Fucked Over

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Daddys Girly

Jay and Brianna had known each other forever. They were sweethearts all throughout high school and now mid-way through college they were going to get married.

Brianna wanted to have the wedding in Houston, Texas. There was just something so erotic about Houston that really turned her on whenever she visited so she wanted to have the wedding there. Jay agreed so the lovely couple made the trip from New York down to the Lone Star State. Little did they know that before all was said and done, it would come to be known as the Porn Star State, at least for them anyways.

Each took a long, two week road trip down to Texas. Jay went with his buddies while Brianna went with her girlfriends.

Although Jay loved Brianna very much, he was scared from the day he proposed that he might not be able to stay loyal to just one girl. And he was right.

Jay got down to Houston about a week early for the wedding. He came down with Jon, Scott, Rick, and Vin. Although the event started out innocently enough, there was underlying turmoil hidden beneath the surface.

Jon secretly hated Jay. For the longest time they had been best friends but ever since Jay won Brianna over Jon, Jon had despised Jay but never let him know that. But Jay sought out revenge and this wedding in Texas was his best shot.

Rick, Scott and Vin also were jealous of Jay and offered to help Jon out in his endeavor.

“We’re behind you, Jon. What’s your plan?” asked Scott.

With a sly grin, Jon laid out his plans. They all thought it was brilliant and all were committed.

That first night in Texas, the plans were underway.

“So, Jay, this is your last week of freedom. And we are determined to make the most of it. We are going to the hottest club in town and you are going to get laid, my friend,” Jon said.

“No, man. I’m not going to cheat on Brianna.”

“Come on. Deep down, you know you want to.”

After thinking for a second Jay opted to go.

“Excellent. Now lets go find our rooms.”

The five guys arrived at the hotel and went up to their rooms to unpack. After they were finished, Jay was exhausted.

“Oh man, I am beat. I think I’m going to take a little nap here. Why don’t you guys go down to the lobby and have lunch or something,” Jay said.

“Yeah, you’re right. You need to rest up for tonight anyway. We’ll leave you alone. Peace.”

“Thanks guys. Oh yeah. Would you mind slipping the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the door for me?”

“No problem, buddy,” Jon said with assurance.

The four guys walked out the door and Jon turned the sign around so that the sign asked for a room cleaning. Jon smirked.

“Phase one is underway, gentlemen.”

“What do you mean, Jon? What are you doing?” Vin asked.

“You’ll see.”

After about half an hour of sleep, Jay was completely out of it. And the maid had made it to his room and saw the sign on the door. She sneaked in and saw Jay lying down on the bed. With an excited grin on her face she walked up to Jay and began undressing him. Jay was a heavy sleeper and didn’t notice a thing. The maid was able to strip Jay completely naked. She got down on her knees and began to jerk off Jay and suck on the head of his cock. She got it up rather quickly and sucked with abandon. Jay just continued to sleep and had no idea that the maid was acting completely slutty and sucking him off. After several minutes Jay was ready to cum (still asleep). The maid noticed this and pulled back. Jay shot wads of cum onto her face and the maid groaned in delight. The maid then proceeded escort bayan to stare into the video camera set up by the window. It was zoomed in on Jay’s crotch area where her head was. She gave a lustful stare with cum all over her face and then she took one last long lick at Jay’s cock. She got up, turned the camera off, ate the yummy cum off of her face and then left. Jay remained on his bed, naked, remnants of cum left on his dick and the entire scene caught on tape.

When Jay got up about an hour later he noticed he was naked and dried up cum was on his dick. He was very, very confused. After thinking for a second he realized that Brianna must have just arrived and snuck into his room while he was asleep and sucked him off. Jay just smiled, took a shower and got dressed. Soon the guys got back.

“Hey are you ready to go man?” Scott asked.

“Yeah man. Let’s go!”

After driving for an hour throughout the downtown Houston area, the guys found themselves a hot club. It was called the Hot Spot.

“Okay, gentlemen. This is our stop,” Jon said.

The guys parked and walked inside where loud, hard pumping music blasted and neon lights roamed around the joint. Hot women were everywhere and Jon knew he had found the right place.

“Jay, just to let you know, I saw Brianna down in the lobby while you were asleep. She just arrived with the girls. And she told me to tell you that she wants you to get with a girl tonight. She said that it would really turn her on,” Jon lied to Jay.

“What? Are you serious?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well then, I guess it’s time to get to work then!”

“Let me lead the way, my friend.”

Jon did his best to find the perfect chick for Jay, or at least pretend to find. Jon’s plan was already off to a great start. He had everything so well planned out. He had already hired a chick to fuck Jay.

After walking around for awhile Jon found her.

“Hey there, babe. What’s your name?” Jon asked.

“Hi, I’m Holly. And your name is?”

“I’m Jon. And this here is my friend, Jay. Jay’s been kind of lonely lately so I was hoping to find someone for him.”

“No wait, that’s not…”

“If you could take him off my hands for a few hours that would be great,” Jon interrupted.

“Well, it would be my pleasure, honey!”

Jay began to think that this was turning out pretty damn good. He is in a hot dance club and he has the chance to fuck a hot, Texan chick. She had silky, brown hair with blonde hilights. She was wearing a cute cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots, a red tanktop, and a tight, black miniskirt that showed off plenty of her lucious thighs.

After a couple of hours the two got to know each other. As each minute passed they also got more and more attracted to each other until neither could take it anymore. Holly’s friend owned the joint and Holly mentioned that she has her own room in the back. The two decided to go in there. Once they shut the door, the two started kissing like crazy until Holly decided to run into the bathroom and freshen up. After several minutes Jay couldn’t take it anymore and opened the door. Inside was Holly, still fully clothed and waiting for Jay.

“I thought you’d never come.”

“Oh I’m going to come alright!”

“Oh yes, you are.”

With that, Holly turned around, bent over, and lifted her tight skirt over her ass, revealing a lacy, white thong. She then pulled down her thong to the floor and Jay got down on his knees and shoved his face into Holly’s sweet, rounded ass. He opened up her cheeks and licked tuzla genç escort her Texas asshole and moved down to her hot pussy and ate that up, too. He thought he had enough until Holly turned around, got on her knees, pulled down Jay’s pants and boxers, and proceeded to suck the life out of Jay. She sucked his cock for all she was worth, hollowing out her cheeks. Jay looked down and couldn’t believe the sight. Holly’s hot face, bobbing up and down on his cock, worshipping him while his bride to be was probably back in the hotel room, fingering herself thinking of what he was doing. Life could not be greater for him. That is until Holly pulled off and let Jay cream her hot face and then her tan, busty titties.

“Oh, oh baby,” Holly groaned.

She couldn’t get enough of Jay’s cock.

“I want it in my ass now, babe. Fuck my hot, round ass.”

Holly turned around again and opened up her ass cheeks. Jay lubed up his cock with the remaining cum from her head giving and shoved his dick in her tight asshole. After that, Jay got to fuck Holly’s double D, gigantic jugs. They were absoutely perfect. All of these sexual exhibitions were once again caught on tape as a camera was stationed in the corner of the ceiling.

The next day, a day before the wedding, Jon sought out Brianna to tell her about Jay’s actions.

“Brianna, I’m sorry but I need to tell you something. Jay’s been cheating on you.”


“I did my best to talk him out of it. I asked him how he could hurt you like that. He just told me to go fuck off.”

Brianna was stunned.

“Look I’m sure you don’t believe me but unfortunately, it’s all on tape for you to see for yourself. Jay’s sick. Coming down here decided he wanted to make a wedding adventure porno that he was going to get developed. He would have two final escapades as a bachelor and then his final conquest was going to be your honeymoon. I swiped the tape away from him when he wasn’t around.”

Jon put the tape on and Brianna witnessed the horror. The sight of a hot, busty maid sucking Jay’s cock while he was asleep. The footage of him eating the hot Texas girl’s ass and pussy, her giving him head, and him fucking her in the ass. Brianna couldn’t say anything. She was ready to faint.

“It’s okay, I’m here for you, baby.”

Brianna leaned on Jon and hugged him tight.

“So should I go tell him the wedding is off?”

“No!” she said crying.


“I think I have a plan to get back at that cheating bastard and it involves going through with the wedding. And if all goes according to plan, you will be the beneficiary of it, baby,” Brianna said in a slutty tone as she grabbed a handful of Jon’s junk.


The wedding was a beautiful ceremony. During the after party, Jon slipped a sleeping pill into Jay’s drink. A little bit later Jay and Brianna got in a limo and drove away to go on their honeymoon.

“I can’t wait for this, baby. This is going to change your life!” Brianna said.

“Yeah. It will be great. I get to fuck…”

Jay dropped to the floor. The pill worked.

“He’s out, baby. Let’s go,” Brianna said to Jon who was driving the limo.

When Jay woke up he found himself with his wrists tied together, hanging from the ceiling of a very skanky, sleazy hotel room. He was stripped of all of his clothing except for a bow tie around his neck.

“Hey baby. You look a littl uncomfortable there. Jon’s a little upset with you. That’s why you’re tied up. He wants to beat the shit out of you. I tuzla kendi evi olan escort don’t know why though,” Brianna said.

“Untie me, baby.”

“As you wish.”

Brianna walked around Jay pretending to untie him until she dropped down and swung her arm between Jay’s naked legs and struck Jay’s balls.

Jay gasped for air and Vin, Scott, Rick, and Jon appeared out of the bathroom. As Scott got behind the camera, Rick and Vin began to lay into Jay, attempting to beat the living shit out of him.

“So how does it feel, asshole? It’s not so great to cheat on your wife to be anymore. How could you cheat on me? I thought I knew you!”

Jay could barely comprehend as he was getting fucked up pretty badly. He managed to tell Brianna that he didn’t know what she was talking about. She mentioned the two escapades.

“But I thought that was you sucking me off while I was asleep and with the other thing, Jon said that…”

Jay was cut off as Jon stepped in and threw a hard punch to Jay’s gut.

“And so you want to finish off your wedding adventure porno now? Because I know I am.”

With that, Brianna put a chair in front of Jay. She stepped on it, bent over and managed to lift her wedding dress over her ass where a lacy white thong was showing. A familiar sight to Jay. Brianna pulled it down and begged Jay to eat her ass and pussy. Jay leaned in, ready to eat her out, and Brianna farted in his face. All the guys began laughing out loud.

“You stupid fuck. You thought I was going to let you eat me out after everything you’ve done? Did you think I was going to suck that mediocre cock of yours? Fuck you!”

Brianna slapped Jay hard across his face. And Vin and Rick continued their assault on Jay’s tight, beaten, sweaty body.

“Well I’ve got the perfect ending or “climax” if you will, to your porno. I am offering my services to the one guy who makes me feel good about myself. My one true love…Jon! I am volunteering to be his cock pig slut!”

With that Brianna proceeded to rip off Jon’s clothes. She got on her knees and sucked Jon voraciously. She sucked like she really meant it. Jon’s cock hung like a horse and Brianna got it up in a hurry. She really worked over his cock in perfect view of Jay. After this exhibition went on for nearly an hour Jon finally came on Brianna’s slutty face, shooting wads and wads and wads of cum all over her face. His dick was like a cum geyser and she loved it so much. After he was done, she couldn’t help herself and tried to keep sucking. Jon had to practically pull her off. Jon slapped her in the face.

“Haven’t you had enough, slut?”

“No! But now I want to eat your yummy ass. I want to worship your Hercules type body!”

“Get back there, bitch!”

He slapped her again. Brianna crawled on her hands and knees around Jon and began to eat out Jon’s ass. Jon looked Jay straight in the eyes and laughed at him out loud as Brianna slipped her tongue in his asshole begging for his rectum.

The entire scene was recorded on tape. Jon was ready to put it all together and send it off to print.

Jon was ready to put the final nail in Jay’s coffin.

“Game, set, match, asshole!”

Several weeks later Jay was walking by a quickie mart, roaming around the parking lot when he heard a groaning noise. He walked up to a rather hot car and peeped in the window and there was Jon, sitting in the driver’s seat, pants dropped down, head thrown back and Brianna’s head in his lap. She was sucking his cock with abandon, bobbing her head up and down, jerking him off, getting so deep in his crotch she made her way to his balls and gave him some massive massive brain. She moved back to his cocked until she pulled back and he creamed her slutty, face. She looked up at Jay and gave him a wicked, evil smile with cum dripping off her slutty face.


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