Foot Fuck

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It has been several weeks since I have had an orgasm. I was caught playing with my cunt on the couch when Master came home early from work. I had one leg on the back of the couch and one on the floor. My headphones were on my ears and eyes were closed. I did not even hear him come in. He sat there for several minutes before reaching down to pinch my clit hard in between his fingers. I jumped and he smacked me hard on my face. For the last 2 weeks I have had to wear a chain belt with my hands hooked to it. No playing, not even wiping my pussy after I urinate. No touching at all, he dresses me before he leaves then locks my hands up. I look forward to the times that Master is here. Having my hands free is a wonderful privilege. One I will not take advantage of again. He came home to find me laying on the floor on my tummy reading a magazine. Flipping the pages with my mouth. He chuckles as he comes in the door and pets the top of my head without saying a word. I am normally at the door kneeling and waiting for him, but he gave me the day off as far as strictness goes. He sits behind me and lightly smacks my bottom as I struggle to turn around on my knees. Lifting my chin he says.

“Little girl, is that pussy horny still?”

“Yes daddy, this girls pussy is always horny for you”

He slaps my face hard and reminds me a simple yes Sir or no Sir will do.

He unlocks my handcuffs and rubs my wrists lovingly. It is such relief to be free and have my arms down at my sides.

“I want you to take my cock out of my pants and suck it like a good little girl.”

I kneel in front of him and rest on my heels. His cock in already hard and my mouth waters in the thought of his thick cock in my mouth. He always is so warm and salty. I take it out of his pants and rub the tip of it up against my lips. Tracing my fingertips along his sac as his balls tighten up under my touch. I look up at him through rustled hair and he smiles. Brushes the hair out of face and grabs his cock in between his fingers. Holding it for me to suck hands free, I softly moan against it.

“You are such a good cock sucker little whore” He says to me through a smile

I continue to look up at him as I eagerly suck his cock harder into my mouth. Letting it lightly touch the back of my throat and hit my gag reflex, spitting a little of it back up into my mouth. His cock is now wet and slippery. I wrap my hand around it and jack his cock hard as I suck it. He grabs my hair and lifts me off of him.

“Lay back and open up that pussy of yours.” He growls while looking straight into my eyes.

I lay back on the floor putting my feet on each side of his legs. I am wide open and am sure he can see my pinkness already glisten from sucking his cock. He leans forward to softly lick it, and I moan. Invading me with his finger he allows me to clean my pussy juice off of his finger and I keenly lick it up.

“Now little girl, you played with your pussy without asking, and you know that, that is not allowed. You have not had the privilege of fucking my cock for 3 weeks, and tonight will be no different. This will be the last night you will be chained up, and wont have my cock. You will be able to fuck and cum tonight, but it won?t be with my cock.”

I look up at him confused and he continues on.

“You will be fucking my foot. You will lubricate it up, and I will ease my entire foot into your cunt. I know what a horny little bitch you are, so getting my foot in there should not be a problem. With the way you love to be fisted, this may become your next favorite thing.”

I simply nod to him and he hands me the bottle of lubricant. I generously later it, making sure his entire foot is covered. Even in between his toes. I lay back and shift my hips to get closer to him. He runs his toes over my swollen clit and opening. Which is wide held wide open with my finger tips. He slowly begins to insert his toes in to my pussy, and I struggle to get comfortable.

“Just relax baby, you are a good little cunt, this will be no problem if you simply trust me and relax.”

I let my body relax, lean my head back and close my eyes. Focusing on taking all of him, my hips continue to sink into the floor. I feel his other foot and toes invading my clit and I moan loudly as I am close to Cumming. I glance down and see all of his toes and half of his foot in my pussy. Seeing it makes me cum instantly. His foot is covered with hot sticky cum as he slowly slides it out He puts it up to my mouth and I hungrily suck on his toes. Licking his foot clean it is then I realize that if I trust him my body can do anything he desires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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