Fun Down Under Ch. 02

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After catching John and his girlfriend Jayne in a little extracurricular behind his wife’s back, I knew I had the old boy in a spot. I’m not really a bloke that would ordinarily take advantage of another man’s bad fortune but this fella’ seemed to enjoy my having my way with him. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind that the chap was “bi” the way he sucked my cock and took my dick up his ass. I also knew he was a wild fucker when I saw the strapon his girlfriend was wearing and knew neither one of them was what you might call vanilla.

When I told him I promised not to say anything to his old lady if he’d set me up with the girlfriend, he didn’t blink. After getting the measurements for his kitchen and outside deck, I was ready to get one of my crews over to his house the following Thursday. I figured I could get my men on the job, supervise a bit, and then get a little from this Jayne chick before anyone even noticed I was gone.

When I arrived that morning, I set my guys up having them dig and lay in the posts for the deck. I knew it would take the better part of the morning and perhaps early afternoon to get the framing in, giving me plenty of time for my new friends. I told the boys I’d be back in a jiff as I needed to chat with the owner about what we were doing next to the improvements in the kitchen.

To say I was anxious at getting a piece of Jayne was an understatement. I’d been through a pretty rough divorce and I’m not really one for the dating scene. A few of my friends had tried to set me up but all these women seemed to be interested in was starting up a relationship. I was really excited at just getting a little without worrying about where it was all headed.

I let myself in when I saw John rambling around in the kitchen. He looked a tad nervous and told me that Jayne was back in the bedroom. John did say she wasn’t being a trooper about the whole thing and rather put out about it all.

I had hoped this chick was going to be a willing participant. The last thing I wanted was some bitchy ‘Shelia’ giving me hell. I figured what the fuck and decided to at least check out the situation before I threw in the towel, chalk it all up to a fun time, and jump back on the job.

When I entered the bedroom, Jayne was sitting on the bed, her back against the headboard, her jaw set and green eyes focused on me as I walked in. She looked a great deal different than the last time we encountered each other in the kitchen with the strapon hanging from her nude body. This time she had on blue jeans and a tight black top. She had long strawberry blonde hair that had strands or tints of red throughout. She appeared to be in her early twenties and was a complete knockout.

“We didn’t have a chance last time to meet, I’m Ted,” trying to ease the definite tension in the room. John had come in behind me and sat in a chair on the other side of the bedroom. I wondered just what he had conveyed to her about why she was here or perhaps what we had done last week. At any rate, he genuinely seemed a hell of a lot more nervous about the thing than I did.

“Look,” I said trying to thaw the icy stare she had, “I didn’t ask John to get us together to do anything you don’t want to do…” I began before she cut in.

“Really? Threatening to go to his wife if I didn’t have sex with you, that’s your idea of consensual sex?” she rattled off, her face turning a little crimson.

“Hold on missy,” I began. “I might have said that but I would have never done it. I’m not into blackmail or anything. Not my thing. Hell, he didn’t think twice about going down on my ‘Johnson’, took to it like an old pro, I just figured you two being kinky and all…” I was saying before she cut in.

“What the fuck are you talking about? What do you mean him going down on you? Who went down on you?” she asked first looking at me and then shifting her gaze over to Johnny who slumped down a little in his chair.

I was beginning to get the impression that John hadn’t been completely up and up with Jayne no more than he was with his wife. The bloke hadn’t said anything about sucking my cock or getting fucked for that matter. Just that I intended to blackmail them for sex. It was all becoming a little clearer now.

It was beginning to dawn on Jayne as well and I felt her drop her guard just a bit as she tried to reconcile just who she should focus her wrath.

“Hey, it’s no big deal really,” I began. “I just thought we could have a little fun while the boys are getting some work done outside. Seeing that strapon you were wearing last week … and let me say it looked really good on you,” I tried to say as charmingly as possible. “I figured you two were a bit on the wild side and not having any for a little while, I figured I’d see where ödemiş escort it might go.”

“And John gave you a blowjob,” Jayne countered, more of a question waiting for my response.

“Yea, blowjob and then he took it up the back door. I don’t think your Johnny there is a stranger to the trouser snake,” I scoffed as Jayne looked in his direction. I noted John didn’t really make eye contact with her and seemed to really fidget around in his chair.

“He didn’t say anything about that,” Jayne said back still focusing on John. “He’s told me he experimented a little as a teen, but I wasn’t sure he was bi but knew he really liked my strapon.”

Jayne, realizing I was no real threat, seemed to open up a little. “I started working for John down at his office. I’m not sure what all he’s told you but he’s a design engineer. He started coming on to me one day and the next thing I know we both ended up back here. He really got off on me playing with his ass when we had oral sex so I started using vibrators on him and we sort of graduated to the strapon,” she smiled. It was the first time I had seen the smile and it was really becoming as it seemed to lift the thaw in the room.

“So are you bi too?” I inquired deciding to see where it would lead.

“I had a girlfriend in college that I fooled around with but it was nothing serious. Short answer, no, I don’t think I have anything against it. It was okay but I fancy a cock to get me going,” Jayne replied with a smile.

“So, he sucked you and then you fucked him. Is that what you’re telling me?” Jayne asked waiting for a reply now looking at me.

“Yea, we had a bit of a go at it but I really wanted to see you again,” I replied. “You’re really pretty, big cock and all,” I chuckled seeing the tide had turned a little.

“And are you into guys, or any port in the storm…” Jayne teased.

“Actually Johnny over there was the first guy that ever sucked my old fellow. I just got over a divorce and he just sort of came along. No, I’m not into the bi scene. Really into pussy myself,” I shot back.

“Really,” Jayne countered. Not even if I was wearing that strapon you saw last week?” she teased with a big smile.

“Well, I’d love seeing you again .. I mean the last time I saw you wearing it you really looked hot,” I kept on as I slid over and sat on the bed. “I’m not sure I’m up for having that thing up my rear but I’d love what was behind it,” I added as I let my hand slide across the comforter of the bed and settle on her bare foot that was tucked up under her as she remain seated on the bed.

The skin of her foot was soft and I let my fingers and thumb rub the top gently as she moved it slightly in my direction. I decided to press the situation and moved up the bed sitting directly beside her, our faces just inches apart as I smelled the allure of her perfume, sweet but not too pungent as I found myself captivated by this beauty.

“So,” she said softly, “What would you do with what was behind it,” Jayne asked softly, just over a whisper as her cool breath fell on my face. I looked into her emerald green eyes that seemed to sparkle as she spoke.

“I’d love to lick that pussy of yours, savor that treasure. I’d love to have a taste of what was hiding behind that strapon of yours,” I added as I closed the distance between us. My lips found hers and she returned the kiss. Her lips were so very, plump and soft as they seemed to swallow mine whole.

I pressed gently with my tongue and was delighted when I felt her lips part and her mouth open as I explored her warm cavity. I pressed my body against hers and instinctively found my hand wandering to the top of her blouse, rubbing gently the breasts held by her bra.

I’m unsure of how long we kissed before I felt her hand wander down my pants leg, trailing down the denim of my jeans until her small hand came to rest on the mound between my legs. Her moans became louder when she realized she had found my package and began rubbing, pressing my goods.

I skipped my own hand under her top and then pressed further by allowing my fingers to slip under the bra feeling the soft warm flesh under it as well as the nipple which seemed to harden under my expert fingers. Her moans told me I was on target and sensing no reluctance on her part, pulled the flimsy black top up and over her head as she shook her hair which seemed to go with it.

Her strawberry locks fell back on her shoulders as we returned to our passionate kiss as she unbuttoned the top of my shirt allowing her own hand to slip in, rubbing my chest, tweaking my own nipple. I pulled her off her back onto her side as I undid the clasp of her bra freeing the two orbs I had gushed at the week before. seferihisar escort They were beautiful, just larger than my hand, as they sat firm on her chest. Jayne’s nipples were large, about the size of a silver dollar and she groaned as I took one in my mouth running my tongue around it. Tracing patterns before sucking on the tip, allowing it to form a little bud.

She cradled my head in her hand and looked down at me appreciatively as I sucked and licked on her breasts, feasting from one to the other. I knelt up in the bed and unsnapped her jeans and then pulled the tight buggers down her legs. We laughed as they seemed to get stuck at her knees but I pulled on as they eventually slipped off her legs.

Her toned, tanned legs were very shapely evidence that she worked out. She later confided that she ran nearly every day to keep herself in great shape. I was left with a pretty pair of pink thong panties that I eyed for a few moments before taking the straps and lowering those as well leaving me to eye this beautiful red haired snatch between her legs.

Jayne shaved the sides of her pussy but left a strip an inch and a half wide and two inches long just above her pussy. I’ve seen quite a few pussies in my life, but I think hers was the prettiest with smooth lips that closed together, almost hiding the treasure beneath and just flared out at the top exposing the little flower.

I had almost forgotten about John who sat in his chair watching the show without any words or movements. He seemed completely content to be a voyeur and that seemed to be fine by both Jayne and myself.

I lowered my head to her box and was delighted at the sweet fresh smell. There seemed to be just a small aroma of her perfume there as well as I dipped my head down and allowed my tongue to slide on the exposed lips of her cunt. It drew a small sigh from Jayne who scooted down in the bed slightly raising her hips off the mattress to meet my face.

I dipped my tongue into her box, parting the lips as I reached up with my fingers to squeeze the flesh of her tits. I was surprised slightly as my hands met hers as she too was squeezing, pulling on her own nipples.

Her taste was captivating and I dove in trying to scoop up as much juice as I could. Releasing her tits, I took my hands and set them behind her knees lifting her legs higher as they flattened out against her smooth belly. I lifted her ass off the bed, as I pushed giving me access to her hole as I drove my tongue as far up her pussy as I could.

Jayne was groaning loud now as I swiped my tongue up and down her slit, stopping to draw her clit into my mouth and tease it, suck it, biting gently before heading back down to her hole. I pulled back a little and eyed my target seeing the soft little asshole that seemed to quiver under my assault.

I had never gone down on a woman’s ass before but hers seemed to be inviting me as I let my tongue slide over her back door as she reacted immediately by pulling at my hair, “Oh fuck that feels so good. Yes, yes,” she continued as I let my tongue slide all around her asshole, dipping in slightly, as it tasted a tad tart but not at all bad.

“Fuck, oh I love your tongue, eat me, eat my ass,” Jayne cried as I saw John shifting in his chair to my left as he reached down and started rubbing the outside of his own shorts.

Jayne thrashed about on the bed as her fingers clenched the sheets as she clawed and tossed her head back and forth as I kept up my assault both to her ass and pussy. Wetting my thumb I eased it into her asshole as I returned my tongue to her hot pussy. It was extremely wet as her juices mixed with my saliva.

I felt her asshole clench against my fingers, quivering, tightening, withdrawing as her own body shook. I knew she was cumming and I focused my attention on her clit which I sucked into my greedy mouth. Jayne came hard, “Mother fucker, fuck, oh shit that feels good,” she was crying as her body lifted up off the sheets, pushing back into my face.

Finally she seemed to go limp but only for a few seconds as she pulled me up and kissed me hard on the lips. She flipped me over on my back and practically tore the buttons off my shirt as she trailed kisses on my chest, focusing on my own nipples as she teased them her hot mouth. She sucked and bit drawing little sighs of pain from me but she always seemed to know just when to let go before she started sucking again and then using her teeth to tease me.

She pulled my own jeans off and then my briefs as she took my cock. It was already semi erect from all the sex. The minx really knew how to suck cock as she bathed my cock and balls with her tongue, spending time on the head and looking up at me most selçuk escort of the time, in the most sultry look I had ever seen. This girl wanted me to know it was her turn now and she sucked my cock like nobody’s business. Her head gyrated up and down as her strawberry hair tickled my belly.

After several minutes of the best blowjob ever, Jayne crawled up, sat astride my waist and parted her legs, setting her soft pussy down on my eager shaft. She took her hand and guided my cockhead in, sliding easily into her wet box. Once in, she eased down until she was sitting on my Johnson and began moving her body up and down in a slow seductive dance, all the while her eyes were glued to mine.

I watched as she took a breast and guided a tit to her own mouth. It was just big enough to make it to her lips as she tongued her own nipple as her other hand ran little circles on her clit.

Her ass was moving up and down and I looked over to see John glued to the scene in front of him. It wasn’t lost on Jayne who began taunting him herself, “You like watching Ted fuck me John? You like watching his big cock filling me up, sliding into my pussy. You like watching us fuck?” she seemed to sneer.

Looking over at him she continued, “Take those pants off. I want to see you jacking your cock while this man fucks my pussy,” she demanded. John stood up and lowered his pants and then his briefs as his hard cock swung free.

John spit into his own hand for lube as he rubbed the spit over the cock head and groaned slightly as he worked his own hand down his hard shaft.

In the meantime Jayne had returned her focus to me and leaned down, kissed me again on the lips as I felt her titties, gently rubbing back and forth across my chest with our movements.

“So, is this what you came here to do? Is this what you wanted today,” Jayne purred as she trailed her lips to my ear, biting on my lobe, teasing the opening of my ear with her wet tongue. “You come here to fuck John’s girl in front of him? Make him watch while you pound her pussy?” Jayne continued.

This girl was hot! “Yea, that was on my mind,” I answered back. My acknowledgement seemed to set her in a frenzy as I felt her hot wet tongue assault my ear as she picked up her pace, driving her hot pussy up and down on my cock.

“Fuck,” she groaned. “Don’t cum yet, don’t cum in me,” she warned. She must have sensed I was close as I felt my orgasm getting ready to launch in my balls.

“Well, you better slow down then because I’m about there,” I shot back.

“Get over her John, “Jayne shot back in John’s direction. “Get you ass over here.”

John took up a position beside us as she flipped off my body on the other side. Taking my cock in her hand she let her hand slide up and down the shaft just a couple of times before looking him dead in the eyes said two words, “Suck it.”

John didn’t think twice as his mouth took in my cock. “Taste his cock covered with my pussy. That’s what you wanted isn’t it? You led me to believe that this was all Ted’s idea. That he was blackmailing you into having sex with me. So your fucking wife wouldn’t find out about us,” she charged.

“You didn’t mention how you sucked him off last week. Took his big cock up your ass. No, didn’t say shit about any of that. Now you can suck my pussy off his dick. Swallow that mother fucker,” she ranted as she continued to jack my cock in his mouth. Her own hand working my shaft up and down while his lips remained closed, sliding up and down on my shaft to her clenched fist.

“Cum for me Ted. I want you to cum in this faggot’s mouth. Fill him up with your load,” she encouraged as she watched John work my cock with his lips.

Jayne bent down and placed soft kisses on my nipple, licking, biting as she toyed with it until I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Jayne could tell I was cumming both by my reaction and the gurgle coming from John. “Yea, suck it all down. Take that load,” she instructed John as she moved up kissing me on the lips. Her tongue pushed through my lips now and I felt she was the aggressor as she plunged the hot flesh all around in her mouth. I could tell she was really turned on as her boyfriend emptied my dick.

After John had sucked up all my juices, he moved off my cock which fell flat against my belly. His own cock still dangling between his legs.

Jayne moved up to my ear and whispered what she wanted to see next. After she spoke she raised up staring into my eyes, waiting for my response. Her green eyes dazzling me. Her soft white breast hanging just inches from my face.

“I want to see it. I want you to do it for me,” she said softly as John looked on, a quizzical look on his face about what we were talking about.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” she went on. “You do that for me and I’ll do whatever you want for as long as you want,” she smiled.

Jayne had the most sultry, exotic, sexy look as she stared back at me. I knew then that I’d do anything she wanted and actually, it might be kind of fun to watch…

to be continued …

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