Female Erotic Police Squad Pt. 07

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I would like to thank Georgia Alice for all the help she offered. Most of the characters and places got their names thanks to you. Your assistance with the English language allowed me to move forward with the work, when I could not find the proper word. And above all, being my most faithful reader, you mobilized me to continue the writing. This story would have taken a lot longer to finish, if not for your involvement.



The truck was moving at an average velocity. Speeding would be the only way this large, but utterly common vehicle could attract attention. But the interior was anything but ordinary and the pace of events there not slow at all. Contrary to what the sign on the side said, the trailer was not filled with frozen vegetables, but with people. Nicole, the commissioner of Female Erotic Police Squad and Sarah, the rogue officer, joined by eight men.

In the cab sat three people – two men and a woman. It was Victoria, whom without her pink, latex catsuit and especially the hood was hard to recognize. Although her most prominent features – huge, silicone breasts and fake, plump lips, were as visible as earlier. She was wearing an extremely revealing, red, latex dress, fishnet stockings and twenty centimeter tall heels on a ridiculous platform. Her long, bleached hair was hanging loose beyond her bare shoulders.

The people in the cab were all silent and, apart from the driver, idle. Things looked completely different in the trailer. Nicole was still locked in female suite, Brooke. She had the “dildo-panties” on as well and all forms of stimulation, provided by the suit, were turned on medium speed. Commissioner’s arms and legs were cuffed, and her mouth was gagged. She was lying on the side of the trailer moaning quietly into her gag. She had the willpower to withstand the stimulation, but not the skill to escape her bonds.

The men were told not to touch Nicole and were not unhappy with the restriction, since they had another female, who was willing to satisfy their needs. Sarah could never say “no” to a good gangbang and the road was supposedly long, so they needed a way to kill the time anyhow. The rogue officer had removed most of her uniform and was left only in the sheer, black, crotchless pantyhose. Eight men was a lot even for her, but they were on the same team now. Sarah wanted not only to have some pleasure, but also to make friends with the men. In a way at least, since they would not be talking to each other much during the ride.

Victoria had the truck prepared for the road as good, as the robbery and abduction. There even was a thick rug on the floor, placed there with a specific purpose. The rogue officer was kneeling on it, the soft material feeling nice against her pantyhose covered legs. The men, now naked, surrounded her. Their penises were already semi-erect. Partially from the presence of two sexy females, partially from the adrenaline that rushed into their veins during the robbery. Their members were of various sizes, most were average, but two of them stood out. One because of its length and the other because of its girth. Although, it was still to be determined, how big they would eventually grow.

Sarah could not take care of them all at once, but she did her best. She guided the longest penis into her mouth and then took two other into her hands. They were quickly gaining volume, but the other five men were waiting impatiently. All of them wanted to relieve the stress after the “job”. One of them knelt beside the rogue officer and groped her large breasts. He was not gentle at all, but even that was only a temporary substitute. His penis ached for attention and he did not want to waste it on masturbation. But still he could consider himself lucky, since with four of them standing or kneeling by Sarah, there was simply no space for the rest to participate in any way.

Once the penises got fully hard, new opportunities arose. The man with the longest penis laid down on the floor and Sarah mounted him. She guided his member into her vagina, but did not begin to ride him immediately. The others had to assume their positions first. The one with the thick penis got behind the rogue officer, once she knelt down and began to lubricate her anus. One of the other men was kind enough, to bring a bottle of lubricant, which was also prepared earlier. The “fat” guy applied the lube quickly and impatiently shoved his member into Sarah’s anus. That would have made her moan, if not for another penis, that was entering her mouth. Another two men grabbed her hands and put them to work as well.

This was not the first gangbang for Sarah and as usual it was chaotic in the beginning. The men had little experience with sharing a woman and they could not find the common rhythm. Their penises kept slipping out of rogue officer’s holes and they had to put them back in. Sarah did her best to organize the whole gangbang, but her options şahinbey escort were limited. She enjoyed, how the large penises stretched her two holes, but was also mildly frustrated by the mess. The three men, that were left aside, were even more frustrated. But there was nothing else for them to do, but to wait and enjoy the spectacle.

The group eventually found the common rhythm. Their pace was slow, but at least their penises did not slid out. Sarah was beginning to enjoy the multi-pronged stimulation. She kept her throat open and her palms curled. The men using her mouth and hands swapped with the idle three, before they reached orgasms. But the two taking her other holes wanted to remain at their posts until the end. Their stamina did not match their size, though. The one with the thick penis, who was using Sarah’s anus was the first to ejaculated. With several more thrusts he emptied his testicles inside the woman’s bowels and left for another one to take his place. But before someone could take his place, the man on the ground shot his load as well, filling Sarah’s womb with warm semen. It was time for a change of pose as well as places.

The rogue officer got up from her knees, while the semen began to slowly ooze out from her holes. One of the men, who was using her hand lied on his back. This time she mounted him in a reverse cowgirl position. The man supported her ample buttocks, while she spread her legs wide for another penis to enter her vagina. She had to be supported the whole time, since her hands served a different purpose.

The gangbang went on for few hours. After the first round, when all of the men had orgasmed, the intensity decreased. The men were content with just enjoying the spectacle and regaining their strength. But there were always two, who wanted to use Sarah in some way.

When the truck finally reached its destination, Sarah’s holes were stretched and her mouth felt sore. She was drenched in sweat and semen from her red hair to the toes of her pantyhose covered feet. Her pale skin was glistening and she was breathing heavily. The rogue officer was exhausted, by satisfied. She had lost count of how many times, she had orgasmed. The men were not overly focused with her pleasure, but in this case quantity replaced quality in a satisfactory manner.

There was one more person in the trailer, who was also exhausted. Nicole was far from being satisfied, though. The suit kept stimulating her in every possible way. She had tried to fight it, but eventually had to surrender. The orgasms would have been pleasurable, if not for the predicament. That was basically a more sophisticated form of a rape. To make things worse, the stimulation was not constant. It kept increasing and decreasing in a manner, that could be described as deliberate. Nicole assumed, that her captor must have had a surveillance over her and applied to stimuli according to commissioner’s reactions.


The truck eventually reached its destination, which was a large, secluded mansion. The trees surrounding it were tall and dense enough to cover the area from any accidental trespassers, that might have ventured over a nearby path.

The passengers left the vehicle, while the captive was carried out. Sarah gratefully accepted assistance from the men. Her holes were sore and her legs felt uneven. She was wearing nothing but the soaked, crotchless pantyhose and high heels, she had put back on.

Nicole was carried into the main room, which was spacious and well furnished, and left on a couch. Victoria approached her with a remote in her hand and turned the suit off.

– Remove the panties and uncuff her – the woman commanded and one of her underlings obeyed.

Once the commissioner was released from her bonds, at least partially, she sat up and removed her gag. She remained silent, though. Her face was sweaty and expressed exhaustion, but there was vigilance in her eyes as well. She might have been beaten, but was not yet defeated.

Victoria sat on an armchair, that stood opposite the couch. She was the first to speak:

– Do you recognize me?

Nicole understood, that the woman was not asking, if she could identify her without the latex hood, she wore on the Sexpo. There must have been a deeper meaning to that question. She frantically searched her memory, but could not find the answer.

– No.

– I had expected you to be more observant. Does the name Stud Baker ring a bell?

Of course it did! The commissioner could never forget one of the most notorious criminals, whom she had personally helped to catch. But Stud Baker was a tall, handsome, athletic man, who had a different girl in his bed every night (which by the way was his downfall, since one of the girls was an undercover police officer). He had escaped from the prison, but after that he had simply fallen off the face of the earth.

– You can’t…

– I can and I am. Or at least I used to be. Before I tell you your future, I’ll tell you my past. Listen carefully, because that’s the first time, I want someone to understand my motives.

I know, that you’re responsible not only for my term behind bars, but also for the company I had had in the cell. Bruno was big, rough and loved men. Or to be more specific, he liked quote: “turning pretty boys, like you, into my personal bitches”.

I had spent two years being Bruno’s bitch. As you might imagine, it significantly influenced my mind. When I eventually escaped, I couldn’t return, to who I was before. So I embraced the perverted image of femininity, that Bruno forced upon me and became this – Victoria pointed her palms towards her body – you’d be surprised, how advanced the plastic surgery had become.

But enough of the past, let’s talk about the future, your future. I have knowledge and means far surpassing Bruno’s… by the way, did you know, that someone cut his cock off after my escape? Never mind. I won’t need two years to turn you into my bitch. In shorter time I’ll alter your body and your mind. I’ll turn you into a cock-craving, cum-thirsty, permanently horny, mindless bimbo. You’ll be nothing more than an eager sex-toy, that can never find fulfilment herself. Then I’ll let you go. Sounds fun, huh?

Nicole just sat silently searching for weak spots of her opponent and already planning an escape.

– Be quiet, while you can. You’ll spend most of your time moaning. Take her.

The commissioner was lead to her room, that would also be her cell. Among other things, hanging on the wall, there was a poster of Bruno.


Meanwhile the police were not idle. The area of the Sexpo was eventually secured, the witnesses were being interrogated and the footage from the CCTV cameras was being checked. Some traces were obvious and got checked immediately. The men, who tricked the police officers were supposedly working for the sex-toy manufacturers. The employers must have had some data about them.

Eventually some footholds were acquired. The man, who tricked Alexandra worked for the company, that manufactured the swing. But, as it could have been predicted, his documents were fake and that trace was useless. But Alexandra had an informant, who might just lead her to a forger.

The man, who bound Tori to the sex-machine, was not an employee of the manufacturer. The real marketer was found bound and naked in the broom closet. Fortunately there was enough footage of the criminal and enough witnesses to identify him in a way. He was supposedly a regular patron of a nightclub called “Ben Dover”. That was not a bad point to start a further investigation. Especially for Tori, who knew her ways around nightclubs.

Things seemed more complex with the man, who tricked Eden. He was an actual marketer, but his employer did not want to cooperate. Things could be taken to the judge and the company would eventually be forced to reveal the information, but that would take time. Negotiating with managers was a task for someone with a higher rank, than Eden. Athena would do that job.

Eden was tasked with checking another track. One of the men, who along Sarah broke into the control room, was found on the footage without his mask. Witnesses claimed, that he was a member of a gang called “The Nylon Bitches”. The trick was, the gang only accepted female members. Was it a dead-end lead or were the “Bitches” hiding something? The amazonian strap-on lover was the right woman for this job.


Alexandra contacted her informant Rick as soon as possible. It was not the first time, she was obtaining information from him, so she knew, how to prepare. They always met on the street and the police officer was dressed as a prostitute. She took off her uniform and put on a red micro skirt, the did not even fully cover her buttocks, red bandeau bra, black, fishnet stockings and red, stripper heels. Before Alexandra put on a black thong, she slid a jewelled butt-plug into her anus. Rick had some additional expectations, when it came to sex. She applied slutty makeup and, with her lips bright red, went out.

The meeting place was on a street frequented by prostitutes, so Alexandra did not look outstandingly. She picked the least attractive spot, as not to anger other hookers with competition. She was by far the sexiest of them all. The police officer had to wait about twenty minutes for Rick to show up. Fortunately, thank to the less exposed location, no clients came.

Rick was as average, as one could imagine. Height, built, face, he looked so common, that one would find it hard to describe him to anyone. That was a good feature for an informant.

– Hello, sexy – he said quietly with a slight smile.

The man’s hands went directly for Alexandra’s buttocks. While he groped them, he also slid one hand to touch the base of the butt-plug.

– Prepared as always. That’s why I love our cooperation so much. Let’s go somewhere more intimate.

The more “intimate” place was a cheap hotel located on the same street. Rick’s hand had not left Alexandra’s buttock as they walked. When they finally entered the room, the groping only intensified. The informant took off her bra and put his hands on her firm, C-cup breasts. While he enjoyed the policewoman’s body, she talked. There was not much to say, thought, since Alexandra did not want to give up unnecessary details. When she was done, Rick was still playing with her breasts, sucking on one nipple, while fondling the other.

– I know of a forger – said the informant, once his mouth left Alexandra’s breast – I can arrange a meeting in two-three days.

His hands kept roaming all over policewoman’s body.

– That’s an urgent matter. I need to see him today.

– I’ll see, what can be done, but that’ll cost you extra.

– Call him now. I’ll you a quick number today and w whole night, when the case is closed.

– How long that might take?

– I can’t tell you that. But you’ll have TWO nights with me within a month, if I get to meet that guy today.

– Deal. Do you want him to know, that you’re a cop?

– If that won’t stop him from talking with me.

– All right.

Rick let go of Alexandra’s thighs, where his hands were at that point of conversation, and got his phone. It took him just one phone call, although it was a longer one. When the informant finished, he had a broad smile on his face.

– You’ve got an appointment in three hours. That should be enough to fulfil the first installment of your debt.

Groping time was over. Rick removed his trousers and underwear to reveal his penis. It got soft during the phone call. But even in this state it was plain to see, that it was the only part of the informant’s body, that was not average. Alexandra knew well, that Rick’s penis was huge. Once it got hard, it was twenty five centimetres long and so thick, that even a skilled police officer had to focus, to deepthroat it whole.

Alexandra knew their routine as well. She got to her knees and took the flaccid penis into her mouth. It was getting hard quickly as she licked the head, as well as the whole shaft, while fondling the testicles with her fingers. Once Rick’s member reached its full, glorious size, the policewoman opened her mouth wider and began to take it deeper into her throat. Once her nose touched the informant’s underbelly and his sizeable testicles rested on her chin, she stopped. Rick liked to savor that moment. Alexandra kept the huge penis in her throat for more than just a few seconds. But eventually she pulled her head back and took a deep breath. There was no time for breaks, although Rick was not pushing. The policewoman once again took the penis into her throat. This time the motion was quicker and she did not hold it there. Instead she began a regular deepthroating. Taking the whole penis smoothly into her throat, time after time, required all her skill and focus. She managed to succeed without gagging.

Relatively quickly Rick decided, that it was enough throating and came the time for the first dish. He gently pushed Alexandra’s head back, helped her get up and pointed towards the bed. Once they reached the piece of furniture, the informant laid the policewoman on her back and took her panties off. He liked to taste his women before impaling them on his thick rod, so he dived between Alexandra’s spread legs. Rick had more enthusiasm, than skill, but fortunately FEPS officers could get sufficiently wet without external assistance. Once the informant lifted his head, the policewoman made sure, she was slippery enough for his huge penis.

Rick aimed his tool at Alexandra’s hole and shoved the whole length in with one swift motion. That made the policewoman moan loudly. The sound was exaggerated, but Alexandra was enjoying it nevertheless. But she had a job to do and too much pleasure or any orgasms would be overly distracting. So she just focused on satisfying Rick and maintaining her own mind clear.

The informant could impress with size, but his stamina was as average as his looks. Accompanied by grunts and growls he shot his voluminous load into Alexandra’s vagina after fifteen minutes. But that was not the end, though. There were still over two more hours until policewoman’s meeting with the forger and Rick planned to use every single minute.

The regeneration period was spent mostly at groping, but there was some more gentle caressing, as well as kissing and licking. The informant made sure, that every square centimetre of Alexandra’s body was attended to in some way. But breasts and buttocks received the most of the attention. He ignored his semen, that was oozing out from the policewoman’s vagina and soaking into the sheets.

When Rick was ready for another round, he put his penis to policewoman’s mouth. The main reason was not to make it hard, but to lubricate it. Came the time to show the usefulness of the butt-plug and its role in preparing Alexandra’s anus. The policewoman knew the game. She made the penis sloppy with her saliva, even though she had other means of lubricating her back door. The ones provided by the FEPS.

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