would walk out instantly.

Approximately one minute later her reply came back “Yes Sir, I will be waiting and will obey every command as if I were your personal sextoy.”

With that decided, Jess and I got showered and dressed for the occasion. About 8:45 We drove over to the hotel, deciding Jess would stay downstairs, pretending to be a slut out on the town for a good time, sometime throughout the evening, I would incorporate the merging of us all. That is about as much planning as I ever do, I am addicted to spontaneity.

I went in to the bar with Jess, checking out how busy it was, and sure enough there were enough guys and women there after a work day to keep her entertained while I was busy setting the stage for later. Hell knowing Jess, she would have fingers all over her fine tits and up her juicy twat before we came back downstairs.

I watched as she headed towards the bar, an empty stool between about 4 or 5 guys, knowing she was going to make sure she was not bored in the slightest while I had my fun.

I went back outside to have a quick cigar, letting my newest fan and slut wait, making the anticipation of release build up for her.

After I stubbed out the stogie, I took the elevator up to the 12th floor, looked up and down the corridor, and proceeded down to room 1208 as directed .I listened against the door and could hear the sound of muffled music only. I tapped on the door three times, and it opened instantly. There she altyazı porno was, a beautiful woman dressed in business attire. Pin striped blazer with matching short skirt, white blouse, and black stockings with stilettos. Her head slightly bowed, the tresses falling forward, she asked “Are you my Master?”

“Yes” I calmly replied. “Pour me a rum and coke from your room bar” I ordered. As she walked over to the bar, I changed my mind, and told her to stop. Remove your jacket and blouse first. Without turning around she nervously began to remove the requested items. She started to talk, her voice nervous with trepidation “I have never done anything like this before in my life. I have never cheated on my husband, not ever even acted like a slut before. I have only been sexually intimate with him” she nervously carried on. “He was my high school sweetheart, I never even petted with another man before” she chattered.

I let her ramble on until she was standing in just her skirt and black bra. “Silence” I ordered.

“Now get me my drink as requested” my tone making sure I expected complete obedience.

When she turned around to bring me my drink, I was sitting on the sofa, her eyes showing the shyness of a virgin, her cheeks flushed bright pink. “Kneel” was all I said. This beautiful creature kneeled before me as I sipped on the cold beverage, our eyes meeting, never straying. Finally I said “Before this night is over, you will experience things you have only ever dreamt of, and once you start, there is no going back, for the life of a slut is exciting, exhilarating and very addictive. You will never settle for vanilla again, do you understand this?” She anxiously nodded her head, no words spoken. I raised my voice and stated” Do you understand me?” “Yes”, she replied. “Yes what” I demanded.

“Yes Sir, I understand” was all she could stammer. “And you still want to proceed with this, with me, because once we do, I play for real” I countered. “Yes Sir, I want to realize this entire world with you. This is why I had to come here, to let you be the one to take me there, I trust you, your stories make me feel it is right, and that you will guide, teach and protect me. You are the kind of Master women dream of” she shyly said.

With that, I unzipped myself, freeing my cock from the confines of the slacks I wore for this evening of fun. I must admit for a newbie, she knew what was expected and her head leaned forward into my lap, her small mouth stopping just at the head, her tongue snaking out as if tasting some exotic dish she had never tried before, not sure what it would taste like. Her hand peeled back my foreskin, and ever so slowly she allowed her lips to glide over my glans, slowly lapping, sucking. Once she got about one inch in, she repositioned herself on her knees and greedily sucked as much into her mouth as possible, gagging herself by surprise. I allowed her to recover, and asked her if she had ever sucked cock before, and she replied “Once, my husband is not a fan of sex outside of missionary position, he comes from a rigid background where sex is not really supposed to be enjoyed by women, and kinky sex is only done with whores. Yours is the first real attempt at cocksucking I have ever tried.”

I smiled knowing that this innocent woman was about to venture into a world that few get to experience, one where she will experience all the deviant decadent pleasures that only come in sexual adventures for the strong of heart.

I slowly pulled her head back and told her to take it slow, to allow herself time to adjust to the girth of the cock, before trying to take the length in. She lowered her head again and this time she sucked it in slowly, inch by inch, her cheeks caved in around my hard pole. Soon her head was bobbing up and down, her saliva seeping out past her lips as she adapted to her knew found passion.

I took my free hand and slid it down the front of her chest, reaching into her bra and squeezing one full orb, feeling the weight and the meatiness of her tit. Her nipples hardened instantly, and trust me, they were thick and long. Hell you could hang clothes hangers on her pegs.

Finally I decided it was time to move on with the night’s festivities, to make sure she had an evening she would never regret.

I had her stand up; remove all of your clothes I instructed. Once naked I inspected her body as if she were a piece of meat, purposely making her uncomfortable. She had a mature body that has been used, but still maintaining all of her womanly curves.

I roamed my hands over her, exploring her wet cunt, tits, and then down the crack of her ass, slowly teasing her tight anus without entering it, causing her to stiffen up and shudder at same time.

“It’s time to get dressed in proper attire for your evening.” I told her.

We went through her suitcase and the closet in the room, picking out a tight white tank top, no bra, black mini skirt, no panties and heels. I had her stand in front of the mirror and demanded she tell me what she saw. “A amatör porno slut” she said. ” A sexy slut who wants to experience it all” she added.

“Good” I told her, that is exactly what you are tonight. In fact that is what I will call you for the rest of the evening. You will answer to slut or sextoy, understood?” She smiled like the cat that swallowed the canary, and she almost too eagerly responded with an enthusiastic “Yes.”

I had my newfound slut walk beside me and when we entered the elevator and the door closed, I lifted her top up and suckled her hard nubs, stretching them so they stood out even further in her top, on display for all to see.

We entered the bar and all heads turned to look at this sexual being that walked in with me, I held her by the arm, making sure all knew she was with me and I was in charge. We took a seat in a booth where I had full view of the property, but all she could see was me. I spotted Jess over by the pool tables and she was playing with three guys, one Italian looking guy, one black guy and two Caucasian men and it was obviously they were plying her with free drinks, her hair disheveled and more than a few buttons undone on her top, her skirt riding high exposing her French cut panties, making me sure they had been gambling for feels, kisses and lord knows what hoping to get some action by the end of the night. Jess spotted me and smiled, knowing I loved to see her out flirting, seducing and fucking other men and women.

The waitress came over and I ordered rum and coke for me, and a glass of wine for her. Being the good submissive, she sat there quietly, allowing me to take complete control of the situation.

I leaned forward and sternly told her “Sluts do not sit on their skirts and that she should pull it up and sit her bare ass on the seat. She turned a bright shade of red and cautiously looked around the room to see if anyone was looking. Of course there were plenty of men and women looking, and when she looked back at me, she knew she had no choice but to do as she was told, or risk losing her one chance of this life she so desired.

Both hands dropped to her side and she slowly pulled it up, wiggling her plump ass to slide it over, resting her cheeks back down on the leather seats. “Good girl.” I commended her.

When the waitress returned with our drinks, she almost dropped the tray. When she looked down all she could stare at was the neatly trimmed pussy before her. With a knowing smile, she placed our order on the table and returned to the bar, whispering to the bartender behind the counter. Slut was now thoroughly embarrassed and I was sure, turned on as well. I reached over and tugged her nipples, stretching them in front of the onlookers. I told her “Play with your cunt” Instantly her hands fell between her thighs and she fingered it slowly. “Are you wet?” I asked. She tried to gurgle out a response, but it was unintelligible.

“Remove your fingers”, I commanded, “Let me taste one set as you suck on the other.” Obediently she did as she was told. By now I no longer cared about the other patrons, not even looking to see who was shocked and who wasn’t.

All that mattered was taking her further. I looked into her eyes again and told her to get up and come and sit beside me; I got up so she could slide in first. We each took another sip, and then I slid one hand between her thighs, pushing them wide open. My fingers searched for her pouty thick cunt lips and slowly spread them, feeling her cunt juice seep out and on to the seat beneath her fine fat ass.

She squirmed as I explored her folds, one finger slowly fucking her tight quim. As her head rolled back, I looked at the bar and smiled at the bartender, and lifted my glass indicating a refill was needed. He was over in a flash, by-passing the waitress and he stood over top of the table watching me finger this delicious woman, my thumb now strumming her swollen red clit as my fingers did their magic in her wet pussy. I asked him “Enjoying the show? This slut is really something.” He said “Damn right, this is the stuff that makes this job so enjoyable.” We both laughed. “How would you like a suck job from her, she is new to this, but I am sure she would make up for experience with enthusiasm.” I queried him. “Sure, I go on my break in five minutes, where do we meet? He asked. “Don’t worry, just nod when you are ready and I will send the little whore over there.” I replied.

We bumped fists and he left to go back to work. About two minutes later, he walked over and told us he had 15 minutes. I got up out of the booth and helped her out, handing her hand to him. “Bring her back when you are done, I have other plans for her still tonight. The only stipulation is you cannot exchange names, understood? Everything is to be anonymous.” letting him know the rules. Smiling he nodded that he understood, and everyone watched enviously as he led her to the back room behind the bar.

Once they were out of site I made my way over to the pool tables, watching Jess play with animasyon porno these guys who had no idea who I was. The Italian guy piped up and mentioned “Nice woman you have there, is she paying your bar bill?” I chuckled, “Yes, and if you guys play your cards right, she will pay yours and entertain all of us including your girlfriend here.” Jess piped up that she was not their girlfriend,, but to continue with the offer. The guys looked shocked but interested. “Well, let’s see people, it look like you like games, and I have an idea for a fun wager. One of the guys took charge and asked “What’s the deal, what are we playing and what are we playing for? ” I am willing to play me and her against one of you and the lady best of three. If we win, you all come back to her room, if we lose my lady friend will be yours for the night. I am sure you are all smart enough to figure it out.”

Now the black man seemed to want control, exercising his dominant nature over all, “So if we get our little lady here to agree, there will be no backing out.” He warned.

“Trust me, there will be no backing out if you guys are honest and agree to the rules. Oh and one more thing, no exchanging names or information of any kind, this is strictly an anonymous onetime thing. Agreed?” I let them know.

Jess spoke up before they could even ask her “I’m in.” shocking her new found mates. One by one they all agreed. “I will be back very shortly.” I informed them.

I went back to the booth and before too long, my slut returned, escorted by the bartender as everyone watched them come back in disbelieve, her hair messed up, her lipstick smeared. “Did you have a good time slave?” I questioned loud enough for others to hear. “Yes master” was her only statement. She was learning this new role quickly and well.

“What did he do to you? I asked. She told me ” He made me get on my knees and unzip his pants, and then he grabbed my hair and literally face fucked me, calling me slut and cocksucker, then he pulled my top up and squeezed my tits hard and twisted my nipples until I thought he would rip them off. I have never been so turned on in all my life, thank you so much.” “Anything else?” I asked.

“Yes, he came in my mouth, letting me swallow his delicious cum, and then he made me stand facing the wall as he fingered my dirty cunt.” words she trembled with excitement.

“Good girl, now let’s go over to the pool tables, I have another surprise for you.” And with that I led her over to the games area.

Gentlemen and lady, her is what, or should I say whom we are playing for tonight, she is our prize. Like I said, it is win win for you guys, are we still on?” I asked.

“Hell yes.” the black guy replied, obviously in charge of the group now.

Jess smiled at me mischievously, and I knew we were on. I informed the slut of the details of the bet, and she looked utterly stunned with disbelieve, but she did not even attempt to leave or argue.

“Well my worthy opponents choose your guy to be your girl’s partner and rack em up. Game on.”

It did not take long before me and my new found slut were down one game to nothing, it was obvious she did not play a lot of billiards, and that it would be up to me, and some underhanded assist from Jess if I was to make my plan come to fruition. Jess racked up the balls for the second match and as she bent over, her tits on display for all playing to see, I gave her a wink, and she nodded back that she knew what to do.

I made the break, and managed to rattle off 4 shots in a row before missing the next one. Jess’s partner was the Italian looking guy and he was good. He damned neared cleared the table but we got lucky when he finally missed one, my slut sank one before missing and that is when Jess went to work. She “accidently” sank one of ours, and that allowed me to clear the table, setting up the rubber match. Jess broke and never sank anything, slut surprised by sinking 3 shots in a row, leaving the Jess’s partner to try and make up ground and with the pressure on he only made one. I took a deep breath and sank the rest completing the comeback and of course winning the bet.

Lady and gentleman, we shall meet you in room 1208 in approximately 15 minutes, and I am sure there will be no backing out, and I am leaving it the men’s hand to make sure you bring your lady along as she is part of the bet, trying to sound worried that Jess would back out. The dark leader smiled and assured me that she would be along for the ride even if he had to drag her there. I smiled and replied, “I almost prefer that, as it would set the tone for both of them. He smiled back and just nodded.

I grabbed slut by the hand and led her back across the tavern floor, stopping at the bar. I called the bartender over giving him $100. “That should cover the tab for us and the four over at the pool table, if not, I am sure you can cover the rest for services rendered.” He smiled and nodded.

We rode back up in the elevator, me holding her arm steadying her as the realization of what was going to happen. “What do you have planned?” she asked. “Just a little party and of course using you in ways you only dreamt about my dear.” was all I told her. I felt her body shutter at the thought of what was to come, knowing I was going to let her suffer in anticipation, instead of telling her.

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