Fun with Feet

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This will be short and sweet. I just wanted to explain what happened the other night because I think it was kind of unique and I wanted to share it. I’m going to just write this just as I remember it. This isn’t literature just my story. I hope you enjoy.

For starters. I’m not into anything crazy. I don’t even read this site. Promise. Boring sex is fine. I’m basically a good girl. What could be better than plain old sex? It feels so good! And yet here I am posting to the “Fetish” section 🙂

So, I was at a party with a friend when I bumped into a certain famous individual whose name… well let’s just call him Marlin like the fish 🙂 I’m kind of cute. I’m skinny and have nice legs and good skin. But he was a famous actor and I wouldn’t really expect to have anything to do with him. I minded my own business and made some trips to the drinks. I found myself looking at what he was up to secretly just because I am a little bit intrigued by the fame. He wasn’t particularly good looking. Perhaps a bit chubby, a bad hair day, even a bit of acne. But, intriguing. While I was busy trying to make up an interesting drink, none other than Marlin intervenes with the bottle of Vodka, and says, “You need more Vodka in that”.

I was a bit surprised and said, “Ok.”

“There ya go. Now it’s a drink. You having fun?”

“I dunno,” What is fun anyhow??? Pretty stupid. I know, I’m not a very good conversationalist.

“Maybe I can help you out. You want some more Vodka?”

I smile thinking he was charming. And said, “No.” And then I had to tell him I liked his movie, the one with the Angel. I didn’t remember the name. I’m like that.

“Thanks,” he said, “You didn’t think I was maybe a little bit over dramatic? I feel like I’m a lot better in my later films.”

“No, I think that was your best. The film was supposed to be a little bit melodramatic. It’s serious business being an Angel. And you played it to a T.”

“Really??? You should hear some of my current stuff that I’m working on.”

“I’d love to,” I said. Not quite realizing what I was getting into but having fun chatting with Marlin, the famous actor.

“Great, let’s go.” He said and grabbed me by the hand and led me out the door to his car. We were holding hands. Yes!!!! 🙂

For a gal like me holding hands with a guy. It’s a bit of a turn on. I’ll admit it. So we were holding hands. I could squeeze a little. He could squeeze back. He looked at me a little and I smiled and got excited. It was like a good date.

We entered his car and he told me about his current movie and what he’s doing. I acted really interested. I don’t know why in retrospect. Why were things working out like this. I didn’t think he was attractive. He was also probably too old for me. Whatever… I went with it. Perhaps I was star struck. Perhaps I liked him.

We got to his house. It was really nice. He had a well manicured lawn and garden and driveway. We got out. I have to say though that I was a little bit nervous, “I typically, don’t go to strange guy’s houses, you know. I’m a little bit nervous but I feel like I already kind of know you. Maybe because you are famous.”

He smiled and squeezed my knee, “I promise to be a gentleman, don’t worry. And you are going to get a great performance!” He squeezed my knee!!!!! Anadolu Yakası Escort His hand stayed just a little bit too long too 🙂 I admit that I felt loads of chills. I admit that my heart beat a little bit too much. I could hear it. I wasn’t paying attention to anything he said. I think I was trembling. That’s me, a little green, I guess 🙂

We got to the house. This place was nice. A nice garden. A nice house. He was a full grown man. An adult. And I am a woman and I guess I find that kind of sexy. Meanwhile, his hand was now on my back and roaming around gently to the side a bit. Feeling me. I was trying to remain as calm as possible. I was starting to get self conscious about how excited I was (you figure it out) and needed to stay cool. He was moving his hand around. I was sort of trying to withdraw into myself.

He got us into the door and ushered me straight to the living room and started to get ready to perform his parts. But, then stopped and said, “Oh sorry, very rude, would you like a drink? Gin and Tonic???”

“I’m fine, maybe just some water.”

He got me the water in a rush and explained to me the scene a bit and then started enacting his role. That was nice. I got to calm down and get comfortable. I cheered, “Yay!!!” and then clapped my hands.

He was quite pleased with himself and said, “Thanks!” and came to sit next to me.

“You want to watch something?”

“Yeah, I love TV!” This was turning out pretty cool. We were watching and relaxing. I liked Marlin. He was cool. He put his arm around me I was feeling very snug and comfortable.

It was an interesting show. We were watching an episode of MASH. I love old sitcoms. And he was talking a lot but I wasn’t really paying attention but I was definitely enjoying being in his arms and was a little bit tired. Then it happened.

Marlin, said, “May, it’s really great hanging out with you. I like you.”

He likes me!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I think I may have had a twinge or two through my body when he said that. But, I was cool.

“Thanks, I’m having fun too.”

Then he did it. Marlin kissed me.

He kissed me!!!!

We were kissing. He used his tongue. I was in heaven. My mouth felt so good. I was making some noises. I couldn’t help it.

I put my arms around him. I squeezed him.

I was getting excited.

Maybe it was time to cool down a bit, I thought.

Marlin was going to think I’m nuts 🙂

But, as I was thinking, I could feel Marlin’s fingers on my skin. His hands were on my back. Skin on skin. It felt so good. I moaned a little bit. He smiled. He liked that.

I had to slow it down a bit.

“This is going a little bit too fast.”

He stopped and said, “We were just kissing, innocently.”

I realized he was right. Nothing was happening. I said, “Yeah, I guess you are right.” And felt bad and then kissed him once.

I kissed him. More excitement. I kissed a man. I kissed this man for the first time. Exciting.

That was all the invitation Marlin needed and he was back on my again and I was enjoying it. His hands were on my skin again. All over. Kneading and gently brushing. He kissed my neck. Oh my gosh. I was afraid I’d have an orgasm. But, I guess if I was cool about it he’d never know. Gotta play it cool.

Then Pendik Escort I felt my shirt coming up. I figured I’d sort of make a boundary. “My shirt can come off but not my pants.”

“That sounds very reasonable. We don’t want to go too fast.”

Marlin was touching me all over. I was on my back. He was kissing my neck. He was kissing me over my bra. He removed my bra.

Topless! Chills.

My nipples were in his mouth.

He was sucking my breasts like he was mine.

I felt it in my vagina. Why wouldn’t he touch me there already??? I’d be cumming.

Just one little touch and I’d cum immediately. Even some dry humping would do. But, I can’t hump him like a dog. He has to do me. I couldn’t bring myself to hump him or touch myself. I just had to lie there while he drove me crazy kissing and licking my nipples. Ahhhhh. I had to hold back. But, I was twisting around and making noises. I guessed that was okay and I couldn’t control myself anyhow. Marlin was driving me crazy.

This continued and continued.

And continued. My body was on fire. My breasts were numb with pleasure. My nipples were twanging at my heart.

This was torture.

I was getting so frustrated because he didn’t touch me downstairs that I felt like I was going to die.

Marlin pulled his shirt off. All the time kissing me and me making noises. I was dying. I was holding back. I would not start humping this man. I was waiting. When will he help me!!!!

Such a gentleman, I thought.

Then he took off his pants.

He was naked!!!!!

He never said, that his pants wouldn’t come off. I made sure not to look at his penis too obviously. I took a little peak though. Wow, a penis. That almost took me over the top. But, not quite still. I needed it! Why was he such a gentleman.

Then Marlin started to kiss lower. He was kissing my stomach. I was getting so excited.

Then lower.

My moment was coming.

Although I was thinking that we did agree my pants wouldn’t come off. Maybe he’d just stick his little fingers in and help me out. Or dry hump me. Or something….

Then he looked at me right with his face and mouth in position for business. And slowly lowered his mouth and kissed my Vagina over my pants. One gentle kiss. That was almost it. Almost….

Then he lowered and kissed my pants on my thighs. I was about to start crying. I felt so good and was so frustrated.

Then my knees. Then my ankles.

What was he doing…

I need a boy friend….

I am not patient enough….

Maybe I can just say I have to go to the bathroom and finish the job. That’s a plan. I decided to do that but first I waited a second to see where this was going.

He pulled off my shoes.

Kissing my ankles.

Then he kissed my foot and my leg just jerked and hit him in the face. The sensation from his kiss on my foot surprised me. I almost came. I realized what I did and apologize. He was so cool, “That’s okay. I should’ve asked. I’m sorry.” He was so nice.

“No it was no problem. It felt good. But, I’m too ticklish over there I guess and your surprised me.”

“Maybe if I did it slowly it would work.”

I thought sure. This was interesting. Something new. Maybe a subtlety of courtship. Kurtköy Escort I wasn’t quite so sure why it was a point for him, but perhaps it was a matter of trust for us. And it was very intimate.

We were being intimate!!!!

So he slowly went to kiss my foot and it felt like a shock again and my leg kicked him again. I was so so so sorry. I got up to apologize and hug him and touch him. He was smiling. “It’s okay.”

He’s so good natured!

I was so nervous and apologized.

“Let me try just putting my lips there without moving.”

I said, “Ok” but as he got close I already felt like I would jump. This would not work. Damn, I felt a bit inadequate. He wanted to kiss my feet. That was important. And I was too immature to handle it.

Then I realized maybe if he can just hold or tie my leg down, I won’t kick him. I recommended that, and he had this look like it was a sensible idea. And so he went and got this strap.

At this point I wasn’t so excited anymore after hurting him and after hanging around while he was finding the straps, but, I was up for this activity. And I felt actually good about the fact that I was calm. That will make it easier. This was clearly an important barrier of trust for us. I felt like we were really building up something. And so I was into it.

So he said, “Let’s move to the bedroom. It’ll be easier.” So we went to his bedroom. It was really nice and clean. I was a little bit concerned because we just met, but, figured he had acted pretty respectable so far.

Then he gently rolled up my paints for each leg. Kissing me and touching me again.

There goes my calmness.

Then he put the straps around my legs and tied them down to the bed.

He looked so serious 🙂

I was all tied and he said, “There ya go. Comfortable?” I said yeah and smiled.


Then he started above me knees where the pants ended and kissed my legs and I couldn’t move them and I was going crazy. The fact that I couldn’t move them made it 10 times as intense. I was screaming and he stopped and asked if I was okay and I said I’m fine. And then I started screaming again and laughing and crying. He meanwhile was kissing me around my knees and ankles and then my feet. I was besides myself. I was so horny. I felt like I was going to die. The bottom of my feet. My toes. It all was so intense. This whole concept of holding back was gone. But, I was too out of control to even touch myself.

Finally he stopped and asked me if I was okay.

I said, yes, and I started untying one leg, realizing I was now free, and he untied the other.

I noticed that he came! He was so turned on by kissing my feet that he came, I think without even being touched!

I felt very very sexy.

He seemed concerned about me because I was so frantic to untie myself.

I felt very loved.

But, more than anything I was very horny and I wasn’t going to the bathroom after this.

I just said, “Thanks” after he finished untying me and I tore off my pants and pushed him down without even asking and crawled on top of him and just rubbed my clit on his face until he got the idea. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Finally.

I kept on going. I didn’t want to be greedy but I came so quickly. Oh I had to make sure to not hit him in the nose. He’s a human being. I like him. I can’t use him like an object. Then I felt my second coming. “Oh oh oh. Faster. Don’t stop.” Ahhhhhhhh.

I collapsed on him. We came together and I hugged him. We fit together so nicely.

We slept.

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