Framed then Ravished

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Opening her locker, Nessa was about to slip on her gun belt, and cell phone. Having been working at this government office for two months now as a security guard, she was just getting use to this setting. She frowned suddenly as her eyes caught something shiny..picking it up….oh shit..what’s this…..this is not my gun?

“We’ll take that Miss DeVry, and you’re coming with us” Two large police officers stood behind her, then she turned, as one of them took the gun from her hand with a kerchief.

“Well, you can take it. But next time, don’t put that in someone else’s locker. Look what name it says on my locker; Vanessa DeVry….and come with you where?” She genuinely looked puzzled at this. Suddenly she realized what was happening..she was being set up.

“I said you’re coming with us. You stole that gun from the state office. We have to bring you in ma’am, I’m sorry If it’s a mistake, you’ll be set free”. The bigger officer stated.

Nessa was lead down a long hallway, to a private holding cell in the basement of the neighboring building. A taller woman sat at a desk next to the holding cell. She was about 5’6. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, very pretty. She didn’t look mean but stern. Her name tag had the name Beatrice on it.

“Beatrice, this is Miss Vanessa DeVry, she’s the person we phoned you about a moment ago about the gun found in her locker that wasn’t hers…the one reported missing in the state office. Keep her here until we can get word sent up to the office in the morning, so we could clear this matter.” Officer Forbes stated to the female security guard.

“What! Why am I being held here? I’m not the one that put that gun in there. Someone must have set me up, I have my own damn gun. I’m not staying here all friggin night, I didn’t do anything wrong.” Nessa hissed with annoyance now.

Beatrice just watched the other woman’s face…her eyes spitting anger..bright and fiery. Watching her full breasts strain against her shirt as she huffed in anger. Beatrice felt a tingling of desire watching this little tigress spit fire. Beatrice didn’t think this young woman realized that her nipples were hard against her shirt..probably with the adrenalin rush.

” You will be held here overnight, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, Miss Devry, but I have no choice” with that, the officers left her in Beatrice’s custody.

“Well for heaven’s sakes…”

“Come here please Miss DeVry, I need to check you for any other weapons. Take off your gun belt and hair pins” Beatrice stated suddenly.

Knowing this is just part of her job, Nessa did as she was told. She took off her gun belt and undid her long dark auburn hair…feeling the curls spring onto her shoulders in a wild cascade.

“Turn and face the wall please, and spread your legs, I need to search you.”

Sighing softly, Nessa turned and placed her hands on the wall, trying to keep her hot temper in check. Feeling the taller woman behind her, Nessa relaxed slightly, a bit comforted knowing this was a woman checking her, not a male. Nessa knew this was only standard procedure.

Slowly, Beatrice began at Nessa’s hands..patting down her arms..then down her sides. She then slide her hands around Nessa’s front..firmly cupping her full breasts, squeezing gently, making sure nothing metallic or hidden was in her bra. Beatrice felt Nessa’s nipples tighten in her palms, she kept her hands on Nessa’s breasts as long as she could, without looking obvious. Feeling Nessa’s body arch slightly bursa yabancı escort in response, Beatrice felt the woman’s soft behind press against her pussy. Reluctantly, Beatrice’s hands left Nessa’s big breasts and slid down her stomach, feeling it tremble slightly at her touch…then down to her hips; squeezing them gently. Beatrice then slid her hands over Nessa’s round firm ass, making sure nothing was hiding in a back pocket.

“Is that slow search necessary? You are taking too long frisking me….”

“Quiet” Beatrice commanded with just one word.

“Don’t tell me to be quiet, dammit! Who do you think you are? I’ve been framed, now having to put up with some octopus security guard taking her damn time searching me. What do you think I have on my body, hidden guns, grenades and bombs” Nessa turned around and shot Beatrice a fiery look that would normally make any man wither and walk the other way.

Beatrice had had enough of this. She gripped Nessa’s arm and hauled her over to the jail cell, grabbed handcuffs from her belt. She pushed Nessa’s back against the steel bars, handcuffed Nessa’s hands above her head to the bars. She stood there suspended, her feet barely touching the ground, her body arched slightly.

“Now then, I’m going to continue searching you, damn tigress”. Beatrice then kneeled down and cuffed one of Nessa’s ankles to the bars, but left the other leg free.

“What the hell are you doing woman?! You’re going to get fired for this.”

“No I wont, you’re resistant an officer. YOU”RE the one that would get charged, and making it seem that you have something to hide” Beatrice said matter of factly with a cool, calm voice.

Nessa pondered this for a moment, and knew her temper was hot when riled up. She sighed softly, determined to let this Beatrice woman do her job. Inside..she was strangely aroused by this rough play. She was never attracted to another woman before, and she wasn’t a lesbian….then what was wrong with her? Maybe I’m just tired…or maybe it doesn’t matter what gender someone is…some people have certain effects on you. Either way, she was really trying hard to be cooperative with this woman and get it over with.

Beatrice watched the play of emotions going through Miss DeVry’s beautiful hunter green-amber colored eyes, and knew she was trying to control her temper. Secretly, Beatrice loved other fiery women like herself. She began to feel her white satin panties begin to wetten with arousal…she was definitely going to take her time searching this little 5’2 voluptuous female..and enjoy it.

Looking into Nessa’s eyes, Beatrice began to undo the little female’s blouse. She suddenly felt Nessa trying to move back into the bars, to avoid her blouse being opened, but Beatrice’s hands were insistent and she didn’t have many places to move backwards into. Peeling apart the last of Nessa’s buttons, Beatrice’s eyes came into view with Nessa’s big beautiful breasts, nestled in a black lace demi bra. Taking a knife from her side pouch on her belt, Beatrice sliced through the front part of Nessa’s bra.

“Hey! what are you doing? You don’t need to cut my bra off to check inside” Nessa growled

Ignoring the little female, Beatrice parted Nessa’s bra, and watched as her full round breasts sprang free of its confines. Leaning in close, Beatrice ran her long warm tongue around Nessa’s hard little pink nipples, curling her tongue around one of them, suckling softly. bursa sınırsız escort Cupping the full breasts in her hands, Beatrice paid homage to both of them. She ran her tongue around one hard nipple, then tugging on it with her teeth gently. Arching her body, Nessa couldn’t believe this was happening, as she felt her nipples being tugged on by this female guard. A moan escaped her parted lips, as her breasts were being licked, sucked and tugged upon. She tried to summon the will to tell this officer to stop, but her body was betrayer her.

“St…sto….” but couldn’t say the words..a moan escaped instead.

Beatrice ignored Nessa’s pleads, as she continued down her body. Placing her hands on Nessa’s small waist, Beatrice licked between her cleavage, then down her stomach. Gripping Nessa’s hips in her hands, Beatrice brought her body closer to her mouth, as her tongue trailed down over her hips to just above her pubic bone; nipping her gently. Nessa yelped slightly and tried to move away, but Beatrice had strong hands. In one move, Beatrice tore Nessa’s panties on one side, taking them off.

” You resisted an officer’s right to search you, now I have to do it the hard way” Beatrice smirked as she watched the panties fly across the room, as she threw them.

“I didn’t resist, you bitch, you’re taking advantage of your badge!” Nessa fired back at her

In response, Beatrice gently dug her nails into Nessa’s hips in silent warning. Then continued down her body with her long warm tongue. Placing Nessa’s free foot on a short stool, Beatrice parted the woman’s thighs more, to have better access to her treasure.

Feeling dizzy with desire, Nessa had no choice but to comply with the female guard, as her body stood stretched out, handcuffed to the bars. The guard’s warm breath was now on her trimmed little pussy, moistening the little tuft of hair at the top. As her free foot was placed upon the small stool, Nessa’s pink lower lips parted for Beatrice’s gaze. Nessa’s cheeks began to feel hot with her embarrassment of being exposed to another female. Though, another side of her was widly excited at this new experience.

Beatrice slid her hands from Nessa’s hips down to her nether lips, parting her petals with her thumbs ever so gently. Slowly, Beatrice ran her long tongue along the length of Nessa’s slit, feeling her tongue being coated by the sweet nectar. Lifting the tuft of hair gently, she exposed Nessa’s engorged clit, then ran her tongue slowly over the hard little nub. Nessa’s body trembled as Beatrice licked up and down her pussy, then taking her clit into her mouth, sucking it gently at first. Beatrice’s skilled tongue flicked over the little female’s clit quickly, as her teeth held it still. Nessa’s body began to buck wildly at this intense sensation. But before Nessa’s orgasm could overtake her, Beatrice stopped momentarily and whispered to Nessa “So why did you take the gun from the state office?”

“I…I didn’t take it. I had just gotten on duty when I opened my locker to put my gun belt on, and I noticed something shiny. So I picked it up and that’s when the officers came in…I remember being angry that someone had left their gun in my locker” Nessa voiced breathlessly.

Beatrice now knew that Nessa was telling the truth, and in passion…knew that it was harder to lie.

Beatrice brought her mouth back to Nessa’s tasty little pussy. She then brought her hands around her prisoner’s body and görükle escort gripped her firm round ass. It fit into her hands with a bit of overflowing…nice, round and full…beautiful ass. Beatrice pulled the little female to her and suddenly plunged her long tongue deep inside her tight pussy, as Nessa’s foot was placed back on the stool, opening up her pussy more. Beatrice ran her fingers down Nessa’s sweet ass, then slowly ran one finger down the center, slowly rubbing her pussy juice over Nessa’s ass opening. Ever so slowly, Beatrice slipped her middle finger into Nessa’s ass, as her mouth took hold of her throbbing clit. She began sucking her prisoner’s engorged clit hard as her finger pumped in and out of her tight ass.

Nessa’s body arched back as a powerful orgasm overtook her body, thrusting her pussy closer to the guard’s insistent mouth, as she cummed hard onto Beatrice’s tongue, coating her lips and face with sweet pussy juices. The guard did not let up even through Nessa’s orgasm, her mouth latched on tightly to her tiny pussy. Nessa’s body jerked violently as orgasm after orgasm overtook her body, strong female hands gripping her ass, as one finger slid mercilessly in and out of her forbidden entry.

Slowly, Beatrice raised up a bit, then licked up Nessa’s body..licking each nipple slowly, then sucking hard on both as she cupped them both. Squeezing her prisoner’s breasts tightly together, Beatrice bit Nessa’s nipples, then licking them slowly with the flat of her tongue, to sooth them.

Looking into the guard’s beautiful eyes, Nessa wanted to kiss her…to taste herself upon her lips. Beatrice pulled Nessa’s voluptuous body close to hers, as her lips captured Nessa’s in a ravishing kiss that never ended. Slowly, the guard ran her hands down Nessa’s body..down to her tender soaked pussy. Gently but firmly, Beatrice slide two fingers into Nessa’s sopping wet tight opening. Crooking her fingers slightly a few inches inside her pussy, Beatrice found Nessa’s G-spot….and gently began to stroke the bundle of nerve endings….bringing them to life.

Nessa began to moan inside Beatrice’s lips, as the seductive guard dominated her body and mind. She whimpered softly and helplessly, as stars began to form behind her eyes, as she felt her body rocking against Beatrice, in rhythm to her fingers fucking her. Nessa’s body bucked wildly as the biggest orgasm of her life overtook and thundered throughout her voluptuous body. Sweet cummed ran from her body, coating her thighs, and Beatrice’s fingers, then Nessa felt herself black out.

Nessa awoke hours later, blinking softly.

“Hello Miss DeVry, we awaited until you awoke to release you. We tried to wake you up, but you seem exhausted from your ordeals. We are sorry for the misunderstanding, and hope you can forgive us. The head security guard, showed us tape surveillance of the locker room at the time, just before you came into work. We caught the person that planted the gun in your locker, it was Mr. Seth Vendara. A newly hired guard…that was apparently unaware of the new surveillance cameras. He was arrested and fired for his crime.” The president of the Corporation of Securities informed Nessa apologetically.

Nessa stood up and looked around horrified, remembering what happened hours earlier; her ripped panties and torn bra, but they were no where in site. ” Where is my purse?”

The man handed Nessa her purse, and without a backwards glance, she left the building to sit in her car. Resting her head on the wheel for a moment, Nessa then drove home..never coming back to this place.

In the parking lot, Beatrice sat in her own car, Nessa’s panties against her nose, as she closed her eyes and inhaled the sweet scent of her ex prisoner upon the garment. That was the best strip search she ever performed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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