Friendly Neighborhood Handyman

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Handyman, which was the heading on the fliers I had placed under the wipers of probably 100 cars over the past few weeks. I had been a trained tradesman for my entire adult life, and thus well qualified. I wrote that I was 62 and transitioning into retirement, yet wanting to stay somewhat busy, giving me reason to shower, dress and get out of the house, while earning a few dollars to supplement my pension. I indicated on the flier that while I would do anything for anyone, my primary focus was on helping the handicapped, elderly, single moms, and widows, as they were generally the most in need…making this a “feel good job” that I would find personally rewarding.

I was quite pleasantly surprised that I received several calls for work within a week or so from posting my first flier, as I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hopeful for a good response, since I really didn’t want to stand on a concrete floor, dealing with customers at a Home Depot or Lowes, working nights, weekends and holidays.

My first job was a divorced mother of two. She had a small rancher that had fallen into disrepair. She wasn’t able to keep up with it and couldn’t afford the various contractors necessary to do the work. I replaced a leaking flush valve on her toilet, and replaced a dimmer switch for her dining room light.

When she asked what she owed me, I said $55. She looked stunned and said the contractor had told her it would be $150, which she couldn’t afford. I told her the materials were about $25-$30 in total, and I made about $25 for my labor, it’s not like I did it for free. She said “but you didn’t rape me financially” like the other guy was trying to do.

She gladly gave me the cash, and I got a hug and a kiss as a tip. There’s that feel good part of the job, I think I’m going to like this, I thought.

My second job was a widow. She was maybe 65-70 years old, and her daughter was there visiting (I think she was there as backup in case I was a robber or rapist). She introduced her daughter as Sara. Sara was married, looked to be about 40, and lived just a couple of miles away. She was also quite beautiful with a knockout body and very full, pouty lips.

Anyway, her Mother’s rain gutters were clogged with leaves and twigs. I took care of the rain gutters within 35-40 minutes, and then went back inside. Sara asked how much they owed me. And I told her $20…and a hug and a kiss.

Now, Sara was very beautiful and had a very sexy body, and I was hoping the hug and kiss “tip” might become normal routine for my handyman payments. Sara handed me $20, then wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me. It was a soft, supple kiss, no tongue, but lingering sensuously…and it made me semi-hard. It was then that I realized just how sexy and sensual Sara was. Before I Ankara travesti left I made sure to get a hug and kiss from Sara’s mom too. God, if I was 20 years younger I’d be all over Sara, I thought to myself.

I got a call the next day, it was from Sara. She asked if I only did work for the elderly and widowed, or would I consider doing work for her as well. She said her husband was gone 3 weeks every month for work, and she felt like a widow…if that made any difference.

I laughed and told her I’d be happy to do some work for her. I asked what the problem was, and she told me there’s a leak under the sink in the kitchen. Now I knew I’d have to bring my plumbing tool bag loaded with, hopefully, everything I’d need to make the repairs.

I told her I already had a job at noon tomorrow, would 8 or 9 am be OK? She said fine, she’d see me in the morning.

I arrived about 8:15 and rang the bell. Sara answered the door still dressed in her nighty. I said “oh, sorry, am I too early?”

She told me “don’t be silly, come on in.” She showed me to the kitchen and opened the cabinets under the sink. “See how wet it is down there?” I grinned at the double entendre and thought, I could say something that would get my face slapped.

I sat down with my back to the cabinet as Sara was still standing right in front of me. I had been able to steal glimpses of her breasts and nipples through her sheer nighty, and now I was face to face with her crotch, covered only by a small pair of black panties. Trying to be the gentleman I asked “are you sure you don’t want to change? I can see your black panties through your nighty.”

Her reply stunned me. She said “oh you sweet man, I’m not wearing panties.” I gasped, my mouth dropped open, and I stared at her bush barely hidden by that sheer nighty. She giggled and asked if I WANTED her to change?

I nervously laughed and said “yeah, you could lose the nighty lol.” I lay on my back and slid under the sink to have a look. I asked her to turn on the faucet. She straddled my body and turned the water on. I peeked and could see her labia and ass cheeks, and was getting uncomfortably hard. I was finding it hard to concentrate.

I could feel the drip but couldn’t locate the source, so I asked Sara if she could come down and shine the flashlight up under the sink for me. She proceeded to squat and rest her ass right on my crotch. I looked down and could see her pussy and that triangle of pubic hair I had thought was black panties just a moment ago. Her bush was trimmed, but not the traditional landing strip. It was a big triangle with the bottom point ending just above her clit.

My head was spinning. My cock was so hard that it actually hurt, penned up under my pants as it was. I said “Sara, I’m sorry but I need relief or Konya travesti I’m going to burst.”

She said “here, let me see what I can do.” She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and unzipped me. She slowly opened my jeans and gently pulled my rock hard cock from my pants. She gasped as she held it in her hand. Now I’m not porno big, but I am good sized, between 8-9 inches, although on this day I wouldn’t be surprised if I approached 10 inches. This was maybe the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me.

She started stroking me with both hands. I moaned out loud and succumbed to her ministrations, lost in the erotic moment. As if that wasn’t a highlight in my sexual life, she then leaned forward and took the tip of my cock in her mouth, French kissing it as she teased my head with her tongue. She slowly worked her way down my shaft as she continued to stroke me.

Now, I hadn’t had sex in 3 years and this was getting to me. She continued to suck me hard as she pumped my cock. I was feeling weak, succumbing to the long forgotten feelings of erotic pleasure. My knees grew weak; my heart started beating hard, my chest heaving, a tidal wave growing in my loins. I was so overcome I could barely mouth the words “I’M COMING” as I began to spurt, what felt like gallons, down her throat. I was surprised she could swallow it all.

Sara looked up at me and said “I hope you know we’re not done here.” She started tugging at me, pulling me out from under the sink. I was slowly sliding out while she continued to straddle me. As our crotches met she started rubbing her pussy up and down my shaft. She was very wet, and I was already beginning to feel a stirring in my loins again. She was making my cock act like it was 22 instead of 62.

I began sliding further between her legs so my face was getting closer and closer to her treasure. Inching closer, I could smell her musk. I needed to taste that sweet nectar, so I continued sliding myself further until I was face to face with that furry triangle and those beautiful lips. They looked like a delicate, blossoming rose, damp with the morning dew.

I slid my hands under her and grabbed her ass cheeks, gently forcing her forward until the tip of my tongue lightly touched he clit. She inhaled sharply and I just held my tongue still, barely in contact with that wanton clit. She was trying to move her hips and grind her pussy into my mouth, but I was clutching her ass cheeks and holding her still. She began to moan, then groan, then said “FUCK, FUCK, WOULD YOU FUCKING LICK ME GOD DAMMIT!!” I chose to obey.

I slid down just a bit more and slid my tongue between her lips and got a mouthful of fluid. I think she was just a little bit wet, to say the least. I started moving my tongue from the bottom of her pussy, to the top İzmir travesti where I would linger at her clit and then suck it in between my lips. I continued that slow, deliberate “massage” until her hips started to shake and her moans got louder, and she breathlessly started saying “YES, ugh, ugh, oh fuck, oh fuck, OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING!!”

She was grinding her pussy into my mouth so hard that I couldn’t breathe. I was starting to get scared. I couldn’t take in a breath. Finally she pushed off me saying “stop, stop, stop, OMG, OMG.” She was panting from what appeared to be a massive orgasm. I was panting from finally being able to take a breath. She slid down a little and collapsed forward, resting her head on my chest, and breathlessly said “I’m beginning to like my friendly neighborhood handyman.”

I said “but I haven’t fixed anything yet.” She replied “oh, but you have.”

I was fully hard again and beginning to ache. I needed to be inside her. I reached down and grabbed my cock and began rubbing it up and down between her lips. She started to stir, moving her hips up and down in rhythm with me. She reached down between us, took hold of my cock and placed the tip to her entrance. She slowly lowered herself so that my cock inched its way inside her.

As I began to fill her up, she began sitting more and more upright, pushing her hands against my chest. When I was completely inside her, she just rocked her hips in circles while grinding herself against my pelvis. It felt so good to be hugged by a warm, wet pussy after all these years.

Sara then began to pump her body up and down, riding my shaft almost violently. She seemed as hungry for sex as I was. It’s been about 3 years for me; I wondered how long it’s been for her.

She’s impaling herself on my cock, grunting with each downward thrust, making animalistic sounds as she fucks my cock, riding it like a wild bronco at a rodeo. I feel the burn in my balls, my cock is starting to twitch, and I’m going to cum soon.

I ask Sara if I can cum in her pussy. As she slams into my cock she says “you WILL come in my pussy, and you WON’T cum until I’m ready. I’m close. I’m so close. FUCK ME HANDYMAN!!”

I start pumping for all I’m worth. I’m grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples hard. She’s grunting ugh, ugh, ugh, oh yeah, fuck, ugh, ugh, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

I let go, I can’t hold back any longer. I cum so hard it almost hurt. As soon as she feels me explode inside her, she screams. She pumps my cock as hard as she can as she erupts in orgasm. Her body starts quivering, she’s uttering incoherent words as she’s shaking, and panting. She falls forward and again, her head is on my chest. We’re both trying to catch our breath, our chests heaving against one another.

After we caught out breath, I said “Sara, I’m sorry but I have to get going. I have another appointment at noon. Would you like me to come back tomorrow to finish this job?”

She asked if I had any other appointments tomorrow. I said “no, I’m free all day.”

She said “OK then, I’ll see you at 9.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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