For Art’s Sake Ch. 02

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You asked for more. Vicky’s expanding her horizons and I couldn’t stop her.

If this fiction matches any events, or has names or characters relatable as real, it’s a pure coincidence.


Arthur sat down to breakfast at the kitchen island.

Vicky served him his usual oatmeal with brown sugar and strong black coffee. Pointing to the oatmeal she warned, “Don’t get it on your favorite lucky tie. What’s with the dress up today? Taking your girlfriend to lunch?”

Ever since their momentous time the previous weekend Arthur and Vicky kept finding ways to tease each other.

“Nothing so good. Big Partners’ meeting.”

“They’re usually on Monday, not Friday. And surely that’s not for another two months?”

Arthur was in two minds before opening up, “I was going to tell you about this after the meeting. You know I mentioned I was schmoozed at the conference by three of the big accounting companies. One is coming in today to make its pitch to all the Partners to buy us out. As Managing Partner, I was given a heads up. I may be retiring soon.”

“What? Reitre? Can we afford that? Anyway, what would you do? You know your saying, retire to something not from your job. Anyway, you’re much too young.” Vicky was worried by the sudden, unexpected news.

“With an upper seven figure parachute and possibly keeping some small clients, I think we’d get by. Maybe I’ll take up painting. I know a good teacher. We’d have lots of time to practice other stuff too. ” He winked.

After a few moments silence, more seriously he added, “Seriously, don’t worry. No decisions will be made today. We’ll have a chance to talk about it when the details are revealed. I’ll go over with you it this evening. OK?”

“That’s a big one. A lot to absorb. You have to tell me what you think is best for both of us. We’ll talk more about it this evening.” Vicky felt a wave of uncertainty flow through her. All the financial decisions were made by Arthur, but this more than just a financial deal.

As Arthur left, Vicky collected the previous day’s mail from the box at the end of the driveway as she waved Arthur off.

There was a hand-written envelope addressed to her. Opening it in the kitchen, she found a card from Elly thanking her for a delightful get together and repeating that she’d love to meet again. The card had a small, colored hand-drawn ink figurative image on the front. Vicky found herself shivering and felt a flash of arousal at the thought of being with Elly again. She did not understand her own body’s spontaneous reaction. She wondered if the shiver that went through her was due to excitement or fear or even lust?

On impulse, she called Elly. The phone was picked up immediately.

“Vicky here. Just seen your card. Calling to thank you for it.”

There was silence for a moment. “You want Elly. Hold a moment.” The line went dead for a while. Vicky thought she may have been cut off. She then thought “Who was that?”

Elly answered, “Oh Vicky sweetie, thanks for calling. What’s up?”

Vicky repeated herself. “Just seen your card. Thanks so much. I can now say I own an original Elly. That was most thoughtful of you. And yes, we had a delightful day even though it wandered far out of my comfort zone. Although those goalposts may have shifted now.” She smacked her forehead as she wondered why she had said that.

Elly came back, “So what are you up to now?”

“Before I say, who answered the phone?”

“My sister. Goo. She’s staying with me for two weeks.”

“Goo? How did she get a sticky name like that?”

“The story from our parents says that her first and the next thousand words she spoke were ‘Goo’ before she managed a ‘Mom’. They called her Goo and the name stuck, so to speak.”

“Oh, my. What’s on her birth certificate?”

“Elaine. But if you ever call her that you will have made an implacable enemy for life. We are just preparing for her to sit, pose actually, for me. And you? You were going to tell me what you are doing.”

“Goo it is. I’m just about to wash up the breakfast things, shower and considering setting up a still life to sketch.”

“Good girl. Visual art is all about seeing, truly seeing. Observing and then feeling the essence of what is before you. Your sink has a picture window in front of it. If I remember correctly. Right? Look outside.”


“Tell me what you see?”

“My garden looking a bit bedraggled. Most of the plants have died off after that mild frost last week. They need tidying up. I must get Arthur to give the lawn a last cut.”

“Good start. What else is in you view?”

“The fence, bare trees and the back of our neighbor’s house.”

“House color? Windows?”

“Red brick. Only the upstairs three windows are in view over the fence and through the trees. One small window. A bathroom, I guess. One large. I think that’s Tony’s bedroom, and a smaller window that I believe is a spare bedroom.”

“Who lives there?”

“The Agnellinis. The Ankara travesti parents both work and Tony’s taking a gap year before going to university. Why d’you ask.”

“The occupants give the house a soul. It’s not just bricks, mortar and wood. See what I mean about looking and seeing. Can you see anyone in the windows? Might Tony be around? What’s Tony like? Must be eighteen or thereabouts.”

“No. He’s nineteen. A tall, good-looking guy. Swimmer. Tony’s probably still asleep would be my guess. Why do ask?”

Elly did not answer directly, changing directions. “Did you tell Arthur about our shenanigans?”

“You really want to know.”

“Of course.”

Vicky felt coy about telling Elly. “That’s private. Between man and wife.”

“Come on Vicky. You know you’ve just told me, don’t you? Did it stir him up?”

Vicky wanted to tell her but could not bring herself to do so. “I’ll take the fifth.”

“The fifth? Give me the dirt, the filth. You told him and it riled him into action. I’ll put money on it. I’d have loved to have seen you two at it.”

“That’s perverted.”

“Fun?” Elly changed tack again, “One of my favorite moments was when you almost orgasmed when the mailman saw you. The expression on your face was marvelous.”

“I didn’t.”

“You did and you know it.”

“OK I had a wave of arousal, but I didn’t have an orgasm.”

“What you wearing?”

Vicky couldn’t keep up with the peppering questions that jumped around. “Robe and nightie. Why’d you ask?”

“Long robe? See through nightie?”

“Yes. Long. And no, cotton. Satisfied? What’s this all about?”

The rapid back and forth had Vicky off balance.

“Take them off. Now.” It was an order.

“What you say?”

“Take off your robe, and your nightie immediately and then put your phone on speaker next to the sink and wash the dishes. If you have one, turn the light on over the sink. Is that clear enough?”

“Why would I do that?”

“Simple. To give you a thrill, like the postman. There is a possibility that Tony may come to the window and see your naked tits. You’d love that. Just do it Vicky. If you do, I’ll let you come over and draw Goo next Saturday if you are free. Bring Arthur.”

“This is insane.”

“No Vicky it is about getting more out of life. Last weekend I pointed the way and I know you loved it. You said yourself earlier the goalposts have now moved. Now is the just the right time to score a goal. You have had a blameless life without much drama and all the comfort you can get. You are very attractive woman who deserves more from your remaining years. You need to kick over the traces and explore who you really are. I saw the latent exhibitionist in you. The way you spread your legs for me when your inhibitions were killed by the alcohol. Go for it baby. Do it for me if not for yourself. Then prove it to me that you have the courage by taking a selfie. Do it now, babe. Go on!”

Vicky could not take any more of the harangue she was getting from her new friend, the undeclared subject of her crush. She undid her robe and pulled off her nightie. She was naked as she reached over the sink to turn on the hot tap. She looked up at Tony’s bedroom window but saw nothing there. The very thought he might see her caused her arousal to start growing. She pushed her pubes into the edge of the counter. Vicky took her phone and clicked several selfies showing the sink at her side. She then tuned on the phone speaker. “I’ve done it, you witch.”

“I’ve just shown you the way. This must not be the only time. Take your time over the dishes. Maybe Tony’ll wake up. Put the dishes in soak and pour yourself a coffee. Sit back in the kitchen until you see some movement in Tony’s room then clean the dishes. Give the lad a thrill. I bet he has already beaten off with you in mind as he has been growing up. Go do it gal. I must go now as I’ve a painting to start. Tell me about it on Saturday, if you can make it. Oh, and send me the selfies. Bye.” She was gone.

Vicky was smiling to herself. Maybe she would. She poured herself a coffee and sat with her back to the island looking out the window. The kitchen faced east. It was difficult to see into the shadows of her neighbor’s windows. Equally the sun flooded into the kitchen. Her mind wandered to the previous weekend and how her triste with Elly launched a vigorous bout of love making with Arthur. She played with one hardening nipple and ran her finger down to her damp vulva.

Bringing her attention back to Tony’s window she thought she’s caught the flash of reflected light. She sipped her coffee and looked up again. She continued playing with her nipple and bent her head down so she could unobtrusively look up under her eyebrows. There were two small steady circles of light. “Dammit,” she thought, “he’s looking through binoculars. The pervert.”

Now both her nipples firmed up and she felt herself moisten below. She experienced a small high of pre-orgasmic pleasure. She remembered Konya travesti Elly’s instructions and approached the sink and began to slowly wash the dishes under the scrutiny of her young neighbor.

Once more she overtly pulsed her mons against the panel below the counter in a rhythmic thrust. The thought that her motion would add to his thrill, as it did to hers, excited her further. She found a way to splash bubbles up onto her breasts and then use her hands to brush them off again. The slippery feel felt very good. She was almost finished when the phone rang. She did not recognize the number. She dried her hands and gathered the phone.

“Mrs. Jarriad?”

Vicky thought this is an untimely sales pitch and made her well-practiced frosty reply, “Yes. What do you want?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt whatever you were doing, but it’s Tony Agnellini here. Your neighbor. As you probably know I’m taking a year off before I go to University.”

Vicky knew, that Tony knew, exactly what she had been doing. He purposely caught her before she disappeared from view. She thought, you horny young rascal, but said, “I had heard that from you mother.”

“Yesterday I finished clearing up our back yard to prepare it for winter. I know yours is similar to ours and I wondered if you would like the same done. Clean up, that is. My hourly rates are reasonable. I’m trying to make some money for university.”

He wants to get closer to me came to mind as she considered the proposal. Stall. Keep his expectations low but not dead. “Oh, Tony, I’d have to speak to my husband about that. The yard certainly needs some attention. I’ll try to talk to him tonight and give you a call. Is this the number I should call you at?”

“Yes. This is the number. Thankyou Mrs. J. I’m so glad you are my neighbor. Bye.”

Cheeky too, she thought. He’s watching me now. She dropped the drying up towel and did a straight leg pick up with her back to the window. That should get him off she thought. Forwarding the selfies to Elly she added, I have some things to tell you. She too could be a tease.

Later, as Vicky set up the fruit bowl she was going to sketch. She found some oranges, plumbs and walnuts but discovered she only had one banana. As she shuffled the fruit, she could not help laughing to herself. Every way she found to organize the fruit in the bowl the single banana was a penis and the spherical items always became the gonads. Sex seemed to be everywhere.

She made three quick drawings giving herself ten minutes for each one before she became bored with the subject. She spread her drawings on the dining room table and looked at them together. All the sketches had a clear genital connotation. Elly had turned on the sex switch and Vicky could find no way to turn it off again. She did not consider that the fact she had been walking around the house naked for some time had something to do with her preoccupation.

The images reminded her of Arthur’s amazing performance at the last weekend. Then her mind moved to how Tony might be if she became intimate with him. The more she tried to get Tony out of her mind the more she thought about her exhibitionist performance earlier.

She could not believe how she could never say no to Elly. Her weakness, as viewed from her how she had spent her life, angered her, but did not lose its imperative. She wondered if she had lost her mind as well as her will to say no. Yet a stirring persisted and churned in the pit of her stomach, morphing into a pleasant buzz throughout her whole body.

Vicky walked naked from the kitchen trailing her robe and nightie behind her. She showered. The pulse head on the mobile shower head did not work. The regular spray was powerful enough to stimulate her but inadequate to bring her to orgasm.

As she dried an idea occurred to her. Remaining naked, she did a cursory search of her bedroom drawers. Then the memory that took her back over twenty years led her to a trunk in the attic. She found what she was looking for. Joe. Blue, medium length and quite thick. Joe had seen her through her almost celibate days at college. Unsurprisingly, nothing happened when she flipped the switch on the bottom.

Still naked she headed to the freezer in the kitchen to get some batteries from their storage spot in the door. Using a gadget intended for opening jars she managed to get Joe’s bottom screwed off. She had to bang the dildo hard on the cutting board to get the corroded batteries free. After inserting the fresh batteries into Joe she tried to start the vibrations again. Nothing. She spent the next five minutes twice removing the batteries and returning them after cleaning the contacts as best she could. Nothing. Vicky screamed at Joe in anger and frustration. She looked out of the window to see if Tony was getting a second eyeful of her naked body. No sign of him, that she could see. The needy ache behind her pubes remained.

As she started to weep, her phone sitting on the counter rang. It was Arthur. İzmir travesti She took three deep breaths, and cheerily asked. “Yes sweetie? How’s it going.”

“Great. I only have a couple of moments. But there is something I needed to tell you right now. The partners and our lawyers are meeting all afternoon and into the evening. Then our suitors come back at seven thirty. We probably thrash out a deal subject to due diligence over the next two and a half months. Sign deal on thirty-first of December and I’ll be retired.” Arthur then paused for a moment. “Of course, subject to you being on board.”

“What type of ship am I getting on to?”

“Long or short version?”

“Short.” Still naked Vicky sat in the stool and looked up at Tony’s window. No sign of him.

“Seven point three million. Hard cash in hand. Four directorships at fifty kay a shot per year plus directors’ insurance. That’s about sixteen weeks work a year if I do my job properly. Maybe a bit more time in the first year as I learn about the companies. That’s about the same remuneration as I get now without my bonuses. The best thing is that you get to come with me first class all the way to the annual meetings in, get this, Bermuda, Johannesburg South Africa, Asaka Japan, and Bangkok Thailand. We can travel and take all sorts of side trips following the meetings. Oh, there’s full medical and travel insurance for life. Check your passport is up to date. What do you think?”

“What about your other partners and the staff? What happens to them?”

“They all continue with the firm for at least five years subject to good behaviour and acceptable performance, with greater opportunities for advancement in a larger company. They just want to bring in a new Managing Partner to replace me. Stamp their corporate culture on the place. The rest of the chat today, this evening and tomorrow morning will be to thrash the benefit details and protections for the staff. I’m staying overnight at the Hilton. I have my emergency kit here. What do you think?”

Most of what Arthur was saying washed over Vicky. The one thing that caught her attention was Bangkok. In the state she had been in all morning her mind flew off to some Emmanuelle erotic films she saw when in her twenties. Somehow, she thought the movies were set in Bangkok. A new wave of arousal and possibilities hit her.

“Do it.”

“That’s it? No more questions?”

“Yea. Can I get a new Tesla? One of the sporty ones. Seriously, I trust you Arthur. It sounds good. A whole new life of adventure for both of us. After last weekend we are ready for it. I’ll have the Champagne on ice when you get home tomorrow. What time?”

“OK. Should be back by noon at the earliest, maybe as late as four. I’ll let you know if there is any change to this. Love you much. I’m excited.”

“So am I sweetie. More than you know. Bye.” She hung up.

Vicky looked up to see Tony looking in her direction. She waved. Suddenly she saw the path to her relief. She called Tony as she walked out of the kitchen and his sight, “Can you come over in about thirty minutes. I have a job for you.”

“I’ll be there, Mrs. J. Half an hour.” He sounded excited, as well he might, thought Vicky. As indeed am I.

Vicky brushed and checked her hair, wiped and scented her damp vulva, and added some perfume on her wrists, under her breasts and in the nape of her neck.

Vicky pulled on a white long shift dress over her head and laced up her roman sandals. She loved the way the dress had deep armpits that gave a glimpses of side boob, and the slits up the skirt side-seams that stretched to the upper part of her outer thighs showing off her well-formed legs to best effect. With nothing on underneath, her nipples would show nicely, and the soft fabric flowed around her curves as she moved around. For as long as she kept it on.

She caught herself daydreaming as she looked at herself in a full-length mirror. Out loud she called out, “You’re so hot baby!”

Downstairs she pulled three twenty notes from her purse and stuffed them in an envelope which she left on the kitchen counter. The front doorbell rang. Glancing at the clock, Tony was spot on time, not too cocky to keep her waiting and not too early indicating anxiousness. Good start.

Vicky took three deep breaths as she tried to settle her cocktail of nervous excitement and arousal. She muttered, urging herself on, “You can pull off this Mrs. Robinson moment Victoria. Do it.”

She answered the door. Tony was dressed in blue jeans and ‘Save the whales’ tee shirt. His hands were wringing a pair of work gloves. He looked to Vicky as though he had filled out his six foot plus frame since she had last seen him at the spring neighborhood barbeque. His freckled face showed the first signs of maturity under his rebellious scrawny beard. His tawny coloured hair was neatly combed. He took his complexion from his mother’s Scottish ancestry. His large hands and feet seem associated with his father’s forebears who were stone masons.

“Come in. Take your boots off. Leave your work gloves with them. Let’s have a chat before I get you working. Follow me through to the kitchen.” Vicky put a little extra swing in her hips as she led Tony through to the back of the house. She hoped he noticed.

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