Fran’s Further Adventures Ch. 01

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Big Tits

This is a continuation of the Bored Fran series. To truly know what’s going on you should read them first.

My life was once boring. I found myself craving excitement and generally feeling dissatisfied with how my life had turned out. I am married and I have loved my husband, John, deeply since we began seriously dating but I was starting to feel as though something was missing in our relationship. I needed more. More of what I didn’t know, I just knew I needed more. I thought that he wasn’t aware of my growing desperation for something to shake me up, but he knows me too well. He knew how I felt, and what’s more, he and some of his new friends decided to give me an exciting adventure. I went from a boring housewife with a loving but somewhat bland husband to an exhibitionist slut slave for my assertive and oh so bold Master/husband.

Most of the time we are a typical suburban couple in our 40’s and I would describe our marriage as a loving equal partnership, but whenever I feel the craving for something out of the ordinary I just put on my collar. My husband will not bring it out the slave collar, it is always my choice to put it on, but when I do…whew, I get wet just thinking about it, my husband transforms into a dominate Master who loves to put his slutty little slave through her paces.

This past weekend we went to a Bike Rally at a local campground. I had won the tickets as a first prize for a wet T-shirt contest, along with $200.00 cash. My husband and our new friends Jim, and his sister Sandy took me to the local Harley dealership to outfit me for riding. After meeting Jim, my husband had taken the Motorcycle Safety Course, gotten his license and bought a Harley. A new helmet, leather jacket, boots, gloves and some really cute tops and I was ready for my first ride with my husband. It was just as thrilling for me as my first ever ride on a motorcycle only a few days before with Jim. Well, almost as thrilling, my ride with Jim had included flashing my boobs at cars and trucks as we rode down the highway.

We met at the local Biker Bar, the scene of the infamous wet T-shirt contest, to do a group ride to the Rally. We were a little nervous, being new riders, but the group made us feel very welcome. Jim pulled up on his Heritage Softtail followed closely by Sandy on her custom Sportster. At 6’5″, Jim is a very large man. With his long salt and pepper hair in a fat braid down his back, his full beard and decked out in leather, he looks quite intimidating but he had a huge smile and a hug for me as he stepped off his bike.

“How are things going Babe?” he asked me. “Are you ready for your first group ride?”

“We’re a little nervous,” I said as John walked up for a handshake. “But we’re excited!”

Then I was almost knocked off my feet as Sandy slammed into me with a big hug. Sandy is a vivacious blonde, about 5’6″ tall, with a cute butt and small but very perky breasts, but what you notice about her is her energy. She always seems to be moving. John calls her Speedy instead of Sandy.

“This is gonna be fun,” she squealed before turning to give John a big kiss. “I’m so glad you guys are with us.”

She looked me up and down.

“Good look but I think you forgot something when you got dressed,” she said with a smile looking at my bare neck.

“No collar today,” I replied grinning. “It’s a hubby and wife day today.” Then I giggled, “But you never know when the mood will strike.” And I reached into the saddlebags and showed her I had brought it with me.

Bottles of water were passed around and we hydrated before climbing on to our bikes and starting out. I just loved the bike my husband had picked out. It’s a brand new Electra Glide Classic painted my favorite color, a dark blue that sparkled in the sunlight. It has saddlebags and a trunk, a fairing and windshield, and a loud cd player. With such a big bike the ride is very smooth.

We pulled out of the bar parking lot and headed up the road in a staggered line about 30 bikes long. Sandy was in front of us to the left, we hugged the right side, and Jim followed us on our left rear side. New riders are usually given the right side because it is a little nerve wracking to hug the center line on the road with oncoming traffic passing by. It took us about 35 minutes to get to the Rally, not that long of a ride, but I could tell it had been tough on John. Being a new rider is rough on the nerves and he had been concentrating hard on the ride there. Riding in groups safely takes practice.

When we pulled into the campground and parked the bikes I gave him a big kiss and then started massaging his shoulders.

“You fulya escort did great Honey,” I exclaimed. “It was fun.”

“Practice makes perfect” He replied, “but I think I’ll ask Jim or Sandy to take us back without the rest of the group. It’ll be easier on me.”

“That’s no problem.” Sandy said bouncing over to us, “Jim has plans but I’m free.” Turning to John with a seductive smile she added, “I would love to ride you, I mean, ride with you.”

“Keep teasing me Speedy” he said smacking her on the ass, “and you’ll get what’s coming to you.”

“Oooooh I can’t wait,” she said and then linking her arm in mine began dragging me away to show me the sights. John and Jim brought up the rear.

There were booths set up everywhere selling clothes, jewelry, bike parts and novelty items. We hit the beer tent first and had a cool one before Sandy and I ditched the guys to shop. They seemed happy to hang out with the boys in the beer tent anyway. I picked out a leather halter top and a cute bandanna for my hair. Sandy got some booty shorts with Bad Asses Biker Chick written on the back. We ducked behind the booth for her to put them on. Her ass cheeks hung out of the bottom of the shorts and just looking at her was turning me on. I decided to change too, pulling off my shirt and bra and putting on the leather top.

“Do you think these will help convince John to use my rain-check?” she asked me, referring to her offer to play with John and me in bed. “You do still want to play don’t you?” she asked me a little nervously.

“I think those shorts will definitely get him in the right frame of mind,” I replied smiling. Then I leaned in and kissed her gently, slipping my tongue in her mouth and caressing her. “And yes, I do still want you to play with us.” Lowering my voice I whispered in her ear, “I want to taste you again.”

She gave a little shiver before pulling away from me. “Stop it or I’ll soak my new shorts,” she said quietly.

“I bet he’ll go for it,” I told her. “Shake that cute butt in his direction whenever you can and leave the rest to me.”

Returning to the beer tent we grabbed another beer and went to go find the men. They were having a friendly argument with a custom painter over the price for a new paint job on Jim’s bike. They finally agreed on a price, including a tattoo for the painter in Jim’s shop, and made an appointment to get the work done next week.

We then headed to the band stage where the band was playing country/rock music. Sandy and I almost caused a riot dirty dancing with each other and when the band slowed things down with ballad I danced with Jim. He held me close as we swayed to the music, pressing his body against mine.

“I really enjoyed the other night,” he told me quietly. “We were so glad to help John out but I’ll admit he took things farther than I expected. I need to find a good girl like you.”

He was referring to the night I had found out that my husband had been the secret Master I had been obeying through text messaging. My husband/Master’s first command after I found out the truth was to give blowjobs to Jim and a couple other men and to eat Sandy’s pussy in front of him. I knew Jim was still hurting from his divorce.

“You will Jim,” I told him staring into his brown eyes. “You are a great guy and you deserve someone who will love you like I love John. I’ll be your wingman. We can do this.”

I glanced over at John dancing with Sandy. She was pulling out all the stops in her attempt to seduce him, holding him close and rubbing herself up against him and whispering what were probably dirty things in his ear. I gave her a thumbs-up and continued talking to Jim.

“You have a lot to offer the right girl,” I said, rubbing my thigh against his hardening cock through his jeans. “I had fun the other night too. When John ordered me to suck you I was so turned on. This is all still pretty new to us. I’m not sure how far he will ever order me to go when I wear the collar but I would like to have more fun with you sometime if he wants me to. It’s up to him though. Without the collar I am his faithful wife. When the collar is on I’ll do anything and anyone he orders me.”

“You guys are great together,” he said as the song ended and we pulled apart. “It was cool to see how you both changed when you put that collar on. It was almost a Jeckell and Hyde thing. He got all stern and you seemed to bend to his will.”

John and Sandy walked over and caught the last statement.

“It took a lot of research and some tutoring from Mistress June to figure out how to unlock bebek escort that part of my personality,” John said. “But I’m glad I did it.”

“Me too!” I said, giving him a scorching hot look that promised him fun later.

“I agree,” Sandy joined in. “He’s pretty hot the way he is now, but when those eyes get intense and he gets all bossy…Creamy panties time.”

“Too much information!” Jim yelled as the rest of us laughed. “Well, I have to get going. There’s a special job I have to take care of at the shop.”

We said our goodbyes as he headed to the bikes to go into work. Sitting down in the field we listened to the next band until it started getting dark.

“Are you guys ready to leave? John asked Sandy and me, “I want to have a few more beers before bed and I’d rather drink at home than on the bike.”

“Let’s go,” I replied.

“I’m in,” sandy chimed in.

When we got to the bike I reached into the saddlebag and pulled out the collar. With a glance in Sandy’s direction I clicked it into place around my neck. John’s head snapped up. He looked at me, and then glanced at Sandy before looking back at me with that stern masterful look I had come to love. His whole demeanor had changed. He stood up straighter, seemed to get taller as his transformation from loving husband to authoritative Master took place.

“Would you like to join me tonight Sandy?” he said smoothly. “I’d like to use that rain check if you’re in the mood.”

“Hell yeah!” she replied.

“Follow us home then,” he said to her and then turned to me.

There was intensity in his gaze that made me weak in the knees and I felt my pussy gush. I stared back at Him; anxious to see what his first order would be, trembling with excitement. Wanting, needing His direction, His command. He could tell what I needed but He made me wait for it. I wanted to go to Him, touch Him, but I waited. Each moment seemed to stretch out into infinity, heightening my arousal, my need.

“Come to me,” he said.

I rushed to him, opening my arms.

“Stop” he commanded, “Kneel.”

I dropped to my knees looking up into his face, waiting.

“You should have waited until we got home,” he said.

I felt a moment of doubt. What would he do? I could hear others coming our way. Loud voices and crude laughter getting louder and closer.

“Strip” he barked at me, “You can ride home naked.”

I immediately started stripping off my clothes and storing them in the saddlebags as he climbed on and started the bike. I could hear a couple of the men approaching start calling to their friends about a naked chick. I climbed up behind him as Sandy laughed, knowing that they could all see me, my large breasts jiggling with every movement, my pussy on display as I swung my leg over the seat. My face was red with embarrassment but I still enjoyed showing off for my Master. I was so turned on that the rumbling vibration of the Harley had me ready to come as soon as I sat down. The watching men applauded as we rode away.

I had two orgasms on the way home, squirming around on the seat as my desire flamed and cars honked at us and I stroked my husband through his jeans until he slapped my hand away.

“Don’t distract me” he called over his shoulder, “or I’ll have you at Mistress June’s first thing in the morning.”

This threat hardly did anything to cool me down. I briefly considered doing it again just to gain such a punishment but decided to act in the interest of safety and let him concentrate on getting us home alive. We pulled both bikes into the garage and John closed the door. When we got off the bikes and I started to open the saddlebags my Master spoke again.

“Leave it,” he said and pointed to my seat. “You’ve made a mess. Clean it up with your tongue.”

He was right; the seat was covered in my juices. As I bent to start licking it clean he took Sandy by the hand.

“Join us in the bedroom when you’re done,” he said. “Do a good job but don’t keep us waiting.”

I licked every inch of the seat, tasting myself. My Master was getting quite creative. A month ago, being told to do something like this would have resulted in a huge fight. My husband taking another woman to our bedroom would have resulted in a divorce, but here I was licking the evidence of my orgasms off of a leather motorcycle seat. The only problem I had with Him taking her to bed is that I was jealous that I couldn’t be there with them until I was done.

When I finished I raced upstairs to our bedroom. My Master was lying back on the bed naked with my friend Sandy sucking florya escort his cock. She was naked as well, kneeling before him worshiping his cock with her mouth, her shaved pussy and ass on full diplay to my hungry eyes. I approached the bed but he stopped me.

“You can watch from there. Play with yourself,” he said as he put his hand on the back of Sandy’s head, pushing her further down on his cock. “You will not come until I give permission.”

I began fingering my wetness as he pulled Sandy up and positioned her on her hands and knees. She was looking at me and I saw her eyes widen and her mouth form an “O” as he pushed inside her. She threw her head back and started to moan loudly as he pounded her forcefully. Her small, firm breasts rocking back and forth with his thrusts, her nipples hard as diamonds. The scene was so erotic and my hand was a blur as I plunged my fingers into my pussy again and again. The need to cum was overwhelming but I knew I had to hold out, to wait for permission. I was shaking with need, my body spasmming as I kept myself on the brink. It was exquisite torture. Sandy was shaking as well. His thrusts were driving her towards her finish. She was moaning almost continually.

I saw him pull all the way out and slam back in, once, twice, and then three times. On the third thrust he groaned as he filled her with his cum triggering her own screaming orgasm. She collapsed on the bed and rolled over on her back breathing heavily as he pulled out.

“Please,” I begged him. “I need to cum. Please Master!”

“When you have cleaned us both you may cum,” he said looking into my eyes and gauging my need.

I dove for his cock. Still fingering myself furiously I licked up and down the shaft, savoring the taste of his cum mixed with her essence. Sucking his soft cock into my mouth I cleaned him completely before bending down to Sandy’s open legs. I began licking her gently; she was still shuddering through the aftershocks of her massive orgasm.

Picking up the pace I sucked her outer lips into my mouth and then stuck my tongue as far into her open wet hole as I could, scooping out His cum as I swirled my tongue in her. Some of it had leaked down to her crinkled asshole and I swirled my tongue around it as well, catching every drop and making her moan again. He was watching intently and I could see his dick starting to get hard again from the sight. I licked her clean and began sucking her clit as she moaned and started shuddering again, working herself up to another cum.

She clamped her thighs around my head and cried out as she came, flooding my face with her juices. As she held me there shaking I felt my Master drive into me getting his cock lubed in my soaking wet pussy. Then he pulled out and after fingering some lube into my asshole with his fingers he slammed into my ass, stretching me wide and making me scream into the pussy muffling my cries.

“You may cum now,” he said plunging in again.

I came like never before, my body out of control. Sandy climbed off the bed and I collapsed onto my face, shaking all over and He followed me down. I was prone on my front and He plowed my ass over and over. I clenched the sheets in my hands as I screamed into the mattress. My energy was gone. I could barely move as He had His way with my tender hole. He came again, flooding my ass and I came with him and then everything went black.

When I came to I could hear them in the shower. With shaking hands I reached up and removed the collar. I staggered into the bathroom on wobbly legs. John was soaping Sandy up slowly, erotically. She had her head down and her hands against the shower wall moaning softly as he fingered her to another orgasm.

When John saw me he threw back the curtain and stepped out to me, pulling me into his arms and kissing me tenderly. They both helped me into the shower and gently washed me. Their four hands covered every inch of my body with soap, massaging me, loving me. When I was clean John pulled me against him, his hardening cock between my ass cheeks. He slid his cock between my legs and Sandy knelt in front of us pushing my thighs apart. She guided his recharged cock into my pussy and he began to stroke himself in and out of me slowly.

Sandy kissed and licked where our bodies joined, running her tongue over my clit before licking his balls and shaft. When he began to speed his thrusts she sucked my clit into her mouth, biting it gently as I came yet again.

When John said, “I’m coming!” she pulled his member from me and sucked it deep into her mouth. When he finished filling her mouth she stood up and kissed me deeply pushing his load into my mouth. Our tongues danced together sharing his load before we swallowed it down, smiling at each other.

I awoke the next morning with my husband’s morning wood pressing into my back and Sandy’s slender form snuggled in my arms.

To be continued.

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