Forever Yours, Mom Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Dinner Date

She had gotten ready, taken her shower, putting the water cool. And they had met downstairs, she wasn’t sure why she had dressed how she had, wearing a dress she had only bought to wear when she was alone. She loved dressing up on nights she had the house to herself, and putting in one of her movies, special movies. She usually ended up on the floor in the front room vibrator buzzing away as she screamed out her pleasure. The dress was black, skimpy, it came to her mid thigh, she had worn no bra, the dress had a V neck and showed off quite a bit of cleavage. It also showed off that great ass, just little spaghetti straps holding it on her shoulders.

Tim came down the stairs, and froze when he had her insight. “Wow mom, you look great” He said, and tried his hardest not to get aroused, with absolutely no luck. Moving into the living room he slid his hands into his pants and adjusted so it wasn’t noticeable. Using the excuse of getting his shoes from the closet in there though. “You ready to go mom?” He asked once he had his shoes on and had entered, she was also wearing thin gray nylons and high heals, her make up was conservative, unlike the dress, but it made her look nice, instead of the trashy look that more make up might have given her.

“I am ready, why don’t you drive?” She offered him the key’s, picking up her purse. He snatched kaynarca escort the keys, he loved driving. It was one of the few things he truly enjoyed, other than spending too many hours on his computer.

“Of course I’ll drive” He smiled and moved to the door, pushing it open and slipping out into the cool evening air. He moved to the passenger door, unlocking it and opening it for her. She smiled at him, taking his arms gently with her hand.

“Are you going to treat me like a woman tonight?” She asked softly, smiling at him still.

“I always treat you as the most beautiful lady in all the world” He nodded his head at her, and she kissed his cheek, slipping into the car. He blushed a little and moved around, getting in the drivers side. His mom owned a nice 99 Honda accord.

“Don’t speed” She warned as he pulled out a little to quickly.

“Sorry, sorry, I wasn’t thinking” He said quite honestly, well not about the road. Glancing at her he noticed her dress had ridden up a bit, and he could see that … holy shit, she was wearing no underwear, he could see a bit of the brown hair down there. He turned away as he felt his cock strain even more against the slacks he wore. Afraid he’d break them open.

If he thought she hadn’t noticed his arousal in the house, or that she didn’t notice it grow at this moment, he was greatly mistaken, küçükyalı escort it was again making her damp to think she could get him so aroused, but she tugged her dress down gently, covering herself up once again. And demurely crossing her legs. They arrived a few minutes later, not talking in the car, neither trusting themselves too talk.

“I need to run to the bathroom,” Tim told her once inside, and slipped away. He needed relief, bad. There was nobody in here, he slipped into a stall, and did his best to be fast, it took him about two minutes to cum in the toilet again, this time biting his lip so he made no noise. He slipped out and the hostess showed him to their table. He sat across from his mother, they were in the back, near the kitchen. But not too near, in the corner, where you couldn’t really see them, and nobody could hear them except the waitress when she approached. His mother had already decided what she was getting.

“I looked over the menu, I think you’ll like the fettuccini or this dish,” pointing it out on the menu for him.

“That does look good, yea, order me that,” he let her order when the waitress approached, just smiling at her faintly, he knew her from school. She was usually nice to him. Dinner went by quickly, they hardly talked at all, both still quite … aroused and disturbed by what was going on between them. sancaktepe escort It was wrong for her to do anything about it, she knew that much. He didn’t care, in all honesty, he had thought it over long ago. He had decided that as long as they had no children then there was no reason other than social taboo that they couldn’t make love. With his mother it would always be making love, because he loved her dearly.

The ride back was silent, until they were passing the rental place. “Want to get a movie?” His mother asked, and he pulled into the parking lot.

“yea, that sounds fun.” It was Friday so they didn’t have to worry about how late they stayed up. They got out and moved into the rental store, going through new releases.

“Let’s get a couple,” Margaret said, “We can stay up all night watching movies.”

“Now that really sounds like fun,” Chris said with a nod, “Why don’t I pick three, and you do the same?”

“Alright” His mom answered and moved off, she wasn’t sure why she, with two movies in hand, slipped into the adult doors. She didn’t pay attention to the couple of guys back there, as she moved through. She finally decided on a movie that had a title which didn’t give off it being porn right away. It was called simply, ‘That night.’ She slipped back out and found Tim. “Ready?” She asked and he simply nodded that he was, as they both walked toward the counter. Another ten minutes and they were at home, she had the movies on the coffee table, putting in X-Men, one that he had rented.

“Let’s go put on something more comfortable,” She told him and slipped up to change clothing.

To Be Continued…

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