Finding Their Kinks Ch. 08

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It was Friday in mid-September and Stacy had taken the day off of work. She wanted to be home when Michelle arrived. Michelle was Stacy and her husband Jack’s old friend from college. They met at university over ten years ago now but still kept in touch and got together whenever possible even though they lived a little over three hours away from each other. Michelle was coming alone this time without her husband, Chris. Chris was stuck on a work trip on the west coast. Chris and Jack were fraternity brothers in college and was how Jack and Stacy had originally met each other.

The week had dragged on for both Stacy and Jack as they looked forward to all the endless possibilities when Michelle got there. Stacy was keeping herself busy watching some television and straightening up the house. At just after 2:00 p.m., her phone buzzed. She picked it up and saw she had a text message from Michelle, “Be there in about an hour. Traffic blows. :-(“

Stacy sighed. She was hoping Michelle would’ve arrived sooner but there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Jack was working but was going to do his best to get home earlier than normal. She was alone at least for another hour. She deemed the house clean enough and decided to spend the next hour or so sitting on the couch watching TV. She grabbed the remote and checked out what they had on the DVR. Nothing looked particularly exciting so she turned to another option. She grabbed her phone and did a quick search of her favorite adult content web sites. She decided to treat herself to a little self-love until her friend arrived.

Stacy typed in a few terms in the search bar and hit enter. Within seconds a list of videos related to “wife and girlfriend play with husband” appeared. She picked out one that looked fun that had a blonde with big but real breasts, a brunette with small but perfectly shaped breasts, and a fit guy with a big cock. She watched the ten minute video and felt herself getting aroused. It was a bit tame for her own personal tastes, however. When the first video ended, she started another. This was more like it. Three minutes into the action, the wife in this second video was on her hands and knees getting pounded from behind by her husband. At the same time, she was aggressively licking her friend’s pussy. Stacy reached down the front of her panties and teased herself. She slowly rubbed her womanhood and quickly got wet from the touch of her own hand and the scene playing out in the video.

Stacy moaned as she softly rubbed her clitoris still covered by the safety of its own hood. It wasn’t her intention to finish herself, however, – not yet at least. So she just edged herself over and over as the minutes ticked away. In the video, the husband was still pounding away at his wife from behind. His body was tensing up as his orgasm was building. Their friend saw he was close and left her spot at the head of the wife. She quickly crawled closer to the action. She knelt next to the husband and slapped his ass and then slapped the wife’s ass. The husband pulled his cock out of his wife and the friend immediately took him into her own mouth to take the full force of his load. Stacy was about to cum herself and moaned at the feeling of her own fingers expertly working their magic in her panties.

A car door closed outside and a few seconds later the doorbell rang. Stacy sighed and pulled her hand from inside her now soaking wet panties. She turned off the video on her phone and hopped off the couch to let their old friend in. She unlocked the front door and walked down the steps to unlock the gate for Michelle. Stacy smiled at Michelle on the other side of the gate as she used her key to let her in. “Hi! It’s so good to see you!” Stacy greeted Michelle with a big hug as soon as she got the gate open.

Michelle looked as good as she had since the day Stacy first laid eyes on her their sophomore year of college. She was still thin and athletic. Her dark brown hair fell just below her shoulders and she was still wearing the tan she had built up over the summer months that were now starting to wind down. She wore short dark green shorts and a white t-shirt that revealed just barely the pink bra she wore beneath. Her breasts were as fantastic as ever. Stacy had been daydreaming about them all day and all week for that matter. She fondly recalled the first time she saw Michelle’s round but firm 34C breasts and her perfectly dark pink smooth round areola and plump nipples.

Stacy led Michelle up the stairs and into their home. “Can I get you something to drink? Soda? Water? Beer? Wine? Whatever?” she asked her friend.

“That drive sucked,” Michelle replied quickly. “If you’ll have one with me, I’d like a glass of wine to start.”

“Sure, I can do that,” Stacy replied as they walked to the kitchen. She pulled a bottle of white wine she had placed in the refrigerator earlier in the day assuming at some point it would be opened. She poured each of them a glass as they sat it the kitchen island on a couple of bar stools. They chatted over their wine and caught up on each other’s lives since they had last seen each other.

Jack, şahinbey escort meanwhile, was still at the office. He was finishing up some work that needed to get done before the close of business today so he was stuck there for a while. The task at hand was taking even longer than it normally should have as his mind raced with memories he had shared with Stacy, Michelle, and Chris over the past decade. He thought back to the day he met Stacy. Michelle was dating Chris at the time and she brought Stacy over to their fraternity house one night to a party they were hosting. It was one of those silly themed parties that fraternities seemed to like to have. It was a beach theme so everyone was dressed in swim trunks or bikinis.

He recalled the moment he first set eyes on Stacy when she walked into the fraternity house with Michelle. She had worn a blue string bikini and had the most amazing body he had ever set eyes on. She still did, for that matter, he thought. He didn’t think at that moment whether he wanted to marry that girl but he sure as hell knew he wanted to see her naked and then some. Luckily for Jack, Stacy had just the same feelings for him as he did for her. The fraternity party had gotten a little crazy so the four of them ended up in Chris’ room in the house to get away from the madness. They all watched a movie together to get away from the drunken craziness that was going on elsewhere in the house.

Chris and Michelle started making out leaving Jack and Stacy to feel a bit awkward so they retreated into his room. It was late in the night and Jack offered his bed to Stacy and let her know he would sleep on the couch. And he did just that. In the days and weeks after that first night, they started hanging out more and more. Before they both knew it, they were a couple. To this day, Stacy reminds Jack how much she had appreciated his gesture that first night. She always insisted most other guys would have done whatever they could have to take advantage of the situation. Hell, she even admitted in the moment she was a bit disappointed that he had slept on the couch as she was into him and feeling a bit drunk and frisky. But in the morning, she appreciated it. And it had worked out well for both of them as they had had more than enough sex in the past ten years to make up for that first night.

Jack soon snapped out of his daydream and got back to the project at hand. He saw on his phone that Stacy had texted him a few minutes ago, “Michelle just got here! Yay! Drinking wine then who knows!” She completed the text with a smiling devil emoji.

Jack laughed to himself. When those two women got together, you never knew what could happen – especially over the past five years or so. Michelle had told Stacy that she and Chris had developed a bit of an open relationship. That led to a threesome between Jack, Stacy, and Michelle. And then that led to a foursome with all of them. It led to a lot of things. The four of them had an agreement that anything and everything was okay – as long as whoever wasn’t there for the experience got to hear all about it afterwards. Jack’s cock stiffened a little in his pants as he recalled the first time he received that text from Stacy of a photo of her and Michelle sucking on Chris’ cock.

“Focus,” Jack thought to himself. And he did so for the next ninety minutes as he finished the project. At approximately 5:00 p.m., he was done. He turned off his computer and packed up for the weekend. He left his office, walked to the subway station, and went underground. Two or three minutes later, the train whirred into the station. He and everyone else eager to go home for the weekend, hopped on. All the seats were already taken so he stood for the fifteen minute ride home. He was excited to see his wife. He was even more excited to see his wife and Michelle. He had texted Stacy that he was on his way home but she had yet to reply.

Fifteen minutes later, Jack’s train arrived at his station and he exited. He and a mass of humans headed up the escalator to the street above. As he emerged from the underground, the sun was still shining and the air was still warm. Their home was only a five minute walk, but before heading there, he grabbed a six pack of beer at the little liquor store across the street from the subway station. He picked out a local IPA and paid the cashier. In less than five minutes, he was home. He unlocked the door and let himself in. The TV was on but muted. He saw Michelle’s car was outside but no one was downstairs. He cracked open a can of beer and put the remaining five in the refrigerator. The house was suspiciously silent.

Jack decided to investigate. He climbed the stairs up to the second floor and looked around. Empty. Not a soul was to be found. He walked into the master bedroom and saw what appeared to be a gift bag with an envelope attached. He looked closer and his name was on the envelope. “Strange,” he thought to himself. But he opened the envelope and pulled out the greeting card inside. “Congratulations on your big day!” the front of the card read generically. He opened it and saw it was signed by Michelle with a handwritten note above her signature:

“Hope you enjoy your gift inside the bag. I wore them for three days for you. And now, Stacy and I want you to wear them as well as the other little gift inside. Then meet us at Excalibur Cocktail Bar at 7:30 p.m. tonight. Just look around and you’ll find us. XOXO”

Jack opened the gift bag and found a pair of dark green satin lace panties and lifted them out of the bag. He smiled and thought to himself, “What a thoughtful gift.” He pulled the three day old panties up to his nose and inhaled deeply He so enjoyed the raw scent of a woman’s dirty worn underwear. As he inhaled, he could see the layer of sexual stains that she had deposited over the many hours she had worn these dirty panties. He pulled the panties away from his nose and unfolded them for a better look. They appeared to be a low rise cheeky cut.

Suddenly it hit him and he reread the card, “…Stacy and I want you to wear them as well as the other little gift inside…” That was something new. He’d never worn nor thought about wearing panties before – especially out in public. He dug into the bag again to find out what other gift she was referring to. He pulled it out and almost laughed aloud. He held it in his hand and stared at the bright blue and quite big butt plug. “So, they want me to wear a butt plug and dirty panties out to a bar,” he contemplated to himself before smiling. “Sure, what the hell,” he said.

He pulled the panties up to his nose again and took another big inhale. He then looked at his phone to check the time: 6:00 p.m. He had ninety minutes before he had to be at Excalibur. He could be there in ten minutes in a Lyft. He texted Stacy and Michelle, “Thanks so much for the gifts – I guess. Sounds like you two have some plans for me tonight. Hope you’re having fun. I’ll see you at 7:30!”

Less than thirty seconds later, Michelle texted back, “Glad you like the gifts. Hope they both fit ;-)”

“We’ll find out soon enough,” he texted back.

Time to find out he thought to himself as he stared at the dirty panties in one hand and the blue plug in the other. Well, one he figured was easier than the other to figure out. And since to find out if the other one fit would also require taking off his clothes, he did just that and folded everything into a pile. He was still in the master bathroom and looked at himself in the large mirror above the sink. He admired what reflected back at him. For being nearly 34, he still looked damn good. His chest was full from the countless hours in the gym. His arms were toned and his biceps looked better than they had when he first met Stacy and Michelle. His abs weren’t quite a six-pack but he was still lean and defined. He looked down further and admired his flaccid manhood in the mirror surrounded by closely cropped pubic hair. His balls were freshly shaved that morning and smooth as could be.

“Here goes nothing,” he said aloud but to himself alone in the house. He bent down holding the dirty green panties and slipped his right leg through and then his left. He pulled them upwards and on. They were tight. He looked in the mirror again. He was obviously much larger in all areas than Michelle. His package almost burst out from the sides of the satin panties. He blushed at the thought and feeling of not only wearing women’s underwear right now but he and his wife’s good friend’s dirty used panties. He turned around and looked over his shoulder into the mirror. If these were cheeky panties for Michelle they were closer to a thong for him. He thought to himself, “Damn, these are tight. It’s going to be a weird night.”

He decided to head downstairs to the basement TV and couch to get inspired with some porn. Before he did, however, he walked over the nightstand next to their bed and opened the drawer that held all of the sex toys and lubes and whatnot. If that big blue plug was going to get into his ass, he needed reinforcements. He grabbed a bottle of anal lube and two small butt toys to get him warmed up. And with that, he strutted down the two sets of stairs still wearing his new green panties. He felt sexy and his manhood began to swell accordingly.

Jack flipped on the big screen TV in the basement and pulled up his favorite adult web site on his phone. He had also grabbed a towel on his way to the basement to sit on as this was going to be a lube heavy endeavor. He pulled off the green panties and put them down next to him as he sat down on the towel on the floor. He typed some search terms into his phone and pulled up the selected videos. “Amateur wife anal threesome” did the trick and he picked out a video that really caught his attention. The preview showed two good looking built men taking their turns on a very sexy and curvy black haired amateur. He hit play and sent the video from his phone to the TV.

The scene started with the woman on her knees between the two naked men. Both were already naked as was she. Jack admired the woman first. She had very nice firm medium to large breasts. Her nipples were maroon in color and the size of a silver dollar. Her erect nipples were perfectly centered and bigger than average as well. Her dark hair fell just below her chin and she wore dark lipstick and heavy eyeliner. Jack admired her trimmed but quite full mound of pubic hair. She took turns slowly sucking both of the men’s cocks getting them ready for what he could only imagine would be coming soon. The first guy was big like he worked out constantly at the gym and lifted impressively heavy weights – but he also looked like he enjoyed his food as he had a sexy layer of fat covering his bulging muscles. His cock was rock hard at about seven inches and thick. The second guy was more average sized but his muscles were defined due to a very lean physique. Jack estimated his cock to be closer to his at six inches and average girth.

Jack slowly rubbed his own cock as he watched the action on the TV quickly bringing on his own erection. He reached for the bottle of anal lube and squirted a good amount into his left hand. He grabbed the smallest anal toy he had brought downstairs with him and used the lube in his left hand to cover it. He reached between his own legs with his left hand and rubbed in some of the lube into his own asshole. This first toy was red and about four inches long and just thicker than a larger man’s thumb. It had a flared based but was more like a small dildo than a true butt plug. It had been in his ass on many prior occasions so this would not be a problem. It would just serve to get him warmed up for the next toy followed by the new blue plug. He rubbed his asshole with his left fingers and slowly slid in his own middle finger. He moaned with pleasure as he pushed up on his own prostate. He deemed himself sufficiently warmed up for the toy.

Jack took the red toy into his left hand and reached back down between his ass. He was slowly stroking his cock with his right hand. By this time, the big muscular man on the TV had the sexy black haired woman on her back and was fucking her deep insider her pussy. The other man was kneeling close to her head and getting the occasional stroke and suck. Jack placed the tip of his red toy up again his relaxed asshole and slowly pushed it inside of himself. He groaned at the slightly full feeling he was now experiencing. As his muscles quickly got used to the sensation, he started to fuck himself slowly with this miniature toy. Jack looked down as he fucked his ass and stroked his cock. His precum was already starting to drip slowly out of the head of his cock. He wiped it up with his right index finger and brought it to his mouth. He wrapped his lips around his own finger to taste his own salty sex. He enjoyed the taste as he continued to fuck his own ass and stroked himself gently. He continued on with this for another three or four minutes. His breathing began to increase as his arousal heightened from his own touches and the scene that continued to play out on the TV.

The big man on the TV had now flipped the woman onto her hands and knees and was fucking her hard from behind. She had a perfectly heart shaped ass that reminded Jack of Michelle’s ass. The woman was now also sucking on the other man’s cock as she got fucked harder and harder from behind. Jack reached over and grabbed Michelle’s panties with his right hand giving his cock a break. He brought them to his nose and took another deep inhale. His senses were heightened in his sexual arousal and her dank aroma made his cock even harder than it had already been. He decided it was time to move on to round two.

He placed the green panties down on his belly and grabbed the medium butt plug with his left hand, which sadly meant he had to stop fucking his own ass for the moment. He left the toy inside himself for the moment, however. He grabbed the lube bottle in his right hand and coated the medium toy with a heavy coat of the slippery gel. This toy had been in his ass in the past as well. It was about as big as he had done except for perhaps once or twice before when he had been excessively turned on and gotten one of his wife’s dildos up his own ass. This medium toy was purple and was a regular butt plug. The tip was narrow and then gradually increased in size before it got much smaller at the base. It was purpose built to be inserted and stay there until the user decided it was time to be removed. The wide flared base kept it from getting lost where it did not need to be lost. It was around five inches long and the thickness of a medium carrot at its widest. It was plenty big enough to fill up Jack’s ass.

Once the next toy was sufficiently coated in anal lube, Jack slowly pulled out the first toy and tossed it onto his towel. He reached down again with the next toy in his left hand while his right hand continued to stroke his cock. He placed the tip at his entrance and slowly pushed in but he was met with a bit too much resistance. He was going to need to shift his position to get this next one in. He shifted onto his hands and knees on the towel. He laughed as he watched the TV. Both he and the black haired woman were in the same position at this point. And they were also now about to feel similar sensations as she was now taking the dick of the leaner man up her ass. She was now sucking on the muscular man’s cock.

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