First Encounter

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As I observed her walking quickly across the lobby toward the elevators I felt the tingling chill she always creates in me whenever we talk or whenever I read her wonderful notes. God she was beautiful… as sexy and sensuous as I knew she would be in the simple black slip I’d asked her to wear. Clearly braless, her full, 36C tits moved loosely beneath the rippling, satiny material of the thin slip. I wondered if she would have the courage to go out dressed only in a slip. She had. God what an exciting woman. She’d even added a small pin to the front of the slip to make it look at least a little more like a dress rather than lingerie. I felt my cock begin to harden already as I watched her.

I had told her to come directly up to the room, wanting to surprise her in the lobby. As she reached the bank of elevators and pushed the up button, she began to pace back and forth nervously. I knew she would be nervous, my Peg… my skittish wonderfully cautious lover… an electronic lover only… until today, when we would consummate our physical as well as metaphysical love.

Quietly I crept up beside her, hiding behind one of the potted plants near the elevator. When the elevator door opened, I stepped out, walking silently behind her into the elevator. She must have detected my presence, however, because she turned quickly to look at me, startled.

“Surprise!” I smiled, reaching my arms around her, pulling her into me, kissing her before she could speak. I hear her little moan and knew she was pleased by the surprise.

“GOD! You scared the shit out of me!” she exclaimed, smiling. “Let me look at you!”

“No… let me look at YOU,” I answered, holding her arms out to her sides, watching as her nipples began to stiffen. “God, Peg… What did I ever do to deserve a goddess like you?” I asked, the tingling feeling sweeping over me again.

“I… I feel like I did that first time you called me. Remember?” she said quietly. “Kiss me again. Please?”

I did, holding her in my arms as our lips met, tongues touched, gently at first, then more passionately. We were alone in the elevator, but somehow I knew even if we weren’t it wouldn’t have mattered.

The doors on the elevator opened, and we stepped out, walking silently hand-in-hand down the hallway to my room. I fumbled with the door key for a moment, finally opening the door, allowing Peg to enter the room before me. As we’d discussed a million times before, it seems, I went through the same motions I’d told her I would when we’d discussed it, putting out the Do Not Disturb sign before locking the door behind me.

I turned to her and for a moment simply stared at her again, taking in her wonderful eyes, lips, face… and body. Oh my God, what a body… her nipples looked like small pencil erasures as they formed tiny tents Kolej Escort under the black slip, and suddenly I wanted to touch them… had to touch them.

I did. Reaching out for her, I closed the short distance between us and began to fondle her breasts. Peg closed her eyes and moaned again, softly, letting me explore her body, allowing me to do anything I wished to her, as she had told me she would.

“God that feels wonderful…” she sighed. “Your touch is so soft, so loving.”

“Because I love you,” I said simply.

“Oh Rob… are we really together? Finally? Or am I dreaming? Tell me this isn’t all just some kind of wonderful dream,” she said, the look on her face telling me how much she hoped what was happening was real.

“It’s real, Peg,” I assured her. “Feel this. Does this feel like a dream?” I asked, placing her hand on my hardening cock.

“Oh Rob…” she said, her eyes beginning to mist. “I love you so fucking much!”

“So fucking much? Does that mean you’ll let me fuck you?” I teased, not wanting her sad… wanting to make her the happiest woman alive, at least during these few precious moments we were to share together.

She laughed, wiping away a few tears. “I’m sorry. God, I’m just such an emotional wreck over all this. You have no idea how much you mean to me, my darling,” she said, beginning to cry softly again as she hugged me.

“Oh but I do, Peg,” I said, holding her in my arms, hugging her tightly. “Because it’s exactly the same for me. You know that,” I reassured her.

“I know… it’s just…”

“Hush, baby. Don’t talk. Just love me,” I said, leading her over to the bed. “Here. Sit. For a minute,” I said, lying her down onto the bed. I turned and walked to the minibar/refrigerator in the room, and took out the small bottle of champagne I’d purchased at a nearby liquor store. Opening it quickly, I poured us each a glass, then handed her hers. “To us, Peg. To today. I want to give you… us… memories for a lifetime. Okay, baby?”

“Of course, darling,” she smiled, her eyes glistening as she took the champagne from me. We clinked glasses, then took a sip. “Hmm… delicious. I love champagne,” she smiled.

“Me, too. Makes me horny though. You, too?”

She laughed then, that beautiful, musical dirty little laugh I tease her about. “You make me horny, Rob,” she grinned, her eyes sparkling now, but with lust as well as love.

“Then I think we need to do something about that, don’t you?”


“Are you wet yet, baby?” I asked.

“Oh yes! I have been. Want to find out?” she teased.

“Hmm, yes,” I said, taking another sip before placing the glass on the dresser. “Can I get comfortable first?”

“Hmm, yes, please do,” Peg said, sipping Sincan Escort the champagne as she watched me.

“Lie down, darling. Touch yourself for me while I undress. Are you wearing panties?”

“Hm, yes. I felt I should considering how short this slip is.”

“Give them to me,” I said, my cock twitching as I watched her sit the glass on the nightstand next to the bed, then lift up off the bed enough to allow her to roll the panties down over her hips, then off her legs. She handed them to me, saying, “God they’re wet. I told you.”

I lifted them to my nose and sniffed, feeling the wetness in the crotch. They smelled wonderful… a combination of perfume and the familiar, exotic scent of pussy I loved so.

“Hmmm, wonderful,” I sighed. “Here… see for yourself,” I said, tossing them back to her, watching as she sniffed them as I had.

“Nasty,” she grinned.

“Yes. Like I love them,” I said, unbuckling my belt. “Masturbate for me, Peg. Show me your cunt while you play with it,” I said softly, my voice lowering. I’m not sure why I do that… talk softer when I begin to get excited, but I do.

“Hmm, GOD I’m wet. Drenched already. I told you I was easy, Rob,” Peg smiled, her eyes hooded, sexy, sensuous.

“And I’m leaking,” I said, quickly removing my shirt, then my pants, then my cotton briefs, letting her see my cock in the flesh for the first time. I was semi-erect, and as she watched I began stroking myself.

“Oh Rob… bring it here. Please… Give it to me,” she moaned, still masturbating.

I walked to her side, allowing my cock to touch her lips, staining them with my pre-cum lube. She moaned, then opened her mouth and took me inside. I shuddered as I felt her tongue glide across the head of my prick, her eyes closed as she sucked me.

“Open your eyes, darling,” I said softly. She did, looking at me with such an expression of love I knew I had to fuck her that instant.

“I had such wonderful plans, Peg… I was going to drown you in foreplay, but forgive me, darling. I can’t wait. I have to fuck you… NOW!” I moaned, moving on top of her.

“Oh yes, Rob, DO IT! FUCK ME, DARLING!” she gasped.

I did, sliding into her wetness with ease. I felt her hot, wet pussy open for me, taking me inside, sucking me inside her body, and as we kissed I felt her orgasm slam into her.

“Ohhhhh!” she gasped, hugging me tightly, her legs wrapping around my waist, pulling me even deeper inside her eager body.

“Oh God, Peg, you’re so fucking wonderful,” I groaned, pumping into her now, fucking.

“You… toooooo!” she sighed, her voice high, excited. “I… I’m… comingggggg… still coming… still… cominggggggggggggg!” she moaned as I fucked her and kissed her Yenimahalle Escort neck. We were as close together as possible, and suddenly I felt as though I might come myself.

“God, Peg… I… I want to come already, but I also don’t want to either,” I gasped.

“Yes! Do it! Please, Rob. COME IN ME, MY DARLING… FUCK MEEEEEE!” she groaned, pumping her body carelessly up into me, bouncing both of us on the bed.

“Oh GODDDDDDD!!” I cried out, suddenly erupting inside her, filling her with my hot cum. She was making little animalistic sounds now… groans… mews… her arms hugging me, pounding me on the back, her hips driving up into me as spurt after sticky spurt of cum flooded into her pussy from my exploding cock.

“Ohhh Pegtttttttttt,” I gasped, as incredible sensations continued to sweep over me, causing my body to twitch and jerk with each new spurt of cum it deposited inside her wet cunt.

Finally I felt my orgasm ending. We were both sweating profusely, breathing hard, our hearts pumping wildly as we slowly glided down from the peaks of our orgasms.

“God, Rob… I haven’t been fucked like that in so long,” she sighed, ready to cry again.

“But you have, Peg… every time we speak we fuck like this, darling. Every time. This is merely a physical extension of what we have together on the telephone. Yes?”

“Oh Rob, yes, but this… this is so much more, my darling,” she grinned, kissing me. I felt my cock twitch inside her again, and felt her respond to it. “Hmm,” she moaned, our lips still locked together.

Finally I moved off her body, my arm around her, cuddling her into me. “Let’s get under the covers,” I said. We each took another sip of champagne first, then I pulled back the blankets and sheet and we crawled under them, covering up as we began to hold one another again.

“Hmm, I love this so much,” she said, snuggling into my chest, my arms around her.

“Me, too,” I sighed, leaning down to kiss her again. It was quiet in the room. Not many people were around in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, and it was as though we were the only two people left in the world. I loved it, and I know Peg did, too.

After a few moments I heard her breathing deeply, sleeping as I comforted her, loved her, wanting this day to go on forever, yet sadly realizing it couldn’t. Still, at least we’d had this… this afternoon love affair, this one time we both needed so badly. In a different world, a different time, perhaps things would or could be different, but for us, we both knew meetings like this, and our notes and phone calls were all we could expect from life. Maybe that’s why our notes, letters, phone calls, and now first encounter were so special to us. It was all we had, or could have, and somehow that seemed to make them all the more precious for both of us. And the day wasn’t over yet. We had hours left to enjoy ourselves, I thought to myself as I, too, slowly drifted off to sleep, my love in my arms, her breasts on my chest, hand on my cock. What more could a guy ask for… I love her, and she loves me. For this moment in time, it was a pure, perfect world, and I loved it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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