Filipinas Ch. 13-15

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Author’s notes

I have decided to go back and republish the “Filipinas” stories in chapters, so that readers can more easily sort through them in order. I have also made minor editorial corrections to eliminate grammar and spelling errors. This does not replace the stand-alone stories, but rather puts them in a different format that can be read as a book.

These stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory. I am not an expert on all things female… nor even all things Filipina. That would be presumptuous. In my experience, every woman I have been with, including every Filipina, has been unique, both physically and psychologically, but then that is just my experience.

Just like you cannot group all men into one generality, women cannot be grouped. What is possible or not possible for each couple is even more complicated. Anatomical differences, both internal and external, personality and attitude differences, likes and dislikes, sensitivity to pleasure and tolerance of pain all come into play when two people come together to determine what is or isn’t possible for each couple. Just because something is outside of your experiences, doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.

Nobody in this story was underage.

Chapter 13 — Carly

I was on my seventh trip into Laos when I met Carly walking along a street in Angeles City. One of the routines the Air Force had pushed for the members of my unit was an extended stay at Clark Air Force Base, both on the way to Laos and on the way back to the US. This was due to the harsh conditions that we endured in Laos and the weight loss during these missions. By now, I was used to the routine.

I had flown into Clark on a C-141 a few hours earlier, had checked into the hotel where I had been assigned, and I was hungry. On my way to dinner at a restaurant I liked, I spotted a small but beautiful Filipina carrying a small suitcase.

I stopped and asked her if she needed help. You never know where a small act of kindness will lead. She almost started crying. She said she had come to Angeles City for a job as a domestic helper, but when she got to the address she had been given, it was a bar. She didn’t know what to do because she didn’t have enough money to get back home or even eat.

I introduced myself, “I’m Pete. May I ask your name?”

She replied, “My name is Carly.”

“Carly, if you will allow me to take you to dinner, maybe we can figure something out for the rest of your problems,” I said.

“I have no money to pay you,” she replied.

“That’s OK, I said. “Maybe we can work it out so there isn’t any money required.”

I took her bag, and we walked to the restaurant. I asked for a table in the back where we could talk and set her bag against a wall by the table. This restaurant mostly served soups and sandwiches. I asked her if it would be OK if I just ordered for both of us.

She replied, “That would be fine. I am hungry, but I don’t want to burden you.”

I made a mental note and ordered extra food when the waitress came to the table. “Where are you from, Carly?”

Carly basically told me her life story. I had heard this tale before. It is amazing how poor most people are in the Philippines, but they still keep having more kids. Her parents were poor farmers in the mountains of Cebu. They had twelve kids, but three of them died when they were young, so Carly now had eight siblings at home.

Carly was the oldest daughter in her family, so after she graduated from high school, her parents sent her to find a job and help the family. It has always been customary for Filipinas to help their parents and siblings like that. When she heard about a domestic helper job that was available, she took the money she had stashed over the years and set off for Angeles City.

That was how she ended up coming to Angeles City. She had just enough money for ferry and bus fare to get there, but nothing left for food, so she had barely eaten in three days. I called the waitress back and ordered more food. I wasn’t sure where this tiny girl was going to put it all, but I doubted the food would go to waste.

We talked about possibilities for her finding other work in AC, but she said she had no place to stay. I told her not to worry her pretty head about that. Carly looked at me funny, and asked, “Do you really think I am pretty?”

“No doubt,” I replied. “You are beautiful.”

She blushed and said, “Thank you.”

The food and drinks came, and Carly really was that hungry. I said, “A pretty girl like you should never have to go hungry and should always have a bed to sleep in.” After she consumed the dessert, I paid the bill and we walked back to the hotel where I was staying with me carrying her suitcase.

Carly was obviously very nervous, so I stopped first at a small store and bought orange juice and then stopped at the hotel bar for some ice. Then, we went Ankara Escort up to my room. She thought the room was huge. “This is almost as big as our house and much nicer. You even have your own CR (comfort room)”

I had her sit on the bed while I went into the bathroom (CR) to make drinks (orange juice, Everclear and ice in hers and just OJ and ice in mine). Everclear had very little taste, so the orange juice hid it well. I gave Carly her drink, and she immediately guzzled it. “Wow,” I commented, but took her glass back to the bathroom to refill it.

We continued to talk as I continued to refill her glass whenever she emptied it. I told her that she could stay with me for several days while she looked for work if she wanted. Carly looked around and asked, “Where would I sleep?”

I replied, “Don’t worry. It’s a big bed. You will have plenty of room.” She mulled that over, but she had consumed at least four drinks by that point, so I’m not sure how much logical thought went through her pretty head. Come to think of it, I am never sure how much logic Filipinas ever use. In any event, she never again questioned that she would stay with me.

With all of that liquid, Carly needed to pee, so I showed her the CR. I showed her the toilet, sink and shower, and I got out a new toothbrush for her along with the toothpaste. Then, I left her alone and went back to the bed. When she returned, she started to get on the bed with her clothes on, but I asked if she wouldn’t be more comfortable with less clothes. She said she didn’t have any nightgowns or pajamas.

I said, “It will be fine if you just wear your top and panties to bed. I will turn out the lights, so you can slip out of your pants and bra, if you want.”

“OK,” she replied. I turned off the lights and quickly slipped out of my clothes. She laid down on a towel I had placed over the sheet in case we made a mess later. It turned out that it was a good idea.

I rolled to face her as she lay on her back. I asked, “Carly, have you ever been kissed?”

“No,” she replied.

“Is it OK if I kiss you? I find you to be very beautiful and would love to taste your lips,” I said.

Again, she replied, “OK, but I may not be any good at it.” I leaned down and kissed her on her lips. It was a slow kiss at first to let her get used to the feel and taste. It was obvious from the start that, while she had never been kissed before, she liked it.

When she started to moan, I slipped my tongue between her teeth and into her mouth. It startled her at first, but then she let her tongue start to dance with mine, and before long Carly was really moaning into the kiss. When I broke the kiss, all she said was, “Wow. I liked that. Can we do it some more?”

I replied, “Of course,” and resumed the kiss. This time, I introduced her to my hands roaming around her body as we kissed. After all, it was somewhat dark, so I had to use the Braille method. At first, her hands were there to fend me off in case my hands went anywhere too personal, but early on, I steered clear of her breasts and pussy. Instead, I focused on her sides, her neck and her legs.

Once Carly was more relaxed, I started expanding my territory slowly. I let my lips drift from her mouth to her earlobes and neck. I could feel her responding to my kisses. Her hands were now gripping the pillow at either side of her head. She suddenly moaned, “I can’t have sex unless we get married.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything that you tell me you don’t want to do,” I replied. That satisfied her, and I knew that at some point Carly would give in to her new desires and let me enter her. She relaxed a little and gave me more freedom to explore her body.

“I have never felt anything like this before. It feels so good that it must be a sin,” she said. I hadn’t even pulled her shirt or panties off at that point. What would she think when I started becoming more intimate with her? I suspected that Carly would totally lose control.

I continued to alternate between kissing her lips, her earlobes and her neck until my hands had made it to her chest and were massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples between fingers and thumbs. Then, after a while, I pulled her shirt up over her shoulders and head and then completely off her body. I think the first time Carly really noticed that her shirt was gone was when I sucked her right nipple into my mouth.

“Oh my God,” she cried out. “That feels so good.” I started earnestly suckling her nipples, taking turns between them and occasionally sucking in the tender tit flesh around her breasts and probably causing hickeys. Carly dressed so modestly that I was confident that nobody but I would see them anyway.

Even as I suckled her breasts, my hands weren’t idle. I softly rubbed up and down her vulva over the top of her panties. Again, her hands started fending me off, but when Carly started feeling the pleasure, she once again let me have my way with no interference.

Once Carly’s Balgat Escort panties were totally soaked, I slipped a finger under the leg hole and directly onto her vulva. The result was electric, and her hips rose off of the bed as her pussy tried to have more contact rather than less. At first, her hands came up to hold my hand still, but as I softly rubbed her pussy from clit to vaginal entrance and back several times, her hands moved away and her hips rocked up and down in time with my finger movements.

I asked, “Does that feel good?”

“God, yes,” she replied.

“Then take off your panties, so they won’t be in the way,” I said.

Carly paused a moment before reaching down and removing her panties. Once they were clear of her feet, her legs naturally spread a little wider. I worked Carly’s clit with my fingertip until her juices were pouring out of her vaginal entrance. Then, I slid down until my tongue could lick the length of her vulva.

Again, she was shocked and tried to close her legs, but my head was firmly between them. “Please, no,” she pleaded. “It is dirty there.”

I replied, “There is nothing dirty about this. You are as sweet as honey, and I would guess this feels at least as good to you as it does to me.”

“OK,” she said, “But you will stop if I want you to?”

“Yes, of course,” I replied, knowing that she would soon be beyond the point of no return.

My tongue was busy exploring her pussy, and I was alternating my explorations with sucking her clit. Carly was getting very close to her first climax, and she voiced her concern that she would pee. I told her it wasn’t pee that she was feeling and that she should just relax and enjoy the feelings. Amazingly, she actually relaxed, although her reflexes had her legs alternately clamping my head and spreading as far as possible.

As I sucked her clit, I let my index finger explore Carly’s vaginal opening. I discovered that she had a thin hymen right at the vaginal entrance. With persistence, my finger worked into the small hole in her hymen without tearing it. It was up to the first knuckle when Carly’s world came unglued, and she crashed into her first orgasm.

“Oh my God. What is happening?” she asked as her body started to shake.

“Don’t worry, Carly. Just ride the wave of pleasure and see where it takes you,” I said. “You are entering paradise without having to die first.”

As her body contracted around my finger, I was able to slide it in to the second knuckle, working it to massage her g-spot and increase her pleasure even further. Her climax was glorious, and Carly shook and danced under me. By this time, I had worked my way back up her body, and I was kneeling between her knees.

Lost in her orgasm, Carly’s legs wrapped around my back and pulled me to her. I let the tip of my cockhead replace my finger and started softly rubbing her with it. Pretty soon, my entire cock was coated in her juices, and she was actively pushing against it in her convulsions.

What was a gentleman to do? I let my cockhead slip just inside of her vaginal entrance. At first, her hymen stretched, but then it split and allowed my cock to slide easily into her depths. Carly opened her eyes as she felt a sting when her hymen yielded up its treasure. Then, seemingly in resignation of what had already happened, she pushed back against me, burying my cock up to her cervix.

I kissed a small tear from her eye and then kissed her softly on the lips. Her mouth opened in acceptance as my tongue danced with hers. Since I had been eating her pussy just moments before, I’m sure that Carly tasted her juices on my lips, but she didn’t seem to mind.

I started the ancient rhythm of thrust and withdrawal, increasing the speed and depth as we progressed from one plateau to the next, pleasure increasing with every rise in action. For a tiny girl (Carly was maybe four-foot-eight), her vagina stretched nicely to accommodate the full length of my cock. Even so, my cockhead was pressing into her cervix with every thrust, drawing a moan from her lips. I could measure her excitement by the volume of her moans.

As Carly neared another climax, I felt my seed rising as well. My orgasm overtook me, and I pressed my cock into her depths with all of my strength, causing long ropes of sperm to shoot through her cervix and into her womb. Suddenly, the waves of another climax crashed into her, wiping out any rational thought as her body tried to milk my cock of all of its precious load.

As my seed was pumped into her depths, she pulled me even deeper into her, locking her legs around my back as her body shook and quivered under and around me. This ensured that my full load of sperm was pulled deep into her womb to her waiting egg (if one was there).

I finally collapsed on top of Carly, rolling to the side so my weight wasn’t directly on her while I caught my breath. When I could finally talk, I whispered in her ear, “That was the most beautiful thing I Çankaya Escort have ever felt.”

She smiled at me and asked, “Do you love me?” and then added, “I think I love you.”

I smiled at her and replied, “Please give me some time. Love takes time to build and isn’t usually something that happens instantly.”

“OK, Pete,” she said. “I will give you whatever time you need. I hoped to give my virginity to my husband, and now I hope that man is you, since I have already given you my virginity.”

“I understand,” I replied. “You need to understand that I am only here at Clark for a week, and then I will be going to Thailand and beyond for a while before I return. We need to find you a job, so you can support yourself until I return to you. Otherwise, we will need to get you back home.”

“OK,” she said and closed her eyes as she snuggled up against me.

I’m not sure what time it was when I woke again. I was aware of her body pressed against me, her butt pressed into my groin. It didn’t take long before my hardening cock had found her vaginal entrance and was working its way into her depths.

Carly must have become aware of the intrusion, and she pushed back against me. “That stings a little bit,” she said, but then she pushed back again. By now, my cock was deep inside her vagina, and I rolled her up onto her knees and elbows with my cock still embedded in her pussy.

I drove my cock fully into her vagina, bottoming out against her cervix again. Her pussy was producing a lot of lubrication, and I slid easily in and out of her depths. “Mmmm…” she moaned. “This is how I always imagined sex would be like with my husband. I saw my father with my mother this way many times, so I thought this was how it was done.”

I told her, “There are many different positions, and some are better than others.”

Carly really enjoyed doggy style, and it seemed like my cock was able to reach new depths, constantly knocking on the door to her womb. She drove back against me with every thrust my cock made into her. The whole time, she was moaning and squealing in delight. She was getting close to another climax. The nearer Carly got, the more she would squeal and buck against me.

The words, “I love you,” became Carly’s whole vocabulary as we thrust against each other. It is interesting how sex turns a key in a woman’s brain that causes her to attach all of her emotions to her partner. This was certainly true for Filipinas. It seemed like every Filipina I fucked fell in love with me.

Finally, Carly’s climax crashed over her, and her body became a shaking, spasming sex goddess that squeezed and milked my cock inside of her body. A man can only take so much, and I was soon sending rope after rope of hot sperm deep into her womb. I am pretty sure that the entire load ended up deep in her womb because hardly any leaked out even though I could feel that my climax was huge. I could feel the sperm being jetted in through her cervix with every spurt. I was once again in paradise on Earth.

Once again, I collapsed after all of my seed was spent. Carly turned and embraced me deeply, kissing me as if she was an experienced woman. Her vocabulary was still loaded with love. There is something very special about a beautiful woman showering you in love and physical affection.

I was asleep in an instant, but I’m sure that Carly was awake for much of the night because every time I even partially awoke, she was rubbing her body against me and whispering sweet nothings in my ear. It was a very pleasant way to spend a night. When my alarm went off in the morning, she leaned forward and kissed me as she said, “Good morning, sweetheart.”

I suggested that we get a shower together, and she replied, “Yesterday, I never would have guessed that I would waking up naked next to a man who just asked me to shower with him, but yes, I will shower with you.”

I explained that I had to go to the base until early afternoon, but that I would be back. I encouraged her to walk along the street to ask about any available jobs. Carly would need to find something in the next several days, but that she shouldn’t take any job that she didn’t feel good about. It was more important that she feel good about herself than how much money she could make.

When we got into the shower, Carly asked me to wash her back, which I was more than happy to do. Once her back was to me, I placed her hands against the wall and entered her from behind as I soaped up her back, her bottom, her sides, and reaching around, her breasts. For such a small woman, her breasts were really quite large, not so big as to be disproportionate to her, but definitely a handful each.

My cock was sliding in and out of her pussy as my hands scrubbed her body. I’m sure that was the cleanest she had ever been. Carly actively pushed back against me as my cock plumbed her pussy and my hands slid all over her body. She obviously enjoyed the shower, and she said so. “I think we should shower together every morning and every evening. This is way better than the bucket bath I have to use at home.”

This time, I started cumming deep inside her before she reached climax, but the hot seed being pumped deep into her womb soon had her cumming right along with me. “I have never had such a strenuous bath before. I am more tired than when we started,” she said when her orgasm waned.

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