First Time Fantasy

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Alyson glanced at the clock before pushing away from her desk, she was more nervous than she’d ever let on about the job she’d booked for that evening. She wanted to soak in the bath before her clients got there in a few hours, hoping that it would be relaxing and help overcome the fluttering feeling in the pit of her stomach. She stepped to the closet. Grabbed one of her brothers over sized white dress shirts and a pair of black slacks, simple and functional was her style and it was obvious throughout the entire loft, she went in the bathroom to start the water.

She’d only been in New York for a few weeks when she sold her first photos to a local magazine. Caroline, who worked in the editing department, asked where her studio was located and her contact information so if they had other work for her they could get in touch with her. Having just moved there Alyson was staying with some friends and working out of one room and doing her developing in their basement. Caroline mentioned knowing of a loft apartment that would soon be open. Her brother was going across country to school and if Alyson was interested she’d talk to him about her taking over the remainder of his lease if she was interested.

The loft had once been office area for the warehouse below. After the renovations the lower area was now small stores and cafes for the tourists. The upstairs had been divided into three loft apartments. The apartment was everything Aly had ever dreamed of. After entering through a large metal door you had to ride a creaking freight elevator to the upper floor. The ceilings high and open beamed while the outer walls were dark red brick, the few interior walls having been adding during the renovation were drywall and painted, giving a startling contrast and brightness to each room. Large windows looked out over the street and the roof top of a smaller old brick building, the view wasn’t spectacular during the day but at night the lights of the city glittered across the sky like Christmas lights year round.

Standing in the bathroom door, she looked around the apartment. The floors were the original planking that showed the scars and signs of age and abuse, but now stained a dark mahogany they blended and added character along with the brick and creamy off white she had painted the interior walls. Her bed normally cut off from the openness by the use of large folding screens was open now, the simple white of the sheets and the down comforter startling against the dark floor and the cream of the walls.

Stepping to the bed she brushed the sheer material of the drapes back hooking it behind the wrought iron hooks of the canopy support. She smiled softly. She’d always wanted a four posted bed with full flowing sheers surrounding it. This was the next best thing. The framing was bolted to the ceiling and the wall framing the head of the bed allowing the sheer fabric to fall totally around the bed without needing a foot board to clutter the space. She still chuckled remembering her mother’s gasp when she saw the mattress was on the floor and not sitting on a conventional frame.

Soaking for awhile she tried her best to relax, shaking her head to clear her mind, and then scrubbing her body until her skin was glowing. She smoothed the silky shaving foam over her skin, taking special care as she ran the sharp razor over the tender skin between her thighs and long legs, giggling she wondered why she was taking all this time and care to details when she realized she needed to help redirect her mind for her up coming work schedule. Rinsing the shaving foam off, she smiled in satisfaction feeling the totally shaved slickness of her skin.

Stepping out of the tub she rubbed whipped oil all over her body, enjoying the feel of her firm smooth skin beneath her hands. Rubbing her oiled hands up over her ribs and circling her breasts, her fingers brushing her tender nipples, her breath caught thinking how tonight was going to be a real challenge. She brushed her teeth and put her make up on, trying not to think about the photo shoot. Pulling on the white satin panties, and running her hand over the front feeling the swollen flesh under the smooth fabric reminded her again how she’d been celibate for almost six months before even moving to New York, and then the entire five months she’d been there. After adjusting the waist band of the panties and biting her lip when the material teased over her now swollen clit she reached for the matching bra, almost groaning when the material raked over her overly sensitive nipples. She smiled looking in the mirror at she saw how nicely the white satin looked against her smooth tanned skin. Brushing her hands over her nipples she knew before long she’d need to find someone to help her put out the fire that was building inside her body.

Sliding the slacks on she wiggled them over her hips as they clung to her damp skin, fastening them she ran her fingers along the waist band making sure they hid the white elastic of her panties as pendik escort they rode low on her hips. Glancing at the clock beside her bed she knew she needed to hurry if she wanted to make sure the camera’s all had the correct film in them and were ready when the client’s got there. Unpinning her hair she brushed it out before pulling it back into a sleek pony tail, the end of it curling down, reaching her waist. Grabbing the shirt she pulled it on and buttoned it partially while she headed to her work bench and began choosing the film she’d need.

Aly tried not to look at the clock, every time she did she found herself becoming nervous again. This was her first ‘artistic’ photo shoot and she was determined to do her best no matter what. Glancing at the table she saw one of the contracts and hoped she’d have the second in hand as soon as the couple arrived.

She had taken the call for the job the week before, setting up an appointment with the gentleman to discuss the project at the diner down stairs over coffee. She was startled when he walked up and introduced himself. She’d not been expecting someone who had a raw sexuality that seemed to float around him, caressing everything it came into contact with. He was dressed casually, jeans and a button up shirt, his hair fell over his shoulders to the top of his shoulder blades, when he smiled his eyes lit up flashing her a dazzling smile of white teeth and charm.

Aiden explained that this was not what some would consider a normal photo session that he was looking for. Taking their coffee he moved to a table as far from the other patrons as possible, pulling her chair out for her he sat across from her. He began explaining what it was that he was looking for. The young woman he was involved with had mentioned that it was her fantasy and desire to have their very first sexual encounter together photographed while it was taking place. His eyes watched her closely while he explained the entire situation to her, obvious that he was testing her true professionalism about the matter. He assured her that what he was looking for was something tasteful, black and white images, something seductive and erotic not cheap.

She kept her expression as steady as she thought possible, knowing that this could be something that could make or break her career if she handled it badly. Word among the artistic world spread as if wild fire and she didn’t want to be burned by those negative flames. After hearing him out and agreeing, they walked up to her loft so she could draft a contract and release of responsibility for all parties involved at her request. He agreed, smiling at her formal treatment of the matter.

He looked around the loft while she sat at her laptop and typed up a contract for everyone to sign, giving their consent and also adding the clause that she had the option of using some of the materials for her portfolio after they viewed and approved the photos she might chose.

Aiden kept his smile hidden, watching her hands tremble slightly as she typed. She was a fantastic looking woman, he felt himself harden just thinking of this seductive blonde watching and photographing he and Sasha while he took her. They discussed how she could accommodate the shoot taking place in the loft which was also her studio. She explained what she could do and that with the sum he’d offered for the job she was certain that he’d be very pleased with the results. He signed his copy of the contract immediately, promising that when he and Sasha arrived they’d have hers in hand before proceeding.

Aly had gotten involved in proofing some photos she’d taken a few days before not noticing it was now dark outside until the door buzzer startled her. Walking over she pressed the button unlocking the lower door so they could come in, opening her door she stepped back into the kitchen.

She was walking from the kitchen, a bottle of wine and two glasses in her hand when Aiden and his female companion stepped from the freight elevator across from the open door.

“Come in please”, she said with a smile, “You’re right on time”.

Aiden closed the door behind them, locked it grinning as he glanced at the two women. “Alyson this is Sasha”, he said making the introductions and taking the petite brunettes jacket, “Sasha this is Alyson, the photographer I told you I’d talked to”.

Sasha blushed slightly when she met Aly’s eyes, “I hope you don’t think this entire situation is abnormal,” she said softly.

“I can assure you that in my business there’s little that can be called abnormal it’s all interesting and an expression of an art form,” Aly said, handing her a glass of wine, motioning them in toward the couch.

Sasha was wearing a deep blue silk dress that hugged the curves of her body. She wore dangerously high heels that made Aly blush when she realized she was still barefooted after her bath.

Aiden took the glass she offered him before she took a seat in the chair across from pendik escort Sasha. Looking around the room he noticed the changes she’d made in preparation for the shoot. The folding screens that had previously hidden the sleeping area had been moved and were set up in the corner of the room leaving the space open. Lights and stands were positioned in various areas with reflecting panels and light diffusers sitting ready for use.

Sasha was also looking around while she sipped her wine, “I’m glad Aiden found someone who looked at this as a professional job and not something sleazy”. She said with a laugh, rubbing her hand along Aiden’s leg, “I’m ready any time the two of you are”, she said setting her glass down in the coffee table. Aly felt the skin on her neck bristle slightly sensing the tone of over confidence that tingled Sasha’s voice, she realized quickly that the blush and shy act when they arrived was just that, an act.

Aiden stood up and shrugged the sports jacket from his shoulders, handing Aly the second copy of the contract before he laid the jacket on the back of the couch. Meeting her eyes as she reached for it he smiled, “I’m sure this was what you needed for this to be legal and for us to get started”, his said softly.

Aly walked to the work bench and grabbed the camera’s she’d laid out, shaking the overwhelming feeling she had, this was going to be much more physically and mentally challenging for her than professional.

Sasha walked over toward the bed, unzipped her dress allowing it to fall down her shoulders and slid slowly down her body. Seeing the expression on Sasha’s face Aly knew without a doubt this woman felt this would be and should be totally about her and that Aiden was simply a prop for her to fulfill her erotic fantasies. Knowing she was being paid and paid well she pushed the knowledge from her mind. She lifted the camera and began shooting, capturing the look in Sasha’s eyes, and the fullness of her mouth while she watched Aiden walking over to her.

Aly smiled seeing the erotic tilt of her eyes, Sasha had an oriental look about her, the petite body structure and the honeyed skin tone, her eyes reflected the light as if liquid as she focused and continued snapping shots moving toward the bed, setting the other two camera’s down on the stool she’d sat there earlier for just that purpose, the digital camera’s resting on the floor behind the stool.

Aiden walked over to Sasha, stopping in front of her looking down watching the fabric caress her body before puddling on the floor around her feet, his hands moving to rest on her shoulders before sliding down her arms to her wrists. Lifting her arms to the side, he leaned down placing a gentle kiss along the top of each breast where it pushed over the edge of her black bra.

Sasha unbuttoned his shirt while he ran his hands along her rib cage, then up over each breast teasing her now hardened nipples through the material. Pushing his shirt from his shoulders, Aly gasped seeing the colors of the tattoo covering his back as the shirt fell.

Sasha glanced at her, shaking her head, her expression one of disgust, “It’s a terrible thing he did to his body isn’t it? I do my best to not think of it or look at it”, she said rolling her eyes, before turning her eyes back to Aiden’s.

Aly found she could’ve disagreed more with Sasha. Stepping over behind them, focusing on the artwork covering his back as it was slowly exposed. A dragon in full color, the head starting between his shoulder blades and moving down his back, the dragon cradling the body of a naked woman, his tongue seductively licking along her torso toward her upturned breasts came into full view when his shirt fell to the top of his jeans, the arms of his shirt having fallen to his wrists catching it there before he moved his hands back allowing it to fall to the floor behind him.

Glancing over his shoulder while Sasha placed small kisses along his exposed chest, he saw the appreciation in Aly’s eyes as she looked at him, the camera focusing on the tattoo covering the flesh of his back. Meeting her eyes for a second he winked, chuckling softly seeing her quick blush. He turned back to Sasha when she apologized for tickling him, thinking that was the reason behind his chuckle.

Aiden turned Sasha around and sat on the edge of the bed, running his hands up and down her sides his fingers caressing her compact breasts while Aly silently adjusted the lights and started shooting again. Slipping his arms behind Sasha he pulled her close, her knees brushing the inside of his thighs as he slowly unsnapped the bra, pulling the straps slowly down her arms letting the material catch on her hard nipples before tugging it sharply making them spring into view directly in front of his face.

Sasha pouted slightly at his move, it was clear she thought the action crude and rough. Sliding her fingers into his hair she pulled his mouth toward her waiting breast, gasping when he licked pendik escort around the hardened tip.

Aly knelt at the side of the bed centering her thoughts on the focusing and varying depth perception she wanted to use to enhance each shot. Mentally she shook off the thought of how it would feel to have his hands and his mouth doing the same thing to her body.

She watched and photographed their moves, his hands rubbing down over Sasha’s ribs, his lips placing small kisses over her breasts. Hooking his fingers in the waistband of the black panties he slowly pushed them down over her ass and along her thighs, his mouth closing over her nipples making her groan when his tongue swirled around the rock hard peaks, sucking on them while she absently stepped out of the panties once they reached her ankles.

Aiden scooted to the edge of the bed lowering himself to the floor, his back leaning against the mattresses, his hands slipping down Sasha’s legs until he reached the buckles of the high heels. His lips and tongue moving over her stomach making the flesh jump beneath his caresses as he undid each shoe holding them as she stepped out of them.

Aly grabbed the next camera before kneeling beside the end of the bed, looking up she saw the look of satisfaction covering Sasha’s face when Aiden started placing soft gentle kisses along the tops of her thighs. Cupping her breasts, her head fell back as he nestled his lips between her thighs, his tongue darting out to brush her tender clit below the thin patch of closely trimmed hair of her pussy.

Hearing her groan, Aiden moved his hands along the inside of her thighs gently pushing her legs further apart, lifting one ankle he placed it on the bed beside him, opening her body to his mouth, his eyes glancing toward Aly when he heard the soft clicking of the camera.

His eyes didn’t leave her as his fingers slipped up between Sasha’s legs, slowly spreading her, exposing the swollen flesh to not only his mouth but also to Aly and the camera. Leaning forward slightly he stroked his tongue along the wetness, hearing Aly’s breath when it caught for a second and she moved slightly for a better angle.

Sasha dropped one hand to his head, impatient for his touch. Thrusting her mound forward she moaned loudly when his lips closed over her throbbing clit, his tongue flicking over it before dipping quickly inside her wet pussy. Her fingers twisted her nipple, moving from one swollen peak to the other while she closed her eyes sighing, feeling his mouth working its magic on her body.

Aly moved back focusing on Sasha’s expression when Aiden pulled her hips closer, slipping his finger slowly inside her, stroking deeply before inserting a second finger, turning his wrist gently as he did. Reaching down with one hand he rubbed it over the front of his jeans, caressing the swollen flesh straining against the material begging to be released. Seeing his motion she centered the focus on his face allowing his stroking hand to be captured while he continued to drive Sasha wild with his mouth and thrusting fingers.

He unsnapped his jeans, sliding the zipped down slowly feeling the tight muscles of Sasha’s pussy beginning to clench his fingers. Raising his hand from his jeans, he grabbed her ass, pulling her tightly against his mouth, his teeth brushing over her clit before he sucked it deeply into his mouth tugging on it as she trembled, the juices slipping down out of her body covering his fingers as he slowly pushed the third deep into her, pushing her over the edge.

Sasha gasped loudly feeling her pussy flooding his fingers with the slick cum while she twisted her nipple viciously, curling her body forward her head falling down as she allowed him to thrust deeper and harder into her. Fighting to calm her breathing when his kisses gentled and her body shook slightly. Looking toward Aly she grinned as if in triumph before she stepped back seeing Aly reach for another camera.

Feeling her own body wanting to be allowed to tremble with the same abandon she’d just witnessed, Aly steadied her hands, changing the film in the cameras even though she still had others ready to use. Turning around she met Aiden’s eyes for a brief second before Sasha reached down tugging him to stand up.

Aly adjusted one of the lights while Sasha made a half hearted attempt to tug at the waistband of his jeans, clearly not interested in doing the work to take them off herself. Stepping back slightly he pushed the faded material down over his hips, bending as he pulled them off each leg before standing up straight again.

Aly clicked the camera catching his movements as he was slowly exposed. Her hand trembled slightly when he stood up fully the swollen shaft of his cock standing at attention in front of him. Sasha smiled toward her with what seemed to be pride and silently saying his cock was only hers for the taking.

Sasha dropped her hand to his cock, brushing along the length of it before closing around it, her fingers barely meeting around the thickness of it.

“I hope you have the patience for this”, she said toward Aly with a purr, “It’ll take some time for this stud to push all of this into my pussy,” she grinned at Aly with a nasty glint in her eyes.

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