Flying While Flying

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Angela White

Sitting on the plane, Alina was pleasantly surprised that the seat next to her was empty. Now she could relax, stretch out and enjoy the flight. She whipped out the Cosmo that she had bought in the airport shop hoping to learn “25 Ways to Please a Man with Your Tongue,” or so the magazine promised. As she began to read she began to think about the last guy that she had licked.

His dick had been so deep in her mouth that she could barely breathe; her lips and tongue desperately encompassing all of him, wanting to taste his every inch. It made her want him to pull out so that she could swirl her tongue all over his shaft, exploring the shape of his head and tasting his precum. Cosmo fell to the floor as Alina closed her eyes reaching under the jacket that she was using as a blanket. Her hand traveled down to right breast feeling the rounded plumpness slightly squeezing it until her finger was caressing her nipple. It immediately grew harder as she twisted thinking about how he had sucked on them. He had been fascinated about how tall and alert they grew. As her hand traveled lower and lower down her navel, she desperately wished that she had her vibrator.

Did she dare?

She had blown a guy on a flight Bahçelievler escort bayan to Aruba. All the bobbing up and down was much more conspicuous than the gentle humming of the purple vibrating bullet in her bag.) With the passengers within earshot either asleep or contented with headphones and the flight attendants busy chatting in the back of the plane no one should notice. Plus you couldn’t get arrested for having a wet dream, could you? Alina inwardly laughed at what the newspaper headline would read. “Girl Attested at Gate for Inappropriate Sexual Sleeping Conduct.” With that thought in mind she leisurely extended her arm quietly rumbling through her bag. Wrapping the familiar cord in her hand she swiftly yanked the contraption under her coat and closed her eyes as she turned the dial, listening for a moment to the beautiful hum that always spells orgasm.

She ran the bullet with long gentle strokes back and forth over her thong. The vibration stimulating the lips of her pussy making her cunt silently beg to be touched. Wanting to take her time and really enjoy the sensation she pulled her hand away but immediately regretted the absence. She returned it and Escort Bahçeşehir began to push her lacy thong aside and turned up the dial. The humming vibrations ran through her like the pleasure of chilled lemonade on a sultry summer day. The softest feather fluttering down the spine. A small moan escaped her lips. As the intensity grew she just wanted to be fucked. She just wanted Mike to pound her hard.

Climbing onto him she gently lowered herself onto his head. The urge to drop herself down hard was tempting-the full thrust of hard dick was delicious but she knew that prolonging it would just make her come harder. His tip began urgently exploring her slit as she rotated her hips desperately wanting to be penetrated. Her wetness slid him into her. She threw her head back moaning as he reached up grasping her shoulders and forcefully pulled her down, filling her completely with prick. Unable to resist she began to ride him, arching her back, wetting her fingers and stroking herself. Her clit was so hard and plump feeling like it just wanted to explode. Her eyes closed as she immersed herself in the rise of euphoria washing through her body until it ruptured into an orgasm Bakırköy escort that ran through her like a cup of hot chocolate laced with Ecstasy. Moaning uncontrollably she slowly rode him letting his cock explore her as she came down. Climbing off him, she giggled, “Now its time to taste us together.”

Twisting her clit she came at first forgetting where she was, as a small moan escape her lips, her hips jerked as she felt the release come leaving her shaky with her thighs tightly closed letting the slightest vibration tickle her. As it slowed, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Standing in line waiting to exit the plane, Alina was startled, as the guy behind her whispered, “That was hot! I’m still hard from watching.”

She glanced back, shocked. It was the guy who had been sitting in the rows across from her. Wearing a seductive smile he looked her straight in the eye then glanced down at his crotch. An impressive bulge was clearly visible through his jeans. Desperately trying to compose herself and not stare, she smiled back already feeling herself getting wet again. The idea of him watching her the entire time made her yearn to step back and rub her ass against his hard cock. As she waited for the tweed jacketed man in front of her to start moving towards the exit, she thought about how fun it would be if he were to bend her over, right there in the aisle, and fuck her with everyone watching. Pressing her thighs together she felt a spark of anticipating desire.

A quickie in the bathroom was definitely in order.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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