Friday Night Fucktoy Pt. 01

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I’d just gotten home from my 8 hour shift in the ICU and was bone tired from the week’s work. I was so looking forward to my weekend off, that as soon as I walked into my apartment, I headed straight to the bathroom. A nice hot soak would be just the thing, so I started filling the tub and added some bath oil.

While the tub was filling, I got a half empty bottle of white wine from the fridge and poured myself a healthy slug, then headed back to the bathroom. While the tub was still filling, I sipped my wine and scrolled through my Instagram feed. What a time waster, but still fun!

Once the tub was filled, I stripped out of my clothes and threw them in the hamper, then sighed as I eased my aching body into the delightfully warm water. I leaned back into the tub so that only my head and the tops of my knees were exposed, then continued to scroll through the way too interesting lives of my social circle.

After about 30 minutes just as my muscles felt sufficiently relaxed and the pressures of the day had finally passed, I received a text on my iPhone.

“Hey beautiful, what are your plans for tonight? The wife and kids have headed up to the mountains for a ski weekend, but I’m on call tomorrow so I had to stay at home. Wanna come over?”

It was Michael, the chief critical care doctor at the hospital where I used to work: Tall, dark, handsome and fit. And, unbeknownst to his gorgeous blonde wife, bisexual.

While I did like to play the field, and James was aware of that, he was my favorite fuck and he knew it. He was the only man who I would let ride me bareback because he was married and was exclusive to me.

Although I’d been looking forward to chilling this weekend, this was an opportunity that I could not pass up. One, he spoiled me rotten. Two, he was completely hot. Just thinking about his dark gorgeous looks and his tight bod got me erect in no time. I sat up and I fired off an immediate “I’ll be right over”, then set my phone down.

I settled back into the tub and let my hands wander down to my now rock hard erection. I began stroking my cock and massaging my balls, all the while thinking about him.

We had met about 5 years ago and had begun fooling around shortly afterwards, but I left his hospital so that our little affair would not jeopardize either of our careers. Michael made some calls for me and in no time I had a similar job with slightly higher pay in a hospital across town. He continued to call me after I left and we would hook up whenever he got the chance.

Before I could get carried away, I stopped pleasuring myself and stood up to empty the tub, so that I could get ready for our date night. As the tub was draining, I stepped out to dry myself off, then gave myself two quick enemas to make sure that there would be no issues “down there.” Once done, I got back into the shower and Bomonti Escort washed up. With the water still running, I shaved my scrotum and around my anus, then touched up my pubic hair so that it was just right. Fortunately, since I’m Asian, I have almost no other body hair and what little I had was removed with regular laser treatments. I finished up by shampooing and conditioning my hair, then turned off the shower and stepped out.

I have long, silky, jet black hair which I wear in a ponytail at work. However, Michael likes it best when I let it down, so after I dried my hair, I used a straightening iron to get the silky straight look which drove him wild.

I applied eyeliner, smokey eyeshadow, a little blush and burgundy colored lipstick. Giving myself the once over, I was pleased with my high cheek bones and flawless skin. I definitely was more on the feminine side and often got hit on by unsuspecting men.

I picked out a some cute bikini panties and threw on a slinky kimono wrap dress, then put on my black patent leather stiletto heels. To complete the look I wore a long, thin gold necklace, diamond stud earrings and a chain on my left ankle. I took a brief look in my full length mirror and was satisfied that the outfit was accentuating my lithe and toned figure which had paid off after all those hours in the gym. Happy with what I saw, I grabbed my overnight tote, my phone and car keys, then headed out the door.

It was already dark when I arrived and the front lights were on, so there was a chance that the neighbors would see me. I parked down the street a bit and then walked back to the house and used the side yard gate to get to the backyard. Using the spare key that Michael had made for me, I let myself in. The security system chimed when I opened the door and I heard Michael shout from upstairs, “I’m up in the bedroom watching the Lakers game. Grab us both a drink from the bar and bring it up.”

I went to the bar off of the kitchen and poured 2 fingers of bourbon for Michael. I also grabbed a White Claw from the fridge under the bar for me and poured it into a tumbler, then headed upstairs.

When I got to the bedroom, I leaned up against the door frame and gazed at Michael, who was sitting upright in bed wearing a tight V neck t-shirt and yoga shorts. He looked so good, I wanted to just jump him right then and there, but knew that I’d have to wait until the game was finished. Michael waved me over, never once taking his eyes off of the TV. He patted the bed right next to him, so I handed him his drink, kicked off my heels and sat down on the bed. I slid over next to him and curled my legs off to one side. Michael gave me a quick peck on the lips, clinked his glass with mine and then turned his attention back to the game, which the Lakers were losing well into the 4th period.

He was crazy Bomonti Escort Bayan about the Lakers, so I was used to this. But if the Lakers lost, then his mood would be sullen and the sex would get a bit rough. Now I like rough sex on occasion, but since I was so beat from the hectic week, I was really hoping that they would pull this one off. I snuggled up close to him and began massaging his neck and shoulders, which were quite tense. Soon the Lakers began to turn things around and as the gap narrowed, I could feel Michael loosen up. With only seconds left, Lebron sank a buzzer beating jumper to seal the victory and Michael finally smiled.

As he was watching the postgame interviews, he sipped his whiskey and I snuggled up next to him, nuzzling his neck and gently nibbling his ears. When the interviews finished, Michael switched off the TV, then turned his full attention to me.

“Looks like you were my good luck charm tonight, babe!” Then pointing to the nightstand, he cooed, “I’ve got a little something for you.”

There, on the nightstand was a royal blue velvet box with a pair of pave diamond hoop earrings. “Oh my god, they’re gorgeous!”, I squealed. I quickly replaced my diamond studs with the hoops, then began to coyly model them for him. “Do you like what you see?”

By way of answering, Michael pulled me close to him and kissed me deeply. I parted my lips and he gently probed my mouth with his tongue as I melted into his arms. He then ran one hand down my side and cupped my tight, firm ass, fondling it under my dress.

As our kissing became more passionate, I slid on to my back and Michael rolled on top of me. I could feel his hard-on pressing into mine and I reached down to squeeze it through his shorts. He moaned in response and started grinding against my hand.

Wanting to slow things down, I broke off our kiss and sat up. I pulled off his t-shirt, then gently pushed him back onto the bed. Climbing onto his lap, I began grinding him cowgirl style and his eyes rolled back into his head with pleasure. I did this for about a minute, then undid the tie of my kimono wrap and let it slide off of my shoulders.” What do you think comes next?”, I teased.

He just stared back with hungry anticipation in his eyes as I dismounted him and knelt between his legs. His cock visibly twitched underneath his shorts as I teasingly traced its outline. Suddenly, I grabbed his waistband and pulled his shorts down, releasing his meaty 7″ cock which slapped his abs as it sprang free. Kneeling over him, I grasped the base of his shaft and then began milking up, expressing a fat drop of pre-cum from the tip. I stuck my tongue out and lapped it up, leaving a long string hanging from my lips. I then engulfed his glans and swirled my tongue around it before releasing it and then licking down his shaft to his scrotum. Escort Bomonti Grasping Michael’s cock mid-shaft, I began licking and sucking his cum heavy balls, savoring his musky male scent. Michael’s moaning and squirming let me know that I was hitting the right spots. I then worked my way back up to his glans and then slowly engulfed his entire length. Pausing momentarily to let my throat muscles adjust, I then began to bob up and down on his cock and used my tongue to drive him into a frenzy of ecstasy. Michael then gently grabbed a wad of my hair and pulled me away from his throbbing member.

“Get down on all fours”, he commanded.

I did what I was told and Michael positioned himself right behind me. Suddenly I felt a cool dollop on my anus as he squeezed on some silicone lube. Gently probing my ass with his finger, Michael slowly worked his way in until he was past his second knuckle. After his finger was in, my anal muscles relaxed and he proceeded to finger bang my ass. His in and out action stimulated my prostate and now it was my turn to squirm with pleasure.

Suddenly, without warning, Michael pulled his finger out of my ass and I could feel the mattress shift as he moved in closer behind me. He squirted more lube on his palm and rubbed it onto his cock, then slowly pressed his glans against my anal verge. As he advanced his glans further, my anus experienced a combination of pain and pleasure as it expanded to accommodate his girth.

Holding on to my hips, Michael guided his cock into my ass until its entire length was buried deep within me. Slowly he began to thrust in and out, gradually picking up the pace and the pain was replaced with pure pleasure. Michael then grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back, forcing my shoulders back and my ass up, increasing the friction from his cock on my prostate. The feeling was incredibly intense. After a few more minutes, Michael pulled out completely and told me to lay on my back. He spread my legs and then impaled me again with his cock as my legs rested on his shoulders. As he continued to fuck my ass, I began stroking my cock. Soon I felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm building and cried out, “I’m gonna cum.”

I pointed my cock straight up at Michael and kept pumping as I came in a hot mess over our bellies. As I orgasmed, my ass muscles spasmed in response and it pushed Michael over the edge. He began slowing down to prolong the sensation, then groaned as he shot his hot load deep into my ass.

Exhausted, Michael collapsed on top of me with his still erect cock buried deep within me. As my cum and our sweat commingled on our bodies, we lay there kissing for a few minutes more, then Michael pulled out and rolled onto his back, his chest still heaving from the exertion of our lovemaking. His cock was still rock hard, but gradually became flaccid. I got out of bed and cleaned up in the bathroom, then came back out with a damp washcloth and lovingly cleaned up his abs and gorgeous cock.

Once done, I climbed back into bed and Michael spooned me as we both drifted off into a sound slumber.

Next: Saturday morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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