Foot Scents

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And that was when she gave me a look that electrified me. It was a look of discovery, surprise and decision all rolled into one, and I didn’t know whether it was all over between us or whether we were just beginning . . . .

Sarah and I had been going out for just over a month when it happened. We’d met at a bar when she was there with a group of other women and I was there with a couple of friends. John knew one of the other women and we sat down at the table next to theirs. Sarah was the one with the dimples and the short, wavy hair. Very petite, but her lips were full and a smile hovered about her eyes. I wasn’t even sitting next to her, but I liked the way she made sure everybody knew each others’ names and cracked some jokes that put us all at ease. She was so cute that I’d have put up with any personality, but she seemed full of fun and I was completely taken with her.

Nothing happened that night, but the women left a little early and on their way out I was able to ask for her last name and where she lived, and she seemed quite happy for me to know. We went out twice in the next week, and after the third time she invited me in when I took her home. She was very affectionate and when we’d been kissing for a while her breath got a very sexy smell to it. That’s when I thought I could start unbuttoning her shirt and she’d be ready to have my hand caress her breasts. I was wrong, though, and that night I never did get her top off. But while she made it clear that her breasts were off limits, she didn’t show any desire to stop kissing, and she hugged me very tight and seemed completely turned on.

Eventually, I tried putting my hand on her backside and she didn’t mind that. Then I pulled her to me by pressing on the back of her leg and she let it slip up over my lap. I thought she must be able to feel my hardness against her thigh, but she didn’t pull back, and she didn’t seem to mind when I moved around a little. She also didn’t seem to mind when my hand moved back up toward her ass. It was curled around her leg, so pretty soon I was teasing very close to her pussy and she was giving every sign of getting more and more turned on.

When I was just beginning to worry that I would lose something in my pants, she put her hand down there where her leg had been. At the same time, she rolled back and a little away, so that I could no longer reach all the way around her and my hand moved toward her front side. She didn’t stop moving until her legs were apart and the way she’d moved left my hand just about on top of her pussy. We still had our pants on and she was moving her hand on my erection. I returned the favor, and she accepted my pressure between her legs with a deeply satisfying moan.

“Sarah,” I whispered, “I can’t take too much more of this. Will you take me out?” My answer was her hand undoing my belt and tugging at my zipper. I stopped caressing her long enough to help free my throbbing penis, and then felt her hand stroking lightly on its tender surface. I reached over to her side, opened her zipper and slid my hand down under her panties. I felt her bush and fingered my way down to her clitoris. It was a little dry, so I went further until I felt her wetness, and then a little further şehitkamil escort still. She was flowing copiously and I spread her juices up and down her cleft until her clitoral button felt silky smooth under my fingers. As her excitement mounted, I settled into a rhythm that matched the pace of her squirming.

When she came, she stopped stroking me as if her whole self had disappeared into the warmth of her own feeling. But as soon as she had calmed down, she looked up at me with the most endearing smile of grateful happiness and softly cooed, “Now you.” She pulled gently down on my erection, let her fingers caress my balls, and then moved back up to my tip. I too was flowing by now, and as she tugged up and down I became thoroughly lubricated. She gradually increased her pace, but always seemed just a little slower than I wanted. When I was about to come, she slowed down ever so little for a while and then gradually increased her stroking again. Just when I thought I could stand it no longer, my member seemed to take over and swell up even more all by itself. This time, Sarah kept her pace, and I delivered my fluid over the dainty hand that still caressed it.

Two weeks later I found out why she had not let me take her top off that night, or for several times afterward. It turned out that she was shy about her tits, thinking that they were too small to be attractive. The truth was that her breasts were not large, but she was very firm and had very hard little nipples. When she finally let me see her fully naked, I discovered that what she did have jutted straight out from her body like two giant Hershey’s kisses. The natural thing to do was to kiss and lick those little mounds, first one and then the other, and everywhere in between, and she loved that, especially when I would swirl my tongue around her nipples.

I soon discovered that she liked having her hairy pussy licked too, and I would regularly get her in a frenzy by burying my face in her snatch and flicking my tongue back and forth over her love button. It would not be long before she would have a little orgasm and then she would push me away so she could start on me. She would always begin by just barely touching my member with the tips of her fingers. She would tease it all the way down to the bottom of my scrotum and then touch her way back up. She seemed to know just when to make her hand tighter and then she would put her little mouth over the head of my member and give it a slow but firm sucking. By that time, we’d both be out of our minds ready and I would slide between her thighs in a mutual humping that left us exhausted.

Sarah had the cutest round ass I’d ever seen, tight and smooth, and if she moved her legs apart when I was behind her, I could see just a little bit of her fur coming all the way around past the bottom of her pussy. Her legs were a little on the short side, but they were firm and her skin was extra pale on the inside near the top. Her feet were small and her toes were short, but round and soft looking. I could almost come looking at them and imagining myself kissing them, but I didn’t want Sarah to know how much they turned me on, so I was careful not to stare too hard at her feet, and I took my pleasure in them in small, sideways glances.

The day when my heart almost stopped was a Sunday afternoon. We’d been out late the night before and Sarah had signed up for some volunteer work. When she came back around 4:30 she was very tired and she laid down on the bed. I had some work to finish, and then I read my e-mail. When that was finished, Sarah hadn’t gotten up, so I surfed the net a bit. I was sure I’d hear her wake up because she always yawned and stretched when she woke up, so I didn’t think twice about visiting some of my favorite sites.

It turned out, though, that Sarah had not been able to fall as deeply asleep as she usually could in the afternoon. So when she decided to get up, she had not gone through her usual yawning and stretching routine. When I asked her about it later, she said she’d realized it was very quiet, and thought I might have fallen asleep. So, she got up and tiptoed until she found me looking at a screen – and on it was a guy kissing a girl’s feet.

I jumped when I realized Sarah was there, and then I reached for the mouse. I didn’t have time to do much, and the cursor was near the back button, so I hit that, thinking that the thumbnails would at least be smaller and would not feel so incriminating. At that moment, Sarah shouted “No! Don’t you dare – I want to see what you’re looking at.” Something in her tone made me decide that she’d really be mad if I closed the screen and since she probably had taken in the big picture that was up before I noticed her, I’d better just face whatever she was going to think of me. So I just sat and tried to think of something to say as she came closer, put her arm around my shoulder and peered at the pictures.

There were quite a few. One of them had the girl with her underwear and socks still on, lying back on a couch with her feet resting on the guy’s lap. In another, he was taking off her socks and a couple after was the one where he was kissing her toes. Then his pants were off and by the last few the girl was giving him a footjob. All I could think of was what Sarah might think of me now, and what could I say if she didn’t like what I’d been looking at.

Sarah didn’t say anything for a while. Then she straightened up and said “Well, one thing’s sure, no one would ever want to kiss my feet.”

“Why not?”

“Cuz they smell bad.”

“I don’t believe it.” Not that I’d ever dared give them a sniff, but it seemed I had to say something. “Whatever makes you think so?”

“No, really, they do. They used to smell worse when I was younger, and my sister had a very sensitive nose and used to tease me about it something awful. They’re not so bad now, but I worry about it and so I check up on them sometimes. When you get close, they’re really awful, especially at the end of a day.”

Now I was beside myself with curiosity and, let’s face it, lust at the thought that I might wangle a way to get her to let me do the checking up. But I didn’t have the nerve to suggest it directly, after what she’d just said, and I was in a panic that she’d just change the subject and let the whole thing drop. All I could think of to say that might keep the subject alive was “How do you know the girl in the picture didn’t have feet that smelled bad?”

And that was when she gave me a look that electrified me. It was a look of discovery, surprise and decision all rolled into one, and I didn’t know whether it was all over between us or whether we were just beginning. “Michael!” she exclaimed “Do you want to kiss my feet?”

I must have looked pathetic, because much as the idea had been on my mind, I was totally unprepared for this sudden and direct approach to the subject. Fortunately, I didn’t have to say anything, because in the next moment, Sarah squealed “Oh, you do want to, you do!” And without waiting for any response from me she went over to the couch, sat down, and began to take off her socks.

I couldn’t quite believe what she was offering, and I hesitated, not wanting to look too eager. Sarah would have none of it. As soon as her feet were bare, she said “Come on, come on. I know you want to, so now you have to kiss them and if they don’t smell very good that’s just too bad for you!”

Naturally, I obeyed. I sat at one end of the couch and Sarah presented her moist little feet to me. I took one in my hands, lifted it up, and kissed her toes for the first time. Sarah had been right; even though she had been out of her shoes for some time, there was still a certain pungency hovering about her foot. I kissed her heel, her instep and worked my way back up to the ball of her foot and then I planted a kiss on each of her very aromatic toes.

At this moment I noticed that Sarah had placed the heel of her other foot right on my growing erection and had begun to move it slowly back and forth. She must have seen the effect she was having, because the next thing she said was “Michael, would you like to take your pants off?” I realized it was no use pretending I wouldn’t, and that if my interest in her feet was going to put her off it was too late now. So I gently put her foot down, undid my belt, and slid my pants off. I looked at her lovingly as I began to kiss her foot again, this time with my member standing straight up in full view.

Sarah seemed to know instinctively to put her other foot up against me, with her soft instep sliding up and down on the most pleasurable part of my organ. Soon my precum was spread all over it and the delicate friction of her foot against me was bringing me close to ecstasy.

As I squirmed in my pleasure, yearning for release, I noticed that Sarah had slipped her hand between her own still-clothed thighs and was rhythmically rubbing herself, even as she increased the tempo of her stroking. I felt my fluid building in the base of my member and I knew that I was just about to come. Sarah seemed intent on bringing me off this way, and as I kissed the foot I was holding and savored the scent of her toes, I relaxed, gave into the sensations of the moment, and released onto her other foot.

When I had calmed down, I got up and brought a towel. When we were cleaned up, Sarah gave me a sultry look and said “Michael, now I’d like you to do something for me.” With that, she took off her pants and lay back down on the couch, this time with her legs apart. It was clear what she wanted, and I was happy to part her furry lips and bury my tongue in her wetness until her cries intensified and her hips bucked in a paroxysm of feminine delight.

And I knew it was a beginning, after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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