Fuck Your Trans Daughter

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Dear Daddy,

I know I’ve been a bad girl lately, sleeping around with boys from college and I know you can hear upstairs as they slam into me in your sweet little girl’s childhood bedroom. The truth is though I’ve been just releasing my desires for you through draining their balls. They don’t compare to your patriarchal testicles, dad.

Your cock is so incredibly beautiful daddy. I’ve been watching you in the shower. Its head glistens with cock sweat, a scent that gets into my brain and makes me lose control. Your cock scent fucks my brain daddy, you penetrate my fucking brains with that cock. How does your daughter’s little brain cunt feel daddy, bent to your every will and desire, like a fucking pound of flesh to cum in, your little girl with her little cock showering in your semen, her nipples growing by the day, and her little clit hanging down endlessly aroused and spasming by the cyclical rhythm of your daily expulsions of cum, your cock exploding in her tiny little ass hole and quivering ass flesh, and then your balls slowly regenerating from loose sacks of empty wrinkled skin that I would tickle with my tongue and drape across my face for you, to tighter and colder masses of fatherly lust that I would shape with my palm and try to take in my mouth, to coax the cum closer to my still gaping daughter fuck hole.

I’m Betturkey already prepared for you daddy. I sometimes give you a bitchy look like I know better than my father what’s better for me, but secretly my little pink hole has been prepped in my bedroom for you happening upon it, and I walk a little spread legged so that you can catch a whiff of your daughter’s little shit hole wandering through the house. Deep down, in my belly, I know you know what is best for my little slut body.

I can’t wait to come home to you. Your cock is so beautiful that I’m literally flushed writing this right now. Like my little asshole is sweating through my panties daddy. I’m sitting at school around all these boring girls and boys who don’t know the intimacy of a daughter and a father’s scents mixing as their genitals rub against each other over and over again, the orgy of family flesh. these stupid sluts are boringly getting fucked missionary by flaccid college cocks, while I’m about to be crouched down on the patriarch’s cock, smiling sweetly as you fill my little girl pussy with the filthiness of the father, slamming up my shit hole like it’s attempting to turn me inside out.

I’m so hot for you daddy, please fuck the human out of me, make me your animal.

Not interested in your daughter’s slit? Betturkey Giriş Just image how it will feel to have your daughter’s little cunt curling around the very head of your fat cock, her pink wrinkles of ass flesh suctioning on the tip of your cock, draining you already of your precum, and her then sliding you deeper and deeper inside of her body, reaching too far into her very stomach, your cock becoming a significant organ inside her small little body, spasming and working inside there to stimulate her brain, and give her the fluids in your semen that her cum-addled body has come to rely on.

How will it feel when her pale ass cheeks sink down till they rest on your aching balls, the cool feel of her young flesh resting peacefully on your stinking, hairy cum-full balls, her looking at you slightly dazed by the massive veiny cock pulsating halfway into her body, her asshole sweating with nervousness in expanding to its max to accommodate the adult penis, her little rosebud breasts slightly leaking with the tension.

I’m worried about fucking you actually. I think you might stunt my adult growth by fucking me. People would probably say it was wrong but they also wonder why college girls can be so bitchy. They just never were tamed like your cock will tame me. I know my first orgasm Betturkey Güncel Giriş will come with my pale pink clit dribbling out liquid as my ass flesh tenses around your fat cock.

I will realize the beauty of a father daughter relationship that day, how I will always need your fat stinking cock deep in my belly to feel like a real daughter. You will show me new parts of my body, with gross names, but oh the pleasure they will give. The pleasure of the pink rings of my butt hole, the extending depths of my pussy, will make my brain sink deep into my bowels, I will feel controlled by this heat in my midsection that stifles any human thoughts until I’m planted on your cock, spiraling out into my body like a tree, reaching into my every limb, and turning my whole body into a shivering mound of ass flesh.

In these moments, a breeze will tease my breasts, I will return to a childhood state of eternal orgasm, I will feel true beauty mixed with the suffocating smell of your balls, sweat, my ass flesh turning inside out as you piston into me like a machine. I will dribble out cum onto the bed, sobbing in ecstasy as you finish with me, defiling your daughter, hammering deeper and deeper till you can impregnate me, one little seed that could soak into my womb.

X-rays at hospitals will show all my very insides are bent in the exact shape of your cock, that my brain tissue gets wet like a vagina, that cum was leaking out of my eye lids, that your seed was expanding in my belly—the world would know of what I want with you. Daddy when I speak I want your cum to gurgle out of my stomach.


Your Daughter

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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