Fiery Heat Ch. 11

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Damon Reid vs. Tristan Thomas


Damon smiled broadly when his feet touched the ground. Cole and Briana had similar smiles on their faces. They were both leaning against a sleek black limo, looking at Damon and Tristan walk towards them.

“Vous êtes les bienvenus Monsieur Reid.” Étienne, Damon’s care taker who also doubled as a chauffeur greeted, smiling happily at Damon. He started walking with them towards the parked limo. “Did you have a good flight?”

“We did Étienne, thanks.” Damon extended his hand to give Étienne a firm handshake. “And how is everything back home? Adelaide and the children okay?”

“They are very well Sir. Adelaide is not happy you are not going to stay at home this time around.” Étienne said.

“I knew she wouldn’t be happy with that. So I brought her extra Dove chocolates.” Damon chuckled. “Tell her I said I’ve missed her delicious meals and will be coming over for dinner on Wednesday, with my friends.”

Étienne laughed. “You know the way to my Adelaide’s heart Mr. Reid.”

“Of course I do.” Damon laughed.

Damon’s family owned a really big house in Paris, where he usually stayed whenever he visited France. Étienne and his lovely wife and two kids stayed on the property and ensured it was well catered to. This time, however, Damon had decided to stay on the luxury beach resort where Cole and Briana were staying. He knew it was going to upset Adelaide as she wouldn’t get the chance to spoil him as she usually did on his visits to Paris.

“Finally.” Cole boomed, reaching out to give Damon a big hug.

“Yep. We’re here.” Damon said turning to look at the beautiful Briana. “You, my love, are looking even more beautiful.” He enfolded Briana into his arms, picked her up and twirled her around causing her to squeal in delight.

“I’ve missed you Damon. Couldn’t wait for you to get here. At least now I can go out and have some fun.” Briana gushed, breathless from being twirled around by Damon.

“He’s been keeping you in bed huh? Told you you’d be happier with moi.” Damon drawled, making Briana howl with laughter whilst Cole flipped him a bird.

“I hear I did you a favour by not taking you up on your offer.” Briana said with a smile. “Shouldn’t you be making introductions?” She said glancing behind Damon at Tristan who had his back to them. He was on his phone talking to someone.

“What exactly did you hear?” Damon asked reaching behind him to take hold of Tristan’s hand to pull him to his side.

“Everything.” Cole drawled. “Oh and Chris called this morning.” His dark brown eyes were dancing with amusement.

Damon groaned. “You boys have nothing better to do I can see.”

“Nope.” Cole grinned.

“Bastards.” Damon murmured making Cole burst into laughter.

Damon realized Tristan had finished his call. “Tris, meet Cole and Briana.” Then turning his head to look at Tristan, he added. “And this is Tristan, my boyfriend. No scratch that…the love of my life.”

Tristan blushed slightly. He couldn’t help it. Damon was looking at him in that way. “Hi.” He said simply, extending his hand to Cole. But Cole surprised him by pulling him into his strong arms for a hug. Tristan realized Cole was very tall and muscular. Almost as tall as Damon.

Then with an impish grin, Cole leaned down and gave Tristan a kiss on each of his cheeks.

“That’s how it’s done here.”

“No it’s not, you asshole.” Damon growled whilst Tristan laughed.

Cole looked at Damon with even more amusement in his eyes. “Chillax Damon, you’re acting like a caveman. And I’m loving it.” His grin was downright roguish.

With a smile, Briana stepped into Tristan’s arms for a hug too. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Really?” Tristan asked, surprised. “From who?”

“Dean. He said you are both sweet and gangster. I wonder what that means. Oh and he also said,” Briana lowered her voice so the others wouldn’t hear, “you were so perfect for our Damon. I say you are gorgeous.” Briana finished with a breathless laugh.

“Thanks. And you are a Miss World material. Ever thought of contesting?” Tristan asked with all sincerity, taking in Briana’s lovely figure, her flawless tanned skin and her beautiful long black silky hair. Briana’s excited laughter rang out on the tarmac.

“Alright you two, break it up already.” Damon said to the two laughing youngsters. “I seriously need to get off my feet.”

“Yeah about that, what’s wrong with your leg Damon?” Cole asked. “Looks like you’re limping.”

Damon froze and glared at Tristan who was clearing his throat, obviously trying to stifle his laughter. “I just got off a very long flight dude.”

“I know. I believe you were on that flight with Tristan. How come he is not limping? Is old age catching up with someone already?” Cole drawled.

“Fuck you.” Damon couldn’t help the sigh of relief that escaped him. Tristan was obviously having a field day with Cole’s observation. Oh he was going to pay for Fatih Escort that!

They all got into the limo and headed for the resort.


“This place is paradise Damon. And this chalet is ridiculously lavish.” Tristan sat on the bed and flopped onto his back, letting his eyes fall closed. “I’m bushed!”

“Hey, let’s go get some breakfast before you fall asleep. Come on.” Damon said reaching down to pull Tristan to his feet, tugging until they stood flush against one another.

Damon circled his arms around Tristan’s waist and captured his bottom lip between his teeth. He bit it lightly and sucked it into his mouth sensuously before letting it loose. Tristan gave a lustful moan and rubbed himself against Damon, trying to draw their lips together again for a real kiss, which Damon playfully evaded.

“Tease.” He whispered against Damon’s lips.

Damon chuckled and finally took pity on him. Sliding a hand into Tristan’s hair, he kissed him soundly.

“Can we go now?” Damon husked bumping Tristan’s forehead lightly with his own. “Cole and Briana are waiting for us.”

“Fuck, am I tired.” Tristan groaned.

“I’ll feed you if you’re feeling too tired to do it yourself.”

“Fuck no.” Tristan laughed, following Damon out of their elegant bedroom into their equally classy living room and then out onto the beach, where an array of dishes had been laid out.


The food was delicious. Briana had been dumbfounded when Tristan spoke to the waitress in fluent French. So whilst they enjoyed their meals, she quizzed Tristan on how he could speak French so effortlessly, leaving Damon and Cole to catch up.

“Growing up, my family used to visit Paris a lot.” Tristan told Briana. “My mum loved it here. Her maternal grandmother was French. So my sisters and I were made to learn how to speak the French language. Whilst they struggled with it, however, I could speak it with cheeky ease.”

“That’s my genius.” Briana teased.

“You have no idea the things I got away with just because I could speak French. All I had to do was remind my mother that I was her only child who would make her grannie proud.” Tristan said with a mocking sort of wide-eyed innocence, causing Briana to throw her head back against her seat and laugh uncontrollably.

“Oh my God. You are nuts.” Briana gushed.

“Honey, it was fun. And my sisters were so regretful they hadn’t taken French serious. Hell I still do get away with stuff, thanks to French…

‘Young man, do you have any idea the kind of trouble you’re in?’

‘Am I? Remember the French revolution mum?’

‘Oww, come for ice cream my prince.'”

Tristan mimicked an outrageous obviously made-up conversation between him and his mum making Briana roar with laughter. Tristan joined Briana to have a good laugh causing patrons to turn to look at them. Some were smiling and giggling as the two laughed contagiously. Cole and Damon stopped talking to stare at them.

“You two care to share?” Cole asked with a mock scowl.

“No we don’t.” Briana stuck her tongue out at Cole, squealing when he quickly leaned over and caught her tongue between his teeth. That squeal soon turned into a moan when Cole started sucking on it and finally kissing her till she was breathless.

“You asked for it girl.” Damon chuckled, looking at the pair fondly. At least the pregnancy scare was over. Cole had called him three days earlier to give him the good news. “Okay Tris, we might as well leave. ‘Cause for these two, kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases. They’re not gonna finish anytime soon.”

Cole started laughing against Briana’s lips. “Shut him up for me will ya?” He said turning to look at Tristan whilst Briana blushed and laughed softly. “Knowing him, he wants some.”

“I certainly do,” Damon agreed with a shit-eating grin. “Asshole.”

Tristan cracked a slightly mischievous smile and in a mockingly sincere voice, addressed Damon. “You have my permission to kiss her if you want to. Now, whether Cole will allow it, is another matter.”

“Smartass.” Damon said whilst everyone laughed. “I thought YOU were going to give me some.” Damon gave Tristan a sultry grin as he shifted in his seat, unconsciously betraying a bit of lingering soreness.

Tristan noticed Damon’s discomfort and couldn’t suppress the mischievous grin that broke free across his face. But he knew he had to get Damon into a hot tub. Fast!

“Oh I am going to give you some alright.” Tristan murmured. “But in bed ’cause I’m not going to be able to stop after a kiss.”

“Wow!” Briana gasped looking like she was going to swoon. She thought the pair looked simply hot together.

“Now if you guys will excuse us,” Tristan said standing up, “I have to go…shut him up.”

Everyone erupted into laughter.

The two couples went to their various chalets. Damon and Tristan needed to unpack and have a much needed rest. The plan had been to hit the latest club in Fatih Escort Bayan town later that evening, but they decided it would be best if they just relaxed and hanged out as it was a working day, and rather go clubbing the following day, which was a national holiday in France. It would be more fun.


“Oh, fuck, this feels so good.” Damon moaned.

They were sitting in the Jacuzzi. Damon sat in the steaming hot water with his eyes closed and the back of his head against the mirrored wall. Tristan sat between Damon’s legs with his back against Damon’s chest and his head on his shoulder. Damon’s legs encased Tristan, and his cock hit right at the cleft of his arse.

“Welcome to the club.” Tristan murmured.

“Real fuckin’ funny, asshole,” Damon chuckled, nuzzling his lips against Tristan’s temple and squeezing him with his legs.

“Takes one to know one.” Tristan deadpanned.

“Wiseass.” Damon nipped him lightly on his earlobe making a delicious shiver pass through Tristan. “So, what do you think of Cole?”

“He’s cool. I like him. And I love Briana already. She’s beautiful and fun. Did you think I wouldn’t like Cole?”

“I was hoping you would like him. He’s my best friend after all. And no, I didn’t think you would dislike him. After all, you did like even Dean.” Damon drawled, drawing low laughter from Tristan.

“I did, didn’t I? He’s one crazy dude. You know he actually…”

But Tristan lost his train of thought and gave a loud moan when Damon stuck his tongue into his ear and fucked it, occasionally pulling back to swirl his tongue around the shell, and finally, sucking on his earlobe. Tristan got hard within seconds.

“Damon…” A breathy moan escaped Tristan’s lips.

Damon pushed Tristan to stand up. Then he turned Tristan around to face him, keeping his pulled up knees between Tristan’s legs. Then he made Tristan sit on his knees, still facing him. In that position, Damon was face to face with Tristan’s hard dripping cock. He leaned forward and swallowed Tristan’s cock into the heat of his mouth.

“Ahhh…” Tristan moaned, his hands going into Damon’s short hair.

After giving each other a couple of earth-shaking blowjobs, they fell into bed and slept till it was time for dinner.


Damon smelled the coffee before coming fully awake the following morning. When he opened his eyes, Tristan was sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed, with a cup of steaming coffee in his hand.

“Coffee.” Damon murmured.

“Sit up.” Tristan instructed.

Damon stretched his arms and legs, blinking the sleep from his eyes. He sat up and leaned against the headboard, displaying his sexy abs and six-pack. The covers, which had dropped to Damon’s lap, tented with his morning wood.

Tristan swallowed, feeling his cock begin to stir within his pants. He shook his head and forced himself to focus on Damon’s face. With a sigh, he handed the coffee over to Damon.

Damon moaned when he took a sip of the dark brew. “God, this is good. Aren’t you going too early?” Damon asked taking in Tristan’s sexy dark green Henley shirt and cargo pants. He looked sexy as fuck.

“It’s half past nine, Damon.”

Damon’s eyes widened. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” He asked, taking another sip of the coffee. Another moan slipped out of his throat at the delicious taste of the coffee, and Tristan’s cock responded as if that sound had been hummed right against his flesh.

“I just did.” Tristan said huskily. “Listen, if you keep that up, I won’t be able to leave.”

“Keep what up?” Damon asked looking genuinely confused.

“That sound you keep making.” Tristan said as he took the mug from the hands of a still confused Damon and placed it on the bedside table. Then he crawled over Damon to straddle his lap and crushed their lips together.

Damon groaned, a sound rich with longing and arousal as he met Tristan’s kiss with a force of his own. His arms went around Tristan to hold him tightly as he devoured those sinfully kissable lips, grinding Tristan onto his morning wood.

Tristan gasped as he gyrated his arse on the bulge beneath him. Damon growled and held on to Tristan’s waist, holding him down as he thrust up repeatedly as if there were no clothing between them at all. Tristan whimpered with need as he kept rocking in a sensual frenzy over Damon’s cock.

“I want you,” Damon growled against Tristan’s lips as his fingers moved to the buttons on Tristan’s pants. “I want you now, Tris.”

Tristan moaned, so desperate to feel Damon driving inside him that he could do nothing but whimper and help Damon to unfasten his buttons. Tristan’s pulsing shaft leaped free seconds later and he writhed beneath Damon’s touch, inflamed. They were both gasping for air now, straining together, loins grinding into each other.

Then they heard a loud knock.

“Hello.” They heard the contractor, who was coming to pick Tristan up, call out from the outer porch.

“Shit!” Damon groaned. Escort Fatih He could feel his muscles trembling as he fought to control himself.

“Let’s ignore him Damon.” Tristan whimpered. “I can’t go like this.”

“Oh baby. I would want nothing more than for you to crawl right back in bed with me, but we can’t.” Damon said hugging Tristan tightly to him. “Now come on, let’s get you decent.” He dropped a quick kiss to Tristan’s kiss-swollen lips and got off the bed with him.

Damon ignored Tristan’s protests as he fixed his pants and straightened his shirt, dropping tiny kisses all over Tristan’s face the whole time. “You look sexy in green.” He murmured.

“And you look delicious naked.” Tristan murmured right back, raking his gaze over Damon’s gloriously naked body. “Sure I can’t change your mind?” Tristan purred.

“Positive.” Damon said laughing softly.


Before Damon knew what Tristan was doing, he was sitting on the edge of the bed and drawing the pierced mushroom head of Damon’s still erect cock into his mouth.

“Fuck!” Damon’s hand automatically went to Tristan’s head to hold him in place as he threw his head back in pleasure.

But just as suddenly, Damon couldn’t feel the exquisite heat of Tristan’s mouth again. He opened his eyes to see Tristan with a self-satisfied grin on his face.

“You can think about that whilst I’m gone.”

And with a quick kiss to the lips of a still stunned Damon, Tristan was gone.

“The little fucker.” Damon groaned and flung himself onto the bed. He couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled out of him though. He was defiantly going to miss Tristan. Tristan had made sure of that with that last move.


Tristan felt his phone vibrate inside his pocket and pulled it out to see he had a message from Damon.

‘I’m aching for you.’ The text stated simply.

Tristan’s heart missed a beat. “Excusez-moi.” He said to the men he was in the meeting with and went out to call Damon. Tristan had been horny since leaving the resort, thanks to the unfortunate interruption by the contractor that morning.

“Hey baby. Sup?” Damon’s sexy voice melted Tristan, making him want Damon even more.

“What are you doing?” Tristan husked.

“In the gym with Cole. We’ll be leaving here soon. We’re actually going to run back. How’s it going over there?” Damon asked, wishing Tristan didn’t have to work. “Tris, you still there?” He added when Tristan didn’t answer his first question.

“Yes.” Tristan croaked, imagining how hot Damon must be looking that very moment, with sweat running in enticing rivulets down his muscled, sensual body. Tristan felt arousal spiking through him, clouding his mind with want. His cock stirred a tent in his pants, forcing him to stifle down a moan. The picture of Damon’s beautiful body and his handsome face materialized like a specter in front of Tristan’s eyes, making him hunger for entwined bodies and hot, open-mouthed kisses. He wanted Damon.

“Everything on track?”

“Yeah. Look I’ll see you in a bit okay?” Tristan hanged up and hailed a taxi. He hadn’t even noticed exactly how and when his legs had carried him out of the building. He wanted Damon and nothing was going to stop him from having him.

Damon looked at the dead phone in his hand, confused.

“Ready to go?” Cole asked, drawing Damon’s attention from the odd conversation he had just had with Tristan. He was sure Tristan was going to explain everything when he got back in the evening.

“Sure.” The two friends started their run back to the resort.

“Come and call me when you guys are done man.” Damon said to Cole when they eventually got to the resort.

“Will do.”

“Oh and you two should take all the time you need.” Damon smirked, his eyes alight with amusement.

“Go suck a dick, Motherfucker.” Cole retorted, laughing.

“Wish I could, Asshole.” They each started towards their respective chalets, not seeing the taxi coming towards them from behind.

“Continuez à faire tourner le compteur.” Tristan said to the driver and jogged into their chalet.

Tristan took out his key card but realized that the door wasn’t locked. With a shake of his head at Damon’s carelessness, he locked the door behind him and walked straight into the bedroom. He heard the shower running in the adjoining bathroom and started towards it without a pause, drawing his shirt over his head as he went. He paused briefly to take off his boots and socks, and then stepped into the shower, without bothering to remove his pants.

“What the fu…” Damon started when he felt someone enter the shower, the curse dying on his lips when he saw Tristan, shirtless, with his pants still on.

Before he could ask Tristan what he was doing back, his mouth was being attacked. “Next time, lock the fucking door Damon.” Tristan murmured against Damon’s lips and continued to kiss him hungrily. He was drenched within seconds.

Damon choked down a cry as he felt Tristan’s hand on his rapidly hardening cock, and couldn’t stop his hips from snapping up into Tristan’s hand. “Fuck,” he breathed. “Fuck, Tris….”

They fought each other for domination of the kiss; lips, tongues, muted moans of desperation as their arousal began to flame out of control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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