From Fantasy to Reality

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It all started when I wrote a story about a threesome encounter with two men and one woman. I got an email from a guy who said he enjoyed the story, and we got to talking about different aspects of the story and some of our different fantasies. One of the tangents we got on was about the guy on guy interaction in a MMF threesome encounter. While both of us said we weren’t gay, we also both had some thoughts and fantasies about fooling around with another guy. It was mostly about cock fascination – we both shared the urge to touch and play with another man’s cock, but no desires beyond that.

As fate would have it, we only lived a few hours apart, and he frequently traveled to my area on business. So after several months of talking about fantasies, swapping photos, and nervously making plans, the day had finally come. I was going to meet with another to guy to explore some new fantasies.

I nervously knocked on the hotel door and held my breath as I saw the door open up to a guy wearing a nervous smile. We shook hands and shared the typical awkwardness of meeting someone the first time. He was staying in a hotel suite that had a sitting area separate from the bed, and I sat on the couch while he sat in a chair and we had a drink and spent some time easing into a comfortable conversation. We shared some laughs as a drink or two went down, and the mood became more relaxed.

We had discussed our plans in advance, so after a reasonable amount of friendly chatting we both looked over at the bed and then at each other, and nodded. The general plan was that we would strip down and I would give him a massage, and then he would return the favor. And we would just see how things played out after that.

So we moved over to the bed and we watched each other get undressed. I stopped at my boxers, and he stripped down all the way and got down on the bed face down. I put a small towel down over his ass and set to work on the massage, using a bottle of oil he had left on a bedside table.

I had enough experience getting massages that I knew what to do and how to do it. While we wanted the massage to seem “normal” we didn’t have any desire to make it a full deal. It was more about us Merter Escort sharing the experience of touching and caressing another man. I started at his shoulders, alternating deep rubs with softer ones, working my way down his back. I spent a lot of time on his lower back, moving my fingers down to the edge of the towel, and slipping underneath to rub the area where his back curved into his ass. I could hear his appreciation. Then I moved down to work on his legs, starting with his feet and working up over his calves to his thighs. One of my favorite things about a good erotic massage is that there is a lot of teasing as the work progresses. I was careful to take my hands up as far as possible on each thigh without actually touching his balls. My other favorite thing about a good erotic massage is the ass massage part. After a fair amount of teasing from the top and bottom of the towel, I slipped the towel away and set to work on rubbing his ass.

I oiled up my hands and worked one cheek, then the other, pushing his loins down into the bed and then running the backs of my fingers lightly over him. I did let the backs of my fingers drift slowly down and softly graze up against his balls, and I felt him quiver as my own heart fluttered with the contact. I’d never thought of a guy’s ass before, but his seemed pretty nice in shape and firmness.

After an ample amount of ass rubbing, I told him it was time to turn over, and I moved the towel back to cover him as he rolled onto his back. I took my time covering him up, taking the time to admire his semi hard cock. I had seen his pictures, so I knew what to expect, but there is nothing quite like being face to face with your first cock. As I let the small towel drift back over him, I again teased him by having my hands make contact with his groin area, without actually touching his cock.

Then it was back to the massage, starting again on his shoulders. I had put a washcloth over his eyes so I could check out his body as I touched him without feeling self conscious. It was very different, exciting and taboo, to be rubbing a man’s shoulders and chest, rolling my fingers over his nipples, and then moving down to his stomach. Merter Escort Bayan I carefully ran my hands over his abdomen, again coming close to the edge of the towel and even drifting below it, but not yet touching his cock, which was now at attention and pushing the towel up. Knowing how this felt, what he was going through, made it even more erotic for me.

I went down to his legs and worked my way up again from feet to thigh, my hands once again coming painfully close to his cock. I would run my hands all the way up under the towel on either side of his cock, but carefully avoided contact. I could hear, and feel him sigh. On occasion, his hand would brush my cock through my boxers, which added to the arousal for me.

After a sufficient amount of torture, the time had finally come, and I slowly slid the towel away and set it aside. Now I had a full view of the source of my longtime fascination, and I couldn’t help but notice that my mouth was watering looking at his cock. It was so hard and strong, and I studied the head, the veins, and his balls. I was anxious to put my hands all over it, but I again took my time to tease, letting my fingers lightly caress all around his cock without actually touching it. I was glad that he had the washcloth over his eyes, it kept me from being self conscious as I checked his cock out from several different angles, and close up as well. Finally, I allowed my oily fingers to slide around him and for the first time ever felt the soft skin and the hard base of a man’s cock. Again, knowing how it felt made it all the more erotic, as I looked on in fascination as my hands caressed his cock and balls. I could feel his body react, and knowing a thing or two about arousal, I moved his cock so that it was angled downwards toward his feet. I wanted him to be aroused, but I didn’t want him to come to soon, so I moved my hands around carefully, alternating between sensitive and less than sensitive areas, taking breaks to caress his balls if he seemed to be getting too aroused. All the while, my eyes never left his cock, and I was again amazed that my mouth was watering. I had come this far with the fantasy, there was no way I could stop Escort Merter now.

I leaned forward and licked his cock, the side, the top, the back, the front. So many times I had been on the receiving end of this, I knew how and where to do it. I lapped at him hungrily, because my mouth ached to have him, and when I felt his warm cock in my mouth I realized it was going to surpass my fantasies. I took him all the way into my mouth and massaged him with my tongue, then moved my watering mouth up and down on him as I tasted the oil and flesh. The feeling of him in my mouth was overwhelming, and I couldn’t stop myself from sucking and licking and moaning as I pleasured him. And it didn’t take long before I sensed a familiar result, just a result that I was going to be on a different end of. His cock grew huge in my mouth and I heard him gasp, and then my mouth was being filled with a warm, sticky fluid. I managed to take down my first load and actually decided it wasn’t too bad. Damn those college girlfriends who complained!

I let him come down slowly as I lightly licked him clean and fondled his balls. He took the washcloth off his eyes and smiled his appreciation down on me.

After a while, we changed positions, and it was my turn to be the one pleasured. I’m going to save some time and just say it went down pretty much exactly the same way, and it was an equally amazing experience to be the one on the receiving end of things. He was fully naked on the bed while he was giving me my massage, so I had the added benefit of fondling his cock while he was stroking and going down on me. By the time I lost my load he had become aroused again, and I was watching my hand on his cock as I exploded in orgasm.

After our massages, we sat back and relaxed on the bed, still naked and satisfied. Eventually we ended up getting aroused again (there may have been some porn involved) and we worked our way into a passionate 69. We sucked and licked each other until we both came a second time, and I took my second load ever like a champ.

After we finished, we hung out for a while, had some laughs, and then I got dressed. At the hotel door, we shook hands and had another good laugh, and then I was gone. It struck me that after all that, we didn’t even share a hug. It was a purely experimental exploration of something new. It was fun, hot and satisfying, and worth doing, but not sure I would ever do it again.

Unless, of course, he comes back into town again.

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