Full-On Devotion

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Dominic’s journal, April 29

‘*For the love of Jaden*

I’m writing this, solely because I need to express myself. Yes, I know it looks stupid. This is how I manage living on a lie.

But how can I express all the feelings I have for him? All the lust, all the fantasies, the pleas, the demands… We have been together all our lives and we have shared a home, a room, a bed. I have given him myself and he has done the same for me. My brother, my friend, my lover – he is everything I need. We’ve broken more taboos than I believed we could, and still, we are unpunished. Glad that only the two of us share our secret, I remain wondering where next our lust could lead us.

But I can’t expand on that just yet. I know he reads these sometimes, so I won’t give out any secrets. Any surprises.

It’s obvious that I adore him, but where do I start? Oh, the pressure. But it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’ll just write what comes to mind.

What I love the most about him? Well… I won’t be vulgar this early, nor too explicit (because my hand’s already busy), so I’ll safely say – his eyes.

A lucky coincidence has given Jade’s eyes the lovely exotic color of his name. It is the special mixture of green and a spark of hazel that strikes my arousal perfectly, much like the rest of him. It’s such a shame that the same genes left me with some plain run-of-the-mill brown eyes, apparently left over by father. Yes I admit, sometimes I do get jealous of him, but that’s understandable. Jaden’s the older and the hotter one after all… and the bigger one, though that’s debatable.

Clearly, he’s the looker in the family, though he constantly assures me I’m not that bad. I’m convinced he only does it to boost my ego, and I do return the favor regardless of how enormous his self-esteem gets. The thing is – he’s actually good at most of the things he does, he deserves to get some slack. It does no harm – Jaden is just as loving and protective of me no matter how entitled he feels to my ass.

A random top would never treat me the way he does. I know he’d never hurt me, it never even passes through his mind. There is that perfect trust, that bond, the shared upbringing from the very beginning. With him I can be myself, I can give everything I’ve got and it will be enough. I can freely beg to be had, to be mercilessly fucked, and he would never take advantage of me, even if he doesn’t love me. I can submit, I can be at my lowest, my most exposed state of being and he’ll do for me whatever I need to have done. Because lovers or not, we’re always going to be there for each other. Nothing can change that, not even separation. We’re still brothers.’

“Brothers?” Jaden smirked by my side, peeking on what I typed. “Oh, Nickie, you quit being my brother when we fucked so hot that second night.”

“The second?” I smiled as I wondered, “What about the first one?” He caressed my cheek and brushed his forehead into mine.

“Well, for a special guy like you coming once is a disgrace, I had to have you twice!”

“Weren’t finished, were you?” I chuckled, “Sure you weren’t, you were so fired up you lasted like three minutes in my ass!”

“Best three minutes of my life,” Jade took pride. “Best ass I ever had.”

“Yeah, right. We were so hot, I lasted only two!” We both submitted to the laughter that was smothering us.

“And you call me premature, fuck you!”

I played along, “Sure, when? Should I bring the paddle and the duct tape?”

“God, you kinky son of a whip!” he smacked my face playfully. “And of all people they named you Dominic. Phah! Go figure.”

“Just be glad they didn’t name me Angel, you’d be blowing someone Zeytinburnu Escort else.”

“No, I’d be tickling you to death!” he sampled, sneaking in on me, “Imagine all the itchy places a feather can reach…”

“Hey, that’s not such a bad idea!”

“Calm down, I don’t have time for that when I have you naked all for myself.”

“Good point.”

“Speaking of which…”

“Is mother gone?” I hoped. “Please tell me her boss didn’t cancel the dinner this time.”

“No, no, relax. I just came in to tell you. She’s gone alright; we have the entire evening to ourselves.”

I kissed his lips, relieved and daring: “Finally!”


We stormed into our room. Alone at last, we rushed to have each other, to act on the desires we’d fantasized about when others impaired our freedom to lust and love. Behind closed doors, locked up and safe, my brother and I had no intention of straying away anymore.

I submitted into his embrace, his lips, his caresses – rough, swift and passionate. I gave him all of myself to play with. There was nothing like the feeling of Jaden’s lips on my own, on my skin, on my cock, on my hole. Just thinking about what would follow, I held on to him harder and gave him the hottest kisses I could manage.

He was hardening instantly and rubbed against me the massive length and thickness of his arousal. I handled it, sensing the rapid pulse of his lust. Jaden slid off his t-shirt, baring his gorgeous chest for me to adore. The rest of his clothes swiftly followed, stripped by four eager hands.

I went on to undress myself next, although severely distracted. Answering his harsh kisses, I then felt them flow down my neck, my pec as he unbuttoned my shirt. Jaden let his magic tongue pleasure me. He was so enflamed I feared he’d eat me whole. I couldn’t wait.

“Fuck me,” I moaned, sliding off my shirt by the collar. I was so unbelievably eager to have his cock, his eight-inch hardness that I worshiped, deep inside of me. I couldn’t settle for taking it in my mouth or stroking it, no – I wanted it fucking me as soon as humanly possible.

Jaden knew exactly what I was asking from him and, god, he knew how to give it to me! So often I craved to feel his cock thrusting into me, filling me up, driving me mad. Like he was meant for me – the perfect key for a lock, I was able to come just from him fucking me whenever Jaden really had me on. How could I not love him?

Each night we couldn’t devote to one another I let him know just how much I enjoyed his cock and how desperately I wanted him to fuck me. It turned him on so. Too many nights had passed this way. I didn’t care if he would rip me apart, hurt me, butcher me – the pain of him was the essence of my pleasure.

Jaden lowered me onto the bed, proceeding to worship my body insatiably, to satisfy his urges. I slid off the remains of my clothing while he deliberately stroked himself to get hard enough for me. His naked body aroused me as my gaze toured from his loving face down his neck, his broad and meaty pecs, the sculpted monolith of his torso, his hardening cock enlarging even more – so hot, so big, untreated. I licked my lips, fixating on it – I loved it – uncut and pulsing hard in his grasp, its tasty purple head peeking in and out, two engorged veins encompassing the firm shaft… God, I was almost drooling. His smooth tip already emitted a hot flow of transparent juices as Jaden stared down at me, scanning my body even more lustfully than I did his.

My own cock had stiffened to immense proportions just by watching him, and it clung up to my stomach. I slid my hand over it and further, past it, teasing my taint for both him Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan and I to enjoy. Jaden groaned sincerely, biting a lip in anticipation and ready for it. Failing to resist me, he lowered himself to heed to my erection, and I was damn glad for it. He outright buried his face in my cock.

I reminded myself we had a lot to do and pulled out the drawer of my nightstand, blindly reaching for the lube. He sucked me well, but I knew better. I lubed up my hands and whispered to him:

“Get over here.”

Jaden smiled at me, teased a last slurp of my tip and then let go of my body, only to climb over it. I eagerly grabbed his cock, stroking it all over. My brother panted at this delight as I reminded him my hands work wonders. His fingers, in turn, returned down my length to fondle my soon-to-be pierced hole. Jade felt so good in my slippery grip that we couldn’t wait anymore.

“Say it, Nick,” he ordered me, my voice – his turn-on, “Tell me, beg me.” I was panting.

“I want you to fuck me, brother! I want you to impale me on your cock and… Aa-aahhh… and make me scream out to the whole damn world how much I love it!”

“Oh yea?”

“Yes! I need you to fuck me, Jade! It’s been so long. I need it! Please!”

“Urrghhh…” he roared and pulled himself out of my hands. Hastily, I pushed a pillow below my waist as I lifted up my ass ready for him. I held on to my knees and enjoyed the sight of Jaden heading to fulfill my deepest desires.

He pushed up against my tightened hole, guiding his cock up and down to lube me up. It wouldn’t budge. I sighed, pre-tasting now the way that generous girth would penetrate me. It felt so fucking good having him against my hole, but I wanted all of him. Call it greed, I call it necessity!

“Do it, Jade!” I yelled through clenched with arousal teeth. He did.

I moaned wholeheartedly as I felt the big head of his bare cock break into me. In my unseasoned ass it felt massive, stretching me out, and I had the frown to show it. Yes, it hurt! It hurt so good!

“So tight,” he said, “I’ll take it slow.”

“NO!” I reached out to his chest as if to make him listen; prevent him from being so kind with me. “I can take it, I can love it – FUCK ME!”

After the tormenting glide of his tip it was going much smoother. He arched my leg along his chest and kissed the side of my ankle as he gave it to me. A sight worth beholding. Jade took his time piercing me so that I could savor the length of every inch of him slide in my hungry hole. Amazing, just shatteringly good! My fists grit the sheets, I yanked my head back and groaned away.

I sounded as if he was slaughtering me. It was well worth the pain. He had me brass and dying for it the second I had it all.

“You holding up?”

“Fuck yes! I love it.”

“You feel so good.”

“Your cock’s amazing!”

“Still want it hard?”

“You make me want it!”

And after that my words devolved to moans. He lowered himself above me and kissed my neck, my lips as he slid his massive tool back and forth again. It was a much needed initiation. I embraced him and clenched my arms on either side of his broad back, kissing him back whenever I held off a groan. Jaden looked so beautiful, so hot when he had me. I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling on the soft black strands upon every thrust. He whimpered for me, savoring the feel of my tightness.

I sensed it was about to get especially good.

“Enough romance,” I plead, “Give it to me, Jade!”

Jaden kissed me passionately one last time, so heavenly I never wanted him to stop. That was his sign that he had hell prepared for me.

He Escort Zeytinburnu got up, steadying himself to wreck me. His gorgeous body outstretched and glistened in ecstatic perspiration. In no time I felt him back, impaling me, as rough as he could let himself be. I bit my fist and still let out a sincere scream. With the force of his lust he felt even more tenacious and menacing than I had dreamed of! Fuck, he was going to ram me! The instant he tugged on me, I knew I was screwed.

God, I love him!

As he pushed into me the whole length of his cock, I ran the grip on mine mercilessly. I smashed it so hard it was turning red. My mouth stood gaping as I took Jaden’s hard, leaping thrusts, each one stressing my jaw and giving me the urge to shout. He slammed into me, just as I had begged so desperately, and the ecstatic feeling of him, Jade, my gorgeous brother pounding my precious ass with his thick eight-inch pole was too overwhelming to comprehend. My voice was loud and vulnerably high, moaning, screaming, stuttering, as I yelled out his name and begged in my endless chant:

“…fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… Aaahhhhh! Oh, Jade… so good… Oh god, YES! M-m-mphhh… Jade! Harder! YESSS!”

I almost couldn’t feel my ass, though the fullness of my hole was immense. Jaden seemed to dig himself deeper and deeper with every thrust. Even that he could do as smoothly as possible, yet I agonized in the pain of him fused with pure ecstasy. I had lost myself to the friction, numb to whatever pain I caused myself by jacking too hard. Hard enough that he felt the need to stop me from doing harm.

“Don’t stress yourself. It’s gonna be a while – I promise!”

“I wanna be hard for you, babe,” I plead, “…all the way. Just keep going!”

His cock fit me perfectly, grinding against my gland with its godly texture. I savored the tension, the electricity that ran through me each time he pierced the right spot, and after just a few thrusts he managed striking it unmistakably. Oh god! My mind went blank, I didn’t know anymore. It was… too much! I grit my teeth, sensing my toes curl, my muscles tense, my length load fatally. God, I was going to burst! Too close! Too soon!

My whole body shifted by the force of his movement, my grip on my cock strangling it, my other hand holding on to his neck. My nails clawed into his skin as I neared it. I barely resisted. He was so hot, so fucking hot and I convulsed frantically by the thrusts of his massive cock inside me.

“Cum for me, Jade!” I screamed. My tightness had tortured him all along and yet he kept up so selflessly. He was just as close, I knew it.

“Yes-s-s!” he groaned, quickening the pace and I couldn’t hold off anymore.

The seed bubbled up my shaft and I exploded in one strong shot, across my chest, followed by three or four lesser sprays as I drained myself dry. Jaden shoved himself into me powerfully, clenching eyes and arching his head back, and his scream of pleasure merged with mine. He filled me up with his hot juices, splashing deep inside of me as my muscles contracted for him, and I rejoiced in the feeling of his release.

I couldn’t bring myself out from my climax, my heart stormed and my breaths were the death of me. I didn’t sense what was happening, how long did it last. None of it mattered.

Jaden collapsed beside me, exhausted and satisfied, but surely not as much as me. I was completely wrecked, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t say anything. He’d just shattered my world. I was going to be sore for weeks. Not that we’d get the chance for some action sooner anyway. We make up for it pretty well, don’t we?

I remained pressed into his trembling body and he licked me all up and kissed me, as hungrily as he had done before.

“We’re never gonna last this way, Nick. Quit being this hot, or… I don’t even know! It’s not even nine o’clock, for god’s sake.”

I murmured something indistinguishable, panting.

“Up for another round?” He had to be kidding me.

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