Forced Fantasy at Fort Williams

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My vision, or should we say, “fantasy” started on a Tuesday while walking the ruins of a popular seaside park.

After not seeing my Master for a while, my mind was running away with me. Scenes, fantasies, forced sex, servitude. All these things plagued me daily. I decided to take timeout for me and thought a walk in the park would help.

I reached the battle ruins and there I saw and incredibly scary part of the fort. That is when I had my first dream of my Master taking me at Fort Williams Park.

And this is where my story begins…..

After several long grueling months hard at work with little to no time for himself, my Master decided he had had enough. After closing the shop late one evening Master didn’t go home. Instead he went to his submissive home to surprise her, and that he did!

I was in Master’s chair reading a new novel. I didn’t hear the footsteps coming up the walk way nor the rattling of the lock. What I did hear was the dungeon door push open on the carpet and the floor board creak when he stepped through the doorway. As I looked up ready to scream, there was my Master standing there looking tired but still very much in charge.

Four words, that’s all I heard. “Come to me now!” I dropped my book not even to save the page, rose from his chair and went to him. Standing in front of my Devine One I lowered my head to the floor and kneeled before him. “Undo my pants!” he ordered in his firm but oh so caring voice. Doing as told I then begged for permission to suck and caresses his “Wand of light.” It was granted to me. Lovingly, slowly and deeply I enjoyed Masters sweet taste. After several minutes and the hardest cock known to mankind I was forced to stand. Recently I let go as Sir pulled me to my feet with my hair. Oh that too is a feeling unto itself. For my Master slowly takes all my hair, grabs tight and slowly pulls, slowly, slowly till I have no choice but to adhere to his wishes.

Once again standing in front of Master he reaches down with thumb and forefinger starts pinching his owned breast, working his way to the pierced nipples. He starts to give me instructions but it is so hard to concentrate while in his presence.

My instructions were simple. Retrieve the rope, crop, ball gag and blindfold. I was then told to put on a button up white blouse and black skirt. That’s it, nothing more nothing less.

I did as told and went back to my Master in the dungeon. There he had the frayed, rough, coarse rope out. Now I was told to undress so I could be bound.

Master started right away at his task of binding his breasts. Without making eye contact, I watched my Master work. Oh how he loves to bind me. And how I love to receive it.

Circling his property in a figure 8 nice and tight he then runs a long piece of rope down my stomach to his pussy and ass and comes up the back where he rests the rope on my shoulder. At this point I am trying to come off my toes from the rope so tightly and roughly through the property of his pussy and ass. I have never been tied in this manner.

I am once again instructed to put on my blouse and place my hands behind my back. The rope is then run through the collar and down my back where my wrists are tied. I have never been bound in this fashion before except in my imagination and found the reality was more incredible than my mind could think of. I am getting wet from the sensation. Master then tucks the crop in the belt of my skirt and under my blouse along with the gag and blindfold.

At this point I am very curious as to what deeds my Master has in mind and how the hell he got away from his other life so late in the evening. I decide to be quiet for a change and not ask questions, something tells me Master needs to think, let loose and I should be silent.

Guiding me through the short hall into the kitchen to the door, Master grabs my shawl and puts it around me. It’s not a cold night, in fact it was a hot wet and sticky evening just as my Master was making me feel. But you and I know the reason for the shawl. But to hide the bound wrists behind my back.

Guiding me through the door, down the stairs across the walk way to his truck my Master always held a hand on my shoulder to guild me and assure me he would not let me stumble or fall.

Once Master safely helps me up into his truck and puts the seatbelt around me, he gets in and starts his truck. Sir looks around my street, for what, I don’t understand as of yet. After looking up and down the street and sidewalks he then reaches under my blouse for the blindfold. He then secures it around my head and eyes. Ahhh, I understand now, even though it is pitch black out, not even one star coming through the clouded night sky, Master still didn’t want anyone watching part of our interlude. This was his business with his submissive (who was later a sex slave vbet for the night) and no one else’s.

Here I am. A single middle aged woman who is willingly being abducted and loving every minute of it. Of course, I am with the Master I have trusted for over two years with my safety. Not once have I ever been in jeopardy. Why would I be concerned? I am not. But the gammet of emotions, feelings, if you will, are surfing through my head. Excited, nervous, enthralled….I thought, what limits could he push? I didn’t realize how well he knew me and some of my fears. I would find out in the end!

After driving for a time, what I assumed we were stopping at lights, making turns weaving in and out of traffic Master pulled off the road and shut down the truck. I would say maybe we were on the road about 20 minutes. “Where could we be?” I thought.

Ushering me out of the truck and onto what felt like the shoulder of the road, Master then put his arm around my shoulder and his hip into my back to guide me in the right direction. He also gives me verbal warnings like, “now you are crossing the street” “careful stepping into the sand” and “now onto grass.” We walked for maybe 3 minutes across what I thought was a field. Then I heard it. The waves crashing against the rocks and seawall. Faintly at first but as we got closer it was distinct sound. Then I could smell the tang of the salt air. We are at the ocean… but where? I thought. Doesn’t matter. I said to myself. Oh but it does. We are in public. Granted it’s late in the night and voices could not be heard. We are still out in the open. Public display. Oh my god can I do this for my Master? I must, he is my Great One, and I want to be the best submissive (sex slave I found out) I can for him. Master has given so much to me and I want to return it. But yes now I was scared. Is that bad? No not by any means. I know I am still safe in Masters care. This is a different type of scared. How it pumps the adrenaline through me. Once again I can feel myself getting wet.

Wait, Master is talking to you, what did he just say? Oh no! “Pay attention!” I hear, and then a hand around my throat and a slap across my face. “Again, Who Do You Belong To?!” With a quivering voice I say “You Master!” Again another slap. “Who owns you?” With this answer first I thank Master and tell him he is my owner. I am blessed with him as my Master! For none before or after has or could compare to him.

“Good girl,” he whispers to me. He then removes the blindfold. My eyes slowly adjust to the minimal light. In front of me is the ocean, a dark horizon of black. I shiver at the sight and my body is all Goosebumps. I look around still adjusting to the dark and only see shadows. I wonder to myself what exciting and new adventures might await me.

Master grabs the back of my neck and turns me in the direction of the ruins on the hill. When we reach the top I am forced to succumb to the first of my fears. “Tonight,” Master says, “you will not be my submissive. Tonight you are to become my sex slave. You no longer have any rights. I will do to my property as I desire. Do you accept this greatest of honors?” I didn’t have to think, for being my Masters sex slave has always been my dream. Tonight I will be Masters slut! Never in my wildest dreams would I think I could be a slut. Master has always treated me with respect and dignity. I am not a whore, bitch, dog or any such. But here I craved to be his slut even if for just the night.

Master, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a privilege you have given to me this night.

My night of sexual servitude begins with great abruptness as Master tears at my shirt. Cutting it away from my arms with his pocket knife. Ripping it into a heap of rags that dangle from my skirt. He then runs his hands around the rope and loosing it around my pussy and ass. I am pushed to my knees then shoved to the ground with his strong grip of his hands. “There now, very nice,” he says as he undresses himself. Master grabs my hips and pulls me toward him. My bound breast dragging on the grass in shearing pain and I yelp. “Quiet!” he orders, “or you will be gagged.”

He lifts my skirt to my hips and then I feel him climb on top of my legs. Mmmmm, oh how my clit is starting to throb with the feel of Master’s Strength against me. “That’s right,” he speaks to me, “breathe.” I feel his hands caress my back down to my ass and then pussy. He leans down while starting to finger me and bites my shoulder and I gasp and cry out again. For this he is going to punish me. I am told to lift my ass in the air. With his bare hand he spanks me several times in succession. Ouch, squirming, gasping for air, the sting is incredible. I am trying to catch my breath. Master stops, then sooths the burning with a touch of his hand. He then leans down and ever so vbet giriş gently, barely able to feel, his lips kiss the redness of the sting.

“You will be good now, won’t you?” he asks.

“Yes Master.” I say.

“Yes I know you will, because now you are to be gagged!” I want to scream out and beg no, but I can’t, that is not my place tonight. I am his slave and have no choice. But I tell myself he needs to know how badly I need to suck his precious cock. But I can’t.

Master pulls out the gag and once again leans on my back with his chest and wraps the gag tightly in place, a small moan escapes as a tear streaks down my cheek.

“Let’s begin again,” I hear, and I lower myself back to the ground. With Master back in position, I feel him start to finger my pussy. This feeling is different, being on my stomach. Two, three, now four fingers. He doesn’t stop there. Master then starts to work his pussy, twisting and turning his hand and wrist applying pressure. He is going to fist me I think. My body is tensing up and I know I have to relax. Oh the painful pleasure I am feeling right now. I can still moan with pleasure and I do as I breathe and struggle to adjust my body in this position. All of his weight is on me now. His knees on my thighs, his feet wrapped around my calves and his right hand holding down my back as he fists his pussy with his left.

Oh my god, I am already going into sub space. The euphoria that is enveloping my soul. I can’t believe this I am going to climax, in mere seconds. Master stops! He knows this too. Master all too well knows and feels when his slave is there. “Not yet,” he tells me. “This night you will be brought many times to the brink and made to stop.”

My mind is racing, questioning in silence. This is new, different, but hasn’t it all been thus far? I let my mind slow back down. Master knows what he wants, and who am I to question.

With the juices from my pussy, Master then starts to tease my ass with his fingers. Two fingers he works into my ass hard and fast. Mmmmm, the feeling is slight pain and I am moaning. He removes his fingers quickly. Again I feel him spread my legs with his feet and spread my ass cheeks with his hands. My breathing is now shallow and rapid. I know what is coming next. How hard his cock is as I feel the pressure from the head of his cock. More and more pressure, I am struggling to get away, oh how it hurts, there the head is in now and his cock is pushing deep in my ass. Not able to breathe from the intensity and pain. Tears are now streaming down my face as I garble through the gag begging him to stop. Master leans down, more pressure on me to hold me tight in place. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. He then slaps my face three, four five times. The ringing in my ear is loud and the burning on my cheek is fire. Reaching down he then grabs my throat and chokes me. Gargled noises escape me. I felt Master pumping harder and faster in his ass. Then it happens, I feel him rise off my back, his toes pinch my calf’s, and he stops pumping me I feel his body jolt and then his cock pulsate deep inside me. Gently Master lies on top of me again and rests his head on my shoulder while he regains his breath. Quietly, Master utters the words I have longed to hear. “That’s a good slut!” My head is spinning with the new found self-esteem I have long for so many years. 44 years I have searched for this feeling. I truly have pleased my one and only Master. I am in heaven.

After resting for some time, Master gently gets up. I still can’t move. I have now been bound for a couple of hours and my body is stiffening up. Master knows this and gets his knife to release the binds that tie me. He removes the gag and helps me to roll onto my back. I stretch out my arms and raise my legs so my feet are flat on the ground. Master chuckles as he watches my knees and legs shake still. Yes, only my Divine One has ever been able to achieve this with me.

Helping me to my feet, Master brushes the dirt and grass from me. Leading me down the hill to the rocky beach he tells me I am now to wash him in the cold ocean water so we can begin again. Silently we walk into the cold water. Up to our knees I then start washing his lingam. Over and over again I take the water in my hand and clean. When I know it is perfect I then ask for permission to wipe away the ocean water with my mouth, and it is granted. Salty, but even that taste can’t detract from the succulent taste of my Masters cock. I deep throat Masters cock over and again gagging as he grows hard deep in my throat. He is once again hard as a rock.

I am not surprised at Masters vitality. I ache deep inside to serve him again and feel his hot fluids surge down my throat hopefully this next time.

Master then tells me to go lay down on the picnic table on the grass. vbettr Doing as I am told, I lay down with the edge of my ass on the end of the table. I am told to hold my legs up and he spreads my thighs. Master starts to tease my clit with his forefinger. Gently, slowly he works his divine magic. I start to shake and my head arches back when Master inserts his cock deep inside my pussy shoving hard but still slow. He hits my cervix with the head of his cock and I cry out with pleasurable pain. Still working my clit, Master also pumps deep in me, never coming outside of me, always staying deep. I feel the euphoria rising again. I am almost at the edge and I plead with him not to stop. Ordering me not to cum I try with all I have to resist. I can’t stop, its going to happen and I won’t be able to stop it. Poof, just as before Master stops and the intensity subsides. Oh dear lord this is torture. I have never experienced before and I start to cry. “No.” is all I got in reply. Teasing me again and again, not only with his cock but his caress. Three times I was brought to the brink of explosion and three times it was taken from me. How much more could I endure? I am shaking uncontrollably now. I finally gain the strength and courage to face my Master and see the pleasure he is receiving in what he is doing to me. Why shouldn’t he? After all I am his sex slave tonight. I will endure what I must. Just as our eyes meet so briefly Master puts his head back like he was going to howl at the new moon and explodes again this time deep in my pussy. He pulls out and climbs on top of me to put his cock in my mouth. Thank you Master for letting me clean both yours and my juices from your precious cock.

Resting only briefly this time, I am then taken up the other hill to the battle encasement. What is he going to do now? He leads me to a long narrow dark opening. It is so dark I can’t even see the wall down the corridor. He is leading me to that entrance and I hesitate. He wants me to go in there. Now I am scared. “Please Master,” I beg, “don’t put me in here.” He replies. “I am right here with you, I am not going to leave you alone in here now MOVE!” Trembling, I step cautiously into the room, maybe 20 feet long. I am gently nudged forward. With my hands in front of me, I start feeling for the back wall. It is so narrow my shoulders are scrapping the sides. I reach the end and touch the wall. I can go no further. Master grabs my wrists and pins them over my head with one hand and with his tall firm body he pushes me harder against the stone. He spreads my legs with what little space is left and then grabs my right breast with his free hand. I cry out in pleasure and my pussy starts to drip with excitement again.

I feel Master start to grow again. This I am starting to find incredible. Three times? He backs my hips away from the wall and carefully pushes down on my back so only my face is against the wall and my arms still pinned over my head. Master penetrates his pussy again, hard, fast and furious. Over and over again. Rough and hard concrete hit me with the moves. My arms are scraped and my pussy is swollen and sore. More incredible feelings of ecstasy for me. I pray this time he will let me cum for it is building again and stronger than ever. I try to ask to cum but only muffled grunts escape me. But he knows what I am craving. I am given permission to cum for him. Master slows his rhythm, reaches around and plays with my clit. “Now I want you to cum for me my slut. Let it build slowly,” he whispers in my ear, and it drives me incredibly wild. I feel my ass tighten and my clit swells under his touch. Deep inside my pussy it starts to ache and tingle. I can feel the electrical impulses surging through me. My breathing is now shallow and slow and without warning the most incredible climax I have ever had envelopes me. I am an animal now grunting and groaning with sheer ecstasy. And I collapse to the ground. I am laughing and crying at the same time. Still too weak to stand. Master just stands over me and caresses my hair. I slowly turn around in the cramped alcove still on my knees and wrap my arms around Masters legs while he sooths me. All I can utter is, “thank you… thank you… thank you.”

When I could stand again we walked out of the room. Back in the warm air and salty breeze, we search out our clothes and toys. In silence we walk back to his vehicle, and he drives back to my place. All mostly in silence. Nothing needed to be said. Our actions spoke louder and stronger than words could ever compare to.

After putting me to bed Master turns on my iPod so I could drift off to sleep. He put my head in his hands and kissed my forehead. “Good night, and sleep well my good girl, my sex slave.” He got up and turned to walk out. As he walked out my door “Goodnight” by Melody Gardo played. How appreciated a song to end my forced fantasy….

Dedicated to my Master for all he has taught me and given to me.

Submissively yours forever,


P.S. Master, as you read, on several occasions I called your pussy or ass or clit mine, but you and I both know who they belong to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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