Forced Together with Mom

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A full lockdown was declared in San Francisco, and for the next three weeks, residents were expected to stay at home unless there was a vital reason to go outside. All throughout California there was pandemonium. Businesses were being closed and groceries were rationing out supplies.

Dr. Claire Mitchell arrived at her downtown apartment after spending the day working in the laboratory as a lead researcher. Her work had shifted towards finding a cure for the infectious disease that was bringing the world to a standstill. In the lab, she was completely focused on research. But at home, all she could think about was her family.

She undressed in her bedroom. Standing only in her panties and buttoned up blouse, she stood in front of the window for a view of the city on that cloudy day. Her fingers undid the buttons. She heard footsteps approaching behind her.

“You seem extra stressed,” Shoshana said, giving a big hug from behind.

It had taken years since the divorce for Claire to come to grips with the fact that she was more lesbian than straight. And it took a few more years before Claire could be open about it to friends and family. Now here she was, living with a female partner who was also a well-respected doctor.

Claire touched her lesbian lover’s hand. “Long day.”

“Anything you want to get off your chest?”

“Things look promising at work. But I’m worried about Mark.”

Her son Mark was the grounding force in her life. Watching her son grow to become a young man was her main purpose. As a member of the college swim team, Mark was heartbroken that he’d possibly miss his chance to compete. He wouldn’t be able to hang out with his new friends or practice his technique in the pool anymore.

“I think he’ll be fine,” Shoshana said, rubbing her hands on Claire’s shoulders. “He’s slowly starting to adapt. Earlier he went out for a long run.”

“I know, but he craves the swimming pool.”

“And I crave something else.”

The two professional women giggled as Claire felt Shoshana’s hand cupping her bra. When her blouse was open, Claire turned around and lifted her bra so that her heavy breasts hung free.

Her lesbian lover went for her brown nipples and drank from her breast milk. She moaned. This was her secret erogenous zone and she watched the milk leak from the sides of Shoshana’s sucking lips. This was always her favorite stress reliever after a long day in the lab.

“Thanks for taking things off my chest,” she said, figuratively and literally.

Shoshana pulled her wet lips away. “Maybe your son could use the same stress relief.”

Her lesbian lover went back to nursing with a gleam in her suggestive eyes. Although they were both respected medical professionals, they did share a rather kinky sex life, but never anything like this. Her son Mark had never been part of their dirty talk or roleplaying before. Surely it was a joke.

“You can’t be serious,” Claire said, feeling weakened by the pleasure she got from her nipples being orally drained.

There was a moment of silence between them as Shoshana kept on nursing while making eye contact. And the eyes were perfectly clear. She knew that Shoshana was serious.

Shoshana pulled her mouth away again. “It’s an interesting approach and I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“Have you?” Claire gulped.

Her lover went back to nursing and she wondered how long Shoshana had been having this fantasy; if it was something short term or long term. She patiently waited as Shoshana kept on sucking each of her nipples, before taking her mouth away again.

“Think about it. If a young man can’t hang out with friends, play sports, or go to the gym, what other interests does he have?”

Claire decided to be cheeky. “Masturbation.”

“How about pussy?” Shoshana replied, kissing Claire’s big nipple. “Or maybe even… breast milk?”

“Oh god.”

“Your health gets monitored everyday in the lab. You’re safe. And your son Mark is doing well, but I can tell he’s going a bit stir crazy being at home all day. He’s an athletic young man, so let him work out.”

“With me?” Claire laughed.

“With us. I’ll supervise.”

“This is horrible to think about,” Claire moaned, as her lover returned to sucking her nipples.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed both of her breasts being nursed. Her mind wandered to dark places, and for the very first time in her life, she imagined what it would be like to have Mark suck from her nipples as an adult, drinking in her delicious and wholesome breast milk.

Pulling her mouth away, Shoshana lightly bit a nipple. “Maybe I’ll just have to force you.”

“Mark will never go for it. He’s not that big a pervert, I hope.”

Shoshana kissed and squeezed the tits. “Just tell him it’s part of your research, that perhaps there’s something in a woman’s breast milk that helps fend off the virus. I know your breast milk has kept my immune system strong for many incredible years.”

When Shoshana lightly bit her nipple again, Claire was breathless. They were both highly-educated Bycasino and respectable women to the outside world, with great jobs and impeccable reputations. They always looked immaculate and they were always well-spoken in public.

In private, their dom/sub relationship was always a fun change of pace for them. But what their taboo relationship went outside of the bedroom? Claire wondered what it would be like to play with her son in the living room. To have such an open fantasy.

Of course, it was only a fantasy, as she savored the feeling of her nipples being sucked even harder, and even nibbled on. She’d never let it happen, but as she was on the verge of orgasm while her breasts were being squeezed and her milk was being drained, she felt herself on the verge of having a massive orgasm.


The next morning, Claire was in the kitchen having breakfast, while Shoshana was still in the shower. She was wearing her formal work attire of a buttoned up blouse with dress pants.

Mark was also there, preparing his bowl of cereal.

“Good news,” he said with a genuine smile, which seemed like the first real smile in a long time. “My friend texted me that the Starcraft games are free online. So we’ll be busy exploring old memories with that.”

She smiled back, “Glad to see you upbeat today.”

“Yeah, well, you know.”

Claire finished up her oatmeal and fruit, while Mark sat down with his bowl of cereal and carton of milk, which looked nearly empty. It was upsetting because she had just swung by the store yesterday and the milk was all gone.

“How do you feel about a new exercise bike?” she inquired.

“What’s wrong with the old one?”

“Nothing. With all the gyms and fitness centers closed, it might be a great time for new in-door equipment. We can all share it, of course.”

“That’ll work,” he replied. “Do you want me to order one today?”

“The sooner the better. Use express shipment.”

“Is there a price range you’re thinking about?”

“Anything top quality.”

He smiled, “Since I’m ordering workout stuff, do you mind if I buy a few dumbbells?”

“Only if you buy a few 5 and 10 pound dumbbells for me and Shoshana to use.”

“Will do,” he replied.

“While you’re at it, buy yourself a few extra video games. Anything you want. Is there a new Xbox or Playstation out yet?”

He smiled, “Not yet, but there are definitely some games that I’m interested in.”

“Buy whatever you want. And order food delivery on the Uber app. Don’t worry about the cost for anything. It’ll help the economy, right? That’s what’s important during these times.”

“Yep, you’re right. You’re the best, thanks mom.”

“My pleasure,” she replied, pleased that she was able to make a difference, however small.

She finished the rest of the food while Mark poured cereal into his bowl. Next, she watched herself with the milk bottle, praying it would be enough to fill that bowl.

When Mark poured the milk, as expected, only half of the bowl was covered, leaving the top half of his cereal dry.

“Damn it,” he said, shaking the milk bottle for every last drop.

It was the kind of thing that would never happen, since Mark was basically in charge of buying the groceries and milk was always plentiful at any market. But temporarily the milk bottles were scarce.

Although they lived a privileged life, seeing something like this was hurtful for any mother. It struck at something so primal, something so instinctive and intuitive. Sure, Mark could have easily eaten something else, but this is what he wanted.

It reminded Claire of family stories passed down from World War II, about food rationing and scarcity. Obviously today’s situation was nothing like that, but still, she had a weakness for seeing human suffering. It was why she became a medical researcher.

Then she thought about Shoshana.

Breast milk? Her son? Preposterous!

Although the thought made her pussy wet as she sat there, watching her son fume over having to eat half-dry cereal. But then again, the idea would certainly work. Breast milk is highly nutritious, creamy, and delicious.

Claire took a deep breath.

“Milk is out of stock,” she said. “I checked yesterday.”

“Bummer. Oh well. I’ll eat something else tomorrow.”

“I want you to eat the same foods you normally eat. Sticking to a routine is the best way to keep yourself psychologically balanced in these troubled times. Do you agree?”

“Sure. I can go out to the groceries later.”

“I’d rather you stay home,” she replied, halfway regretting this already. “It’s safer if you don’t go anywhere. We already have all the milk we need.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

Looking her son in the eyes, she began to unbutton her blouse. She didn’t rush. She just kept things casual, because this was home and she could be as comfortable undressing as she wanted. Naturally, her son was shocked by this and she wasn’t sure how he was going to react. But he remained calm, seeing where this was Bycasino giriş headed.

Her blouse was unbuttoned and her black bra was showing in the middle. Opening her blouse, she exposed herself. This was the first time Mark had ever seen her in a bra like this, so up close. She took a moment to allow her son to have a good look, which he was doing. Boys will be boys, after all.

“These are C cup breasts,” she said, tracing her fingers around the shape of her black bra. “They’re round, they’re starting to hang because of my age, and they’re filled with milk.”

When she heard her son gasp, she knew she had reached the point of no return. There was no coming back from this. Her son was smart enough to figure out exactly what she was implying. Especially as her fingers continuously rubbed around the fabric of her bra.

“They’re beautiful,” he gulped. “But why are you showing me?”

“I think you know.”

“Are you serious?”

She gave her breasts a gentle squeeze. “Research in the lab suggests that proteins found in human breast milk could help ward off the virus. I don’t want to get into the science of it all, but it’s something I’d like to test further.”

It was the first time Claire had ever lied to her son about something important. But she didn’t want to think of this as a ‘lie.’ While her son was dumbfounded, she justified this as being what’s best for his well-being. Her lover was probably right; what Mark needed was something only she could provide.

A woman’s body.

Claire lifted her bra and her round breasts plopped out of each cup. As expected, her son was in awe of what she had to offer. But what she hadn’t anticipated, however, was her own reaction to this exhibitionist, incestuous exposure. Her pussy was wet. As each second went on, she only became wetter and even more aroused. This was a different kind of arousal than even her first time having sex with another woman.

This was the kind of arousal a person could only get from a mother/son setting. She had always shielded her body and sexuality from Mark because that’s what good mothers are supposed to do. Now here she was, giving her son the best possible view of her tits.

She reached over to her son’s cereal bowl and slid it in front of her. Breast play and adult nursing was something she had explored extensively with Shoshana. At this point, she was an expert in something like this. If aiming milk at a target was an Olympic sport, she’d have the gold medal.

Grabbing the underside of her left tit, she pointed her big brown nipple towards the bowl of cereal and she gave herself a good squeeze. The first squeeze was to get her fluids flowing. With the second squeeze, milk sprayed from the pores of her nipples and into the bowl. Her milk was hitting the intended target, which was the dry cereal.

Part of her wanted to look at her son’s reaction, but another side of her was simply too mortified, as any mother would be. She focused on her business. She kept working her tit and shooting milk into the bowl. Her breast squeezing was orderly, like she was pumping herself. The stream of milk was off and on.

It wasn’t long until the moderately sized cereal bowl was filling to the top. Her breast milk with the store-bought milk had blended together and it was unnoticeable that anything salacious was done to it.

When she finished, there was a drop of milk hanging from the tip of her nipple, threatening to fall onto the table. She used her index finger to wipe her nipple and she licked her finger clean. The taste was sweet as she and Shoshana were already used to.

Then she looked across the table to see her son’s reaction. Mark was awestruck by the sight of her milking herself into the bowl. It was the most sexual tension they had ever, ever shared. This wasn’t supposed to happen, but with the global emergency, she convinced herself that keeping her son mentally stimulated was an absolute necessity.

With her tits still out, she pushed the bowl back to her son.

“The taste might be a little different,” she said calmly. “But milk is milk. I hope you’re not squeamish.”

“That was… umm… different.”

She blushed and raised an eyebrow. “Can I watch you taste it? I’m curious.”

Claire watched her son looking into the bowl of cereal, stirring it a little with his spoon. He got a spoonful and ate it, slowly chewing and cautiously examining the taboo taste of it.

It was pleasing to her when Mark gave a nod while chewing.

“It tastes good,” he gulped. “It tastes like regular milk. But maybe that’s because store milk is mixed in with this.”

She smiled. “Excellent. I can fill you a bowl full every morning until the quarantine is over.”

“Really?” he asked, nearly choking. “I mean, you can do that much? You actually want to?”

“Only if you’re interested. I can provide a bowl every morning before I go to work.”

He gulped. “Do I get to watch?”

“Do you want to?”

“I think it would be… umm… interesting to watch. You know, it keeps the milk Bycasino deneme bonusu fresh. There’s nothing worse than stale milk in the morning, or any time of day.”

It was amusing to watch her confident and athletic son trip over his own words. Mark was never like this. Yet her big breasts, which were still exposed, were having a profound effect on him. Shoshana had been right all along. This was something that needed to be explored further.

For now, she had to head over to the lab for important work, so she ended the show and pulled her bra down, tucking each tit inside the cups where they belonged. Her son watched her putting her boobs away, seeing them jiggle and wave as she pushed them in.

“I need to go,” she said, buttoning her blouse. “You’re lucky that I love you so much. Otherwise you’d be stuck eating dry cereal.”

He chuckled. “I know.”

When she got up, she made sure to kiss her son on the forehead before putting her dishes away. With drained breast milk, it was time to head to her laboratory.


Her breaktime was several hours later. While working, she focused 100% on her research. But in her free time, all she could think about was exposing her tits and milk to her son. Extraordinary times called for her to make these sacrifices, which she gladly did.

Sitting in her office, she got a Google Chat video call from her girlfriend. It was something they did occasionally because they liked seeing each other dressed up in white coats. It was a turn-on for both of them.

After small talk, Shoshana got straight to business. “It worked. You should see what you did to Mark. The dude looks incredibly upbeat.”

Claire smiled, “Did he ask you about anything?”

“No way. I can tell that he’s still super awkward about the milk thing, but yet incredibly aroused by it.”

It was a strange thing to feel proud of. Claire was glad that her milk show had this sort of effect on her son. It meant that she was able to make the lockdown so much more palatable for her energetic son to handle. It also meant that she was still desirable to young men, which was a nice feeling to have.

“Do you think I’m a bad mother?” Claire asked, already knowing the answer, but she just wanted reassurance from her partner.

“I think the world needs more mothers like you. Mothers who will do whatever it takes. Why? Do you feel guilty for telling your son that little fib about your breast milk?”

“Kind of, but he really, really enjoyed it. I wish you could have seen the look in his eyes.”

Shoshana’s face lit up. “Maybe I can.”

“Do you want to watch tomorrow? I’m sure you’ll get a real kick out of seeing me fill a bowl of cereal with my boobs.”

“How about something tonight?”

Claire sat quietly for a moment during the video call. She knew her girlfriend all too well. And from the tone of Shoshana’s voice and the lust in her eyes, Claire could tell that there was something extremely kinky planned.

“Alright, just tell me,” Claire said with a playfully skeptical look on her face, as if daring her partner to confess. “What kind of naughtiness do you have planned?”

Shoshana pretended to think. “Hmm… do you promise not to be upset with me?”

“Not a chance. I reserve the right to freak out.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to force you,” Shoshana said casually. “The dominant-bitch inside me is dying to come out, even while we’re at work.”

Those very words did the trick, making Claire’s pussy clench and turn wet. With all the stress she was feeling from her important work, she deserved this moment of relaxation. It would help her concentrate when break time was over.

Claire took a breath and whispered, “You’re making me want to cum. But I have to return to my duties in about 30 minutes.”

“More than enough time.”

“What are you thinking?”

Shoshana paused a moment. “I’m thinking, first of all, I want you to undo your pants right now. Slide your hand below.”

Following her lover’s orders, Claire undid her pants. Her door was closed, and from her office, she could always hear footsteps coming, especially with the building at half capacity. She slid her hand beneath her panties as she held the phone with one hand.

“I’m wet,” she said.

Shoshana was pleased. “Good. Secondly, when I get home, I’m going to tell your son that in our medical opinions, it could be useful to continue the breast milk treatment. Meaning, he’ll be an unofficial test subject from your lactating tits. How do you like the sound of that?”

“Oh my god.”

Claire’s fingers had momentarily stopped as she saw the grin on her lover’s face. Even by their standards, this was deviant.

“Thirdly, I’ll also tell him about my evaluation,” Shoshana said. “That I think he should do more to have a healthy state-of-mind since he seems a little stir-crazy. After all, a young man like him is used to going out everyday to crowded public places.”

“And when he realizes that we’re stringing him along?”

Shoshana shrugged it off. “Do you think he’ll care? He’s getting what most young men want.”

“But I’m his mother,” Claire replied so obviously.

“Face it, Dr. Mitchell, your son wants to fuck you. Otherwise he would have thrown away that bowl of cereal. Trust me, after you left for work this morning, I saw him pour every drop down his throat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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