Finding a Soulmate

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I was not expecting any sexual encounters when I went to the supermarket that day. In fact, since my divorce six months ago, I had not encountered anything that could be described as remotely sexual at all. We married young and were too naive to realise that we were incompatible. She wanted a home and children and regarded sex with me as an unfortunate means to that end. I, on the other hand, was far more libidinous and adventurous. It was never going to work and we agreed to separate after three awkward years. Fortunately, there were no children and we had what is known as ‘a clean break’. I was now living alone and among my list of domestic chores was the weekly shop.

I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going when I rounded an aisle and collided with Kate, causing several items to spill from her basket. There was an embarrassment of fumbling as I stooped to pick up fallen items from around her feet while babbling my apologies. She was gracious and simply looked back at me with an enigmatic smile. She was gorgeous! She was probably in her mid to late thirties with straight chin length red hair and green eyes. Her simple dress revealed a fulsome curvaceous figure with a generous dusting of freckles on her arms and above her large breasts. While I was fumbling around her sandals on the floor, I noticed that she had painted her toenails green to match her eyes, She was simply stunning but I managed to complete my apologies and move on. While queuing at the checkout, I saw her again a couple of places behind me. She smiled and placed a protective arm around her basket. I paid for my goods which consisted mainly of single portion ready meals and dawdled by the notice board until she had paid. I did my best to act nonchalantly as I offered to carry her bags to her car.

“Only if you promise not to attack on me again,” she said.

We both laughed and I escorted her back to her car where I was surprised and disappointed to see two young boys waiting. She perhaps sensed my disappointment because she said, “I’m Kate by the way. These are my boys, Ben and Josh. It’s just us since their father left me for a newer and slimmer model six months ago.”

I was taken back at her forthrightness by managed to reply “I’m pleased to meet you Kate. I’m Steve. Your husband must be an idiot!”

That was the beginning. There, in the supermarket car park, I began a relationship that took me to places that I had never previously dreamed possible. Kate was every bit as lively and vivacious as she appeared at first sight. She was a school teacher. She was also smart, funny and incredibly sexy. After just a few dates we became increasingly intimate. She was the complete opposite of my ex-wife. She enjoyed talking about sex and discussing her uninhibited desires in minute detail. The only thing she enjoyed more than talking about sex was doing it. We soon began to put our discussions into practice and I began to enjoy the best sex of my life. The only problem was getting time alone. She was reluctant to stay over at my place because she had to get back to look after the boys. We occasionally managed oral sex or a quick fuck on her sofa after they had gone to bed but there was always a chance of interruptions. She did not want me to stay over because it may send the wrong message to the boys who were still in regular contact with their father. Occasionally, she paid a babysitter and we stole a few hours of wild energetic sex but mostly, I looked forward to every second weekend when the two boys stayed with their father.

Such weekends always started with a game. While we were having dinner, we both had to ask a question about the other persons sexual preferences. For example, I would say, “Missionary or doggy?”

She would invariably surprise me by saying, “Doggy, but first up the arse.”

Once I said, “Arse or cunt?” and she said “Dildo up the cunt, cock up the arse.” I smiled and licked my lips at the thought, but she ankara escort continued, “And then I get to arse fuck you with a dildo”.

These evenings inevitably continued with me dropping to my knees, removing her panties and slowly licking her by now wet pubes. I would then part the forest of ginger hair and run my tongue up and down her plump labia before biting gently on her swollen clitoris. She always smelled so sexy, probably due to her full bush.

After a quick oral orgasm or two, she was ravenous for my cock which she sucked and slowly worked deep into her mouth punctuated with an occasional vigorous wank. She was always careful not to let me come too soon and I, despite refraining from coming for several days prior to these weekends, usually kept my discipline.

We would then go on to enact whatever desires had been discussed over dinner. She was always keen for me to fuck her arse and, yes, she did often bend me over and strap on a large dildo. I could not help thinking that this was a bit unfair as the rubber dildo we used was much larger than my cock, but I’m not complaining. If I came in her cunt or her arse, I had to lick it out but if I held on, I had to wank over her tits and face and then clean it up. I loved the sight of my copious streams of white spunk all over her face and hair.

One weekend, she started the game by saying, “Hair, long or short?”

I was taken back slightly not because this was a diversion from our usual precoital discussions, but because I had a very secret hair fetish. It was something that I had never shared with anyone and I stumbled for an answer, trying to think how she had discovered my secret.

“Erm, pubic hair or head hair?” I stuttered. I knew that I had broken one of the rules of the game.

“You can’t answer a question with a question,” she said “but let’s say both.”

I had recovered my composure and said, “All or nothing. I like extremes. Either very short or very long. For both.”

“Good,” she said. “You are just like me then.” She continued. “The school vacations are coming up in three months. I always take a mountain cabin for a month. The boys come for the first two weeks before going off to be with their father. Would you like to join me for the second two weeks?”

“I’d love to,” I replied, still not knowing if she had worked out my secret fetish.

“Good,” she said. “There’s only one condition. No haircuts of any type for either of us between now and then. Now lets see how much you really like my hairy cunt.” We began our normal routine of oral sex and as she sat on my face. with her ample cheeks spread over my mouth, I detected a slight furry growth around her arsehole while smelling the heady aroma of her hairy bush as it ground into my face.

The weeks passed slowly. My hair was usually medium length, just over my ears and collar. despite my fetish, I was never a regular at the barbershop but after missing a couple of scheduled trips I drew the comments from a few work colleagues about my new hippy look. Kate’s chin length bob also grew longer than normal and she developed a much fuller bush with an increasing growth of fur under her arms, on her legs and around her arse.

Sex continued as normal but I couldn’t help noticing how Kate seemed unusually interested in the whole hair situation, asking me to lick her hairy arsehole, kiss her hairy armpits and even to suck her hairy toes. She was particularly keen for me to come on her bush and clean it with my tongue.

In time, the school vacations arrived and I saw Kate and the two boys off to the mountains. We had not had much time together in the recent weeks due to her end of school year commitments but she looked as gorgeous as ever, even with longer hair. Kate fussed around the car as I loaded their luggage. She said to no-one in particular, “We must get you boys to a barbershop at some time in the holiday.”

Ben, the oldest boy, rolled çankaya escort his eyes and said, “No way, mom.”

The two weeks passed slowly and I soon realised how much I missed Kate and not just for the sex. When the day arrived, I set off to the cabin early on Saturday morning. Kate texted to say she was taking the boys to get their hair cut before their father picked them up and she would meet me at Joe’s Barbershop in town. The town was small and I found the shop easily. It was quite busy but I spotted Ben sitting on the wooden bench in the waiting area. His hair had been clippered into a high and tight buzzcut with shaved sides and back and a quarter of an inch on top with a bumper at the front. He looked miserable.

“Nice haircut buddy”, I said. “Where’s your brother and mother?”

He nodded towards the two barber chairs, where I spotted his younger brother coming to the end of the same haircut. The cape was removed, Josh climbed down minus a large amount of hair. I smiled and he came to join us. It was then that I spotted their mother. She was in the other chair, caped and head down while an old barber ploughed a large set of clippers up through her hair. Clumps of red hair tumbled down the cape to the floor. I was transfixed. As the barber moved the chair round, I could see that he had cleared all the hair above her left ear, leaving a faint stubble. He continued around until there was just a clump of long hair on the top of her head. The clippers stopped and the barber fixed a plastic attachment on before going back to work across the top of her head, reducing it to a stubbly pelt. I must have been staring, because at that moment Kate looked up and smiled before blowing me a kiss. She looked stunning and I was aware that my cock had swelled at the sight of her hair tumbling to the floor. She looked sexier than ever and I nearly shot my load as the barber picked up a small set of clippers to clean the fluff off her neck and around her ears. When she was released from the cape, she ran her hands over her sheared head and said, “What do you think?”

I could think of nothing to say except, “Stunning!” Her green eyes looked much larger and sparkled. I wanted nothing more than to run my hand over her head and nuzzle her shaved nape.

She paid the barber and said, “Ok boys, lets go and meet your father in the coffee shop. Steve has to stay here for a haircut.” I raised an eyebrow but she pointed to a waiting chair and said, I will meet you back here in a while,” before ushering the two boys out of the door. I sat down in utter amazement. I would never have asked her to cut her hair short but Kate had just acted out one of my most erotic fantasies. How did she know?

I looked around the old barbershop but kept returning to the pile of Kate’s red hair on the floor. The humming of the clippers reminded me of the sight of it falling from her head onto the white cape and down to the floor. My cock strained uncomfortably. There two people ahead of me in the queue and I began to consider my situation. Kate was clearly expecting me to get a haircut but this was hardly the sort of place that I normally went to. I watched as the two barbers sheared and shaved the customers in the chairs and made up my mind to ask for just a trim.

Soon, it was my turn to be caped and I took a seat in the old white porcelain and chrome barber chair. I was just about to tell the barber that I just wanted a light trim, when the door opened and Kate returned. She walked up behind the chair and tugged at the hair on the back of my head while smiling at me in the mirror.

“We need to get rid of all this,” she said to the barber. “Give him a high and tight flattop; very high and very tight, with a shaved landing strip.” Then she turned to the waiting area, sat down and smiled at me.

“You OK with that?” asked the barber.

I hesitated and then nodded slowly, “Yes, I suppose so,” and so it began. The clippers demetevler escort s fired up and thirty minutes later I got down from the chair with just a thin horseshoe of hair on the top of a very nearly bald head.

I paid and, as I ran my hand over my head, Kate stood in front of me and kissed me full on the lips while placing her hand on my crotch. “Someone is enjoying himself.” She whispered. We hurried to the cabin, where in no time at all we were both naked on the hot tub deck and her closely cropped head was bobbing up and down on my cock. I could not hold out and soon shot a massive load into her mouth, which she swallowed quickly, allowing just a small dribble to trickle down her chin. I returned the compliment by burying my face in her hairy cunt and slowly using my tongue to bring her to a screaming orgasm while she ran her hands over my almost bald head. When we had finished, she put her lips to mine to kiss me but pulled back sharply and removed a long ginger pubic hair from her mouth.

“Looks like I need another haircut,” she whispered.

I needed no further encouragement and asked where the scissors were. She pointed to a small table next to the hot tub on which were scissors, a small electric clipper, razors, shaving foam and a bowl of water. I lowered myself into the hot tub and made her spread her legs wide while sitting on the side of the tub. With the scissors, I snipped of several large clumps of ginger bush before taking the electric clippers and reducing her pubic mound and labial lips to stubble. The clumps of hair formed floating islands of ginger curls on the surface of the water and I gently caressed the stubble before squirting shaving foam on her cunt and spreading it over the whole area. Slowly I shaved it smooth with the razor. The sight of her large puffy lips glistening with cunt juice was too good to miss and I quickly got to work with my fingers and tongue. Kate moaned gently as I inserted a couple of fingers into her dripping hole while seeking out her clitoris with my tongue.

As I moved my hand to gain better access, I felt more hair growing on her perineum and around her anus. I quickly moved her around so that she was kneeling inside the tub and bending over the edge with her lovely round arse in the air. I spread I her legs to give me easy access to all areas and, with the small electric clippers, I buzzed carefully around her puckered hole and down to her gaping vagina. More hair fell into the water as Kate squirmed and moaned. I took up the shaving foam and spread a generous amount around her arse. My cock stayed rock hard as I used the razor to remove any trace of hair. To check my work, I ran my tongue gently around the rim of her arsehole before pushing it in. Kate moaned loudly again and begged me to fuck her.

I pushed my cock into her wet cunt and took a couple of slow lubricating thrusts before taking it out and pushing slowly up her arse. Kate’s hand moved to her clit and she was quickly on the verge of a loud orgasm. I thrust my cock back into her dripping vagina and began to thrust hard against her round cheeks causing the water in the tub to splash over the edge. Kate screamed with pleasure as I pounded against her arse and came again. I, too, was close to orgasm but just as I was about to come she pulled me out and twisted round so that I squirted my load all over her hairless cunt.

We both lay exhausted in each other’s arms in the tub, watching tufts of floating ginger hair mingling with white strings of spunk. As we watched the sunset, I said “How did you know about my thing with hair?”

She looked surprised and replied, “I didn’t. I thought it was just me. I go natural for a whole year apart from the occasional trim and then get shaved in the Summer. It’s liberating. My ex-husband could never cope with it so he ran off with a long-haired, blonde bimbo with a permanently waxed cunt.” She was silent for a while before adding , “but I’m glad you like it.”

I mused thoughtfully on my good luck at finding a soul mate before saying, “Do you want me to shave your armpits and legs now?”

“No,” she replied, “Dave and Jane are coming over tomorrow. It can wait until then.”

But that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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