Finding Travis Ch. 06

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Travis hiked alone for the next three days. There were times when he walked with others but because he was in such great shape, and so highly motivated, he soon forged ahead leaving them behind. He traversed Pennsylvania in only eight days. Averaging well over 25 miles a day, he negotiated the infamous rocky trail for which Pennsylvania was known. Once he made it to Pine Grove Furnace he paused and took up the ice-cream-challenge, a tradition for thru-hikers over the years in celebration for completing one-half of the trail. He downed the half-gallon of ice cream in no time and left with a full, if not slightly sour stomach. He had gone almost 1100 miles since leaving Katahdin! Hiking another eight-miles after the ice cream treat, he finally called it quits for the day. Having gone 28 miles and with less than 60 miles to go his excitement grew. He felt a growing ache in his groin each hour as his anticipation mounted. His penis knew he was getting closer to Mistress Tianna and he couldn’t wait to finally meet her.

When he crested the hill a day later and saw the Potomac River below he almost cried. It was a beautiful sight! Below lay food and a cold drink followed by a ride to the town of Lansdowne, wherever that was. An hour later he caught a bus and relaxed in the air-conditioned cabin that took him within a mile of her home. Making his way using the map on his cell he came to the center of Lansdowne, a town full of handsome brick and vinyl-sided four-bedroom homes. Travis could readily see the downturn in the economy had not reached this part of the country. The DC economy with all of its government jobs was alive and well. There were signs of affluence everywhere. Travis, however, stood out like a sore thumb. It wasn’t the grime that had penetrated the synthetic fibers of his clothing as much as it was the associated odor. He smelled horrific. Having not bathed in several days other than quick sponge baths he wreaked of sweat and body odor. Last night’s sponge bath did little and to speak simply; he stunk!

Mistress lived in a brick home at the end of a cul-de-sac. As he turned off the adjoining road his heart quickened. Excitement at being so close was replaced by wonder mixed with anxiety. As he approached headlong up the cement driveway he noted the time, it was almost 4 PM. He rang the doorbell.

Mistress’ mother came to the door. He recognized her as soon as he saw her on the other side of the glass. Her shared resemblance to Mistress Tianna was undeniable. The woman was about his height and had a slender build and the most beautiful eyes. Her broad smile made him feel suddenly welcome, but that ended as soon as the door opened and she caught a whiff of his stench.

“Around the back!” she yelled through the storm door. “You aren’t coming in here smelling like that!”

Travis felt suddenly foolish. “Why had he not taken twenty minutes to bathe in the river when he got to Harper’s Ferry?” He walked, no, ran around to the back of the house. By the time he turned the corner she stood there waiting.

“That’s close enough. Get those things off; and I mean everything.”

She vanished inside but returned a minute later with a bar of soap, shampoo and a scrub brush. When Travis hesitated taking off his hiking pants Monique pointed to them and called out.

“Everything Travis. I want you naked.”

“Yes Mistress Monique.” He had practiced this and his effort paid off with her smiling pleasantly.

“I see your penis is poking out nicely. I like your display-cage.” Now let’s get you clean.”

Mistress Monique reminded Travis so much of Mrs. Kennedy. She made him feel welcome. Although her comment about the display-cage helped break the ice it also brought to light his predicament as a locked submissive boy. And Mistress Monique was a beautiful ebony woman. Besides the attractive facial features she was endowed with a flattering figure. Travis noticed the prominent breasts and how her top clung to those voluptuous curves. The tops of the ripened orbs spilled out on either side of the deeply scooped cotton shirt. She was one hot looking woman!

Slipping out of her flats, she grabbed the hose and turned on the water, aiming it at the filthy boy. “Scrub! When you think you are clean scrub some more.”

“Yes ma’am, he said lathering and rinsing. Even though the water was freezing, Travis paid little attention to it. Being able to suds up and scrub his hair with shampoo that smelled this incredible was the best. He scoured every inch of his body with the bristle brush until his skin was pink. Only then did Mistress Monique declare him clean.

When he was dry, she called him from the back deck. Travis and Monique embraced. Monique pulled his strong body against hers and kissed him in the lips quickly. “I’ve heard so much about you,” she said gripping him now at arms’ length by both shoulders. I bet you are tired.”

He could see her eyeing him up. Twelve-hundred miles and having climbed hundreds of mountains with a weighted pack had toughened him. His body rippled with muscles. Additionally, Kartal Escort he had never stopped doing his exercises, even though there was no Rachel to hold him accountable.

“I’m really happy to be here,” he said grinning handsomely. “That freezing cold water out there felt so good. I’m sorry I smelled so bad.

Monique smiled at the good-looking kid and then embraced him once more. “Well then, let’s see what we can do about that cage. Come inside. It’s hot out here.”

Once more Travis walked into a home that connoted wealth. Whereas the Kennedy’s home was from the turn-of-the-century and had that nostalgic feel Mistress Monique embraced the contemporary. Hardwood and tile floors, new furnishings and an open layout led Travis to believe the place was not only new but well cared for. He watched Mistress shapely figure. When his realized he had been watching her bottom he smiled. Miss Rachel had indeed trained him well.

A key lay on the kitchen table. Someone had been expecting Travis. Mistress bent over and released the lock and slowly pulled the cage free. For the first time since May 22 his boy-penis grew. And did it grow! Travis let out an audible “ahhh” as it lengthened almost instantly and hardened.

“Travis!” Monique exclaimed. “You have a black man’s cock!”

He looked at her with an almost fearful expression. “I do?” he said confused.

She giggled. “I mean you have a beautiful one!” She stroked it as if she had massaged it a thousand times before. Her fingers ran freely all over his organ and she examined him and it alternately. “You surely do,” she said gripping it with both hands and giving it a good squeeze. “God you feel good. I love a nice healthy cock when it shoots straight out from a nice set of abs.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“I don’t know about all this hair though. I think I’m going to have you take care of that soon enough.”

“OK,” he answered politely. “Whatever you say.”

“But not now. We’ll take care of that later. Come over here.” She positioned two kitchen chairs a foot or so apart. “Up you go.”

“Stand up on them?”

“Yes my boy; one foot on each chair. Yes, just like that. And face me.”

As soon as he stood Mistress Monique took his boy-penis in her mouth. Travis watched almost two-thirds of it disappear between her plump lips and sliding down her long throat. She held him there – deep inside. Travis felt her swallow and when she did, lavished in the feel of her throat muscles milking his penis. It felt so nice and for a moment he closed his eyes and almost lost his balance. Mistress sucked him for several minutes, never letting his rod come more than half way out before finally pulling away. He couldn’t believe she had kept so much of him that far inside her for so long.

“Mmmmm, I love playing with boy-penises,” she said huskily.

It had been so long since his boy-penis had been played with. “Three months!” he guessed since that night with all the girls in the basement. Even though Santana felt really good, she didn’t even begin to compare with Mistress Monique. This lady knew how to suck cock! God she felt good. After watching her throat swell each time she took him all the way and after gasping at the intensity of the feelings he relaxed. “I need to let her play with me,” he thought. Realizing this time was for her to enjoy he intentionally did his best to detach himself from what he was feeling and thought how nice this must be for her. Thoughts like “you have an impressive cock” and “you have a black man’s cock” replaced his desire to cum.

He stood, and watched the beautiful black woman spend the next several minutes sucking and lapping at his penis.

“Now that was a nice blow job,” she said more to herself.

“I’m glad you could play with me, Mistress. How did you ever put so much of me inside of you?”

“Practice Travis. I’ve had a lot of practice. Now get down. I need some relief.”

When he stepped back onto the cool tile floor Monique grabbed his hand and led him into the living room and pointed to the carpet. He lay on his back and waited. Mistress slipped out of her shorts and panties while Travis took in her body. Although not use to seeing a naked woman with such dark skin he loved the way she looked. Monique had the same take-charge attitude he adored when Mrs. Kennedy used him. Like her, Mistress Monique was equally appealing. Even at fifty she had a beautiful figure and one that revealed the positive effects of a healthy diet and long hours exercising. Her muscular legs and flat tummy led upward to the most darling breasts. But what drew his eye mostly was her vagina. It was shaved smooth. Mistress large puffy lips glimmered with wetness and held Travis’ eye. He couldn’t stop staring at the very essence of her feminine beauty. Mistress stood over him and looked down.

“Open your mouth Travis.”

When he did she let go of a long stream of spittle. It landed on his cheek. “Just let it stay there. I want to play.” Monique watched the spittle dribble down one side Tuzla Escort of his cheek. She spat again. This one landed in his eye. Travis winced reflexively. Again she spat, this time it hit him square in the nose and she let out a satisfying giggle.

Travis remained stock-still. He watched as droplets of nectar began falling from her the crevice of her vagina. Soon there was a slow but continuous drip, drip, drip that spattered his face every few seconds. Mistress moved her hips over him letting the drops dot all over his young face. Some drivel landed in his eye, still more speckled his cheeks and forehead. Others found its way to his mouth. Travis tasted Mistress for the first time and liked what she had given him to sample. He smiled and she giggled some more.

“You’re fun!” she said beaming. “Oh,” she sighed, “Am I going to have fun with you. I can just tell!”

“I want you to,” he said softly. Nothing in his words gave even the slightest hint of anything but the deepest sincerity.

“And I’m going to make you wish you hadn’t made that promise.” Changing gears she put both hands on her hips and locked eyes with the young boy. Her expression darkened. “Travis, what did my daughter tell you about boys and spurting?”

Without a moments’ hesitation he answered. “She said I’m not allowed unless you give me permission to do so.”

“That’s correct. And that’s what I expect from you. You will do that for me, won’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You are not to spurt. But if you feel like you are getting close I need you to let me know so I can keep you from making a mess. I don’t want any mess to deal with. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Monique, I understand.”

“Has any girl ever put your boy-penis inside their vagina?”

“No ma’am.”

“Not even Rachel or her friends?”

“No ma’am.”

“Did Mrs. Kennedy?”

He shook his head.

“Use your words Travis. Words don’t lie.”

“No, she never did.”

“Well then it seems I’m going to be the first. That makes me feel very proud. I can’t wait to feel your white boy-penis inside me. Look how big it is. Look at it Travis.”

He raised his head off the plush carpet and stared. It really was an impressive structure to visualize, especially after having it hidden for so long inside a three inch plastic capsule.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

She looked at the hard shaft jutting upward from his sinewy abdomen. Monique could tell it needed to be fucked. Even if the boy didn’t know what all was coming, she knew that cock needed to be fucked and fucked right. Furthermore, the boy needed to understand what it meant to be fucked and to be fucked properly. “Best start off by teaching him the proper way,” she mused. “If only he would last,” she could only hope but doubted his stamina. And besides, she was still that tight.

Squatting, she lowered her pelvis until his penis was barely touched her sex. “Now watch Travis. Watch it go inside of your Mistress’ cunt. Watch how good your boy-penis makes Mistress feel.”

“Yes Mistress,” God he was so excited! His heart pounded. He wanted to arch into her but she told him to remain still. With his eyes riveted to her pussy he watched the dark brown lips part and engulf the first centimeter of his head. His was so white and hers so dark! There was something beautiful in the contrasting color of their complexions and seeing them meld, one inside the other.

Then he looked into her eyes. That was when he melted. Travis wasn’t sure what he saw but would later understand it was an expression of lust in its truest form. Mistress Monique’s eyes were lost somewhere, her head moved lazily and she pursed her generous lips. To Travis she appeared to be lost in a kiss from which she never wanted to part. Sinking ever more, Travis watched the black woman take his cock. It felt exquisitely nice. The warm, wet and squishy sensation of being enveloped by such tightness and knowing he was inside HER made him feel loved and welcome.

When Monique sunk her body until her pubis pressed against his she groaned. He was all the way in. She sighed. It had been a long time, probably years since she had violated a virgin. None had a shaft like this kid. His was spectacular. Not only did it have ample length but it was thick and felt wonderful as it stretched and stimulated the multitude nerve endings. And besides, how hot was it to fuck a boy barely of age. Size did matter as did domination. Gloating in this most recent of conquests she began to fuck him without giving any thought of his pleasure.

“Mmmm Travis,” she moaned. “Waiting all this time for you to come visit us was worth it. You make my body feel very good. Isn’t it nice to see Mistress Monique like this? Can you see how nice your penis makes me feel?”

“I can Mistress; and I’m glad.”

“You have such good manners. Have you been practicing what to say to me?”

“Kind of. I thought about you and Mistress Tianna all the time. I know you like being called Mistress Monique.”

Monique Anadolu Yakası Escort continued to rise and fall sinking fully on him with every plunge. Once more she forgot about the boy and lost herself in a quest for her own gratification. After she buried his cock deep inside and ground her hips in a circular motion one final time she finally opened her eyes, focused and smiled. “I like that you address me as Mistress. I like how knowing you thought about coming here too. Did Tianna tell you our house rules?”

He thought for a few seconds before answering. The sensations of her gripping cunt made his penis feel oh so very good. “Yes, she did.”

Monique moved on him, this time she pressed her hands flat against his chest and pistoned her hips up and down. His rod rubbed hard against her sensitive clit and she came with a shudder. “Ahhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh,” she said shakily.

Travis watched her body tense and then spasm. Experiencing a woman having a vaginal orgasm was a novel sight. Partly he thought she was in pain due to the grimace in her expression and the squirming of her hips on his cock. He wondered why her entire body suddenly tensed; why she pressed her ample tits out and yanked her shoulders back; why she threw her head forward and back; and why she seemed to have a moment of breathing difficulty. It was that other part though that made for such an incredible sight. It was the quickening of her thrusts. It was the total body contractions. It was the beauty of her feminine form responding in all its sexiness which was erotic to the ‘nth degree’. God she was fucking gorgeous when she came.

Wanting to be sure he blurted, “Are you OK Mistress?” He asked only after she finally stopped saying those words. Monique grinned, then leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. “Oh y-yesss my Travis. I just had an orgasm. It felt wonderful and you were the one that made it happen!” Monique kissed him again, this time forcing her tongue into his mouth. She moved on him a few more times more slowly. “See how wet I am now?”

He nodded, her tongue still attacking his mouth. She had the most wonderfully soft lips. Like Mrs. Kennedy, Mistress Monique viewed him as if she had no regard to his wants, interests, or preferences. Ever since he knocked it had been about her. The, “get around the back”, the “stand up on the chair” and now the “lye on the floor” had all been statements along that same line. French-kissing him now was but one more, “you’re here for me to do with as I wish” action.

“I am wet, aren’t I?” She said again after finally pulling her tongue from deep inside his mouth.

“Yes ma’am. You really are. I can feel your juice running down between my legs.”

“How does it make you feel?”

“Whenever you move it feels really good. I like watching when you move on me.

“I can tell you do.”

“And I liked watching you orgasm. Do you want to do it again?”

“Oh baby,” she beamed. “You bet I do.”

He had such an innocent way about him. The boy appeared too naïve to be real. There was no pretense or fabrication in any aspect of his actions or words. Monique loved it! He was a breath of fresh air. It made her feel all the more erotic that someone with his personality and physical attributes had fallen into her lap – at least for a few days.

“You make my body feel so warm and good,” she cooed. “Do you know what I call this? What I’m doing to you now, Travis?”

“Having sex?”

“Yes, kind of. People call it sex when they both move together. But that’s not what I’m doing sweetheart.”

He loved hearing her voice and loved having her teach him things he needed to understand. Mistress Monique reminded him of Mrs. Kennedy. They both made him feel wanted. He thought it had to do with the way they addressed him as well as that look in their eyes. Travis felt special. That was the word that came to mind – special.

“Travis, did you move at all when I sat on your penis?”

“No Mistress.”

“And did you try to have an orgasm?”

“No! You told me I wasn’t allowed.”

“That’s right. And what kind of boy are you?

“A submissive one?” he answered, not sure that was the answer she wanted to hear.

“That’s right. You are a sub. You’re my sub right now. You’re mine to use any-way I want.”

“I know that Mistress,” he whispered. “And I’m glad to be here. Right here. Right now.”

She grinned and spit on his face playfully. “And I hope you know that I’m a dominant woman,” she added while spreading her saliva over his nose and into one eye.

He shook his head, never taking his eyes off her. He wanted to reach up and touch her large breasts but instead kept them resting on her thighs.

“Well, when I decided to make you lay down. When I told you to lay still and when I told you I was going to put your penis inside me.” She could feel his rod throbbing with every dominant phrase she used. “I told you those things because, well honey, we weren’t having sex Travis. That wasn’t sex, honey. That was me giving you a good fucking. I’m the one that had the orgasm. I’m the one that had all the fun. You were just a boy to enjoy. And that’s how I like taking a man. I like to fuck them.” Her voice had become more direct with a hint of expectancy and entitlement. They only served to hypnotize Travis further.

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