Finally, We Got Away

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It was a long planned weekend away. After all that had happened over the years between them, they had finally done it. To spend all weekend in each other’s company, no one to worry about or to tell them what to do and when.

They’d arrived at the small cabin deep in the lake district countryside, taking in the views and panoramas. This was their time to relax, to be away from all that would otherwise stress them out. The pair unloaded the car and made a drink, settling briefly as they relaxed from the drive.

“You know, I’ve been wanting this to happen for soo long?” He said, relaxing in the armchair cradling his tea.

She just smiled at him, looking around, realising that they could actually relax here. She nodded in response “yeah, me too..” smiling warmly.

The journey had felt long, they were grateful to finally be there and really felt that they could relax. The pair had decided that there was to be no family chatter, their problems would be left at home. After their tea, they moved to the bedroom and pulled their bags up onto the bed.

After exploring the en suite, they open their bags and unpacked into the respective drawers. Knowing each other so long, they could almost predict the contents of each other’s bags. Although, somehow, seeing her set out a number of her lace thongs and bras on the bed before him, piqued his interest.

“So, which colour do you like best?” She asked in a semi husky, seductive tone.

She held each set up to her body in turn, smiling cheekily as she did. He just stood and admired her, to him, they would all look good on her. He thought briefly before responding.

“Well I’d say blue as my default, but, I think I’d really need to see them on you before I make a judgement.” He teased in reply.

She smirked, realising the cleverness of his response. “We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?” She teased back.

He stood and watched a new side of her emerge. Now she was forgetting about things, she was growing ever more comfortable and relaxing into the weekend. The woman he first knew was creeping back out, he couldn’t wait to see her finally relax into his arms as he’d imagined so much.

She finally put her lace away and pushed her bag to the side. Poking her tongue out at him as she made her way back to the living room. He looked at the large bed, his mind daring to dream briefly, then turned to join her.

Now the pair had relaxed a little more, they decided to explore where they were staying. She vanished to the bathroom whilst he got himself ready. As soon as she returned, they headed out. As the pair walked down the pathway, she immediately grabbed his arm, pulling herself into him. Holding his hand, as if they’d been dating for years.

They walked slowly around like an old couple, completely uncaring, breathing in the freshness of the air allowing an even deeper relaxation, eventually finding their way back. Once back, they set out to make their evening food between them; a quick pasta dish to sort them out for the evening with an added bottle of wine. The couple began enjoying each other’s company and by now, completely relaxed.

As their first time away together, they were still relatively well behaved around each other – Despite having flirted and even teased before, sharing their most intimate thoughts.

“Right! I’m just going for a shower.” He declared. Getting up, leaving her on the sofa reading her book.

She gave a smirk as she acknowledged him, her mind unable to resist imagining him in the soapy shower. He vanished into the bedroom and she thought briefly, sat in the silence of the room.

This was undoubtedly the most relaxed she’d been in a long time and the fact she was as relaxed around him said everything she needed to know.

As he showered, he moaned gently into the water as it rolled over his face. His naked body was refreshed by the hot temperature of the scalding water. After a few minutes he shaved himself and turned the shower off, stepping out to dry himself. As he dried, he made his way into the bedroom and pulled out a pair of shorts. Sliding them up. They were summer board shorts and so, he didn’t bother with anything else. Emerging back to find her reading on the sofa, he smiled at her and sat beside her.

She realised immediately that the shorts were all he was wearing. Their years of flirting made her certain. Though, considering this; their commitment to not just pouncing on each other was impressive. She lowered her book to acknowledge him and smiled, letting her hand find its way to his thigh. She squeezed him almost teasingly, then went back to reading for a few minutes whilst he grabbed his book to read.

They sat there reading for a bit until she decided that it was her turn to shower. “My turn!” She hopped up with a smile, eager to excuse herself, Smiling with a cheerful jiggle in her step.

He let her go, as tempting as it was to follow her, he knew that this time away was for them both to relax. Looking through bursa eskort the cottage window at the view, he continued to read his book. A good few moments later, she appeared, wearing her favourite bra and thong, the purple lace and satin one. She now felt so relaxed she had began to feel playful and teasing. Sneaking up behind him with a silk scarf in her hands, she tentatively blindfolded him.

“Let’s play a game?” She whispered quietly.

“Guess what I’m wearing and you can see it, get it wrong and you don’t.” She teased him.

He grinned and placed his book down, trying to think about what she was wearing. “Hmmmm.. I’m gonna say… the black and purple ones!” He sniggered.

She walked in front of him, looking at his vulnerable blindness and smirked. She found she really enjoyed this power play and despite his answer replied “nope! Unlucky..”

He gave a groan of disappointment, but she just smiled and laughed quietly at him. “Awww… and I was sure that was your favourite.” He pouted.

“It is… but you got it wrong… so…” she teased again.

But rather than leaving, she leaned in to him, almost brushing her face against his and whispered into his ear “you’ll have to keep the blindfold on.”

Her fragrance tantalised him, her soft whisper made his hairs stand on end in desire as he shifted his weight in his seat so as not to make his shorts too tight; he found just the smell of her arousing and knowing she was dressed to impress only enticed him more.

“Now we can play a new game.” She whispered.

“Oh? What’s that then?” He replied, sitting as still as possible, so as to hear her better, trying to decipher what she might be doing.

She vanished into the adjoined kitchen area, opening the fridge door, hurriedly trying to find suitable edibles for her game. A banana, some cream and some hot sauce from the cupboard. Looking at her selection, she gave herself a wicked grin.

Returning quickly she opened the banana, kneeling before him, trying not to let her smile and laughter give the game away.

“Open your mouth… what’s this?” She asked, gently pushing the fruit into his mouth.

His lips instinctively closed around it, immediately guessing “Banana!”

She laughed and murmured “mmmmhmmm…”

Pulling it out before he could bite it. He sat smiling, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. She grabbed the hot sauce and poured a tiny amount onto the tip of the banana, almost giggling aloud as she did, he poised his mouth open trustingly, awaiting her next treat. Once again his lips wrapped around the banana.

“Huh, again…ban aahhh!” He said, eventually getting the heat of the sauce after just a few seconds.

She burst out laughing at him, as he gasped, biting the fruit unconsciously. He chewed up a little to help take the heat away, but still he remained; sat and blindfolded.

“Ho..ho… you little bugger!” he gasped at her.

She just laughed, almost incapable of caring about it, it was simply too funny to her. As he calmed himself, she scooped up some cream onto her index finger and pushed it into his mouth. He accepted it and sucked on it, almost seductively. It was exactly what she had thought he’d do in that scenario and she bit her bottom lip in immediate response, much to her own surprise.

Feeling him suck on her finger was somehow extremely erotic to her, she found herself pausing, enjoying it, wondering what an earth it was about this action that made her feel this way. She finally composed herself and pulled her fingertip out with a ‘pop’.

“Cream… from a very cute finger!” he whispered, smiling as he did.

“Mmmhmmm…” was all she could muster at that moment.

Her eyes quickly scoured for her next item, she’d done all what she had hastily brought from the fridge and at that moment, she was feeling the naughtiest she had in a long time. She smiled and stood grinning to herself. She finally felt in control and comfortable enough to actually let the sexy side of herself out. She reached down to his hands, and pulled him, he responded and stood up carefully.

She guided him to the bedroom which by now was dark enough to ensure he couldn’t peek but just light enough for her to see what she was doing. She stood him at the foot of the bed, quietly moving, adding to the tension.

“What are you gonna do now?” he asked.

She remained silent, moving to her bag pulling some items from it and laying them on the side next to the lamp. Returning to him, she leaned into his ear and whispered “you don’t mind a tease do you?”

The sound of her question immediately made him grin widely, there was no question of their mutual trust. He was already aroused by her and this was certainly increasing it. It was just what they both needed, they just didn’t know it.

She traced her finger across his chest, adding a finger slowly until all five fingertips on her right hand were on him. She then clawed her hand, digging her nails into bursa escort bayan him playfully, scratching down his chest; enough to show him her control, not enough to mark or hurt him.

Her left hand mirrored the movement on the other side, slowly she scraped her fingers down his body, over his abs until they reached his shorts. She grabbed their waistbands and pulled them down.

He gasped in surprise, he’d hoped but would never have pressured her, he smirked as he heard her gasp too as he sprang free, letting the shorts fall to the ground.

“Ahhh that’s better.” She gasped, admiring him briefly before moving.

He was already hardening, she couldn’t help but feel empowered by it. He had always told her she had that effect on him, but seeing it somehow made her happier than she thought it would.

After a moment of distracted nonsense, she calmed herself and moved again. Resisting for the time being the urge she had to touch him. Letting him stand there naked and hard, blindfolded, seemingly at her mercy.

“Just relax.. ok?” She breathed huskily.

He nodded and waited for her next move.

She was already running scenarios through her head as to what might work, she settled on her next idea and grinned. She leaned into him and her lips gently paused at his. Millimetres away from him, her fresh scent and his sixth sense made him crazy for her. He wanted to press forward but found himself frozen under her spell.

He could feel the heat of her body against his, then, in the softest, most loving way she pressed her lips against his. Kissing him. He responded by kissing back, softly but as she did, he opened his mouth more, letting her do the same. Within a few seconds they were openly kissing with passion, their tongues colliding until he could hold back no longer.

His hands reached up to hold her, but as soon as they did, she grabbed them and held her fingers in his. She pulled them to their side as she kissed up into him.

Then almost as quickly as the kiss had begun, she broke away. Then pushed him backwards onto the bed.

He landed with a gasp and moved himself upwards to be more comfortable. Still blind to her yet completely caught up in her game. As he did, she moved around the bed grabbing her tingle cream with a smile.

“Just relax!” She told him, crawling up onto the bed.

He laid there in anticipation, waiting to find out her next move. Suddenly he felt a cold liquid drop onto his chest. He gave a loud gasp as she poured more onto him. Then felt her hands rub it into his skin.

“Ooohhh that’s nice!” He mumbled as she started to massage the oil into him.

“And… oh… my… it tingles…it’s hot too!!” he added, laughing as she paused and gently blew onto it to activate the tingling sensation.

She giggled as she watched him squirm, his length was thick and hard now and as she rubbed his body, she purposefully avoided contact with it, just to seduce him further.

As he felt her moving on the bed, his mind danced in his head, what she must look like beside him, there was no doubt he wanted her, she could see how aroused he was and was almost too tempted by him.

She suddenly moved from the bed, silently tiptoeing back into the kitchen as quickly as she could, opening the freezer door and grabbing an ice cube with the devilishly wide grin on her face.

She quickly returned to him, pausing at the doorway to see his naked body on the bed. Of all the ways she had imagined things, this scenario was not one of them. Yet she loved it, holding the ice in her lips, she crawled back onto the bed. He let a slight gasp out as he felt her presence again. She paused, kneeling beside him again, looking his naked form up and down, she gently sucked on the ice cube, suddenly remembering she had it, then leaned down to where his length was resting against his navel. Its thickness now is just too tempting for her to resist.

She lowered her head, gathering her hair with her right hand so it didn’t impede her. She touched his length at its base with the ice. He gave a sharp intake of breath as he felt it, his jolt made her laugh as she moved it up his length. She tried desperately to keep it but it slipped from her lips and landed on his stomach.

“Ooohh hehehe” he squirmed as the ice cube slid helplessly around him. She stopped it with her left index finger and gently started to roll it around him. He found himself stifled, silently gasping as she teased him. Completely unexpecting what she was doing. She then kissed his shaft, her cold lips on him made him look down, even though he was still blindfolded. She turned her head to see his smirk, then continued to kiss him with her cold lips. Making her way up his shaft.

Softly and purposefully she made her way up his shaft, making sure to keep him trapped between his navel and her lips. She broke away only to lick the pool of cold water melted on his nearby skin, using it to keep her lips shilled görükle escort as she made her way to his head. As she slowly did, He laid there, letting her tease, for him, this was almost torture, they had flirted so long about this, he was worried he’d not be patient enough.

Finally, her soft lips kissed the underside of his head, her tongue extended out and she traced around its shape before finally letting it into her mouth. Her lips closed around it, taking it into her mouth for a gentle suck. He laid there and gasped as he felt her. Her eyes looked up at him as he writhed. A smirk appeared from around his head as she gently held him. She loved his body language as she teased him, it had way more effect on her than she was expecting.

She then sank down his length, he now knew, despite their honest flirting and teasing that she was in the naughtiest mood he’d ever expected. He held his breath, savouring this intimacy, he wanted to remove the silk scarf to watch her beauty, but feared it would ruin the moment. After just a few long sucks, she let go of him. His cock laid against his navel once again as she sat back upright.

She looked over at him, licking her lips, smirking at herself for finally feeling relaxed enough to explore his intimacy. She was in two minds now though, did she continue to tease him? Or did she cave in to her current base desire to have him.

“I have a confession to make!” She declared to him, He sat up as she reached out and took the blindfold off him, his eyes adjusting to the dimly lit room to see her next to him, he smiled and focussed on her realising he had been right.

“HA! I knew it” he said, smiling as he looked her up and down in her favourite thong and bra set,

“You know me too well!” she admitted, smirking as she sat. “but, a deal is a deal, so you get to see me in them!” she added,

He leaned back on his hands, his length veiny and hard, he wanted nothing more than to take her, but he knew she wanted the control. She looked down at him again, still a little shocked that she’d been such a tease. By now she had already decided that she was happy to go all the way with him.

She leaned in, close again to his lips and kissed him, this time different somehow, their kiss was passionate and love-filled. He leaned in, up; into her, letting himself embrace her. Holding her in the kiss, she murmured into his mouth and as she felt his hands on her, she let her hand fall onto his length.

She started to smirk in her kiss, realising what she’d done, despite this, she found herself stroking him as they kissed more. He moaned into her mouth as he felt her, his hands stroked her body with his fingertips, cupping her ass and following the thin material of her thong.

As he sat up into her, their kiss intensified – as did her stroking. He reached behind her and unclipped her bra! she let him. As she broke the kiss she moved to allow the bra to fall. Exposing her pert b cups to him for the first time.

He instinctively moves to them and caressed them, bending a little to take her right breast into hispith, sucking gently on its flesh. She moaned louder than she meant to, giving him encouragement as he gently and erotically worked on her sensitive breasts.

She found herself moving to straddle his legs, giving him easier access to her breasts and nipples whilst also keeping her hand on his length as she continued to toy with him.

She could feel his hardness against the satin fabric of the front of her thong, he could feel her heat too which only added to the atmosphere. He swapped between breasts, making sure to caress and kiss each one equally so as to tease her.

“I hope them lips are going to explore other areas!” She hissed at him.

He laughed and gripped her thighs, he looked into her eyes before kissing her on the lips again and, as he did, rolled her onto her back under him.

She giggled as he did, her legs opened and wrapped loosely around him. Their kiss broken she looked up into his eyes, love-filled and completely caught up in the moment.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you too!” He replied.

He kissed her again on the lips, then made his way down her neck. Small, gentle pecks as he did. She threw her head back with a smile as he made his way down her body.

Over her breasts, navel and down to her thong. His facial hair glided over her soft skin, enhancing her feeling.

He moved his lips onto the front of her thong, Kissing the fabric and feeling the wetness of her cleft. Her breathing grew heavy as she looked down, a wry smirk on her face as he bit into the top of the thong tugging it gently. She raised her hips to allow him to remove it with his teeth.

He excitedly slid them off her legs, adding them to her bra and discarded them. He looked down at her now exposed love lips, leaning in and tentatively kissed her labia. The contrasting sensation of his lips and his beard made her wriggle under him.

She sighed loudly as she felt his tongue hit her opening. He pushed himself gently into her, tasting her wetness as he did. It was all and more he was expecting it to be. Slowly moving upwards landing on her clitoris. His tongue gently teased at it, making her whine a little more, grateful for its company.

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