Figures in the Mist

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At last,” Sue rejoiced quietly to herself, “The payoff.” After her workout, she was ready for the steam room. She had plowed through an hour of free weights and the elliptical in exchange for fifteen minutes of bliss in the steam room. She exercised four times a week not so much for a particular dress size or a number on a scale, but for this very moment. It was a weekday morning, and the gym was almost empty. The young girl in charge of keeping up the women’s facilities was sitting in a chair, absorbed in her iPhone, and paid no attention as Sue passed the desk on the way to the steam room and showers.

At her locker, she pulled her ponytail out of the back of the baseball cap she wore when she worked out. Hanging it in her locker, she gave her thick brown shoulder length hair a good shake. She slipped out of her tight black workout pants and lime green sports bra. Wrapping up in a towel, she padded carefully on bare feet across the wet floor of the corridor to the steam room. Passing a mirror on the way, she caught her reflection.

She slowly turned in the mirror and took stock of her breasts. They were, for the most part, still managing to defy gravity somehow. Looking over her shoulder, she appraised her ass, which though not as tight as it once was, was still shapely. She thought, “You know, not bad for someone my age.” The regular exercise was definitely paying off.

She opened the door to the steam room, and stepped in. It was like stepping into a cloud. She felt her way through the fog and sat down on her towel on the lower bench. Leaning back, she pulled in deeply on the eucalyptus-scented air. Her muscles ached pleasantly and soon, she was completely relaxed and not thinking about anything at all.

Then she heard a smacking sound. At first, she thought it was condensation dripping from the ceiling. But then she realized that there was another sound. Moaning. Soft moaning. And the smacking sound seemed like…kissing. Was she hearing kissing?

She tuned her ears to try to make sense of what she was hearing. But every time she thought she could make out what she was hearing, the steam jets would hiss out more steam. She moved down the bench toward the sounds. After a minute or so, the steam cleared enough that she could begin to make out the source of the noises. Or rather, the sources.

Across from her on the upper bench were two women. Both appeared to be in their thirties, and both were slim and athletic looking. The blonde had short hair, and small, perky breasts. The brunette had longer hair with a slight amount of curl to it, and a face with a scattering of freckles. Her larger, fuller breasts were so perfect that Sue wondered if they were real. Their hair was wet from the sauna and hung limply around their faces.

They were sitting on towels side by side, their hands on each other’s hips, nibbling on each other’s lips and earlobes. The blonde cupped one of the brunette’s perfect breasts, gently pulling on the nipple with her thumb and forefinger. As Sue watched, the blonde’s hand trailed down from the brunette’s nipple over her toned stomach to her shaved mound. The brunette opened her legs wider and exhaled with pleasure as the blonde’s finger reached her bare pussy.

Sue was wet all over from the steam, but felt herself getting a different kind of wet between her legs, a thicker, more slippery wetness. She brought her feet up from the floor and put them on the bench under her bottom. Reaching around the outside of her leg, her finger traced the outline of each of her swollen lips. She dipped her finger inside her a little to moisten it even more, and then her finger retraced its path again. She wanted to moan, but didn’t want to startle the women.

The brunette leaned down to take the nipple of one of the blonde’s small breasts in her mouth. The brunette tugged and made the blonde’s breast elongate a little. The brunette let go suddenly and the blonde’s breast rebounded softly to her chest. The blonde smiled and leaned her head back in enjoyment. She moved her ass to the edge of the bench and opened her legs. The brunette took her cue and ran her hand down the blonde’s stomach. She stroked the golden curls, teasing her friend, before the blonde nudged the brunette’s hand to her protruding pussy lips. The blonde gasped and gently bit her lower lip when the brunette’s finger made soft contact with her clit.

Another jet of steam filled the room again. Sue could hear the smacking of kisses, and moaning, but couldn’t see. She reasoned that the women couldn’t see her orhangazi escort either, so she began pulling on her nipples, looking down to see the drops of wetness course over the contours of her breasts, down to her pussy. She let her knees fall apart but kept her heels together on the bench. Her clit was engorged and hard, and she ran her finger lightly over it. She pressed a finger into herself, just a short way in. She couldn’t control herself and a moan escaped.

The steam dissipated again, and now Sue could see that their long legs were spread wide, and their feet were resting on the lower bench. Their backs were against the wet tiles of the wall, and their arms crossed over each other. They were thrusting their fingers in and out of each other, and their soft moans grew louder, though muffled by the steam.

Sue slipped another finger into herself. With two fingers in her swollen pussy, she stroked deep inside herself. Her free hand tried to grasp the smooth, wet tiles on the edge of the bench. Her fingers were moving in and out of her, while her thumb rubbed circles over her clit. Her orgasm quickly overtook her, and she screamed loudly as she came.

The women looked up, but went back to kissing and petting. Either they didn’t hear Sue, or, it was becoming more apparent, they didn’t care. Another hiss of steam filled the sauna, and Sue lost sight of them.

Despite having just orgasmed, Sue was still so aroused that she boldly picked up her towel and walked over to them. Choosing a distance where she could see even in the fog, she sat on the lower tier. When they saw her, the blonde turned back to the brunette, closed her eyes and nibbled the brunette’s lower lip. Kissing with closed eyes, the blonde whispered, “Well, Bonnie, you always said you liked to be watched.”

“Mm-hmm,” Bonnie assented, still nibbling on the blonde’s face. “It really makes me hot. Hotter,” she corrected herself. She lifted her chin to expose her neck to the blonde. Without looking at Sue, Bonnie asked her, “Come join us?”

Sue had fantasized about sex with another woman before. In fact, she had fantasized about it alot, but she had never considered actually acting upon it. She was incredibly horny, but still, the invitation somehow caught her off guard. “I don’t know. I’m a married woman,” Sue blurted out. But as soon she said it, she felt silly.

“So are we. With young children,” the blonde, Mary Beth, reassured her, momentarily making eye contact with Sue. Mary Beth’s eyes were deep blue, and her cute little nose was a slightly upturned.

“This is our only escape,” Bonnie explained as she raised her chin to expose her neck to Mary Beth’s kissing. “To have a good workout, and then enjoy sex without fear of pregnancy, or attached strings.”

“And it beats the hell out of the Garden Club,” Mary Beth managed between planting kisses on Jenny’s neck. They giggled, but kept kissing.

The blonde moved over to straddle Bonnie, leaning forward to give Sue a good view of their pussies. Mary Beth pressed her palm against the tiles, high on the wall, freeing the moisture to trickle down the wall. Her small shapely tits hung in Bonnie’s face, and Bonnie licked and sucked one nipple and then the other. Each suck pulled firmly on the blonde’s little breasts. Sue moved to the top bench to get a better view.

Mary Beth laid a towel on the bench, and nudged Bonnie into lying on it. She kissed Bonnie down her front, lingering over the brunette’s breasts, pulling on her nipples lightly with her teeth, before dragging her tongue through the tiny of pools of steam and sweat on Bonnie’s stomach, down to her ready pussy. Bonnie’s pussy lips were dark pink and engorged with her desire. She twitched and then giggled as Mary Beth’s tongue touched her slit.

Mary Beth lapped hungrily at Bonnie’s wetness, working her tongue in and out of her pussy. She moved to her clit and flicked the hard little button. Judging by her moaning, Bonnie was getting very close to coming. Mary Beth’s tongue kept up a furious pace on Bonnie’s clit, and Bonnie finally came, exclaiming “Ooh!” with each thrust of her hips. With the final waves of her orgasm, Bonnie moved her hand down to Mary Beth’s forehead, signaling her to stop. In her exhaustion, Bonnie’s other hand was over her eyes, and the only part of her face that was showing was her smile.

Mary Beth positioned herself over Bonnie’s face. “Now, I’d like a little of that,” she smiled. Bonnie uncovered her eyes to see Mary Beth’s golden curly bush right over nilüfer escort her. In an instant, Bonnie’s nose was in it. She started working Mary Beth’s pussy with her tongue. Sue slouched down on the bench and began rubbing her pussy again.

“Why don’t you come up here on the upper bench with us?” Mary Beth panted. Sue got up and laid her towel next to Bonnie’s head. Mary Beth placed a hand on Sue’s thigh and gave her a look that asked, “Do you mind?”

Sue opened her legs in response to Mary Beth’s unvoiced question. The blonde’s fingers eased down to Sue’s aching pussy. Sue closed her eyes and leaned her head back and sighed. Mary Beth used her free hand to gently turn Sue’s head towards her. She guided Sue’s mouth to her hard, upturned nipple. Sue had never had a nipple in her mouth before, but instinctively took it between her lips and pulled on it softly. It felt good in her mouth, hard and soft at the same time. “Mmmm…that’s good,” Mary Beth cooed.

Mary Beth’s hips began rocking back and forth, and she whispered, “That’s good, just like that. Both of you, don’t stop.” She continued rubbing Sue’s clit, increasing her pace as her own orgasm approached, but then stopped as it finally arrived, bucking wildly on Bonnie’s face and screaming.

Sue kept doing as she was told and sucked Mary Beth’s nipple, but she also began stroking her own pussy again. As she began to cum, she let go of Mary Beth’s nipple, panting and moaning as her finger rubbed tight little circles over her clit.

She looked up at Mary Beth who was still hovering over Bonnie. Mary Beth’s wet hair hung around her face. Sue noticed that Mary Beth’s cute little upturned nose almost matched the contour of her breasts.

Bonnie spoke from under her. She smiled; she seemed to be always smiling. She said, “I think we’ve been here long enough. The limit’s supposed to be fifteen minutes, isn’t it?”

Mary Beth dismounted Jenny. She still looked exhausted, but managed to say, “Time to hit the showers.” Then she looked to Sue and added, “Join us?”

Then, realizing that no one had been introduced, she pointed to herself and then Bonnie and said, “Mary Beth. Bonnie.”

“I’m Sue,” Sue replied.

They exited the fog of the sauna. The relative cold air of the locker room made their nipples harden. Mary Beth was slightly taller than Bonnie, and they held hands with their towels around their necks on the way to the showers, . As Bonnie led her by the hand, Mary Beth playfully slapped Bonnie’s ass. The smacking sound and Bonnie’s whoop reverberated in the corridor. Sue trailed behind them and noticed how Mary Beth’s lean, muscular ass flexed with each step. They were so light hearted, so carefree, that they reminded Sue of marching off to the showers at summer camp when she was a girl.

They disappeared into a shower stall, one of the larger ones meant for the disabled. A moment after the curtain was drawn, Mary Beth’s impish face appeared from around it and said, “Come on in.” Sue thought to herself that Mary Beth looked like Tinkerbelle, but with fuller lips, like if she were played by Angelina Jolie.

Sue entered the stall where the shower was running warm. Bonnie took turns with the hand held sprayer running it over her own head and then Sue and Mary Beth’s. Setting it back in the holder, she raised her elbows to shoulder height and pushed her chest out at the wall-mounted soap dispenser.

Jokingly she said, “Here, Mary Beth, cum on my tits.”

Mary Beth depressed the plunger forcefully and the dispenser ejaculated big pearly white gobs of lavender scented soap onto Bonnie’s tits. Then Mary Beth turned her back on the dispenser and leaned down with her hands on her knees and said, “Come on, Bonnie, cum on my ass.” As Bonnie pushed down the plunger and the white globs of cum-soap hit her ass, Mary Beth did her best porn starlet impression, saying, “Oh, yeah. That’s right. Give it to me baby.”

She said baby like ‘Bee-bee’ and it made all three of them break out into loud laughter that echoed off the shower walls. Mary Beth was red in the face, but managed to suppress her laughter down to a giggle and whisper, “Shh.” Bonnie brought hers under control, but snorted which started them laughing again. Once the laughter subsided, they got down to the business of actually showering.

Bonnie pushed her chest out at the dispenser and said, “Do me again.” This time Sue pushed down, and Bonnie guided Sue’s hands onto her breasts.

Bonnie’s breasts felt wonderful in Sue’s hands. She worked türbanlı escort the gobs of soap into a lather. As Sue massaged Bonnie’s breasts, drawing the nipples out between her thumb and forefinger, she thought to herself, “Definitely real.”

Mary Beth rinsed Bonnie’s tits, and then gave Sue the sprayer. She told her, “Sit down a sec.” Sue sat down on the fold down bench, and Mary Beth said, “Here, try this on your pussy. It feels great.”

Sue looked at it and opened her legs. She pulled up her legs and sprayed her pussy. “Mmmm..,” she sighed. “That’s good. That’s really good.”

She aimed the sprayer at her mound, and rivulets of water coursed down through her pubic hair, and over her pussy. Then she aimed it directly at her sex, and the tiny jets beat down on her lips and clit. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back and could only manage an “mmmm.”

She felt a mouth on one of her nipples, then on the other, and cracked an eye open to look down and see the girls’ soft lips pulling on them. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes once more. Maybe gravity had begun to pull a little on her breasts, and maybe she had a few extra pounds in the wrong places, but the girls were enjoying her body, and she was enjoying them.

“Let me see how you taste,” said Bonnie, and she started kissing down Sue’s stomach. Sue turned the sprayer away and opened her legs wider. Mary Beth continued licking and sucking her nipples.

Bonnie reached Sue’s aching pussy, lightly stroked it with her tongue, and then pushed her tongue into her to get a good taste. Sue couldn’t believe how good it felt to have another woman’s tongue on her, pulling and pushing at her slippery folds. It was even better than she had imagined.

Bonnie looked up to Sue and said, “Sue, you taste really, really good.” Then she went back to work on Sue’s swollen lips. Sue had never thought of herself as having a taste.

“Here, let me see,” said Mary Beth, breaking her lips from Sue’s nipple. They traded places. Mary Beth’s tongue felt even better than Bonnie’s, and Sue could tell it wouldn’t be long before she came. Then Mary Beth took the sprayer and sprayed Sue’s pussy while kissing her inner thighs.

Sue arched her back off the bench as she came, the sprayer keeping a steady rhythm on her. Her cries of pleasure echoed in the shower. When her orgasm was completely done, she eased back on to the bench. The only sound was the sound of the shower in the stall. The girls were on their knees at her feet, rubbing her thighs and kissing her stomach. Bonnie got up and turned off the water.

They got dressed in the locker room. Mary Beth put on a white, stretchy thong with a matching bra, then white shorts and a brown cami. Sue felt a little self conscious about her own plain underwear.

Bonnie pulled a slinky Kelly green sundress over her head without any bra or panties. She saw that Sue noticed and said, “I know. Commando. Just call me the queen of commando. I seldom wear any underwear. For one thing it cuts down on laundry. I just hate sorting and folding it. Besides, hubby likes it.”

Sue looked at their wedding rings and it dawned on her that, yes, they were all married. Mary Beth was blow drying her hair. She parted it on the side, and it made her look even more like Tinkerbelle. Bonnie left hers wet, parted in the middle. She smiled at Sue in the mirror. That smile of hers really lit up her freckled face. She turned back to her reflection and, with a little difficulty, started running a brush through her hair. She was thinking.

“Mary Beth, do you have dance carpool today, or do I?” Bonnie asked.

“I believe it’s you,” Mary Beth replied. “I did last time.”

Bonnie stopped brushing her hair for a moment and said,”Oh, yeah. Right.”

Sue needed to know something. “Are you girls here every day?” she asked.

Mary Beth was dressed and leaning sideways against the counter. She said, “Every Tuesday and Thursday. Other days if our schedules allow. What days are you here?’

“Mondays and Wednesdays, “Sue said. “Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen you before.”

“Maybe so. Maybe from now on you can come on Tuesdays and Thursdays?” Mary Beth asked hopefully. Bonnie nodded her head yes to encourage Sue’s response.

“I can make that. I’m flexible,” Sue smiled.

“Good.” Bonnie said, brushing her hair again. Then, turning to Mary Beth’s refection in the mirror, she asked, “Mary Beth, should we ask her?”

“I think so. She fits right in.” Mary Beth replied to Bonnie. Then she continued to Sue, “We’re getting a girls’ trip organized. Shopping, spa…other stuff,” she grinned mischievously. “Maybe the beach, maybe New Orleans, maybe New York. We’re just not sure where yet.”

Then Bonnie asked Sue the question.

“Are you in?”

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