First Time and I’ll Be Back

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For my first time, I wanted a firm fucking, not hugging or kissing or getting to know each other, just sex. It finally happened a couple of weeks ago after I’d just turned 22 . I’d been searching online for ages, but first-timer is usually taken to mean no-show. The only offers I got were for gentle kissing/touching or pretty extreme domination/forcing fantasies. Neither appealed right then, so I lied. I wasn’t a virgin, I’d had a couple of fucks (in honesty, I’d sucked one cock in a toilets at university. Having a cock in my mouth was fantastic, but I mustn’t have been any good since he quickly wanked himself onto the floor and left. I was disappointed, so I decided to ignore it).

After changing my profile, I started to get more of the interest I was after. I wasn’t choosing by their faces or bodies, but by their cocks. I eventually heard from a 45 year old guy with a perfect cock that looked pretty thick and slightly longer than others on the site. We arranged to meet at his place one morning a couple of days later.

The days dragged and that morning I was nervous as hell. My dick tingled and twitched with excitement. Then I realised, this guy was expecting someone who knew what they were doing! He might lunge straight into my ass! I took some lube to the bathroom, put a little on my index finger and rubbed it around my asshole, pressing against the tight little opening. I added some more lube and slowly slid my finger in, rubbing all around as far as I could reach. I knelt down on the cool floor tiles and leaned forwards. I squirted more lube on two fingers and pushed them in, opening the small hole. I slid my fingers in and out, thinking of the fucking I was hungry for. More lube and I had three fingers pumping in and out of my ass. I rested my head on my arm with my ass high in the air, my fingers plunging into my hole, stretching the tight ring wider. I lifted my head and the tip of my hard cock bumped onto the cold tiles, leaving a sticky, shiny mess of precum. My hips jerked backwards in surprise, forcing my fingers in up to the knuckles. I bounced forwards and back, stabbing the cold floor then engulfing my fingers. I stopped as I felt my cum start to rise in my balls and froze ’til I’d calmed down. I couldn’t cum now, I needed to be desperately horny or I might chicken out. I cleaned myself up, got dressed and left for the train station.

The train took about half an hour. I was sure everyone could Fındıkzade Escort see how nervous I was and the tent that grew in my trousers. When I arrived he was waiting for me by his car. He was about my height, short hair too, but stocky and showed an enormous grin on his shaved face as he looked up and down my slim frame.

“It’s not far to mine,” he said as we got into his small car. “You look nervous.”

“Yeah, not done this many times,” I half-lied. On the way, he chatted about his favourite football team, I have no interest in it, but you tend to pick up a few things about it when so many people love it.

We got to his house, a small terrace in an average street, and he let us in.

“Relax, a drink might help,” he said, while pointing me to the sofa. He poured a couple of shots. In my nervousness I gulped it down and started coughing.

“Easy,” he chuckled. “You’re really on edge, aren’t you? How about another?” He brought two more and sat down beside me, his bulge straining in his trousers. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, unsure how to ask for its release. He rubbed his hand on his crotch and I looked up guiltily.

“Want to check if my pictures were accurate?” he winked. “Corny line, I know, but…” he trailed off. To my relief, he took my opening mouth for a yes. He undid his zip and slowly pulled out his hardening cock. It was pretty big, about six inches long and two fingers thick, its slight downward curve hinting at its full size. It quivered, slowly continuing to straighten and grow while my nervousness boiled into desperate lust. I leaned forward and wrapped my hand around the very warm shaft. I knew I wanted this cock. I bent further and gently licked the tip. He took a deep breath and put a hand on top of my head. I licked my lips and took the head of his cock into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it as it kept swelling. The large, smooth head tasted clean as I started sucking. I bobbed my head up and down, trying to get as much in my mouth as I could, his hand pushing gently. I was on my side lying across the sofa, hardly the best position for this. I lifted my head up and squeezed his now very large and scary cock.

“Wow, that’s big,” I breathed. “I really need this inside me.” Pushing me back, he stood up and dropped his clothes. I yanked mine off and followed him to a bedroom, where he sat on the edge of the bed with his legs apart.

“Get Fındıkzade Escort Bayan over here and suck my cock before I fuck you,” he growled. I crawled between his legs and looked up at his massive cock. It had grown to about seven inches and was nearly three fingers wide, while the head was wider and an angry red. I gently cupped his heavy balls and ran my tongue around the slit on his cockhead. I rubbed my lips and tongue around and down his cock ’til I reached his balls, which I rolled around with my tongue. He groaned and I quickly took his cock in my mouth and started sucking hard with my hands pumping the shaft. He grabbed my head and started thrusting into my mouth. Every time he pulled outwards, I washed my tongue around his cockhead, tasting his salty, sticky precum. His thrusts became stronger, hitting the back of my throat, making me gag and pull away.

“Sorry,” he gasped. “Guess you don’t want my cum down your throat, do you?”

“No, I want my ass fucked by this monster,” I grinned, reaching out to feel its size again. He pulled me up by my arm and pushed me forwards over a chest of drawers. He put one hand on my back and reached into a drawer with the other. Still holding me down, he ripped open a condom with his teeth and rolled it over his cock. He took out some lube, poured it all over his cock and squirted some straight on my asshole. He pressed harder on my back and rubbed his cock between my cheeks. My heart raced as fear and aching lust filled my belly. He stopped with his cock touching the small hole. He held still, taunting me, driving me wild. He was in charge, wanting me to beg for the fucking he was about to give me. I moaned and raised my ass, pushing against the tip of his cock, entering only by millimeters. I tried to lean back, desperate to be filled and used. Finally he pushed forward, straining against my sphincter, stabbing at the tight opening. I remembered what I’d read, I relaxed and pushed down. There was an explosion of pain as his massive, mushroom shaped head lurched into me and stopped just inside my ass. I jerked and jumped, trying to get used to the tearing, stretching feeling, but he still held me down. The brief pain faded and my jerking turned into rocking onto him. He pushed forward, filling me up then easing back, spreading lube as he went. A few thrusts forced more of his cock into my ass and I felt like I was being ripped in half. Escort Fındıkzade

“God,” I grunted, “How much more is there?”

“Couple more inches,” he gasped and shoved the full length of his thick cock deep into my asshole. The air was knocked out of me as a deep, growling groan. I was full and felt like he had split me in two, his cock poking into my stomach. He slowly pulled out leaving me hollow and empty. He carefully pushed his full length back into me a few times then began a slow, firm pace. His cock was rubbing and hitting places I’d never realised about. I felt precum drip from my cock, strings of it splashing cold on my legs. As I gasped and grunted loudly, he built up an urgent and rapid pounding. His cock slipped out of my ass, sending a tremble through me. He slammed straight back up to the base of his cock, stretching me all over again and hitting every spot inside me.

“Yes! Fuck me like that,” I panted. He grunted back and started pulling out and shoving back in with every stroke. I was full, then torn open and forced full again. I heard my heart thundering in my chest. I felt the cool air on my ass as his hips moved back, the cold surface under my chest and arms, pressed against me by the hot hand on my back. I felt his thighs slap on my ass and his balls bounce against me as he slammed deep into me. I couldn’t take much of this. My balls began to churn and I sprayed ropes of cum onto the side of the drawers and the floor. My ass squeezed tightly on his cock, sending him over the edge, spraying cum inside me. He spread my asscheeks apart and shoved as deep as he could, his spasming cock dumping cum as deep as it could reach. I ground my ass back, taking all of his cock, pushing more spurts of cum from my dick onto the floor. He pulled his shrinking cock out of my ass.

I fell on the bed, rolled onto my back with my knees up and started wanking my cock as fast as I could. I loved that he was watching me desperately yanking myself on my back, exposing my open, fucked asshole. I felt the churning of a second orgasm and a few seconds later, a third. Small drops of cum ran over my hand and landed on my stomach. I heard a small tearing noise and a few moments later, my knees were lifted up to my chest. I reached down and touched the new condom on his re-hardened cock before throwing my arms over my head, ready for another fucking. He rested his cock on my loose asshole for a second then roughly forced it full into my ass.

Through half-closed eyes, I watched him stare down at me as he pounded my well used asshole, focussed only on emptying more cum. He didn’t care who I was or if I wanted more, I was there to please his cock and take it all. I was a slut, his slut, and I loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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