First Steps

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Adria Rae

I’m lucky enough to have retired early. I have the money I need to enjoy a good life but I also have a need to be doing something useful. Rather than finding a part time job I decided to help those around me who can’t do certain things for themselves.

Generally it’s for old people. I do all kinds of handyman stuff. A bit of plumbing, repairs to the house, sometimes a help in the garden. When I’m done I sit and chat for a while and have a cup of tea.

A lot of them tend to talk about the old days, what it was like then. To them I’m a youngster but I’m also old enough to hear some of the racier stories they like to reminisce about.

One late afternoon, after I had cleared out an old garage for Mary, a lady in her early eighties, I sat down to enjoy a cup of tea and a chat. I don’t know how it got into the conversation but it soon turned to first experiences in sex. What she told me I felt I should put down on paper and tell it as the words from her own mouth.

Mary’s tale.

I was a late developer. At 17 I was stick thin, flat chested and looked more like a boy than a girl. However, on the day I turned 18 I suddenly developed a pair of boobs many women would die for. I filled out in other areas as well, getting the figure of a real woman. Sophia Loren would have envied me.

In those early days I was embarrassed about my sudden blossoming and wore clothes that would hide what I really looked like. My skirts always passed my knees and covered my ample bosom. I wore cardigans that covered me, completely hiding the attractions from everyone.

At the time of the adventure into adult life I was at college training to be an accountant. To earn some pocket money I worked in the corner shop. I would serve behind the counter or help around the back when there was a delivery. It was also my job to cash up at the end of the day and to put what money had been taken into the safe.

On the day in question it had been very busy. We were an hour late closing the doors. My two other co-workers were going out that night so rushed off leaving me to lockup when I’d finished. I cashed up the till and got the key to the safe and walked round the back to the office where the safe was. The office door was already open so I walked in without announcement.

What I saw froze me to the spot. Mr Kasher, the Asian owner of the store, was sitting before his desk, pants around his ankles and his shirt on the floor. He was looking at a magazine, at a picture of a huge breasted woman whose legs were spread open wide showing a gaping pussy.

I had never seen a man’s cock before. It was fully erect and throbbing as he stroked it moaning as he did. I couldn’t move or take my eyes off it. Though I hadn’t made a sound he turned and saw me. I wanted to run but I just couldn’t.

He jumped with the shock and stood up to try and pull up his pants.

“Mary, I’m sorry, I thought you had all gone home.” He’d spluttered. He was struggling with his pants and I saw his cock shrinking fast.

“I’m so sorry Mary. It’s just my wife has been ill for some time and a man has to relieve himself. It gets so.”

Then he began to cry. He was so ashamed of what he was doing and that I had seen him. He was saying it was a sin for him and how he missed his wife. He was begging me not to tell anyone which I assured him I wouldn’t.

He’d pulled up his pants but they weren’t fastened, he was holding them up. It looked a bit comical.

“It’s just a man’s need, I have to do it.” He wasn’t crying now and I assured him that I was ok, that I wasn’t upset at all.

Trying to make things more normal I went to the safe and put the money inside and then told him I would go home and would see him on Monday.

“Mary, would you help me?” He asked.

I should have run a mile. Mr Kasher wasn’t an attractive man. He was sixty plus and pretty overweight, in fact he would’ve been classed as obese in these modern days. He must have seen my hesitation and began to plead for me to sort him out, I took a few steps towards him then şişli escort stopped.

“Please.” He whispered. “I need relief.”

He pushed his trousers down and sat in a chair. I saw his cock twitch then grow quickly. It seemed to pulse when it had gone to full size. Of the cocks I saw in later life it was one of the biggest, it seemed to pull me forward. I leant down and touched it. He groaned and looked me in the eyes.

“Oh thank you.” He sighed when I began to stroke it.

It was awkward stroking him while standing up so I did what seemed the right thing and knelt down. He reached out and touched my breast.

“Will you show them to me?”

I couldn’t believe that I would even think of doing such a thing but I was hypnotised. I began to unbutton my dress. He must have thought I did this slowly to tease him but my fingers were trembling and the dress I wore had a lot of buttons. When I let it fall down to my waist his cock was bulging even more.

Without being asked I undid my bra and let it drop to the floor using my arms to shyly cover my breasts. He was shaking with desire when I put a hand to his cock, gripping it firmly I began to masturbate him. It didn’t seem to take long before his body was twitching and his groans became louder.

I was genuinely shocked when he suddenly tensed and a huge stream of white fluid erupted from his cock to cover my boobs. I didn’t have a clue what it was at the time and thought I might have hurt him. He handed me tissues he had close by to clean the mess from me.

He looked like a heavy weight had been lifted off him and couldn’t say thank you enough. I went home feeling deliciously wicked and had a bath to clean up and touch myself. I had never felt like this before and though I had pleased myself in the lady way I had never been as dripping wet.

I didn’t see him again until the Thursday. I couldn’t help but blush when I did and when he asked me to help him pick up some vegetables from the farmer I knew what would happen. As soon as he drove us out of town I began to unbutton my dress. As the car pulled into a side lane I was already topless and his cock was as hard as before.

It was then that I realised how the way I held it could tease him more or slow him down. I wanted to enjoy what I was doing for longer so when I felt him begin to tense I would slow down or relax my grip. When I felt he was ready again I would go faster. In the end there was nothing I could do to stop him but this time instead of coating my breasts I aimed so it went on him.

Of course it carried on and developed even more. When others had gone home I would go to the office. By now I was getting completely naked in a striptease that would last ten minutes. He would be driven crazy and if I didn’t get him calmed down he would have blown his load in seconds. So I would sit on the desk and let him stand up and touch my breasts. Let him suckle on my nipples till they were hard. I wouldn’t let him touch me elsewhere and he never forced this on me. For some reason I wasn’t ready for anything more at that time.

One day, as soon as the shop was locked up I stripped for him, then pushed him in a chair. Instead of him fondling me I sat on the desk before him and slid my fingers inside me. Stroking my clit, moaning with pleasure I told him to keep his hands by his side but I let him come much closer, so his face was almost touching my pussy. I could feel his breath as I came closer to the climax.

I was moments away when he suddenly leapt backwards and looked around for his clothes, grabbing a shirt to hide his quickly deflating cock.

His brother was standing in the doorway looking shocked to the core. My clothes were in a pile beside him where I had stripped earlier. My entire body felt like it was blushing as I desperately tried to hide myself. Mr Kasher was spluttering something in Indian and his brother began to laugh.

“How can this slob of a man get you to do these things?” His brother asked as he chuckled.

“Ashad, she touches me, that is all we do. It is not a sin if there is no penetration.”

“Can I join in the fun?” Ashad asked.

I wasn’t reluctant, though I did hesitate, when he approached I dropped my arms down so he could look at me. His hands touched my breasts gently, I felt a tingling inside I hadn’t felt before.

He sat down and told me he would like it if I spread my legs wide. I was in complete control when I did. Both men sat and watched as I finally reached orgasm. By then Mr Kasher looked like he was about to burst so I sat before him and slowly began to stroke his cock expecting I could control him. I was wrong, he lasted less than a minute before he finished on my breasts. They were drenched, in cum as I now knew it was called, dripped off my nipples and ran like a river down to my belly.

I don’t know why but I sensed I should clean up before I moved to Ashad. I stood up and looked for the tissues. They were on the other side of a desk so I leaned over. I felt Ashad press against my back. His cock seemed to be searching me out. His hands roamed my body, they massaged my breasts, went down to my hips where he held me firmly. Then he stroked my bottom exploring between the cheeks, pulling them apart, fingers went further, when they were about to enter my body I refused and turned round.

Had Ashad laid me back on the desk and had me I would have thanked him afterwards but neither of them ever did anything unless they were sure it was what I wanted.

“Sit down.” I said catching my breath.

Ashad was a good twenty years younger than his brother. Though not thin he was nowhere near as fat as his brother. His cock however was half the size. It felt different in my hand but was just as hard so I began my magic on him. He saw that I was trying to get him to last longer and seemed to appreciate this. After a while though he reached for the hand not in use and sought out a finger which he then moved so it was close to his brown hole. I didn’t know what he wanted me to do.

“Inside.” He whispered and began to tense.

My finger slid in a little and he moaned. I pushed further and saw this was better for him but in doing so I lost concentration with my other hand. I pulled out and moved to be more comfortable. He thought I had done this on purpose to tease and cried out for me not to stop.

Now I knew what he wanted I began a fast stroke and instead of one slid two fingers inside, probing deep and moving them around. He cried out in ecstasy and as he raised a little off the chair burst a hot load of cum, drenching my breasts for the second time.

It was late so I dressed quickly and was grateful for the lift home. It was another week before I was due back at work which I knew would end in a replay of the day’s events. It was good really that I had the chance to think. I realised that I was ready now but I didn’t want that to be with my Asian friends. With them it was just practice, a way of honing my skills of seduction and the enjoyment of wanking them off.

I was ready and looking for someone to do it with. The answer came on the Thursday. My mother had a new job working at the factory till ten at night. My father was usually home but would spend time in the garage working on a vintage car with his friend Billy but that day my father had to work very late. He couldn’t get hold of Bill but told me that when he arrived I was to make him cups of tea and give him the sandwiches my mother had made for him.

Billy was a quantity surveyor in his late forties. He and my father had been friends for years but had only just started restoring a really old car. I was in the garden sunbathing when he arrived at about four. I saw him look me over then blush and had almost run into the garage. It was then I knew who I had chosen.

I went upstairs to get changed. Not into some see through clothes and stockings but into a baggy t-shirt and some shorts. But the fact was the baggy t-shirt had been baggy on me when I was more like a boy. When I took off my bra my breasts made it so it didn’t cover my belly and nipples could be seen even when not erect.

The shorts were small but they were old and flapped open when you lay down. Feeling absolutely desperate to succeed I went back downstairs and called Billy in for his sandwiches and tea.

He was sitting in the living room when I served him his tea. I saw him look then turn away a little and blush. I lay on the settee and positioned myself so he couldn’t help but see inside my shorts and pulled the shirt so it went even tighter. He couldn’t help but look and began to shuffle around uncomfortably. I made it worse when I opened my legs a little so he had a full view.

I was just about to stand up and directly ask him if he liked what he saw when he coughed.

“Mary, you shouldn’t dress like that. Not in front of a man.”

“I’m hot.” I said. I knew I had him hooked by the way he put the plate to cover his bulging trousers.

“You just shouldn’t.” He wheezed.

“Fine.” I snapped then pulled off my t-shirt and shorts in a matter of seconds. I then lay back.

“Is this better?”

I was completely naked, my legs began to open. My nipples were ten times harder than ever before. His eyes were wide open. He felt he shouldn’t but couldn’t help but look. He stood up and looked as if he was about to run out but he was conflicted and stood for a moment wondering what was the best thing to do. His need was clearly seen inside his pants.

“Are you going to do it to me then or not?” I said. “I’m on the pill.”

He was undoing his pants as quickly as he could. I felt his weight when he lay on me, then the moment was there. His cock slid inside. There was no pain, no blood, just a gorgeous feeling of need. He was plunging in and out in a quick rhythm that made me grunt each time.

His hands mauled my breasts, his mouth pushed down as he sucked on a nipple.

As he moved faster he lifted up and gazed at my breasts groaning with pleasure as they bounced to match the thrusts.

He lasted some time but eventually could hold back no more and I felt the heat from his cum pour into me as he shouted as if in triumph.

He rolled away quickly, dressing and begging me to do the same. I’m sure he thought I was used to being fucked by the fact I had tissues ready to clean up the cum. I was on the pill for other medical reasons, not for the benefit of free sex. The thought he had just taken my virginity would never have crossed his mind.

The ending.

Mary was pleased that I had listened to her memory without interruption and saw how interested I was. She smiled.

Billy always made sure I was never alone with him in the future, not that it bothered me. I carried on seeing my Asian friends for another year, regularly wanking them off. I still think about them now and again. They never once asked me to do anything else, I never once felt exploited, in fact it gave me a feeling of power that took me through life and of course in the end it taught me to be an expert in stroking a cock, something many men in my life have enjoyed.

Her voice seemed to take on a more seductive tone. I felt my cock twitch and wanted to leave before it began to grow. When I stood up she moved forward, smiled and with one hand moved to the zip on my pants. It was down in a second, then I felt the pull and her hands were on me.

“Mary, no.” I said but by then there was no stopping her.

“Do you like this?” She whispered though the answer was obvious.

As she stroked a thumb would pass over the head of my cock. She went slow at first then fast. One hand went down as she stroked to cup my balls and I felt her little finger probe before it just entered the brown hole for her to circle around the edge.

My mind was gone, handed over to the pleasure she was giving. At the time I didn’t know but 40 minutes had passed before I began to twitch. As the release came she moved down, taking the whole of my cock in her mouth, taking each spasm of cum to the back of her throat.

Licking her lips she grinned at me.

“I take all the vitamins I can nowadays.”

Suffice to say I have visited her many times since that day.

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