Finding a Lost Puppy Ch. 16

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“I know honey. I can’t do much without the PI’s investigation and I can’t hold off the decision much longer.” Cliff stated.

“Why can’t they get the information we need?” Monica asked.

“We don’t know enough about her and they are stonewalled as well, like she never existed, not in New York City anyway. What we and they know is really sketchy at best. We should have included her in the conversation and got more information but it would have looked like we were prying more than we already were.” Cliff stated.

“It was a long shot anyway darling.” Monica said disheartened.

“I know dear. He would be perfect for my next endeavor however. With him coming to California, we might have been able to persuade the girls easy enough. Rikki is the key and she will remain neutral to her last breath.” Cliff said shaking his head.

“Why not offer him the job anyway, he might surprise you?” Monica pleaded.

“It is too late for leverage where Rikki is concerned. I am still thinking the same thing but I need more information to make an irresistible offer. I should have foreseen the boys pulling this stunt, especially Chase. You shouldn’t have interfered in his love life. So what if she was a bimbo airhead wanting the rich life, he had her wrapped around his finger as well as other things. I had them convinced on USC before then. He has never forgiven you and he never thought much of California anyway.” Cliff yelled madly.

“I know. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. I was pissed and you knew what the report on her said. I still don’t know why he hates California so much.” Monica said upset.

“Yes, she wouldn’t even have been a good choice to clean a toilet at the time. I was surprised as you that she made something of herself on her own. It wouldn’t have lasted long once he went to college I don’t think. Chase never liked having to start over. Remember, he moped around for months wanting to go back and it stuck with him. Everything he hated happening to him was because of your meddling. This may be his chance to get even and knows you are meddling again. He wants away from you to keep you out of his life as well as everyone else we hold dear.” Cliff said demonstratively.

“Do you think Chase had something to do with that bimbo?” Monica asked sniffling with tears running down her cheeks.

“Possibly in the beginning to prove a point. Nothing suggests he ever did however.” Cliff said not telling her the full truth behind that story though Chase had very little to do with the entire affair. Some bargains you just don’t make public to anyone, even unexpected profitable ones.

“You sure we can’t convince Jill, she is a very smart woman?” Monica asked wiping the tears away with a tissue.

“You know what the report said as well. Jill won’t go anywhere without Chase and probably Rikki also. Chance won’t go anywhere without Chase, the way it has always been. At least Chance is a little more easy going and doesn’t hold any grudges against you that we know of.” Cliff responded explaining.

“If the flight hadn’t been canceled we could have interceded in this affair and made sure they all came home before they were wed. I would have begged with every ounce of strength I had.” Monica said crying full tears.

“That might still work as it is the only option left open. Luckily I still have Rikki’s phone and Rick has no way of calling her to alert her I don’t think. She has no reason to call him either. I am sure they made a big fuss about my inquiries at his work using her phone. I will need to explain my actions before I give it back in the morning. Otherwise all other parties are in agreement to the planned moves as presented. They only know it is a possibility and are just waiting for my final decision.” Cliff sighed out.

“Give me an hour and I will try my best to convince Chase. We could move back to Boston but that would make matters worse I fear. I just want to be near them and the grandchildren that will follow.” Monica said wistfully.

“I know dear, we want the same things. The damage has been done and there is no way of fixing it this time. I don’t think I could make an appeal to Rick either, his answer told me that. He was in his sisters life but stayed out of it at the same time. He played father and brother at the same time and did a great job under horrible circumstances.” Cliff stated remorsefully.


I woke up with two very happy women taking turns sucking my cock and it felt wonderful. I can tell the difference in technique but it is impossible to discern which is better. Puppy has the longer lasting deep swallowing strokes while Tinkle uses her hand and tongue to her best advantage. I know both can handle me quite well and wondered what it would be like at a full pounding like the movies. It was turning me on thinking about it though as I watched Tinkle’s head bob up and down, my swelling excitement getting closer and closer. She must have known as she stopped and relinquished Betturkey the duty to Puppy which gave me a momentary breather. Puppy knows how to pick up and proceed as I began jerking upward squirting into her waiting mouth in no time. They shared a very cum filled sensuous kiss afterward.

What a way to start the morning. Relaxed with no sexual frustration in my department anyway. The girls might be at differing odds about that however. Though I noticed Tinkle was removing that issue from Puppy with her fingers. It was making me completely hard once again watching even though I needed to piss badly. Puppy was slowly bouncing and grinding on her fingers as they were still locked in another kiss. Is this another test designed by Puppy to make me take charge I suddenly thought. Did I want to stop it was another thought. I was trying to be considerate to Tinkle as well. It would have driven her up the wall if she watched me fuck Puppy. I remember my ex, she didn’t want anything to do with sex at that time of the month. I would need to ask these two because they might be different and definitely acted different. It wasn’t much longer til Puppy ground down hard and grunted into Tinkle’s mouth. They parted and smiled at one another then leaned on each others shoulder in embrace, Puppy still breathing heavy.

“I have a question for you two about your Mother Natures interference. My ex didn’t want anything to do with sex. What are your own personal views?” I asked.

“Master, my mouth and ass are available anytime. I am not fond of cleaning up a red mess or having sex that way till it is over.” Puppy explained her view simplistically.

“I don’t mind giving a blow job depending on how I feel. I still get hot and bothered no matter what and usually suffer very mildly or relieve myself in the shower. I don’t get super turned on like I usually do if that is what your asking. Like right now I am barely turned on and near the end of my cycle as well.” Tinkle explained her mindset.

“I thought it might be another test for me to exert command and control. I thought about stopping you and make Puppy suffer but I liked watching too much this time. Next time I am not sure which I will do, be forewarned.” I said laughing.

Puppy smiled at me and winked. I think she liked my questioning and statement as well. Both were still wearing their collars and leashes also. I never thought that I needed to tell them to take them off as well. Made pulling them in for a quick kiss easier before I got up and ran to the bathroom.

Puppy didn’t join me in the shower for the first time. She is getting a little more self independent now that her arm is better. The change in the cast has changed her demeanor as well. I could have ordered her but I figured she would have came on her own. There could be other reasons as well I thought as I soaped and rinsed myself off under the warm spray of the shower. I know she exercises in the mornings and may want to wait to take a shower. Set routines get boring of course, unfortunately I work and and few things need to be accomplished by routine especially in the mornings.

I thought of many things while I finished up the morning before work routine and getting ready. I had to remember I was not thinking just about Puppy in this regard any more. That is when it hit me and what Sarah had said. It may have been the fuzziness of sleep yet or the need to pee badly that it didn’t register fully. Did Puppy want me to take Sarah to the morning shower so I could watch and help her relief? She did indicate she wasn’t really turned on but… this is starting to get more complicated.

The table was set and Tinkle had made her blue ribbon pancakes. Both girls stood on either side of me as I sat down and got comfortable. They didn’t move til I ordered them to sit and eat, I got that correct anyway. This may have been why Puppy didn’t join me as well, teaching Tinkle.

“Puppy, you didn’t join me in the shower this morning. Was I suppose to take Tinkle instead?” I asked wanting her input and reason.

“That thought didn’t occur to me until you mentioned it Master. I see your point and it would have been your choice and maybe a good idea now that I think about it. But no, teaching Sarah about proper table manners and getting the shopping list of the necessities were the reasons.” Puppy replied. Tinkle just looked at me with her confused smile and I wasn’t going to explain myself, maybe Puppy would later.

“Permission to speak freely then.” I ordered and nodded.

“Master, I do have a couple requests for today.” Puppy stated questioningly.

“Explain.” I said simply. Is that masterfully direct enough I wondered.

“My wardrobe was put together by need at the time and kept simple and short. I know the rules we have agreed to about clothes but I am a little tentative without being escorted until I get the feel of the city and my surroundings. I was wondering if I could wear Betturkey Giriş jeans and sneakers instead.” Puppy explained.

I thought about what she asked. I could see her point on the clothes issue. She was going to be on her feet for an extended period as well but I think there was a different reason for that request.

“I will grant that request. Anything else?” I asked.

“Permission to buy another pair of jeans that will fit my attire?” Puppy asked.

“Okay Puppy and maybe something a little less short in the hemline also if that is your wish as well.” I said laughing in understanding. She gave me that impish smile of hers and nodded her thanks.

“Something else?” I asked.

“Well, there is still one small matter Master. I always had a phone available when I was out by myself doing errands. I may not have been able to use it to talk but I could text. It is really helpful if I run across a problem in completing the errand or finding something that needs your input or permission, like foods we are unsure of to your liking. The tablet works with email but is slow and unfriendly I found out yesterday. Calls to phones would be awkward though I do have computer to computer set up but outside the condo could be out of the question. Sarah and I could share one or maybe one for each if that is your desire. Plus you would know where we were at all times and be able to reach us whenever you want or need.” Puppy explained.

“The phone I have is a company perk. What is your thoughts on this idea Tinkle” I asked unsure of how I wanted to handle the situation. She was right of course but wasn’t sure if one was needed or two. Plus I wanted to include Sarah as well.

“Well Sir, I never needed one before though I do have a phone in my apartment that I rarely use as you know. I would need a home phone for work in emergency situations at a minimum however. I can’t decide if I need one of my own or sharing one would be the best course of action.” Tinkle answered smartly with a smile.

“Check on that Puppy while the two of you are out today. I do see the need as well and am leaning toward two phones at this time though I need to think about it a little longer. Bill them separately in your names, one name or mine is the reasoning.” I said wisely.

“I could pay for my own if that helps Sir.” Tinkle chimed in.

“Paying for them isn’t the reason either. Plans and a need to separate them down the line is what I am thinking. The catch will be which way is more cost effective for all concerned.” I explained.

The tablet didn’t need a plan for anything, internet access was part of the monthly condo maintenance fee. Utilities, except phone were in the maintenance fees including insuarance. I was a little surprised Puppy got on a hot spot with it yesterday while out though. May have surprised her in that regard as well, luck. Need for internet access on the phones or just talk and text was an issue floating in my mind. I was thinking just unlimited talk and text to keep it simple and cheap as I was thinking internet was not needed on them. It is getting to be a pain as the need for computers is starting to boil down to gaming and business. That need is being overrun with the latest gaming consoles. Someones vision a few years ago is coming to fruition I think as they are implementing it slowly to make more money. Well partly, they have to wait for the infrastructure to catch up with their needs.

Back from my thoughts, I made sure Puppy had my card for the transactions needed. It shouldn’t be questioned I hope or at all if done right, I would need to solve that problem soon as well. Sarah would need to make some changes as well and everything was starting to make my head swim. I kissed my lovely ladies good bye and for the first time I was happy to get out of my condo and be alone for a change. Being unhappy was far from the truth, just everything is piling up all at once as I decided to walk one more time to clear my head. As I thought about everything, it would calm down after we got everything settled. Do like Puppy and make a list of tasks that needed to be accomplished and check them off as they were completed. They wanted to give me complete control, I accept that challenge head on.

Once I got to work I had an email from Rikki in my spam box. Nothing decided as of yet but life was very good and it was sent late last night from a Google account with her Tempest name, smart move. I got one from Jill saying the same thing as well. I had to laugh at the two of them and it made my morning so much better. I replied to both of them with one email and told them Sarah was permanently part of my family as well now. I also told them I was making plans to visit Boston again for the fourth. There better hadn’t be any shenanigans with my plans or I would deal with all four of them harshly. That should get a laugh from them if nothing else.

Speaking of which I better make the reservations. Betturkey Güncel Giriş I used one of the internet advertized discount shopping sites. Three nights at the Revere and flight, all for thirteen hundred. Not a bad deal for three people for the weekend I thought so I took it and had everything confirmed and printed. Sarah may have some difficulty with the departure time as I made it late as possible, 10 PM is the best I could do. I sent her an email so she could be aware of that as well. Puppy is right, a phone is needed.

I don’t know if Kathy could have found a better deal or not. I decided it would be best if I didn’t included her in the making of my plans from now on. I did send her an email about making plans for the after launch party and make mine as a party of three so she didn’t have to ask. She may be thinking I am including Rikki and Jill with my request, that made me laugh also. Life is good sometimes.

I got down to the business at hand after that. Meeting at 10 AM. I hate those but this one should be short. Kathy came in fifteen minutes before the meeting to remind me. The launch party had already been scheduled from higher up the food chain. Company ballroom and semi formal, DJ and open bar, not exactly a ballroom but gets used as one from time to time. She only needed to get a head count and just found out herself. That meant all departments were coming as well. The company as a whole had made several new launches recently so it didn’t surprise me.

The meeting droned on of course, it would be the only one for a week or so. Sales were up if that was any consolation. A possible big contract is on the table and why all the recent activity. I didn’t think anything about it at the time as no details were mentioned. After the meeting though, Len, our CEO asked me what kind of dealings I was doing with Mohighan Enterprises. I hadn’t given it much thought since yesterday. I told him none that I know of but I do know their boss I said. What more could I say, I was in the dark as well and didn’t think to ask Rikki what was going on in the email because I forgot. I just thought you might be playing sales rep and maybe looking for a new job as well. That told me something was up and Mohighan Enterprises were in the middle of it. It also told me the phone calls riddled their way down from the top brass not centrally.

It took me a while for everything to register as I pondered it over during my lunch salad after the meeting. He didn’t want me for the job I was doing, he was after my entire skill set. I wonder why me? Okay, so there may not be a huge draw to choose from with my specific knowledge. They didn’t have any dealings in the medical field that I found in my search unless they had some big plans in the works.

That is the reason for the questions he asked, specifically the big question. I am piecing it together on my own though only a guess at this point. He wanted Chance and Chase for those properties he had been buying up for architectural design. It is all about a business decision in the end compounded by a family matter, one that really didn’t go over well. What was it one of the boys said, business first as usual, now I understood that statement. My answer probably swayed Cliff’s decision in the end somewhat anyway, business wise anyway. The boys would excel in either place, finish the complex they started or the new project, maybe both. Business wise it didn’t matter where they lived.

If that is the reason, he knew everything about me because of Rikki. They had met her before and probably looked her over with a fine tooth comb, Jill as well, plus me. They may not have learned about their true relationship however. Especially since the twins were going to propose to them, they had their blessing after all. Puppy threw them for a loop, they didn’t know what to think because they knew nothing about her. That is what Cliff is after and why she was mentioned in the phone calls. To what ends I don’t know and couldn’t venture a guess.

So much for all my thinking during lunch. Back at my desk I had nothing to do for a change. It had been hectic the last couple of weeks and my little vacation was actually very untimely in that regard. I thought about taking the afternoon off and go with the girls. If I had brought my car it would have been simple or if I had thought about it earlier. I had taken a lot of time off recently already so I figured it would be better I didn’t. Besides, I think Puppy needs a little adventure time without me like she said. Back to thinking about the weekend, something was still amiss in my mind.

Puppy and her little snooping findings told me the rest though it was more complicated than it seems. Chance and Rikki were going to get married and Jill was coming with them to Sacramento. Chase was going to split with his brother and stay behind. That was the reason for all the questions to Puppy about the three of us. Chance and Chase were evasive on their job futures because they didn’t want me to know since it was suddenly up in the air. That may have been because of the Friday night with Rikki and Jill. Jill changed her mind Friday night to be with Chase. It was all about keeping the four of them together. I have my suspicions it was Rikki’s idea and sudden inspiration.

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