First Time… Sort Of…

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I’m six foot three. At the time I met Andrea I had been in physical therapy for over six months recovering from a spinal injury. I was a former Marine, a Former firefighter and ruggedly good looking. I was in good shape, but I couldn’t work manual labor any longer. I’d only had my desk job for a little over a year and I’d finally settled into it.

My injury had given me a radar for a new kind of women. I’ve had the worst luck with women. I’ve always dated bitches. It’s not that I like bitches, I like adrenaline junkies! I was an adrenaline junkie. But, most adrenaline junkies are assholes or bitches. I was the exception. I knew how to fight but didn’t ever want to hurt someone. I was a Marine but I was a firefighter in the Marines. My older brother once told me I was, “hard core but not a hard ass.” I never could find a girl who was my kind of adrenaline junkie. They all turned out to be the hard ass kind. They liked to take risks. They liked to fight and I didn’t like them.

My injury had taken away my need for another adrenaline junkie. I wanted something different now. I’d wanted a peaceful girl. I wanted a comfortable girl. I wanted a girl with a thousand hobbies that didn’t involve rocks, or parachutes, or martial arts. I wanted a girl I wouldn’t have gone on a second date with before my injury.

I met Andrea online. She’s an overly nice 27 year old in her last year of her masters in psychology. She made me laugh. She shared my feelings on all the key subjects like religion, politics, and money… She’s a fan of the same kind of comedy music I like. She even quoted, “Business Time,” by Flight of the Concords before I could!

I’m visibly shaking before our first date. I already love this girl. I have that, “this could be the one” feeling that only comes around once every thousand or so encounters. I know she has the personality I like. She’s been working for almost a decade to get a job helping people so I’m confident in my assumption she’s a nice girl. She’s gone punch for punch with my flirting and my confessions so I’m not afraid of any deal breakers popping up in the conversation and I know she likes me… so far…

I just don’t know if she’s hot… I’ve done this once before. I completely fell for a girl online. I met her in person and found out she’d misrepresented what she looked like. She was unattractive. I wanted to make it work, but try as I might I could not will myself to feel attracted to her. Cebeci Escort I called things off and felt duped, I felt terrible. I felt shallow. I thought about it afterword and decided I wouldn’t want a girl to date me who didn’t find me attractive. I want someone who wants me in every way and the girl I’d broken up with deserved that too. I still felt like an asshole because of it though.

I didn’t want to go through that again. So I was nervous about meeting this girl who I’d also fallen for online. I knew if things lined up this wasn’t going to be just a few dates. I also knew if they didn’t I couldn’t go back to being in love with her online…

Our first date came and I got stuck in traffic on the way. I was over half an hour late and freaking out. I went to the wrong coffee shop first and couldn’t find her. I saw the one she’d been waiting for me at as I was leaving after deciding to just head home… I turned around and went to the right place. She wasn’t there. I walked around the outside and saw perhaps the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.

She’s tall like I am. She has dirty bond hair that’s beautiful but not obsessed over. Her blue eyes lock on mine as I approach her. Her face is beautiful and kind. Her Body is unbelievable! Her legs are long, her boobs are big, and her waist is small. She has the hour glass figure and apple shaped ass that leaves me drooling every time I see it. I say, “You must be Andrea!” She stands up to give me a hug. As she wraps her arms around me and her breasts press up against my chest I feel the long months I’ve been single. I get excited and try to hide it.

She is hot! She looks kind too, like a second grade teacher that has all the kids to crushing on her. I think about this and start to smile. This is going to be fun!

Our lunch date is short but we both know this is going to be more than just a few dates. We talk and laugh as we drink our coffee and compliment each other. I’m glad she’s pleased with the way I look also. More than once had to tell myself, “breath.” and take a deep breath to calm down my nerves and keep my hands from shaking.

We took a walk in the park. I don’t remember what we talked about but I felt comfortable with her and intimidated by her at the same time. She kept showing me her, “kiss me eyes.” looking at me deeply, dreamily and smiling without blinking. I knew that expression well Çıtır Escort but I wanted to wait. I didn’t want to give her the wrong impression or come off as too eager to start something physical. But, I’m only human… I resisted her invitation for a good hour before I gave in. I moved halfway in for a kiss and saw her close her eyes. She met me in the middle. Our lips locked! Everyone has their own style of kissing. Everyone is just a bit different. She kisses like I do. I can feel it when we kiss. Her kisses are not just a physical act but an expression of the emotion behind the kiss. They betray her admiration and her kindness. She’s into me! I’m into her. We kiss and laugh and kiss and laugh for the rest of our date. When our time ends reluctantly part ways…

I can’t wait to see her again.

She has two little girls so it’s a week or two before our second date. We talk on the phone a little but mostly just text back and forth. I like texting because it can be a bit more scripted and it’s OK if there’s a gap in the conversation from time to time. We’re both into this. We know we’re giving this a chance and we talk about sex quite a bit.

I’m not the kind of guy that usually waits. It’s not that I wouldn’t. I don’t want to imply that I won’t date someone that doesn’t put out. I just haven’t ever really needed to. I’m happy to wait because unlike most guys I’m very sensitive to how a woman feels. I’ve been in the situations where after a night together me or the girl is left with that feeling of, “Did I just do that? That was probably a mistake.” I didn’t like it. I don’t want to repeat it. So I’m comfortable waiting. Plus I love the build up. I love the foreplay. I love having the chance to explore and really get to know each others’ bodies before we go all the way. I’m open about this. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because they feel comfortable, but the women I date never want to wait. Go figure…

Andrea didn’t want to wait… I did. I felt something big this time. This was a nice girl I was in love with! I’d been in love before but not with a nice girl so the relationships never lasted. This one could last. This one could go the distance. I was nervous. I’d had a series of disappointing and embarrassing one night stands as a teenager but I’d really only had two lovers. With the first we were crap together in bed. Our whole relationship was crap but being Demetevler Escort crap in bed really hurt. It all hurt but not being able to satisfy her left me with a questioning doubting feeling. I left not knowing if she was the problem or I was… With the second I was god! We fit together like we were made for each other. The sex was amazing. It turns out I was fantastic in the sac, just not with the wrong kind of girl.

So with Andrea whom I was now in love with I was a bit unsure. I had know idea how we would fit together in the bedroom. i knew we fit together in the other areas, but the bedroom could be a deal breaker.

Our second date finally came! She invited me to her place and made me dinner. We immediately started making out. I don’t think we took a break until the food was cold. it was getting late after dinner and she’d have to get her girls soon. I hadn’t even seen her entire apartment at this point and I knew I we didn’t have time to have sex. I got a naughty thought.

I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. I threw her on the bed. We made out like wild animals. We kissed and grinded together and felt each part of each other we’d restrained from before now. She was hot and responsive. She moaned in my ear as she pushed her clit against my thigh. I flexed into her and felt her hips move against me as I rolled my body into hers over and over again. Her breasts were firm and big. I was trying not to take her clothes off so I kept my hands above her shirt. She reached down and grabbed my cock hard as we grinded. I don’t know how long we were there trapped in this place of wanting to go further and not wanting to at the same time. She started moaning louder and we grinding more powerfully, more passionately. I smashed my mouth against hers as she said, “I’m gonna cum.”

Her climax was hot! She let out a moan and flexed and convulsed underneath me. I kissed her over and over again while she came and a hundred times after. She calmed down and kissed me still grabbing my cock. I was still grinding against her but breathed painfully in her ear, “we better stop so you can pick up your girls..” She giggled a little and said she felt bad for not returning the favor.

She kissed me goodnight as I got in my truck still erect and longing for her. I thought about her every second of my drive home but I calmed down. I dreamt about her that night and by the time I woke up I was no longer nervous about how well we’d fit together sexually. I knew I’d be a god in bed. I’d learn everything she likes, every move, every type of foreplay, every fetish. My question was no longer could I bring her to climax but how many times each time we slept together? How strongly could I make her orgasm? How thoroughly could I please her?

This was going to be fun!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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