First Time Try For A Bi

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Double Penetration

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m John and my lovely wife is Alex. We are both quite keen cavers and whilst we were living in the Bristol area we joined a local caving club. Now, whilst it may not appeal to everybody, wriggling around in mud deep underground can be very sexy, it is also quite dangerous! You have to rely on your friends to be able to help you and sometimes this can mean being pushed and pulled in quite intimate places! Also when you emerge from some hole in the ground you are usually quite wet and you have to get changed quickly, often in the corner of a field somewhere.

One of our regular caving friends was Steve. We had both noticed that Steve always seemed to be on hand when Alex needed a leg up or help through a tight squeeze. And his glances in Alex’s direction when she was getting changed left us in no doubt that he was hoping to see just a bit more! Neither Alex nor I minded this, in fact to be truthful, we both quite fancied him. But Steve was married and although we did consider the possibilities of a foursome with him and his wife, to be truthful, neither Alex nor I fancied his wife. And so nothing beyond a little gentle teasing happen. Eventually Alex and I moved away from the area and we more or less lost contact with Steve.

It was some years later that we met Steve again. He was on a business trip in our area and we invited him to stay with us. The evening that he arrived we all went out for a couple of drinks. And a curry. And a couple more drinks. In short when we arrived home we were well drunk. Over the course of the evening Steve had told us that his marriage was on the rocks. He knew that his wife was having an affair and he didn’t really care.

Well it was planned that Steve would sleep in the guest bedroom but an evening of drinking and reminiscing about “the good old days,” had left Alex and I feeling very sociable. And so we invited him into our bed. Steve could not believe his luck. As he climbed in on the other side of Alex his throbbing erection told its own tale. Steve and I lay on either side of Alex gently fondling her for a while. But we had all had a long day and the drink was beginning to take its toll. In the end it was left to Alex to climb on top Steve and ride him until he came. To be honest, I fell asleep.

In the morning Steve had to leave early, and that was that. Fast forward a couple of years, and once again Steve was coming to visit. We were quite surprised and disappointed Fulya Escort to discover that he was still with his wife. But he assured us that it was now just a marriage of convenience. Once again we went out for a couple of drinks but this time we were a bit more restrained in our consumption!

Without telling us, Alex had planned ahead. When were came home she gathered our sheepskin rugs in front of the fire and asked “Does the orgy start now?” Indeed it did.

Now to be honest, all this happen many years ago and I can not recall the exact sequence of events. What I remember is more like snapshots. The three of us lying side by side, Alex in the middle, all naked in the firelight. Myself caressing Alex’s breasts, watching whilst she and Steve kissed deeply. Steve’s hand lost between her legs. Then the three of us lying in a ring, Steve’s head between Alex’s thighs, her lips around my penis, and mine around Steve’s. If he even noticed he surly didn’t mind!

Then Alex on all fours, Steve pounding into her from behind. Me knelling in front of her, she sucking me for all she was worth. Me, now on my back, with Alex riding me from above. Steve positioning himself behind her, getting ready to enter her lovely little anus. And then farce. Alex bent forward to give Steve better access, just at the same time that I decided to sit up. Our heads came together with a crack. From whence she has acquired the expression “Fuck me ’till my nose bleeds!”

And lastly, Steve on top of Alex, slowly fucking her for a second time. They looked so beautiful in the firelight. I just lay there and watched, entranced in the enchanting eroticism.

Was I jealous? No, why should I be? I was well satisfied in every sense, Alex is quite woman enough to satisfy two of us mere men! And I trust her implicitly to be sensible about who see shares her body with.

Once again in the morning Steve had to leave, promising that next time it would not be so long between visits. And so it was that in a couple of months he returned once again.

Once again we ended up in bed together, Alex between us. But this time she was just not really in the mood. And whilst we two men lay there fondling and caressing her, it was simply not working for her. In the end she took my hand and put it around Steve’s penis. Steve knew exactly what had happened but showed no sign of being put off. So Alex guided his hand to my cock. The three of us lay there, us two men caressing Fulya Escort Bayan each other over her body.

Alex said “I’ll leave you to it.” Slipped out from between us and disappeared!

Rather surprised by this turn of events, Steve asked “So what happens now?”

Quite frankly I was none too sure. We lay there rubbing each other for a few moments, then I decided to see how far it would go. I slid down the bed and took his cock into my mouth. I was delighted by the feel of it. The lovely texture of the bulb as I ran my tongue over it. It seemed to combine a velvet skin over a rigid member that was throbbing and twitching as I gently sucked him.

If Steve did have any reservations about what was happening they soon disappeared as I sucked and ran my lips up and down his shaft. His grunts of pleasure assuring me that he was more than happy!

After a couple of minutes of this he suddenly took his cock out of my mouth, rubbed it franticly for a few strokes and then plunged it back into my mouth again. Within seconds he was cumming. His cock pulsed hugely and he was filling my mouth with his sperm. I had to swallow several times to keep up with him. And oh, the delicious feel of it, the thick salty fluid and the hard throbbing cock.

“God, that was wonderful, the best that I’ve ever had.” He said, a fine compliment for my first attempt at giving a man a blowjob!

“And now, what about you?” Steve asked.

I had so much enjoyed his hand before I asked him if he would rub me again. “How?” Steve asked.

By this time we were laying side by side again, so I turned over onto my side, getting into the classic spoons position. I took his hand and put it around my cock. Steve snuggled up closely behind me and began to rub me. A little to hard at first, so I asked him to go more slowly, which he did.

I was in no hurry to cum, so I just lay there relishing the intimacy of the situation. But time and tide wait for no man, and my tide was certainly running. With a little encouragement Steve began to rub me harder and faster. The rest of my body began to stiffen as I approached my orgasm. And I noted that at least one part of Steve was also stiffing again. I was nearly at my climax.

Steve said “I can feel you cumming!” and I was. With that great redeeming pulse I came and came. Steve continued rubbing me, very gently now, until I was done.

As I lay there, glowing, I became very Escort Fulya aware of Steve’s re-harden cock against my back. I could not resist.

“Please,” I asked “Fuck me.”

Needing no second prompting, Steve took his cock in his hand and started prodding in the general area of my bottom. But the angle was not right. And so I turned right over onto my belly and opened my legs. Steve slid over, on top of me, and once again began trying to find the way into me. Perhaps it was our inexperience but once again he could not get the position right. He reached around my hips and began pulling me up. And so at last we ended up with me on my hands and knees, and Steve kneeling behind me with a clear target. God it felt so good as the tip of his cock first touched my anus.

“Go on.” I whispered and he pushed forward.

Gently at first as he met the involuntary resistance of my muscles. God it was really happening. I made a conscious effort to relax and Steve pushed inside me. It felt like he had torn me in half. It was quite painful, by oh, it also felt so good. For a few moments we just held the posture, Steve halfway into me. The pain that I felt as he entered me disappeared into the pleasure of feeling him inside of me. I have often wondered what it is like for a woman, having a man inside of her, I guess that this was the closest that I was ever going to get to finding out.

“More.” I asked.

And Steve buried himself into me. In the past I have experienced the joy of being in Alex’s bottom and so I knew how good and how different it feels from being in a woman vagina. Now I wondered if what I was feeling was how she felt.

Steve withdrew most of his length, paused for a second and then pushed it all back into me. And then there was no stopping him. It was glorious, and I was loving it! He changed his tempo, harder and faster. He banged into me for all that he was worth. I am sure that I could feel his cock getting just a bit bigger as he approached his climax.

I reached up, took myself in hand and franticly wanked myself as he fucked me. With a final great thrust he pushed himself into me as far as he could get and he came. Great waves of pleasure rolled over me as a second later I also came. A little bit of me was a shade disappointed that I could not feel his spunk squirt inside me. But I was not complaining!

And that is how I had my first real bi-experience. Eventually Steve went off to wash and Alex returned to spend the rest of the night sleeping between us.

Steve did visit us again some months later, but this time he had a new partner in tow, and we could sense that she was not comfortable at all about our adventures. And we have not seen him since.


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